damon x aria

Damon Salvatore and Aria Montgomery requested by jaded—-blueyes

“Why do you do that?”


 “Just appear like that. It freaks me out!”

 “Really? Because I like the look you get. It’s kind of sexy.”

 “My scared face is kind of sexy? What am I going to do with you, Damon Salvatore. Sometimes I forget you’re this attractive vampire guy who likes to bite girls.”

 “How do you forget that? I’d think it’d be the foremost thought in that pretty little head of yours.”

 “Normally, I’m concentrating on how much I want to kiss you, so no, you being all vampiry and bloodthirsty doesn’t really affect me that much. I like you all dark and broody, it’s super hot.”

 “Why Aria, you do flatter me so.”

 “Shut up and kiss me, you ass.”

kimshepherd-md  asked:

Well, Damon, you've told me on your past and I took my time to think - and I promise you, Damon, this is not another joke. Have we not proven past this last night?

I thought so..though I can never be too careful. Pretty girls like you don’t come with warning signs, health codes or the words hazard  or caution written on your forehead.