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Little One: High School Proms

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


Imagine: You and Kol are hooking up at Mystic Falls High School when your siblings, Damon and Stefan, followed up by Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson, burst in and almost ruin the night.

*Requested: “I love Little One. It would be great if you write the next part. For example a school party. Klaus and Rebekah want to hurt Elena. Stefan and Damon looking for Elena. But they in one of the classrooms found Kol between thighs their sister. They just prefer to each other than family drama.


So if you had a great time writing the request, may I ask a follow-up romance Salvatore-Mikaelson? I would be delighted :D

Word Count: 1859

“This is so stupid!”

Caroline Forbes, one of Elena’s best friends, had organised a huge event at the Mystic Falls High School to celebrate something you did not bother to know. People were talking about it all over town, most of them going crazy over clothes, shoes, drinks and all that teenage crap. You always found those things extremely lame and boring. But, of course, Damon and Stefan forced you to smile and accept the invitation to go to the party. Ever since they found out about your relationship with Kol Mikaelson, they were following you around, just to make sure you would never be one second alone and go off to meet him.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Damon said, winking, and you scoffed. “Look, I like this just as much as you do. But I’m doing it to protect Elena. Klaus is still chasing after her and he could be really dangerous.”

“I know that, Damon, I lived with him for over twenty years.” You said, while putting on a pair of high heels.

The vampire narrowed his electric blue eyes, gazing at you annoyed. Almost as if he did not want to remember you spent so many time with the Mikaelsons.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” You smiled, spinning around in front of him. “What do you think?”

Damon swiftly lost the angry traits and quirked an eyebrow, analysing your choice of clothing. As you did not care nor have enough time to go shopping, you had to pick one of your old dresses. It was nothing extraordinary, but did a pretty good job on flattering your every curve; plus, the gown had a considerable cleavage. Definitely the kind of dress it would make Kol freak out and be all jealous over you.

“Too sexy for the teenage boys to handle.”

“Well, thank you, mister. You don’t look bad yourself.”

“As much as I love spending time with you, we need get going. It’s almost nine.”

“You’re right.” You giggled. “Off to the car.”

Damon offered his arm and you gladly accepted, marching to the car as a couple of old friends. While he drove to the school, you could not help but think of how much you loved your siblings. Although you hated how overprotective they were, in the end of the day, Damon and Stefan would always have your back, always helping you in anything you needed and understanding your choices, even the ones they did not approve it. Dating Kol was one of those.

You sighed, placing your hands in your knees.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Why do you look like somebody died or so?”

A laugh came out of your lips and you faced your brother, stroking lightly his face.

“I just missed you. And Stefan too.”

“Who knew Y/N Salvatore had real feelings?”

“Oh, come on Damon! Don’t spoil the moment.”

“I missed you too, sis.” He kissed your cheek. “How about we get inside? If I’m right, things will get wild in a little.”

“Oh, fuck, the blood smells so yummy from here!“ You said, jumping out of the car.

“Just be cautious and don’t let anyone see you, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.”

Inside, you could see couples dancing to a soft ballad, it was actually kind of cute. It got you remembering how much Kol loved to spin you around and pull you close, singing in your ear. A smile grew in your face and you walked towards the bar, anything with alcohol seemed a great call for the moment. However, before you could get there, a guy stopped you.

“Hi there, gorgeous.”

“Do I know you?” You asked, awkwardly.

“No, I don’t think so. But I’d love to.” He took your hand, kissing it. “I’m James, by the way.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“How about I pay you a drink?”

How about you be my drink?” you thought, flashing a wide smile.

“Sounds nice.”

James turned out to be a nice lad, even though he was definitely not your type. Nearly got you guilty for seducing him just to feed. You had to shake your head to focus on what he was saying and not demonstrate you were annoyed to be there. The only thoughts in your mind were that you had to get him out of the crowd, finally enjoy the time you lost on him by tasting his blood and make it fast enough so your boyfriend would not catch you with him. Kol could be really nasty when he was jealous and, since his siblings, Klaus and Rebekah, were after Elena, the family would probably show up.

“Can we go somewhere private?” You questioned, wearing your best smile.

“Sure. There’s a bunch of empty classes we could use.”


It took only a few minutes to escape the noisy party. The teenage boy placed his hands on your shoulders and kissed your neck. You spun around and faced him. He pulled you closer, squeezing the skin of your waist. You felt like a snake, watching your pray approach to finally attack it.

“You’re so beautiful…”

Before he could lean in and kiss you, somebody ripped him off and threw him on the ground.

“You do not mess with somebody else’s girlfriend, mate!”

Kol!” You yelled, pulling your boyfriend away from the other guy. You knelt before James and looked deep in his eyes, compelling him to stay there and not scream.

“What were you doing with that guy? Why he had his filthy hands on you?”

“I was just going to feed, darling.”

“Did you have to let him touch you?”

“I’m not going to argue with you over this any more. What are you doing here?”


“Your psycho siblings are after my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Jackpot!” His devilish smirk showed up, as he slowly walked to you to place a kiss on your lips. “I missed you, babe.”

“Me too.”

“So, do you still fancy a drink?”

“Always, honey.”

Kol chuckled and pushed opened one of the classroom, quickly getting inside. With the door completely open, you dragged James through it and sat him on the teacher’s chair. The boy whimpered scared, but the compulsion did not allow him to do any further, just await to a likely death. You parted his legs, placing yourself in the middle and bending to get the best spot on his neck. He smelt so good and the alcohol on his blood would only make it better. Ultimately, you sunk your teeth on him, spilling the red liquid and calming your thirst.

“You look so sexy when you’re feeding, love.“ 

The brown haired Mikaelson caressed your hair, observing closely your movements. Eventually, you dropped the young man, pretty much dead, on the floor and stood up, facing your boyfriend. The blood was dripping, leisurely staining your chin and slithering through your cleavage. You knew how much Kol loved to see you like this: dominant and strong. A lethal weapon against his sanity.

"Don’t you want have a taste?” You whispered in deep, filled with lust, voice.

“Oh yeah.” He replied, claiming your lips with his. “Shit, your mouth tastes so good, darling…”

You only hummed against his mouth, your hands pulling a lock of his hair aggressively. Kol laughed, kissing the soft skin on your neck, his tongue wiping out the traces of blood from it. Your body was way more responsive than usual and a couple of small strangled noises slipped.

“This is not, oh…” He found your wet core, circling small figure eights on it. “Fair!”

Mikaelson stopped the movements beneath your skirt and firmly grabbed your hips, turning you around and bending you against the table. You struggled to breathe, feeling his length hard on you.

“You drive me crazy, Y/N.” He smacked your ass, making you groan. “I just want to fuck you until you’re senseless.”

“Damn it! Stop teasing me!”

“Y/N.” You glanced back, staring at him. “Can you stand up for me?”

“I can try.” Both of you giggled.

Kol gave you a hand, helping you to get back on your feet again. He smashed his lips onto yours one more time before sitting you on the room’s desk.

“Now what are you going to do?”

“Stick my head between your legs and eat you out until you beg.”

“Uh, you had me on the eat out part.”

The sweet chocolate eyed Mikaelson smirked, a hint of mischief infused in his irises. He knelt in front of you, grabbing your feet and rubbing it softly. Small shudders spread across your form. You screwed your eyes shut and let out a girlish moan.

“I want to hear you screaming my name, love.”

“I thought you were supposed to make me beg.”

He opened your legs, kissing your inner thighs. Kol pulled playfully your panties’ waistband, which made you bit your lips. Your core was so warm and wet that got you anxious for his direct touch. It was almost hurting.

“Stop fooling me around, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Couldn’t you wait, love? Such a hurried kitten!”

You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. Mikaelson took of your knickers and went for it. He darted out his tongue throughout your entrance, suckling your folds and placing delicate kisses on the soft skin. His touch was simply delicious. Kol always got you desiring more and more.

“Oh, Kol.”

“Y/N?” You heard Damon’s voice calling out. “Are you here?”

You have to be kidding me!”

“Y/N?” It was Stefan’s time to reach for you.

Kol stopped what he was doing and raised his look to meet yours. But, before you could say anything, Stefan and Damon bursted into the place. Followed up by Klaus and Rebekah. “Oh, God, why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend? Is this some kind of punishment?”, you thought coming down from the table and facing the astonished look from the trespassers.

“What do you want?”

“We need to find Elena!” Stefan said, worried out and ignoring the whole situation you were in. “She’s gone and doesn’t answer her phone.”

“This is all your fault!”

“I need her, mate. I wouldn’t bloody hurt her.” Klaus retorted Damon’s statement.

“But Rebekah would.”

"Oi! Don’t talk like I’m not here!”

You exchanged a look with Kol. Both of you hated that family drama and could not care less about Elena Gilbert’s whereabouts. You sighed, hearing the fight become louder.

“Can you just shut up?” You yelled, narrowing your eyes. “This is not the place for that kinda argument.”

“But Y/N…”

“For fuck’s sake, I want to shag my boyfriend. Am I asking too much?”

“Ew!” A chorus emitted, whilst frowning. “OK, this is entirely irrelevant.“ Klaus snorted. "Are you going to come with us and look for the doppelgänger?” “I’m sorry, Nik, but I’m with Y/N. I couldn’t care less about Elena Gilbert.”

“So, all of you, leave. Right now.”

You are not bossing me around!” The Original Hybrid growled.“I’ll do what I want.”

“Niklaus, I’m not going to argue with you.”

He raised an eyebrow and Rebekah opened her mouth to say something.

“Nor with you, Rebekah. Now, go off to find Elena or whatever, just leave us out, okay?”

“I’m not leaving you alone with him.” Damon pouted.

“We already had that conversation. He’s my boyfriend, suck it in.”


“No “but”! Out of here.“

Kol was standing against the table, arms crossed and a proud grin on his lips. After everyone left, you ran to his arms, hooking your legs around his waist. The man laughed and you kissed him.

"Now, where were we?”


*Requested* Imagine Alaric forces Damon to take over his history class for the day, while he and the gang discuss plans on how to deal with the newest threat that waltzed into town, and Damon takes things a little too far.

(This is based on THIS prompt my dear pal @shadyladyperfection brought to my attention. Also, this is unedited since it is pretty late here. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Damon, Reader, Alaric, MF gang

Story Title: “Highschool Hellhole”

Word count: 1070

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a dull Monday in Mystic Falls and the Mystic High students slur through the vinyl tiled halls wishing to be anywhere but here at this unholy hour. The bell rings and everyone makes their way to the first class of the day, including an out of place, leather jacket wearing Damon. Alaric asked him to join him this morning without giving him a reason why, but still, Damon did what his buddy asked him, and made his way to the school.

He rounds the corner, happily whistling while he goes along. Finally, after another corner, he enters the classroom, the whistling dying down as Bonnie, Tyler, and Elena pass him. Caroline stops next to your desk and asks you if you are coming with them, but you decline, not wanting to miss this shitshow that is about to go down.

Alaric then follows Caroline and comes to a stop in front of Damon.

Alaric: “Uhm, you don´t mind taking over for a while, right? No? Great. See you later.”

He gives him a pad on the shoulder and leaves. Damon is startled for a second but then takes a few steps and yells down the hallway.

Damon: “Hey! Ric! Come back! You can´t leave me alone in here!”

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Everybody’s Fool.

Pairing: Damon x reader

Titled: ‘Everybody’s Fool’ 

Warnings: the usual, minor language, fluff, Damon feels, brief moment of nudity, and slight angst. 

A/N: I am experimenting with this one shot. I have never written with Damon before so I’m seeing how this goes. This is also my entry for @mamapeterson ‘s album challenge!

How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you to down to my core, where I’ve come so numb. 

Whoever he was though, you weren’t leaving until you at least knew his name.  It was a ball for your mother, the new mayor in town. It was her inaugural ball and everyone from town was intended to be there. You live in a pretty small town. 

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Last Dance

Reader x Kol Mikaelson



Word Count: 1402

In your mind, a birthday should always be an excuse to celebrate and forget your problems, at least for a little awhile. However, it was no time to party and cheer over superfluous things. Once you found out the truth about how very much real supernatural creatures were, nothing in your life remained the same. Hell, sometimes you were even afraid to leave your house. Of course, after you became close friends with a bunch of vampires, witches and werewolves, you felt a lot safer. Especially because your loving and caring boyfriend was no one less than Kol Mikaelson, who was part of the oldest vampire family recorded so far.

You let a goofy smile slip and reached for your phone, wanting to read his last text to you. In the nine months you had been dating, he did not spent one day without calling, texting or doing anything he could to assure you how much he loved you and could not live if you were not alongside him. Of course, since you were turning eighteen, he wanted to make you a surprise. And, even though you hated it, if it would make Kol feel good about himself, then the whole thing was bearable.

“Why aren’t you in the very pretty dress I sent you?” A voice asked, coming from behind you. “We should be leaving right now.”


“Who else could it be?”


The younger Mikaelson shook his head, crossing arms and leant against the wall next to the window of your bedroom. You bit your lower lip, realising that was the sexiest thing you had ever seen. Again, it was pretty obvious the effect he had on you, which put you in a very complicated position, because all you wanted to do was rip his trousers off and get him in your bed. Over and over again.

“Babe… If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t be able to leave.”

“Who says I want to? Perhaps you could give me my birthday gift here.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

You started to unbutton the pink shirt you were wearing and flashed him a sexy smile, which made him giggle. He approached you and grasped your waist, making a soft moan escape and you get his body even more glued to yours. Kol’s lips brushed your own and his hands tightened the grip on your skin.

“Now, would you mind getting dress for us to go? I promise it’ll be an unforgettable night.”

You sighed.

“Do I have another choice?”

“No, miss Y/L/N.”

“Gosh, it’s so sexy when you call me like that.”

Kol laughed and slapped your ass, winking.

“So, Damon called you?” He questioned, while you got off your skirt.

“Yes, he did. Are you still jealous of him?”

“Me? Jealous? No. Definitely no.”

You walked out of the closet, already in the fine blue dress he gave to you.

“What do you think?”

“I think I am very jealous of you.” Kol said, stroking your cheek and pecking your lips. “Can we go now?”

“We can. Make it fast, though, otherwise I’ll rip this clothes out of you.”

“Take it easy, kitten, we have all night long.”

You giggled and both of you left to his promised surprise.


In a couple of minutes you arrived at the beach, where a majestic boat, which you strongly believed Kol had stolen, was waiting. You were completely stunned by the scene you were staring at. Yes, your boyfriend used to give you incredibly expensive gifts, but that… It was a complete new thing for you. He grabbed your hand and helped you get on it.

“This is…”

“Shush, don’t say anything just yet…”

“I have to.” You embraced him in a clumsy hug. “I love you.”

“I do, too.”

Kol took you inside, where a table, filled with what just had to be great food, was placed. He pulled the chair in order for you to sit and then made his way to the other side, accommodating himself in front of you. A small sigh escaped, while you watched him give you his best smile and serve the wine. Almost like a grown up couple.

“What are you laughing at?”

You bit your lip, shaking your head.

“Nah, it’s nothing.” He raised a brow. “I mean it! I’m just enjoying the view.”

“Yeah, let’s pretend I believe that.”

The Original laughed and snatched your hand, his thumb gently caressing the back. Soon enough your whole body was wired and a silly smile show up on your face, which made you look away, a tiny bit embarrassed by the extension of the effect Kol had on you. It was rather funny how, a few months before you met him, you thought nobody could ever win your heart over. Being in love? It is for the weak. Then he came along and changed everything.

“A penny for your thoughts, love.” Kol whispered and, again, you smirked.

“I’m thinking about us.”

“Oh, I hope it’s our good memories.”

“Considering you have been nothing but a perfect gentleman to me, I don’t think I have any bad memories.”

“If you say so… I won’t disagree.” A smug appeared on his face and you could see the mischief in his eyes. “Let’s dance.”


“Come on! I know you love it.”

Kol stood up, going straight to a small radio that was set in the room’s corner. Shortly, a soft ballad started to play and he offered his hand, a cocky smirk painted on his face. You giggled and took it, feeling him pull you towards his own body. While both of you swayed slowly, the younger Mikaelson hid his face on your neck and nuzzled it. The first reflex you had was to stuck your fingers in his hair and bring your forms together even more.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something.” His low voice said in your ear.

“What is it, darling?”

“Klaus knows.”

You pursed your lips, not quite understanding what your boyfriend was talking about.


“About us. Running away.”

“How did he find out?”

“I have no idea.” Kol looked at you and his eyes had lost the happy gleam. “Just know, no matter what happens, that I’ll always love you.”

“You can’t possibly be doing this to me, Kol.”

“Do I think I want do it?” He licked his lips. “But Klaus won’t allow me to live my life freely.”

“Then let’s run away now. Without further warning.”

He chuckled, leaving your embrace and just sitting on the floor. You sighed, feeling the warm tears roll down your cheeks, and took place on his lap. Both of you exchanged an intense look, trying to find answers on each other’s eyes. It was useless, though. Nobody could go against Klaus, he would not accept it.

You grasped his shirt and pecked his lips, wanting to make that night last forever.

“I don’t think I’ll make it without you.”

“Love… Promise me you’ll be happy.”

“Without you?”

“I’ll come back to you.”

“Kol, I’m just human. I don’t think I’ll be alive when your brother decide to release you.”

“Become a vampire.”

Your eyes widened to his proposal.

“Right now?”

“Yes! Then Elijah will take care of you while I’m gone.”

“Do you really think it’s a good idea?”

“Only if you want to darling.”

“I want be with you, forever.”

Kol smiled and then bit his wrist, making thick blood come out of it. You did not think about it and swooped his arm, attaching your lips to where the red liquid was flowing and felt the metallic taste in your mouth. It was definitely not the wrong choice for you. Even though you were about to be brutally separated from the love of your life, you knew you would be alive to get him back and that made every bad choice worth it.

“I have to kill you now. Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Like never before.”

“I love you.”

“So do I.”

He pushed your hair aside and sunk his sharp teeth into the delicate skin of your neck. You grasped his hair and, while you felt the life run away from your body, you knew you had made the right choice just by staring deep into his eyes, where you found nothing but a pure and great love. Your true happiness.


Prompt: Being Stefan’s friend and when you come around you always tease Damon, until one day he has enough and decides to fuck it out of you.

Pairing: Damon x Reader

Warning:  Smut, sex, fingering, oral sex, spanking, submissive talk

Word count: 1,306

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The Specialist

Note: Hey! This isn’t my usual, it’s more Damon fluff than anything else. Just a short one with no real storyline but I still hope you enjoy it. //Request one-shots are in the works! 

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warning: The tiniest bit of smut - this is more of a Damon fluff 

Word Count: 1259

“I’m wrinkly”, I laughed as I looked up at Damon with his arms spread across the edge of his bathtub. He chuckled and gathered up a ball of bubbles before blowing them in my face, “Jerk”, I glared at his now smirking face, “You love me”.

Spending time with Damon was my favourite way to go about my day, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way or else he would have kicked me out by now. Something about him changes when he’s with me, he’s not Damon the vampire, he’s just Damon; my Damon. Having a bubble bath together was just one thing on our never ending list of our favourite things to do together. Although, I’d always try to keep them PG, Damon managed to cop a feel once in a while, not that I stopped him or anything.

I could feel his hand creeping up my thigh amongst the hot water but I grabbed it tight before he could get any further. I raised my free hand and swayed my pointer finger from left to right like a ticking clock, “Uh uh uh”, I muttered with a wink. “Why must you hurt my feelings, Princess?”, he furrowed his eyebrows before flashing a smirk. I freed him from my grip and threw his hand down into the water and he immediately pulled it back. He moved back to his side of the tub and once again spread his arms along the edge.

“Hm, if that’s what you want”, I teased as I propped myself up and stepped out of the bathtub. Damon’s eyes followed my body as I walked over to the shower to rinse the bubbles off, “Coming?”, I asked, trying to be as seductive as I could. Within seconds, Damon was standing in front of me in the shower. “Leave the sexy talk to me, baby girl. You’re still learning, and I must admit it’s a little hard to live up to the master”, he smirked proudly. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and punched his chest with little force, causing him to laugh at my attempt in hurting him.

Once we were bubble free, I thought it was a good idea to grab some lunch. “How about the Grill?”, I suggested. “Ugh, I swear we’re at the Grill every day of our lives. Why don’t we go out of town for a change?”, Damon whined. “Well, do I really have a choice?”, I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms. “Not at all” Damon smiled, I smiled back and hugged his soaking body.

It was almost time to leave for lunch when I walked downstairs and saw Damon, still wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He was pouring himself glasses of bourbon and walking in circles around the kitchen counter, nothing I hadn’t seen before. “Damon, put a shirt on!”, I demanded, although I did find myself biting my lip in awe of how sexy he was. “Aw, come on! You know you love it”, he narrowed his eyes and deepened his voice. “Seriously! Get dressed you idiot”, I slapped his arm before he pulled me by my waist and gave me a long, slow kiss. He opened his eyes and perked up, “Hold that thought” he lifted his pointer finger and sped off, only to return within seconds. “Ready”, he smiled, fully clothed. I even caught a whiff of my favourite cologne of his on him.

We decided to go to a little cafe just outside of Mystic Falls, nothing too fancy. Although, the town was located in the middle of a rainforest, so the cafe was surrounded by trees and wildlife. “Gee, Stefan would love this place”, Damon laughed. “Why’s that?”, I asked as I picked up the menu, trying to maintain my appetite. “All these lil’ critters running around? It’s like a god damn thanksgiving feast out here for Stef”, Damon joked, but in all seriousness. “Ew, did I really have to know that?” I complained, rolling my eyes in disgust. “The more you know”, Damon winked.

Once we’d finished eating, we went for a stroll along the main street, browsing through the marketplace stalls. “Ooh, Damon! Bras!” I rejoiced, remembering I needed a couple new pairs of bras. Damon rolled his eyes, “I’m not coming in unless I get to choose one”, he complained. “I think I forgot to mention the part where I need everyday bras - not just lingerie, sweetheart”, I teased. “You pick the everyday. I pick the lingerie”, he decided and I willingly agreed.

We entered and were greeted by a friendly young woman, she ensured us that a bra fitting specialist would be back any moment. Damon was just as surprised as I was to see a male bra specialist, I knew this because as soon as Damon realised it was a man, he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me to his side. “Ow”, I whispered and glared up at him, his tight grip made it feel like my skin was about to rip off. He immediately reframed from holding my waist and crept his hand just below my underarm, gripping just a little tighter than before. Positioning his hand elsewhere definitely didn’t lower the pain, I’m pretty sure my under arm is a lot more tender than my waist.

The pain was rising rapidly so I stomped on Damon’s foot, causing him to jump and narrow his eyes down at me. “What’s your problem”, I whispered “You’re grabbing me too tight”. He leant down and pecked my cheek before whispering into my ear, “The bra specialist has been checking you out since we walked in here”. No wonder his hands were literally digging into my skin, he was either jealous or protecting me. Either way, I loved it.

I went into the fitting room and Damon insisted that he stand guard at the door, although him ‘standing guard’ meant him watching the specialists every move. As the man began taking my measurements, I saw Damon at the door with his fist clenched and teeth grinding. I nodded towards him and furrowed my eyebrows, giving him the ‘Stop it. What the hell are you doing?’ look. He relaxed himself and kept a steady eye on the specialist.

As promised, Damon got to choose one bra. Just as I predicted, it was a lacy black bra and panty set. Damon just can’t go anywhere without buying me something that we can have sex in. “Are you happy with yourself, you big baby?”, I laughed. “Hey! What kind of man specialises in bras? I bet you he only signed up so he could feel boobs all day”, Damon whined. “Someone’s a little jealous” I teased, purposely trying to rile him up. “I’m not jealous”, he looked away. He always looks away from me when he’s telling a lie, he’s so jealous. “Whatever you say”, I laughed as I intertwined my fingers with his.

“Can we go home now?”, he sighed, fed up with my bullying. “Uhh, don’t know if I’m ready to go home yet, this place is just so beautiful”, I replied. “The faster we get home, the faster I can see you in those cute little panties I just bought for you”, he winked, gripping my hand tighter.

Let’s just say, I’m damn glad that we went in to that bra store today or else we wouldn’t be having insanely hot sex right now. Thanks male bra specialist for being male and turning my boyfriend into one crazy, jealous, horny bastard.


Kol x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anons

“Well this is… unsettling.” Damon snarked when Elijah opened the door to your home.

“Relax, (Y/N) wouldn’t let them hurt us.” Stefan muttered.

“One can’t help but notice the lack of our little sister.” Damon muttered back.

“She and Kol have gone out for the evening, we thought it would give us a chance to talk.” Elijah said as he led the Salvatore’s to a lavish dining room.

“Oh look at that, a chat with a free meal thrown in.” Damon said as he took a seat opposite Klaus.

“Well we have to do our best to keep things civil, at least for the sake of (Y/N).” Klaus said as he eyed Stefan who was reluctant to sit.

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Jeremy Gilbert: Pillow fight got steamy

Word count: 987

Warning: Making out

REQUESTED: I know i said it’ll be out in a few days and it’s almost a week so I’m sorry for the delay, but i hope you enjoy it.

Jeremy Gilbert: Pillow fight got steamy

“Are we alone here?” You asked Jeremy as he led you upstairs.

“Yeah, Elena is spending the night with Damon.” Jeremy told you and you nodded. Once you walked in his bedroom you throw yourself on the bed and sighed happily. Jeremy laughed at you and you smiled.

“It feel nice to not have to deal with the supernatural for a day.” You looked at the ceiling above you.

“It does, feel nice.” Jeremy said and sat on the chair in front of his disk. “What do you want to do?”

“Let’s watch a movie.” You sat on the bed and looked at him for his opinion.

“What do you want to watch?”

“How about… the vow?” You asked him with your best bleeding look.

“Fine, just don’t look at me like that.” Jeremy chuckled.

“YES!” You jumped off the bed gave Jeremy a quick kiss on the lips and ran downstairs. “I’ll get the popcorn and snacks.”

“I’ll get the movie then.”

In a few minutes the Movie, snakes, popcorn and everything else was ready. You both sat on the couch with you snuggling into Jeremy.

“Channing Tatum looks so good.” You unconsciously said what was on your mind, and when you realized what you said you laughed.

“Really now?” Jer looked at you amused with a tint of jealousy. You got an evil idea to annoy Jeremy.

“Yes, did you even see Magic Mike? So HOT!” You told him and he looked even more jealous.

“I think I look better.” Jer told you and you playfully rolled your eyes. “Oh, you think he looks better.”

“Maybe.” You mumbled, and sat straight.

“Oh it’s on.” Just as Jeremey said that you scrambled to your feet screamed while you ran up the stairs.

“Jer, Please stop.” You yelled and quickly ran into Jer’s bedroom, and looked for something to use as a weapon. You found nothing so you took his pillow and held it, just as Jeremy ran into the room.

“A pillow? What will the pillow do?”  Jeremy asked and held a mischievous look in his eyes. “I guess it’s on.”

Jer held a pillow of his own, you screamed as Jeremy took a swing at you. You ducked down just in time.

“Those lessons you’ve been giving me, finally came to use.” You said and hit him in the face with the pillow.

You continued to hit each other while laughing. Jeremy was clearly wining when you pushed him with your hands onto the bed and hit him several times when suddenly he took the pillow from your hand and throw it away, you pouted.

“Come on.” You said before your eyes widen when Jeremy pulled you to the bed so you fell on top of him. But this didn’t last long as he moved so you were under him and you knew what was coming.

“Jer, no. Jeremy please-“ You were cut off by your own laughter as Jeremy started to tickle you. You moved around trying to get out of his hold. “Je-ermyyy, plea-aseee st-oop!”

“Say I’m better-looking than Channing Tatum, and I’ll stop.” Jeremy said in his most serious voice, but you could see his happiness in his eyes.

“N-no.” You shook your head and laughed, your stomach started to hurt and tears rolled down your face.

“Say it.” Jeremy insisted not stopping once even though you were moving around and almost kicked him a few times.

“O-okay, You-u’re b-bette-rr looking th-than Cha-channing T-Tatum.” Jeremy suddenly stopped and you breathed heavily. “Oh god.”

“I hope you learnt your lesson.” Jeremy said waving his finder around as if to scold you.

“Jeremy you are the most handsome man I have ever seen.” You breathed and looked into his chocolate eyes. “And I love you beyond anything or anyone I’ve ever loved.”

Jeremy smiled at your words. “And I love you (y/n), and I’ll protect you from this town’s problems I swear it.”

You suddenly took notice of how close he is to you, and your breath started to get uneven again. You could tell Jer knew what you were thinking but wanted you to make the first move just for the fun of it, you looked from his eyes to his lips a few times when you couldn’t hold back anymore, you leaned up and your lips touched. At first it was slow and full of passion. You ran your hands up his chest and around his neck to his hair, you gripped it lightly and pulled him even close. Jeremy moaned and you smiled into the kiss. You pulled back just enough for you to take a breath before Jeremy leaned in and hos soft lips crashed into yours, this time the kiss went faster and it send shocks through your body, you moaned from the urgency of the kiss.

You titled your head and opened your mouth just enough for Jeremy to slip his tongue in your mouth and you fought for dominance but he won, and explored your mouth.  

Jer moved his hands down your sides and to your butt. You moaned and moved your hand to Jer’s shirt and tugged on it he pulled back and you took off his shirt and throw it away, before connecting your lips again. You pulled back after a while to breathe while Jer moved his head to the side of your neck, he sucked and kissed when you heard a gasp and you pulled away and looked at the door to see both Elena and Damon.

“Okay we’re sorry we’ll go.” Elena rushed and Damon winked to Jeremy and he was hot on Elena’s heels. I burst out laughing.

“That went well.” you commented and looked to Jeremy to see him blushing. “Oh don’t blush it happens.”

“And it had to be with us.” Jeremy said and got off you. “Let’s continue our movie night.”


Bonnie Finding Out You Love Kai

Imagine: Being in love with Kai and Damon knows but Bonnie is your best friend and finds out. (This was requested by christigilinsky!)

It was as if yesterday you were talking about how boys were icky with your father, and how he warned you about guys and what was always on their minds. When you look back, you shiver at your five year old self and see that if you stayed away from those boys, you’d be missing out on a lot.

This isn’t the case now. Now you’re nineteen years old, clinging onto your your boyfriend for dear life. Not really dear life, but you were clinging to his bare side as a Koala would to a tree. The special man wasn’t just any man, he was that guy all of your friends warned you about and wanted you away from. 

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