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/something like what Ian and Kat have developed, seems…real./ Actually, it seems the opposite of that. They're behavior and reactions in scenes together is so far outside their characterizaion that they become unrecognizable within the context of the show. They just try too hard. Real chemistry is a connection between two people that's palpable but doesn't feel forced or overdone. DE and SE have it. It's why they've made a connection to millions of viewers. Bamon is like a desperate wannabe.

Strongly disagree!

One of the reasons why I prefer Kat Graham (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder) over all others, is that they can act out the subtext of any given scene, with little prompt or direction. Take this clip, for example.

Look closely at what’s happening, here. Bonnie is, visibly, shaken. Damon’s attempt to grab the necklace and the power that compelled him from doing so, scared Bonnie out of her wits.You could see the fear in her eyes but she’s trying to fight it…to, in fact, hide it, from Damon. Her reaction is akin to victims shortly after being pulled out of a wreckage. She’s shell-shocked! And you see, rather than being told what the character was experiencing, Kat Graham showed viewers what was happening and how it was affecting her character. 

That’s how an actress delivers a fucking performance. That’s what chemistry looks like when it isn’t being laden down with a shit-ton of badly written scripts. Fuck it, that’s the foundation of characterization. It’s the emotional content that delivers the goods, and unlike the six dull ass years wasted on Delena, that was what Kat Graham, as Bonnie Bennett, pulled off without so much as batting an eyelash.

Oh but she wasn’t delivering a solo performance, during this give and take between Bonnie and Damon. Ian Somerhalder never allowed himself to be outdone by her; and in fact, followed her cues to a tee. He physically mirrored her surprise, with a response of his own. As a result, he, as Damon, gave the appearance of getting the wind knocked out of him. In this scene, he seemed unable to grasp what had happened only seconds earlier and the physical exertion he showed smoked of an electric vibe of it’s own. Similar to Bonnie, he’s freaked out but still manages to do a passable job of trying to hide his fear. 

There was a lot of subtext in that scene. Both actors expressed their characters surprise and fear (with a touch of comedic flare)…and it was that inspired emotional content, that often guided and lead towards Bamon’s development throughout six seasons. 

So please, if you’re trying to convince me that Bamon’s characterization, chemistry and development is anything less than awesome, you are barking up the wrong tree. 

These actors can pull so much information out of such a brief scene, and sell it for everything it’s worth. They make it look effortless. And if you or anyone else within TVD fandom are unable to appreciate talent and chemistry when you see it…then you don’t know shit.