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Mis fotos favoritos del primero de dos conciertos agotados al Teatro Gran Rex en Buenos Aires! Anoche era un noche muy fantástico, me parece. Congratulaciones para todo la gente que vieron Damon/verán Damon esta noche!

My favorite pics from the first of two sold out gigs at the Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires! Last night was a very fantastic night, I think. Congrats to all the people who saw Damon/will see Damon tonight!


OMG Best night ever!!!
I was at the front row, I touched Damon a lot hehe (I held his hand, touched his leg and many many more woo hoo)

Damon was surprised that everyone knew the lyrics of Caravan. He looked soo happy. Coffee and TV was beautiful, the crowd singing for five minutes at the end of the song. Graham got a bit emotional, he seemed like he was crying and smiling, Idk. Lovely moment. 

Parklife was madness, Damon tripped over and ended up in the floor laughing haha. They need to keep Ghost ship on the setlist, it sounds amazing and everyone loves it. (gramon moment here, a lot of screaming)

The band was in such a good spirit, they were laughing and smiling all the time. Damon said we were “one of the best audience in the world” and that we “set the bar too high”.

Amazing night (much much better than when I saw them in 2013)

  • DAMON: Sometimes I fantasize about the continued projection of the music of Blur, Gorillaz, the stuff I recorded in Mali, The Good, the Bad and the Queen, my solo material ... If all my work was a a long setlist, the middle point would probably be the song "Caramel", from 13, or something from the first Gorillaz album. That Blur record was like a fresh start to me, right from the beggining, with a gospel song like "Tender". Look at this coincidence: today I received a request from a British chain of supermarkets, Co-op Food: they want to make a TV commercial with a Christmas version of "Tender" played by a multicultural band, with sitar, Jamaican muscicians, etcetera.
  • INT: Did you authorize them?
  • DAMON: Yes, I don't know. It's a bit silly. In these times of Brexit, anything that reminds people that life on Earth is not a closed experience is good, even if it is a Co-op commercial.
  • Rolling Stone Argentina - November 2017
  • Where that melancholy come from?:
  • DAMON: Where it come from? Well, you’ll have to spend a few weeks around here and you’ll see! It comes from desolation, the murkiness of this country, this sequence mixed with some days of bright blue sky, but most of the time the weather is fucking sad.
  • But at the same time there’s something very romantic in your songs:
  • DAMON: Yes! Well, that’s what saved me from being fucking miserable. I love the music from the XIX century, for example, I love Chopin. I’m a romantic soul, and that push me to do things.
  • Rolling Stone Argentina – October 2015