A lot of fandoms are tough on BD! They have no idea, why as a ship, we are so passionate about these SOULMATES. Well let’s think about one simple fact! Every major fandom of TVD can say their ship happened at least once. If they are endgame or not they happened at some point so you have some closure on their relationship. But…The only fandom which thus far hasn’t gotten to see some form of romantic relationship is BAMON.

We’ve had SE, SC, DE, BE, CT, even a little KC… one ship which deserves some semblance of romantic connection over eight years is BD!

So when you wonder why… we are so passionate, it’s bc all of your ships have had something at one point or another. While the writers take our OTP passion and intense “soulful” connection and ignite the flame of their sexual chemistry every single season only to put it out once they receive their ratings.

To all of the S1 Bamon fans... Feeling Nostalgic...

I thought this morning briefly about the moment I truly became a bamon fan. The nostalgia hit me like a tsunami wave, and I had to come on and share with the OG Bamon fans! But honestly this goes out to all Bamon fans! We’ve been through SO MUCH! So many good times, and so many hard times alike, but it’s been a fun ride!

I remember Thanksgiving of 2010, I believe it was! I had just watched episode 1x09 “History Repeating,” and I saw something INCREDIBLE, I saw something brimming with chemistry and begging to be MORE! I saw Bamon. And anyhow I remember that Thanksgiving being HOOKED into the world of fan fiction! I remember the infamous fan fiction author “Sky Samuelle” and reading the epic fic “My Diabolical Master Plan!” I remember being so blissfully joyous and overwhelmed by the amount of Bamon stories out there, and being determined to read every last one, which I could not!

Anyhow, point is, that was such a beautiful time in my life. I felt so full of hope and excitement, and nothing monumental had even happened yet! But I knew. I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bamon was inevitable! I didn’t know how, and I didn’t know when, but I knew in my heart and SOUL they would be together! 

We had scenes like the ones in 1x14 “Unpleasantville” where Damon was seeking Bonnie’s forgiveness! And then we went EPISODES without anything at all, until 1x21 and that fateful “Thank you!” Guys, we didn’t have a lot! And after season 2, sometimes we’d go half a season without ANYTHING! But look at us now! LOOK AT WE WHERE WE ARE NOW!!! I’m not going to describe every epic thing our otp has been through, and the depths and layers of their relationship; I’ll just let you close your eyes for a moment and remember. Our ship was epic from the beginning. And they’re still VERY MUCH EPIC!!!

We believed in them, when there was little to no reason to do so! But we did! We believed, and we shipped them with a vengeance! I don’t know about you, but I owe it to myself to continue to believe! It’s hard! But is it really any harder than what it was before?? I’m still not watching, because I don’t want to give so much time to that universe and that TV show, but I WILL BELIEVE!!! I will keep hope alive in Bamon until that VERY. LAST. EPISODE. I believe I owe it to myself to do that! I’m not gonna just give up! Not when we’re so painstakingly close!

Love you, Bamily! I hope this posts some how encourages! That’s all I want to do! I understand if you don’t want to watch the show! I’m there with you! I understand if you don’t want to hope, because it hurts to much! But I want to encourage you, I believe we have something to BELIEVE in! It’s hard to hope, but nothing worth having comes easy! ;) God bless!

Tonight's Episode of TVD...

Why the fuck doesn’t Bonnie have her magic back yet?
Matt Donavan how the fuck are you still alive!?!?
Enzo, I liked you more when you were badass.
Stefan, why don’t I believe you when you say you love Caroline?
Caroline I don’t believe you either. You know there are other men outside of Mystic Falls right?
Steroline’s chemistry is so forced.
Sybil, girl your accent is all over the place.
Alaric you were rude AF to Caroline.
And it’s about time you take the children away from the vampires!
I still don’t understand why there are children on Vampire shows.
Damon, I don’t know you anymore.
Selene, girl bye.
Cade, girl bye.

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