damon gifs (3)

Damon Salvatore 1&3
“Oh my god Damon can’t you see that she is totally in love with you and I don’t want you around her!” You screamed and Damon. This has been going on for the past hour. Elena was drunkenly all over Damon and it annoy the crap out of you.
“that is not my fault!” He screamed. “I love you, so stop being jealous.”
“going to be having this conversation if you had just listened."you said annoyed.
"The only good thing to come help with this is that you’re cute when you’re jealous.” You smacked Damon on the chest but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you in for a kiss.
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“Liz Forbes, was my friend. In her last moments she asked me to pass along a message to her daughter, but I cut her off before she could say too much. I told her she could tell Caroline herself, but she didn’t get that chance. Your mom wanted you to know how proud of you she was, and she should be. You’re a beautiful, strong woman, generous friend, and a bright light in a sea of dark. She said you were extraordinary, and you are, and so is she. Liz was a hero to this town, she was a hero to all of you, and she was a hero to me. Goodbye sheriff, you will be missed.”