damon and stefan

*Requested* Make up sex with Kai

Imagine Kai keeps making comments that you take offense to. He decides to ask if you’re on your period, which only makes you angrier. When you both realize the argument is stupid, things get a bit heated.

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Coming This Fall….

“Ad Vitam”

AU. Loosely based off of S7. Ten years have gone by since Kai caused destruction in Mystic Falls, leaving the city changed forever and allowing the arrival of a new breed of evil to come into town. With the spell that linked Bonnie and Elena’s lives together now broken after a chain of unfortunate events. Will Damon and Stefan ever be close again?  How will Stefan and Elena rebuild their shattered relationship? How will Bonnie adjust to her new life? What happens when Caroline goes in search of Klaus Mikaelson to help save Bonnie from herself? (Stelena, Bamon, Klaroline, Defan, mentions of Steroline & Delena)

Thank you broodystefans for making the cover for this one!! :)

Elena and Stefan have broken up, Elena is making googly eyes at Damon, everything is gross, I remember how angry this made me the first time round. Like Damon and Elena were just so disrespectful towards Stefan.
Also, I love how The Originals have just completely glossed over how incredibly shady Hayley was when she first joined TVD. Like, conspiring with Dr Shane to kill the hybrids and stuff.
Also, last episode Elena gave Stefan more crap for keeping secrets than she gave Damon for murdering Aaron the very next season. Where is this girls morality?