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Some Thoughts On The Sire Bond/Damon and Caroline

Note: This was a reply to someone on Instagram I felt like sharing here

For those saying ‘the sire bond doesn’t affect how you feel’ rewatch season three and watch Tyler’s behaviour when sired to Klaus. It’s obvious that he doesn’t feel hatred, in fact, he felt indebted to Klaus whilst sired, to the point he’d hurt other people. They only had Tyler say it doesn’t affect how you feel to prop up DE, despite having nothing to back it up in the narrative (seriously, Tyler even vervains Caroline, who he loves because he feels like he owes Klaus something.  The only time he seems to ‘hate’ him whilst sired is when he suggests killing Caroline). 

As for the situation of Caroline’s rape, it is stated multiple times during the series that the two did, in fact, have sex. However, during their first time having sex, Damon vamps out and attacks her, and ends up compelling her. Any sex under compulsion is non-consensual as Caroline is not able to make her own mind up due to being compelled, which is basically mind control. 

To put it into realistic terms, say a man and a woman were having sex, but during it, the man attacks her, then drugs her. Any sexual relations under the drugs would be non consensual, right? 

Plus, just because she agreed to it one time (and withdrew that consent immediately after seeing Damon vamp out) doesn’t give him the right to have sex with her whenever he wants. Consent has to be an ongoing thing, and under compulsion, it is not applicable as consent as she is having her decisions made for her.

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I'm going to need you to look at something for me. I'm not sure. In the promo with the fire at the supermarket. After the Kai person jumps, is it only me or does it look like Damon has Bonnie in his arms or is at least supporting her. Maybe after she does magic she feels dizzy or something. I'm probably late to the party but better late than never.


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This is what I was completely flipping out about at 1am last night, lmao. I don’t know if he’s supporting her or if he’s holding her back or just reaching for her, but it does look like Damon’s arm is curled back reaching for someone cropped out of the scene (ie. Bonnie).

Her finding her magic again in a moment of desperation to protect Damon and herself (because Damon can’t vamp out for some reason?), and him holding her in his arms to support her afterwards SOUNDS GOOD TO ME THOUGHHHHH