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Ashes and Wine ― The DELENA Album - best delena songs and songs that should have been delena’s (skip to disk three for songs that aren’t from the show)

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Disc 1: Season 1 ― 4

1. Say (All I Need) ― OneRepublic (1x01)

2. The Weight Of Us ― Sanders Bohlke (1x07)

3. Brick By Boring Brick ― Paramore (1x18)

4. All I need ― Within Temptation (1x19)

5. It Is What It Is ― Lifehouse (1x22)

6. Come Home feat. Sara Bareilles― OneRepublic (2x01)

7. Ashes And Wine ― A Fine Frenzy (2x03)

8. I Was Wrong ― Sleeperstar (2x08)

9. Skinny Love ― Birdy (2x21)

10. I Should Go ― Levi Kreis (2x22)

11. Make It Without You ― Andrew Belle (3x01)

12. Echo ― Jason Walker (3x02)

13. Distance ― Christina Perri (3x03)

14. Holding On And Letting Go ― Ross Copperman (3x10)

15. Give Me Love ― Ed Sheeran (3x14)

16. Never Let Me Go ― Florence + The Machine (3x19)

17. Twice ― Little Dragon (4x01)

Disc 2: Season 4 ― 5

1. Fear And Loathing ― Marina and the Diamonds (4x02)

2. Feel So Close ― Calvin Harris (4x04)

3. The Thread Of The Thing ― Fay Wolves (4x06)

4. Little Deschutes ― Laura Veirs (4x07)

5. Kiss Me ― Ed Sheeran (4x07)

6. Eyes On Fire ― Blue Foundation (4x08)

7. Speechless - Acoustic ― Morning Parade (4x08)

8. Oblivion ― Bastille (4x09)

9. New York ― Snow Patrol (4x10)

10. Belong ― Cary Brothers (4x23, 6x07)

11. Royals ― Lorde (5x01)

12. Don’t Deserve You ― Plumb (5x02)

13. Satellite Call ― Sara Bareilles (5x03)

14. Fire Breather ― Laurel (5x16)

15. Do I Wanna Know? ― Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

16. Chemical ― Kerli (5x20)

17. Be Alright ― Lucy Rose (5x22)

Disc 3: Season 6 ― 7

1. Light A Fire ― Rachel Taylor (6x01)

2. Salvation ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x02)

3. All Through the Night ― Sleeping At Last (6x02)

4. The Power of Love ― Gabrielle Aplin (6x04)

5. Unbreakable ― Jamie Scott (6x06)

6. Another Love ― Tom Odell (6x07)

7. Compass ― Zella Day (6x09)

8. Lost ― Kris Allen (6x09)

9. Always Take You Back ― Night Terrors of 1927 (6x12)

10. Time ― Mikky Ekko (6x13)

11. You’re Mine (The Chase) ― Meiko (6x17)

12. When You Sleep ― Mary Lambert (6x18)

13. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ― Cary Brothers (6x19)

14. Fly ― Meadowlark (6x20)

15. To The Wonder feat. Kina Grannis ― Aqualung (6x21)

16. Hunger ― Ross Copperman (6x22)

17. Silhouette ― Aquilo (7x22)

Disc 3: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. With Love ― Christina Grimmie

2. I’m A Mess ― Ed Sheeran

3. Never Ending ― Rihanna

4. fOoL fOr YoU ― ZAYN

5. Say It feat. Tove Lo― Flume

6. Running Up That Hill ― Placebo

7. Words ― Skylar Grey

8. Bloodstream ― Ed Sheeran

9. Trouble - Stripped ― Halsey

10. Decode ― Paramore

11. Breathe Again ― Sara Bareilles

12. Losing Your Memory ― Ryan Star

13. You Found Me ― The Fray

14. Stay feat. Mikky Ekko ― Rihanna

15. Fix You ― Coldplay

16. Love Somebody feat. Wafia ― Ta-ku

17. Bumper Cars ― Alex & Sierra

18. Let It Go ― James Bay

19. For The First Time ― The Script

20. What Now ― Rihanna

21. Hypnotic ― Zella Day

22. My Everything ― Ariana Grande

23. Higher ― Rihanna

24. Bloodstream ― Stateless (this is actually a Datherine song but it’s too good)

Disc 4: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Beauty Of the Dark ― Mads Langer

2. A Drop In The Ocean ― Ron Pope

3. In My Veins feat. Erin Mccarley ― Andrew Belle

4. Orbit feat. Ashe ― SŸDE

5. Open Your Eyes ― Snow Patrol

6. Stop And Stare ― OneRepublic

7. Loop ― Paces

8. Close To You ― Rihanna

9. TiO ― ZAYN

10. Touch It ― Ariana Grande

11. Do You Remember ― Jarryd James

12. Hold ― Vera Blue

13. Not Over You ― Gavin DeGraw

14. High ― Zella Day

15. TALK ME DOWN ― Troye Sivan

16. Wings ― Birdy

17. Between ― Courrier

18. iT’s YoU ― ZAYN

19. Never Say Never ― The Fray

20. Mercy ― Shawn Mendes

21. Never Be Like You feat. Kai ― Flume

22. Down ― Jason Walker

23. Chasing Cars ― Snow Patrol

24. Playback feat. Reija Lee ― Paces

Disc 5: Should have been Delena / Make me think of Delena

1. Sex With Me ― Rihanna

2. I Found ― Amber Run

3. Run ― Leona Lewis

4. 1000x feat. Broods ― Jarryd James

5. Clarity feat. Foxes ― Zedd

6. Be The One ― Dua Lipa

7. Bridges ― Broods

8. Keep You ― Wild Belle

9. Cruel feat. ZAYN ― Snakehips

10. Over And Over Again feat. Ariana Grande ― Nathan Skyes

11. How Would You Feel (Paean) ― Ed Sheeran

12. Best Mistake ― Ariana Grande

13. Love On The Brain ― Rihanna

14. Without A Word ― Birdy

15. Unsteady ― X Ambassadors

16. Settle ― Vera Blue

17. Breathe ― Fleurie

18. Perfect ― Ed Sheeran

19. Dream ― Imagine Dragons

20. Hold On ― Chord Overstreet

21. Now Or Never ― Halsey

22. All The Time ― Jeramih

23. Outside ― Tender

24. Only You ― Zara Larsson


Here’s a collection of songs we love for when you’re “feelin’ a bit lonely”, or looking for some of solitude… Some of the tracks are kinda up beat, and others more sullen, but all great songs :) Check out our ‘Feelin’ A Bit Lonely’ playlist below…


An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York) - Courtney Barnett

She’s Not There - The Zombies

Homesick - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Alone In My Home - Jack White

Someplace - Jake Bugg

Without You - Lana Del Rey

A World Alone - Lorde

Lonely Press Play - Damon Albarn

Lost Boys And Girls Club - Dum Dum Girls

Where Will You Go - Jacco Gardner

Solitude Is Bliss - Tame Impala

Rattlesnake - St. Vincent

Long Distance - The Districts

All Alone - Gorillaz


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Green Ranger Playlist Part 1

  • Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank)
  • Adam Park (Johnny Yong Bosch)
  • Carlos Vallerte (Roger Velasco)
  • Damon Henderson (Reggie Rolle)
  • Joel Rawlings (Keith Robinson)
  • Trip (Kevin Kleinberg)
  • Cam Watanabe (Jason Chan)

lente a mix with songs that have a spring feeling to them because today was the first nice day of the year where i live

listen here

p.s. lente is the dutch word for spring

p.s.s. the songs shown above are just a part of the playlist, it has 27 songs in total

p.s.s.s. in a few months i’ll make a summer playlist, with more hazy songs that suit warm weather

                                Hard to Love

                                           a datherine fanmix

  1. No Happy Ending – Mika
  2. Snuff –Slipknot
  3. Heavy In Your Arms – Florence & The Machine
  4. Addicted – Saving Abel
  5. If You Told Me To – Hunter Hayes
  6. Won’t Go Home Without You – Maroon 5
  7. The One – Gary Allan
  8. This Love – Maroon 5
  9. Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars
  10. Someday – Nickelback
  11. In My Bones – Ron Pope
  12. Beautiful Mess – Diamond Rio
  13. It’s Your Love – Tim McGraw
  14. Hard to Love – Lee Brice

                       i am a short fuse
i     a  m     a    w  r  e  c  k  i  n  g     b  a  l  l
                                    crashing into your { heart }
                             like I do

Late Nights (Damon Fizzy Imagine)

Anon wanted me to freestyle is so here it is!

Word Count: 476

Warnings: this is a rather short imagine oops.

Notes: this was actually a dream I had haaaa xD


“Damon, I’m super tired. Can we please go home soon?” You asked your boyfriend.

“Sure, y/n. In a little bit.”

Both of you were at a friend’s birthday party. Neither of you were party people, but it was Matt Lush’s birthday. You two had to go! But, you and Damon had arrived around 4 o’clock in the afternoon and it was now two in the morning. You were exhausted. You were no insomniac like Damon, but nights like these, you wish you were.

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Tell Commander Lewis, Disco Sucks!

Mark Watney’s go-to disco songs from Commander Lewis’ disco collection + bonus tracks. Featuring the greatest hits of the era including ABBA, David Bowie, Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer. These iconic songs of the late 60′s and 70′s provide an uplifting soundtrack to Watney’s marooning on Mars, an inherently hopeless situation in the award-winning movie The Martian. Perfect to get you dancing, give you a sense of nostalgia, and just for anything hopeful!

Listen here

My reactions to 6x13

Bonnie being all sad and lonely, swilling down Damon’s Bourbon

Kai throwing shade at Dullena

Tyler and Liv drama

The writers trying to make Dullena eating Bonnie’s cupcakes cute

Caroline trying to exhume Ms. Cuddles instead of doing something constructive to get her so called best friend back

Enzo’s secret “master plan” to… what again?

Bonnie calling Damon a drama queen

Damon mumbling awkwardly when asked by Elodie how he got the whole Qetsiah idea, because you know, he’s been thinking a little too much about THE HUG in Nova Scotia. Cue Kevin BACON dance!

Bonnie and Damon’s death pact

Jedediah offering to help Bonnie after not doing jack for like 3 seasons

Kai paraphrasing Damon about how he himself doesn’t know why Dullena even is a thing

Matt flirting with Sara Salvatore

BTW. Matt was so hot in this episode!

Bonnie and Damon watching the bodyguard a billion times

What happens in 1994, stays in 1994…  Me likey ;)

*Adds all bodyguard songs to the official Bamon playlist*

Damon drinking to Bonnie with his Bamon Bourbon

Insecure self-centered Edith grabbing the Bamon-star-crossed-lovers-suicide Bourbon to drink from it, like a dog pissing to mark its territory


Bonnie deciding to stay strong and fight for her life

Dullena having sex

Bonnie calling Damon a genius (he has a tendency of being that when he’s not around Ethel)

Bonnie in her Damonesque leather jacket, throwing on her shades and driving off in her hubby’s Camaro on her way to SAVE HERSELF like the total BaDass that she is. YOU GO GIRL!!!


“I guess that’s just how you two show your love”

come on baby, light my fire

↳ a bamon mix  {listen}

So Damon and I Reunited at Playlist!

So basically I waited hours and hours to meet him since the lines were all messed up and such. I was terrified that they were going to cut the line off… But, of course, Damon wouldn’t ever allow that to happen.

Anyways, I finally got to meet him and I got everything my heart desired to get signed and this worker lady offered to take the pictures. The first came out really dark so I edited it…

The second came out blurry so I edited it as well…

And the third… He was trying to get her to take the picture correctly…

It could’ve been worse so it’s okay.

He remembered me from last year’s 4/20 meetup so I was more than happy. He was as sweet as ever and made sure everybody had enough time to talk to him.

At around 2am, my friends and I went to the lobby and saw that he was hanging out with people. There was a balloon involved and many laughs. I had brought my fisheeye (which was later lost and found by some stranger) and took a neat picture.My friend that I hung out with that I met at the last meetup, Bela, had been kind enough to take some pictures for me as well. He was getting tired at this point and had been starting to try and go to his room to go to bed.

I managed to convince him that I’d be able to carry his weight and he hopped on my back. We had a jolly ole time. This is probably my favorite picture of us.

The next day, he was hanging out in one of the other buildings and had a little crowd going. I made sure to bring my cat shirt that he also owns and had to get a picture of us while I was wearing it.

If Damon sees this, I’d just like to thank him for making Playlist the best days of my life. :-)

for the selfish boy and the selfless girl who stood at the edge of the world with hands interlaced. (LISTEN HERE)

1. wings - birdy. in the moment we’re lost and found

2. the other side - david gray. meet me on the other side.

3. safe and sound - taylor swift. come morning light, you and i’ll be safe and sound.

4. stay - rihanna. funny you’re the broken one, but i’m the one who needed saving.

5. fix you - coldplay. lights will guide you home.

6. dust to dust - the civil wars.you’ve been lonely too long.

7. i know you care - ellie goulding. clinging to me, like a last breath you would breathe.

8. cosmic love- florence + the machine. i stayed in the darkness with you.