damon s a l v a t o r e


I know sometimes you’re feeling   l o s t 
           It’s hard to find your  p l a c e  in it all
                            But you don’t have to  f e a r
                                  Even when you  m e s s   u p
                                           You always got my  l o v e 
                                                 I’m always  r i g h t    h e r e  


I fell  i n  l o v e  next to you, burning fires in this room. It just fits, light and smooth… like my feet in my shoes. Little one, lie with me, sew you  h e a r t  to my sleeve.
               We’ll stay quiet underneath shooting  s t a r s, if it helps you sleep.
                                      And hold me tight
                                                      Don’t let me breathe

This man. This 170+  v a m p i r e of a man. Who revels in the  s p e e d  and the  f e e d. Who has killed and  s a v e d. Who has loved and  l o s t. Who has  d i e d and came back. This man. Damon Salvatore wants to be h u m a n for Elena. So he can be with her. So he can  f a t h e r  her children and rub her fucking feet after a long day at the OR. 

THAT is how much he LOVES  E l e n a  G i l b e r t.

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been thinking about doing this since a long time ago.

I wanna thank  e v e r y  s i n g l e  o n e  o f  y o u  for making my dash soooo gorgeous. Some of them are mutuals, some are not, but anyway you all are wonderful, and I love you <3

Here it goes!


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