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Imagine: Your in love with Damon and you think he doesn’t notice you.

Damon Salvatore yawned, he was bored. Of course he was; he’d attended many of these town events over the years and every time they got more boring and meaningless.

His eyes roamed around the crowd, they stopped suddenly. He finally found something that interested him.

Damon watched as you peacefully stood at the back of the crowd. You and Bonnie hated these town events, both of you made sure that you were hidden. But to Damon you were the main attraction, he thought that you should be in the spotlight.
His mouth dropped open as he took in your appearance.

You were wearing a white lace off the shoulder dress with a loose daisy chain draped around your head. Damon thought you always looked gorgeous, and today you were just irresistible to him.

He couldn’t help but stare at your beauty. His love for you grew everyday.

You peeled your eyes away from your friend Caroline who was reciting her big speech on the stage. Damon realized that he was staring and he looked away. Your gaze fell on Damon.

Your breathing quickened and butterflies filled your stomach. For years now you’d wanted to confess your love for Damon but you saw no point. He was in love with Elena.

You watched as his silky black hair moved in sync with the gentle breeze and the corners of his lips stretched into a small smile.

Sighing with frustration, you turnt around and walked away from the crowd. Away from Damon.

Minutes later the ceremony ended and Damon searched the crowd once again, he was on a mission, looking out for your daisy chain and your white dress.

You sat in the park with your favorite book, Mystic Falls had always been full of chaos, and finally you’d gotten the chance to have some peace and quiet.

You flicked through the pages and sighed happily, there were over 200 more pages to read. But you’d have time to read them now that everything had gone quiet.

Glancing up at your surroundings a frown made its way on to your face when you spotted one of your friends Stefan Salvatore walking down the path with a scowl on his face.

Your eyebrows furrowed together as you closed your book slowly and placed it carefully into your bag, trying not to lose your page.
You jumped up onto your feet, swinging your bag over your shoulder and made your way towards the brooding Vampire.

“Hey Stefan, what’s wrong?"you smiled as you walked next to him.

"You know what’s wrong y/n"he mumbled.
You looked at him again but this time your smile faltered and a confused expression made its way onto your face.

"Bonnie was like this earlier, seriously what going on its such a lovely day"you asked as you gestured around the park.

Stefan looked at you, his mouth fell open and he looked shocked.
"You really don’t know?"he whispered.

"Know what Stefan, your really starting to scare me"you replied quickly.

"He hasn’t told you?"Stefan checked again.

"Told me what?!"you exclaimed.

"Damon’s leaving…tonight"Stefan broke the news slowly.
A laughed escaped your mouth.

"He would have told me, the jokes on you Stefan that was hilarious"you smiled and punched his arm lightly.

He didn’t react.
Once again the smile on your face disappeared and your bottom lip started to tremble.

Stefan glanced at you, a look of sympathy replaced the look of despair.
You shook your head and turnt around sprinting towards the Salvatore house.

Your lungs were ready to burst by the time you got to the house, but you couldn’t stop. You pushed the door open and surprised yourself with the sudden strength.

You jumped up the stairs two at a time.Finally you got to Damon’s room and braced yourself.
The door creaked open as you walked into his room. He wasn’t there; but his suitcase was.

It had very little clothing in it but the reality of it all hit you immediately. You took a step back and took a deep breath, clutching your chest.

Damon was leaving.
Damon was leaving and he wasn’t going to tell you.

"Y/n"You heard that damned voice behind you.

You spun around, tears in your eyes.

"When were you going to tell me?"you asked as you walked towards his suitcase.


"What, were you going to tell me after you’d left? Or were you not going to tell me at all? Damon we’re best friends if something happens you should be able to tell me"you says bitterly.

"I was going to tell you, I just didn’t know how"Damon replied sadly.

"I had to find out from Stefan, it’s always Stefan that tells me. Do you know how much your brother is probably hurting right now? Do you know how much Bonnie’s hurting? What about me?! It hurts me Damon!"you cried.

"I’m sorry"he said quietly.

"So what’s the rush, why do you all of a sudden want to pack your things and leave?"you asked as you sat down on his bed.

"I Uhh, I spoke to Elena"he sat down next to you.
Of course it was Elena.

"And what happened?"you asked immediately regretting it. You knew the answer would hurt you.

"She loves me y/n, she finally wants to be with me. She told me to go with her"Damon smiled.

"Go where?"you mumbled.

"Away from Mystic Falls, with her"he answered.

"What about Stefan? Don’t you think it’s wrong that your running off with his ex girlfriend, especially when they’ve only just broken up"you looked at the ceiling.

Deep down you knew it was just the jealousy speaking, but you couldn’t help it.

"He understands”

“But I don’t, help me understand Damon"you pleaded.

"I have nothing here, no reason to stay"he shrugged as he continued packing.

That was it for you.
You got up off his bed and walked over to the door. He stopped and turnt to face you.

"You know Damon after all these years of us being this close, and us knowing each other. After what we’ve been through I assumed that I would have been a reason for you to stay"you said finally.

"Obviously I was being stupid and I was wrong to think that, so congratulations on your newly found romance. I hope it all goes well for you"you nodded before leaving his room.

You ran all the way to your house, not really noticing or caring that your favorite book had fallen out of your bag.
Jumping onto your bed, you buried your face in your pillow and sobbed for hours.

There was no such thing as a ‘good day’ in Mystic Falls. It was all too good to be true.

Damon zipped up his suitcase and paused for a second. He thought about your visit, he thought about everything you’d said.

He balled his fist and punched the wall angrily. Leaving a massive hole in the wall.

"I hope your going to pay for that before you leave"Stefan raised his eyebrows as he leant against the door frame.

"Why do I feel like this, why do I feel like I’m missing something. Stefan I never feel guilty"Damon slumped down on his bed.

"Do you want me to be honest"Stefan sat down next to his brother.

"I think your an idiot, I dream of having someone like y/n in my life all the time"Stefan spoke truthfully.


“Because she never had to choose, its always been you. Y/n has never been confused about how she feels. She’s put herself in danger for you over and over again. After everything you’ve done she’s still stuck by your side. And your just going to leave her. You nearly killed her once, many people would just walk away from that but Y/n has been there for you this whole time"Stefan made Damon realize.

"And do you know what else I think? I think your in love with y/n. But your scared, your scared because your finally not second best. You like her so much that your frightened of what might happen. Damon look at me!"Stefan nudged Damon, catching his attention.

"Your with Elena because you think that it makes up for Katherine choosing me over you, well guess what? It doesn’t make up for it! You know why? Because if you leave that means that y/n is second best, and that will always be stuck in her head. Just think about that before you go walking out of that door"Stefan continued.

He pushed himself off the bed and walked out of the door.
Damon had a lot to think about.

You or Elena?

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“Sono così innamorato di te che non voglio perderti.”

- Damon / The Vampire Diaries (via @marika-pap)

Reasons why to keep Cassandra Clare away from Shadowhunters:

And these are very valid reasons, mind you:

  • She has [and still does] bullies fans and has even gotten a girl expelled from her university years ago.
  • She plagiarizes and won’t apologize for it and tries to hide that away.
  • She blocks fans who point out problematic content/flaws in her novels instead of sorting it out and discussing it.
  • She has a incest fetish [which is disgusting] to the point she makes an incest storyline about Jace/Clary’s fake relations and makes them lust after each other after thinking they are siblings. She also made Sebastian attempt to rape Clary. She also ships Stefan/Damon from TVD [The Vampire Diaries] and they’re brothers.
  • She prompts female/female hate, making Clary hate Isabelle for being more beautiful than her [which is ridiculous].
  • She slut-shames Show!Isabelle and says she looks like Sebastian’s girls because of the clothes she wears [meaning; she’s trashy].
  • She slut-shames BOTH Clary and Isabelle.
  • She made Isabelle get slut-shamed in the books by everyone around her.
  • She fetishizes a gay couple [Malec] and is writing their first time for the Trevor Project, to make fucking money [which is disappointing[.
  • She claims her books are diverse but treats her POC/LGBT characters like shit.
  • She made a girl [specifically a biracial girl, Maia] go back to being in a relationship with her abuser [romanticizing abuse is disgusting and sadly still happens in media. An example is Reylo.]
  • She sidelines her one lesbian couple [banishing them to Wrangel Island] and doesn’t give them development what so ever.
  • She once clarified in a post, first referring to Magnus as ‘Half-Asian’, then later, referring to him as ‘Asian’. [-.- WHICH IS IT CLARE?]
  • She said in a tweet that Magnus is Pansexual but currently identifies as Bisexual [which shows her ignorance of the LGBT community and sexualities]
  • She’s a misogynist.
  •  She just has LGBT characters in her books as her Token Lesbian/Gays and gives them little to no page time and scenes.
  • She made Alec biphobic [he showed disgust towards Magnus being a bisexual man and makes biphobic comments].
  • She attempted to get a producer from the show fired AND EVEN ENCOURAGED A FAN.
  • She is exploiting Malec for profit and money, which is wrong and disgusting.
  • She hates Shadowhunters [and made it clear in her tweets and shades] and now wants to be more involved in season 2.
  • She’s a homophobic, biphobic, a misogynist, a slut-shamer, a plagiarist and a malicious, incest/rape/abuse and LGBT fetishizing woman who needs to stay the fuck away from Shadowhunters.