damon on the street

okay so my genius of a best friend just pretty much figured out what the hell just happened: stefan died and gave the cure to damon, obviously. delena got married and there was like a time jump or something to when they were walking down the street and damon just disappeared, that’s when damon died. then, elena sees the house and her family and that’s a sign that she died and basically all 3 of them died over a period of time and i am so at peace with that. the three main characters of this show being gone by the end without having the other characters mourn over it and go on with their lives and stefan has a lot to do with it. it also proves that no matter what damon goes back to stefan no matter what. it ALSO proves that stefan is for sure the main character of this freaking show because he started all of these characters lives and how they turned around mystic falls.
i don’t know but after this i’m satisfied with how the finale went down and i sobbed my eyes out the whole time.

Imagine: Calling Damon to come save you when you’re in trouble


“Damon! Damon!” You screamed through your phone as you ran through the dark, empty street. 

 The message went to voicemail and you cursed to yourself. You turned your head around, looking to see if the vampire chasing you was still close. He was no where to be seen, which for some reason made you even more nervous. You dialed Damon again.

 "Come on. Answer, damn it!“ You yelled on the third ring. 

 "Hello? What’s with the-” Damon began. 

 "Damon! Help!“ You screamed between your heavy pants. 

 ”(Y/N)?! What’s wrong? Where are you?“

You continued to run, but your legs felt like they were about to give out at any possible moment. 

 "Vampire. Main Street. I need your he-" 

 Suddenly, the vampire appeared in front of you. He snatched your phone from your hand and crushed it, dropping the broken device to the ground. You were breathing heavily and you could practically feel your heart beating out of your chest, and you were sure the vampire could feel it too. You wanted to say something, try to plead for your life, but you couldn’t speak.  The vampire’s face began to change and his fangs appeared. He leaned in towards your neck slowly causing you to scream as loud as you could. You tightly closed your eyes, waiting for the pain to come. 

Suddenly, you heard the sound of bones cracking. You opened your eyes to see the vampires body slump to the ground and Damon appear from behind him. The relief you felt was incomparable. You fell into Damon’s figure, wrapping your arms around him. He immediately returned the action, holding you up and pulling you into him closely. 

 "It’s okay, (Y/N). I’m here. I’ve got you.” He muttered.

“Thank you, Damon.”

In a fluent motion, he swooped you up and began carrying you bridal style. 

 "Let’s get you home.“

Damon Imagine

@beenfangirlingsince1997 -  May I request an imagine where Damon is really possessive over the reader and he gets jealous really easily and the reader has been badly mentally abused and is a really self conscious shy girl and is really scared of Damon because she’s seen the crueler side of Damon and she gets really fidgety around violence and make it really super angsty and with smut if possible. Oh and Damon and the reader aren’t together yet.

*Sorry it’s not with smut, not comfortable with posting stuff like that yet, and I changed the request up slightly just because I’m trying to get back into writing even with school starting*

T.W: capturing, killing and angst


It was coming up to closing time in the library making you more determined as ever to finish your assigned paper for college before you had to leave. You loved studying in the library, it made you feel calm and safe, being surrounded by books and more or less quiet apart from a subtle whisper here and there from passing students.

You were an old friend of Bonnie’s and moved to Whitmore college after finally leaving an abusive relationship with your father and also your boyfriend who would mentally abuse you any time he could to get what he wanted. Bonnie was the one to encourage you to leave and even offered you the extra bed in her dorm room with her other friend Caroline, after explaining that their friend Elena didn’t live with them anymore.

Of course being friends with Bonnie meant that at some point she let it spill about her powers and as a result, you found out about all the supernatural creatures that lived in the world and were even walking the halls and streets with you every day.

A few months went by and you found yourself more or less apart of a friendship with the Mystic Falls crew, apart from Damon who you found to be chilling and cruel and only remind you of your past relationship. You had seen the good parts of Damon but you had also seen the worst, you saw the killing and manipulation, the torture and torment, it made you nervous just standing in a room with him, especially alone, but it seemed that the raven haired vampire grew a liking to you and wouldn’t leave you alone no matter what.

He was everywhere you went, whether it be at college, your dorm (mostly to talk to Bonnie) or at the library like you were now, but it was obvious that he was keeping an eye on you and it slightly terrified you.

You sighed in content as you finally finished the last sentence of your essay, saving your progress before shutting off your laptop and getting ready to leave, that was until a familiar, tall blue eyed figure walked in making you shiver from fear.

“Hey Y/N, fancy seeing you here.” Damon smirked as you avoided eye contact with him as you finished packing your bag, slinging it over your shoulder. “Actually, I was just about to leave.” You muttered out as you walked passed him and towards the exit only to be stopped by a gentle hand on your arm, “Well here, let me walk you back to your dorm, I have to talk to Bonnie about something anyway.”

You pulled your arm away quickly and shook your head, “No, I’m fine on my own.”

Damon rolled his eyes at your behaviour, out of everyone he has met in his immortal life, he could never understand you. He barely knew anything about your old life before you moved here, nobody would tell him anything, even Bonnie who had insisted that it wasn’t her story to tell.

He knew she was right in a way but it still didn’t stop him from being frustrated on not knowing why you constantly feared him and refused his company. At first, he thought it was just because you were shyer than expected, but as the months went by he realised you were fine with everyone else, it was just him that you tried to keep your distance from.

“Oh come on, it’s getting dark, and you know what comes out during the night Y/N.” He tried to joke but sensed Y/n’s nerves heightening as she shivered slightly. Feeling concerned and predicting it was his presence that was worrying her he held a gentle hand out, “Hey,” He calmly spoke, but didn’t move any closer in case it scared her, “You know I wouldn’t hurt you in any way right? I just want to make sure you’re safe.”

Y/N didn’t speak for the longest time before finally shaking her head, “See you later Damon.”

After you left the library and walked into the dark streets Damon decided to follow her from a distance to make sure she got to her shared dorm safely, and it was lucky that he did follow.

You were walking rather quickly back to your dorm, just wanting to be back in the safety of a room when suddenly a pair of arms came out of nowhere, one going around your waist while the other was placed firmly on your mouth.

The man turned you around and made you look at him as he whispered, “Don’t scream and stay perfectly still.” You were frozen on the spot, but luckily not from that man’s compulsion but your fear and as soon as he lifted his hand away you screamed hoping to gain someones attention as you tried to run only to be caught by the man once again, “Vervain, huh?” He hissed before dark veins appeared under his eyes and you struggled to get away.

“Leave me alone!” You yelled just as his grip was yanked away and you fell to the ground in a delirious state. “That’s no way to treat a woman.” You hear a familiar voice growl as he pushed your captor’s body further away from you before plunging his hand into his body and pulling out his heart while the body crashed to the ground turning grey.

Your eyes widened from fear as Damon turned around and met your gaze, anger still blazing in his eyes. As he tried to get closer you pushed yourself away, firmly shutting your eyes as you cowered back in fear, “Leave me alone, please.” You begged, unfortunately, your pleas weren’t enough to convince Damon to leave. Instead, he cautiously walked closer before crouching down to your level and inspecting your body for wounds.

After finding none he frowned, wiping his bloodied hand on his jeans before coming slightly closer, “Hey Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you okay? I’m just going to pick you up and take you back to your room, is that okay?” He asked only to be met with a quiet no and a shiver, “Please, don’t take me there, I don’t want Bonnie or Caroline freaking out, please, just leave me alone, I’ll be okay.” You muttered still not looking up at the vampire in front of you.

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen, sorry.” Damon replied before he scooped you up in his arms and vampire sped you away until you arrived at the Salvatore house and he laid you gently on the couch near a lit fire.

“Why did you take me here?” You asked nervously as you watched Damon pour out two glasses of bourbon, walking over and handing you one of the, “Because you are finally going to tell me why you fear me, and what happened in your life before you came here.”

Your eyes widened as you shook your head in refusal, “I-I can’t, Damon, please don’t make me-” You were begging and crying at just the thoughts of your old life which frightened Damon as his eyes widened and he took the glass from you and tried to calm you down, “Hey, it’s okay, your safe, you don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to, but it would really help me a lot if I knew why you hate me so much.”

“I don’t hate you,” You whispered as your eyes watched the flames dancing in the fire, “I fear you.”

“Why?” He cautiously asked hoping it didn’t trigger you again, you just shivered. Damon stood up and grabbed a blanket and handed it to you, shakily you took it and he helped you put it around yourself before he sat down on the ground in front of you and waited until you were ready.

Shutting your eyes tightly you encouraged yourself to speak, “You remind me of him,” you mumbled quietly as Damon titled his head out of curiosity and uneasiness, “My ex-boyfriend.”

After that, everything you tried to hide from Damon fell out of your lips as you told him about your past, about your father and how you were mentally abused by your ex, and how seeing Damon kill and manipulate people for his own benefit reminded you of everything your ex did to you.

Damon was beyond shocked at you words and immediately understood now why you had feared him so much, he made sure it was okay with you before he sat beside you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder, “I would and will never hurt you purposely, okay Y/N? I promise you that. Why didn’t you tell me before instead of leaving me clueless and possibly hurting you when I didn’t know?”

He asked in concern as you cried into his shoulder after having to relive your old memories, “I was afraid of how you’d react, I didn’t know what you’d do and I thought I’d be safer if you just didn’t know, I’m sorry.” You whimpered which made Damon’s heart ache as he collected you into his arms and pulled you into his chest, 

“Don’t apologize, you never need to apologize for anything like that okay? Ever, and, I’m sorry for every single time I’ve ever hurt you or made you fear me, I’m sorry that I made you fear me in the first place with literally just being who I am. But I promise I’m not like him, I don’t want to hurt you, I only want to make sure your safe and protected.”

Your emotions were mixed as you lay in Damon’s embrace, you were still slightly anxious about him, especially after witnessing him kill a man but then you were also relieved he found you and made sure you were okay. You knew your relationship with Damon would always be confusing and hard at times but also knowing that he cared for you made you have a bit more hope in him and his ways.

“Thank you.“ You whispered tiredly as he kissed the top of your head and you drifted off to sleep.