damon salvatore crying

damon salvatore. the selfish brother. the evil brother. the narcissistic brother. became the better brother. became the brother that his brother always wanted him to be. became selfless. became good hearted. became everything that he could always be. he got what he wanted. the life that he deserved. the life that he had wanted forever and worked his ass off to get. this show ended with my fave showing everyone, every anti stan, every fucking one that he could achieve what everyone thought was impossible for him. Redemption. Forgiveness. This show went out with damon salvatore happy. With the girl he loves. The girl he deserved. The life he deserved.

and im so fucking proud of him.

Mystic Falls Gang Groupchat

Author: @werewolfmutant

Author’s Note: Just something I did because I wanted to.



Elena: Hey guys

Caroline: Hi!!

Damon: What is this??

Stefan: *confused*

Matt: it’s called group chat guys

Y/N: let’s not forget we’re dealin wit ol peeps

Stefan: Not old

Y/N: ur right

Y/N: let’s not forget we’re dealing with seasoned people

Stefan: -_-

Tyler: Step 1: Damon, do u know wat a keypad is???

Damon: Screw you Lockwood

Elena: guys dial down

Y/N: I don’t know

Y/N: this is pretty good

Jeremy: my money’s on Ty

Bonnie: Damon easily

Alaric: r we seriously betting???

Caroline: five seconds into this and the 2 of u r already fighting

Damon: Not my fault he’s a total arsehole

Tyler: look who’s talkin


Matt: XD

Stefan: I think we already got the hang of this

Y/N: with as much responding Damon’s doin

Bonnie: I’d say u got it underwraps

Tyler: Did u 2 just finish each other’s sentences

Y/N: YEEE!!!

Bonnie: TWINS!!

Elena: Great minds think alike

Matt: ^^^

Caroline: wat r u all doin now

Elena: in my room talkin 2 u guys

Y/N: eating ice cream

Matt: at the grill

Stefan: I’m in my room as well

Caroline: ^

Tyler: ^

Jeremy: ^^

Bonnie: ^^^^

Alaric: I’m at the grill wit Matt

Damon: I just finished feeding from a girl

Damon: In an alleyway

Y/N: wait so ur just standing in the alley way wit blood drippin from ur mouth group chatting wit us???

Damon: Yep

Elena: unbelievable

Matt: seriously Damon??

Damon: I compelled her memory away!!!

Stefan: wat do u expect

Stefan: its Damon lol

Bonnie: ooh Stefan learned text talk

Y/N: Yoda I was

Jeremy: wat???

Caroline: ^^

Bonnie: ^^^

Elena: ^^^

Matt: ur weird Y/N

Y/N: oh come on!!!!

Y/N: STAR WARS!!!!!!

Damon: ???

Stefan: ^^^

Y/N: y'all r dead 2 meh

Stefan: I’m already dead

Elena: ^^^

Damon: ^^^ XD

Caroline: ^^^^

Tyler: XD

Jeremy: XD

Bonnie: XD

Matt: like I said before

Matt: Y/N ur weird

Y/N: -_-

Y/N: whatever


Damon: Y/N

Y/N: wat

Damon: what’s a Stiles????


ثُمّ قَال :
تَبدين رائِعة جداً في كُل مرّة تقُولين أنّكِ لا تكترثين لِـ غياب أحد، وأنكّ ما عُدتِ بِــ حاجة اليّد التّي كانت تُمسِك بكِ و تخلّت عنكِ ✨
تَبدينَ رائعة . . رائعة جداً، و أَكاد أُصدّقك،ِ لولا أنّكِ تَبكين بعدَها ! 💔



Requested by anon: Can you do a Damon x reader where you are dating Damon, get kidnapped,fed blood, then killed in front of Damon? Then he helps you transition, and he’s really sweet but sad because he didn’t want you to have to live that life.

Pairings: Damon x reader

Warnings: A little grafic. A tiny bit of angst and fluff <3

Word Count: 1615

A/N: Sorry for taking so long with the requests, but I’ve been busy with french classes and argh,,, But anyways, here is it. I really love this one <3 Let me now if you want to be tagged. Feedback is apreciated.

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Being in a relationship with Damon Salvatore was one of the best things that ever happened to your life for sure. But on the downside, you knew Damon had a past and most of the times he rather not to talk about it and you were okay with that, but with that past sometimes came with some enemies. And now you had experienced that by yourself.

A very old vampire kidnapped you while you were driving back home from your job. He stood in the middle of the road and you pull over, but as soon as you did that, he came to your door and snatched it from the car like it was made of paper and then grabbed you.

The vampire took you to an abandoned house outside Mystic Falls and tied your hands and legs to a chair. The only thing that was on your mind was ‘what Damon could have done to pissed him that much?’ And you knew your boyfriend, you knew all the things he was capable of but you never judge him, you loved him so much that his past wasn’t something you care.
“I’ve been waiting to do this for so long…” The vampire hissed, while he ran his fingers through your neck. “I have to admit it, I never thought that Damon would fall for a human. This just makes things easier for me, gorgeous.” You opened your mouth, ready to threaten him, but he put his hand over your face. “Ah-ah. I’m the one talking here.”

Suddenly the door fell off from its site, revealing a furious Damon. “Let her go!” He barked. “I’m going to rip your heart out after this. I should have done that fifty years ago.” “Well, you did that to my brother instead.” The vampire said. “Damon!” You called him. His eyes focused on you and he nodded. “You are going to be okay, Y/N” “Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” The vampire that now was behind you placed his arm around your neck, and took his other hand to his mouth, biting his wrist. “it was your bad keeping her so vulnerable.” “Don’t you dare.”

But he did it, he put his bleeding wrist in your mouth. At first, you fought, you tried to cough, to spit the blood, but it was impossible. The blood kept running until it filled your mouth and made you swallow it. “No!” Damon screamed and you saw him for the last time. The vampire snapped your neck in one single movement, killing you.

Damon jumped to the other vampire and he tried to fight him, but the rage that fed Damon in that moment made him unstoppable. The other vampire had an insignificant strength and he died in two seconds, Damon did what he said, he ripped his heart out and throw it to the wall, staining everywhere with blood.

He ran to you and untied you very carefully and he carried you in his arms. Tears coming down his face while he felt your lifeless body on his arms.

That was one of his biggest fears, he didn’t want you to become a vampire. The years you’ve been together he had told you that million times. It hurt him because he loved you and he wanted in his life forever but not this way, he wanted you to have a normal human life and now somebody took that. Just to hurt him, and hell he had succeeded.

You woke up some hours later. You now were in Damon’s bed. Your head was spinning and the morning light coming from the window hurt your eyes. “Y/N?” You heard Damon mumbling, he now was in front of you. He cupped your face in his hands and leaned to softly kiss your lips. “Damon…” You were happy to be with him but you felt very confused. “How do you feel, sweetheart?” He said, millimeters from your face. “I don’t really know…” You answered. He moved back, so he could see your whole face. “Damon… Did I… Did I really die?”

You remembered what happened, the pain that came after the sound of your own neck being broken. Then everything went black and some hours later you were on the bed that you’ve been thousand times before, but you could barely recognize it, you could barely recognize yourself.

“Yes.” A single word made your world crumble down. “Damon… I… I…” He wrapped his arms around you, keeping you in a single piece, keeping your world together. You knew that you now were in transition and had to make a choice… “Shh… Y/N.” He whispered in your ear. “You don’t have to make this.”

You turned to see him and shook your head. “But I don’t want to die.” He wrapped you again and kissed you on the top of your head. “I know baby.” You were shaking, crying without tears. “I’ll do it… I’ll drink…” He pulled you apart and looked at you with nothing else but worry in his blue eyes. “You don’ have to do this, Y/N.”

You placed a hand on his shoulder and bit your lower lip. “I want to be with you, Damon, I don’t want to give up on you.” He took both of your hands, desperate for your touch. “Forget about me, don’t do it for me.” Saying that was so painful. He was known for being selfish, but he couldn’t be it with you, for him you were the most important. “I´m also doing this for me. I don’t want to die, I want to do things in this world… I… I’m not ready to go.” Your voice trembling. “I know this is not ideal, but I’ll learn to live with it… With you.” You reached him and kissed him.

After that, he left the room for a moment and when he got back, he was carrying a blood bag in his hands. Just by seeing the red liquid your whole body tensed, while you felt your throat on fire. You could barely control yourself and stay still while he gave it to you. When the blood invaded you, everything changed. Your senses, your feelings, everything was now heightened. The sun light burned your skin, making you sped to a dark corner, where Damon caught you, making sure you were safe.

Bonnie made you a daylight ring immediately. You were one of her biggest friends and she wanted to help you in everything she could. Being a vampire changed you, obviously. You were somebody new and wanted to discover the new abilities you had acquired. And Damon was with you the whole time, showing you how to control yourself, how to compel people and how to manage your new strength.

A few weeks later you were at the Grill with your friends, something that you really missed, but it was challenging. You heard all the beating hearts of everyone in the restaurant, making you hungry. “Damn it, Y/N, your eyes.” Everyone at the table was looking at you. Caroline looking around, assuring no-one else had noticed. Your boyfriend tried to hide you, while you covered your face with your hands, feeling your veins moving under your fingers. You closed your eyes, and try to control it, but you couldn’t. “Let’s get out here.”

Damon led you to the back exit. Once out and far from the living, your face turned back to normal. You struggled with it, but seeing you doing that was something very stressful for Damon, he didn’t want that for you. “Hey, I’m fine.” You said. “I’m strong.” You placed one hand on his cheek. “I know you are.” His classic smirk appearing on his face. “But enough experiments for today, okay?” He took your hand.

Walking down on the street you looked at the clock tower. One night, that now seemed like an eternity ago, Damon took you to the clock tower. That was the night you discovered he was a vampire and that same night you discovered he was the love of your life. “Come with me.” You jumped, using your new strength and reached the top with no effort. Damon reached you one second after. The night was beautiful, filled with bright stars. “I think I’m liking this, you know.” You said, breathless. Your eyes were busy admiring the sky but Damon was focusing on you. He smiled and took a step closer. “Now I have time to see, time to go everywhere, to read, to taste… An infinite number of possibilities.” You turned, crossing your gaze with his. “I think I never thought that way.” He admitted. “And the best part is that I get to share it with you.” A huge smiled broke through his face, probably the first real smile since you turned. “You are the best thing I have, Y/N and now I have you for the rest of the eternity.”

He kissed you roughly, his lips moving yours in an intimate dance. “There is one thing that I haven’t showed you yet.” You copied his smirk. “What is that?” “Well, I can’t tell you, I have to show it… One perk of being a vampire, you are gonna love it.” He shrugged. “What are you talking about?” You raised an eyebrow. “I have to show it, I told you. But first I have to take you to the bed.” He winked.
“Oh…! Well, yeah, I’m in.”

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So. *clears throat*

Apparently Chris had his name in the beginning credits, WHICH LUCKILY I DID NOT SEE, so basically the ending had me shaking,screaming, in tears (If you could not guess, I am trash for kai.)

It makes sense to me that he was back though, truly when he died I was like “That makes no sense, they would not have a character that strong, die in such a stupid way.” Because I assumed Kai would be able to sense someone coming up from behind him. And it’s Kai. He problem has Plan A all the way to Z. 

I am SO excited that he is back, he is so precious yet not at the same time and I missed his comedy and his smile :)) my heart is v happy. 

Although I did not see his name in the credit’s so I would be prepared for his arrival, I had thought of Kai during this episode when Bonnie was speaking to her mother. Her mom said something along the lines of “Something dark is coming for you” (??) and right away I was like “Kai!” (but I quickly brushed off that thought because I assumed it was just my Kai fangirl escaping from its locked cage I created to protect myself from the sadness of him ‘dying’)( ALSO I forgot to add that after thinking it was Kai, I realized it was Cade because that makes more sense LOL.) . BUT BITCH HE SHOWED UP AND AT FIRST I COULDN’T TELL WHO IT WAS BECAUSE MY SCREEN WAS DARK ASF, AND ONCE I REALIZED WHO IT WAS I LEGIT ROLLED OFF OF MY BED AND GOT CLOSER TO THE TV BECAUSE I WAS SO SHOOK (i hate using shook but it honestly describes the moment perfectly). I AM SO HAPPY.

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“Hi sleepyhead, remember me?”