damon's dilemmas


*Requested* Imagine the reader is a human that reminds Damon of himself when he was human himself, and this irritates him so he’s rude to her while secretly loving her, and he finally confesses his feelings when he´s drunk.

(So I wrote this with total sleep deprivation, so I apologize in advance. I just really wanted to get a one shot out, despite my tired state. I hope you like it anyways. Now happy reading my lovelies)

Word count: 900

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Things between Damon and you always been a little tense. You don’t know what you did wrong, but he isn’t very fond of you. Actually he seems to despise you, because he is always rude and rubs every mistake you make right in your face. The worst part about this is that you kind of like him, even though he’s such a jerk to you.

And here you are once again, trying to ignore Damon as good as possible, but in the same time you want him as close as it gets. What a dilemma. Damon,Stefan, Bonnie and you are currently sitting in the Boarding House, trying to plan a surprise party for Caroline´s birthday which is coming up.

Y/N: “So how about we go to the Forbes lake house and celebrate there?”

Damon: “Nah, that´s a stupid idea.”

You roll your eyes at his unsurprising comment, slowly having enough.

Y/N: “Of course it is.” 

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