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Damon Salvatore - It Was Always You - Part 2

After your day with Damon takes an unexpected turn, the two of you spend some more time together, but things get a little more heated and the night turns passionate. The next morning you request something of Damon, something that he never quite expected

Damon x Fem!Reader

Warning: Smut

Part 1

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“A House Divided”

2 Year Anniversary Drabble #16

Prompt: “Stay on your side of the house!”

Characters:   Damon x Reader, Stefan 

A/N: Yeah I don´t know what happened with this one. It has a mind of it´s own :D

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You don´t know how it started, but ever since you moved into the boarding house you and your boyfriend Damon have been playing petty games with each other. This time, however, things seem to get out of hand. You divided the house into two sections.

You are currently hanging out on the couch, a book in your hand and your favorite record playing on an old record player. 

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The Vampire Diaries Appreciation Week: day 1 favorite platonic relationship: Stefan and Damon.

Tonight I saw a side of Damon that I hadn’t seen in a while: the older brother I looked up to, the son who enlisted in the Civil War to please his father, the Damon I knew when I was a boy. I wanted that Damon to live.


2 Year Anniversary Drabble #4

Prompt: “What do you mean, we’re married?!”

Characters:  Damon x Reader (platonic-ish), Stefan 

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“I feel like hammered crap,”you state barely able to open your eyes. Partying in Vegas is always a bad idea.

“Good morning, Y/N. Or should I say, Mrs Salvatore?” Damon is seated at the overly expensive table already drinking again.

“Damon, we might have made out a few times but I would never ever marry you.“ you sit down next to him as Damon burst out in laughter "What´s so funny?”

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(Some) of my favorite Delena songs paired with (some) of my favorite Delena scenes