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YOUR FANDOM: The Vampire Diaries
YOUR MUSE:  Caroline Forbes - Salvatore
OTHER MUSES YOU HAVE PLAYED FROM THE FANDOM: Tyler Dickwad Lockwood, Elena Precious Gilbert, Klaus Motherfucking Mikaelson
MUSE(S) YOU’D WANT TO PLAY FROM THE FANDOM:  one time i had like .02 seconds of Damon muse and it scared the shit outta me, but lately? Liz Forbes.
FAVORITE CHARACTER(S):  C a r o l i n e  F o r b e s  S a l v a t o r e
FAVORITE EPISODES: 2x02, everything in season 6, 3x14, anytime Caroline spoke or breathed or did anything
FAVORITE PLOTLINE(S):  SEASON SIX. ( does she ever like have a legit plot tho? ( minus the baby thing ) bc usually she’s just a sassy one-liner and a hair flick of awesomeness )
SOMEONE YOU FEEL IS UNDERRATED:  Jeremy Gilbert. By far. The most. Underrated.
FAVORITE THEORY: I’m still sticking to “everything after season 6 happens in Elena’s fucked up sleeping curse nightmares and secretly everyone is happy and waiting for her to wake up”
A STORYLINE YOU’D CREATE: freaking time travel shenanigans
A STORYLINE YOU’D CHANGE: anything that happens after season 6. and the cure thing. and kai’s death. and liz shouldn’t die. and tyler should have lived a long and happy life with liv.
WHAT CROSSOVER DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR FANDOM: …i want caroline to go on the originals and sass tf out of everyone :))))
WHAT CHARACTER FROM ANOTHER FANDOM WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE APPEAR IN YOUR FANDOM?: *sighs* *glares sideways at muse* tim riggins. apparently.
IN THE WORLD OF MY FANDOM, I’D BE: probably elena gilbert. not gonna lie.

This man. This 170+  v a m p i r e of a man. Who revels in the  s p e e d  and the  f e e d. Who has killed and  s a v e d. Who has loved and  l o s t. Who has  d i e d and came back. This man. Damon Salvatore wants to be h u m a n for Elena. So he can be with her. So he can  f a t h e r  her children and rub her fucking feet after a long day at the OR. 

THAT is how much he LOVES  E l e n a  G i l b e r t.

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been thinking about doing this since a long time ago.

I wanna thank  e v e r y  s i n g l e  o n e  o f  y o u  for making my dash soooo gorgeous. Some of them are mutuals, some are not, but anyway you all are wonderful, and I love you <3

Here it goes!


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