damon's belly

Non importa quanto mi mancassi o quanto dolore provassi, non avrei mai cancellato tutto quello che abbiamo avuto. Anche se stessi annegando nel dolore, preferirei aggrapparmi a ogni singolo momento che ho avuto con te, o ad ogni risata che ho ascoltato, o a ogni attimo di felicità che abbiamo mai condiviso. Preferirei passare ogni istante in agonia piuttosto che cancellare il ricordo di te!
—  Damon
The Birds and The Bees

Imagine your twin sons ask you and Damon about how and where do babies come from since you are pregnant – Anon 

These are two imagine requests I combined :) Well hello, guys! xD

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“They’re growing up so fast.” You commented, looking at your sons in awe. They have taken most from Damon, from the raven hair to the bright blue eyes and to the ‘everyone’s safety is more important than mine’ even at the age of 4. “Yup, and they’re growing up to be as kind and brave as you are.” Damon said, hugging you from behind. You snickered. “You mean, being a 'badass’ like you are.” You pointed out, making him laugh. He shook his head and kissed your temple.

“And this little one is also growing up so fast too, I huge!” You complained. Damon sighed, facing you to him. “You’re beautiful, babe.” He said, his hand on top of your belly. “Right, baby? You’re mommy’s beautiful no matter what. You’re our third kid and she’s gorgeous!” Damon spoke to your stomach, to yours and his baby. You softly smiled. “Few more months, (y/n).” He said and you nodded.

You started on the snacks for the boys with Damon helping you and by the time they were finished playing, you all sat on the dining table, eating snacks. “Mommy, when is our little brother coming out?” One of them asked. You chuckled and looked at Damon. “How’d you know it’s a boy?” He asked. “I don’t know.” He answered. “What if it’s a little sister?” You asked. They both smiled. “Then we’ll protect her!” The other replied enthusiastically, making you and Damon smiled wide.

“Mommy, where do babies come from?”

You almost choked on your food and Damon laughed. “Um, babies come from mommy’s belly.” You answered. “How?” They asked. You were growing red and Damon was laughing at you. You glared at him for not helping in the situation. “Well, let’s say mommy’s the bird and daddy’s the bee,” He started and you giggled. “The bee stings the bird and bee gives mommy something to grow in her belly!” Damon said.

You laughed, caressing your belly. The boys laughed and excitedly stood up to touch your growing stomach. “You guys excited to see your little brother or sister?” You asked them. “Yes!” They answered.

“When this little one is out, I can start losing the weight.” You joked and Damon frowned a bit. “Princess, your beautiful and perfect, and you’re not even trying!” He said. “Look at you, so strong and brave, you gave us these two boys and this one right here. You make our family bigger, not yourself.” He said. You sighed and nodded. “Thank you, babe.” You said and he smiled, reaching over to you, giving you a peck on the lips, seeing the twins grimace and disgust. You and Damon laughed, loving your growing family.