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Hurricane - Liam Dunbar AU Imagine

Prompt by Anon: An imagine based off of hurricane by Halsey (she has a commentary on the song that’s on spotify if it helps) thanks so much and I u can’t that’s okay

Word Count: 1,727

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Warning: Intense Making Out

Author’s Note: So, I listened to this song but they way Halsey explains the song, helped out a lot. I really tired my best, but I know I failed. So I hope you like with what I sort of came up with. (Not Beta Proof Read.)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Liam took a drink from his beer before his eyes landed on a beautiful girl in a tight black mini dress which hugged her body in all the right places, walking across the bar. Her blonde hair was straight in long layers with streaks of purple, her hair touching just above her tight, round butt. Liam sunk his top teeth on the bottom of his lip as he noticed her the strapless dress showing off her breast, which he believed were at least a size D.

As she reached for a stool at the end of the bar and told the bartender her drink, she looked up; her piercing green eyes sparkled as they locked with Liam’s dark blue orbs. She smiled, her perfect white teeth displaying between her bold red lips, and gave Liam a small wave. 

Liam nodded at her and noticed every man in the bar wanted her, but he knew had to get her first. Liam quickly turned around back to Mason and flipped his snapback backwards. “How do I look?”

“Go get her man.” Mason chuckled as he signaled for another beer at the bartender. 

Liam walked over to the blonde and sat in the stool next to her. “I don’t like to use this kind of language around a lady, but damnnn girl!” Liam whistled. “You’re looking good from where I am, girl. Can I buy you a drink?” 

Y/N couldn’t help but smile and love the attention she was getting. The bartender returned with a strawberry daiquiri. “You can buy me this one,” Y/N smiled at Liam.

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Polaroid Part 2-Bucky imagine


PART 1- http://whatsbetterthanfantasy.tumblr.com/post/146511822735/polaroid-bucky-imagine

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The guys stop their conversation and their attention is drawn to you as you and Nat enter the kitchen area.
“Damnnn girls” Sam smirks, followed by a wolf whistle from Clint. You both roll your eyes as you join the group. It’s another one of Tony’s parties tonight and after today’s mission going well, everyone is in good spirits. As everyone gets ready to leave, you walk over and put your empty wine glass in the sink, and then feel a strong pair of arms wind round your waist. You smile when you see the metal creeping out from under the suit jacket.
“Hey Buck”
“You look incredible”, his breathe is hot on your skin as he buries his head in the crook of your neck, kissing you below the jawline. You spin around to face him, bodies flush against each other.
“As do you James.” You reach up and kiss him quickly, seeing the fire in his eyes when you call him by his first name.
“Hey love birds, you coming or what?” Nat shouts over, winking at you. Ever since Bucky walking in on you last week, the two of you had been inseparable, much to the amusement of the other avengers. You take Bucky’s hand and walk to join the rest of the group, splitting up outside to take separate cars.

You and Bucky slide in the back seat of Clint’s car, with Bruce in the passenger seat. You can’t help but stare at Bucky as he jokes with the guys, he looks so damn good in a suit. He catches you staring and you blush, making him laugh. He leans over and pulls you closer to him, draping your legs over his. His cologne is intoxicating and you almost feel like you can’t breathe. He has such an effect on you. It only gets worse when he traces his metal finger up your bare leg, placing his hand over the top of your thigh, slightly grazing underneath your dress. Your breathing gets heavy and although he’s looking out the window, you can see the fucking smirk on his face. Asshole.

When you get there, Tony is giving some kind of speech to a room full of people, already looking half pissed. Bucky wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you close as you enter the crowd and you give his hand a reassuring squeeze; he still gets slightly nervous in large crowds of people. Tony comes over to you and your fellow avengers and gets you all a glass of champagne, ordering everyone to take advantage of his alcohol. Hell, you weren’t going to say no.
A few hours later, it’s just you and your team left. There’s a few randomers passed out on the sofa, Clint and Natasha are arm wrestling, Nat seems to be winning. You, Tony, Steve and Bucky are on the sofas sharing stories. This is the first time you’ve seen Steve and Bucky affected by alcohol, they weren’t drunk, more tipsy, but it’s the funniest thing ever. Tony can barely string his words together and you can’t stop laughing at the mumbling mess. He’s offered all of you to stay in the tower for the night since you can all barely walk. You jump as a cheer of victory comes from Nat, and Clint demands a round two. Your attention comes back to the guys, and more specifically Bucky, who’s howling with laughter at Tony now trying to do a headstand on the sofa. He’s taken his suit jacket off and his shirt is unbuttoned just down to the top of his pecks, his hair hangs over his face and his eyes crinkle when he laughs.

You watch as his jaw clenches and he rubs his hands on his thighs when he laughs. You bite your lip as your thoughts trail off onto sinful things. A few moments later the guys seem to go quieter, clearly having worn themselves out laughing. Steve looks like he’s drifted off and Tony’s on his way. Bucky’s rested his head on the back of the sofa, slumped down on the cushions, and you decide to crawl over to side of the sofa and place yourself on his lap. He doesn’t move or open his eyes, but greets you with a “hey”. You pout to yourself, feeling needy all of a sudden. You were tired now, and you wanted his attention. You place a kiss underneath his jaw, and trace a finger from his chin, down his throat, to his chest. He hums in appreciation and brings his head forward to look at you, those damn baby blues staring deep into your soul. He pulls you further onto his lap so you’re straddling him and wraps his arms around you, holding you close to him. You snake your arms around his neck and bring him in for a kiss, running your tongue along his bottom lip, he opens his mouth and his tongue finds yours. He lets a husky sound out when you nibble his bottom lip and his hands find their way to your ass pulling your hips closer to his, applying pressure to your groin, you squeeze your thighs around his sides.

“Let’s go to bed” He whispers, his breath hot on your neck as his places kisses from your ear to your collar bone. You nod, and he picks you up and carries you to the elevator. By the time it’s got to your floor, Bucky’s shirt is on the floor and your left in that black lace underwear he loves so much. When you get to the room he lays you down on the bed and takes a minute just to look.
“You look so beautiful” He says breathlessly. You extend your arms to him and he takes off his trousers before positioning himself in between your thighs. His mouth meets yours again and he kisses you with such longing it makes your stomach knot. You run your finger through his hair as he leaves a trail of kisses from your neck, between your breasts, all the way down to your pant line. His metal arm stays on the bed above your head the whole time, using his flesh hand on your body. He doesn’t like to touch you with it when you’re together like this in case he hurts you, but you wanted him to. So badly. Just as he’s about to remove your knickers, you stop him and he looks at you confused.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.
“I want you to use the metal one” You ache at the thought of it but he looks so unsure.
“(Y/N), you know I can’t. I don’t want to hurt yo-“ He sits back and you interrupt him.
“I trust you James. I want you to. Please.” You’re almost begging. You take his metal hand and kiss the palm, and he lets you trace his fingers down your face, your lace covered chest, your bare stomach and down onto your ever growing heat. You watch him as his breathing becomes more erratic, his toned chest heaving. He looks wary but you nod at him in re assurance. He leans down to kiss you again and brings his metal hand up to your jaw, and then down to knead your breast. The cold metal makes you gasp and you claw at the back of his neck, earning a low groan from him. He moves his hand down and slips off your pants, grazing the metal back up your thighs before running a finger up your slit. You moan as he puts pressure on your core, bucking your hips up to meet his. You leave sloppy kisses across his neck, biting down when he pushes his cool metal fingers inside you. His lips leaves your neck and find their way to your centre, his metal finger still curling inside you. You can already feel the pressure building inside of you as you breathing gets heavier and heavier.
“Bu-Bucky, please.” Your voice barely audible. He looks up at you with lustful eyes.
“I need you, inside me. Now.”

He crawls back up the bed on top of you, spreading your legs wider, he positions himself in front of you and pushes himself deep inside of you, making both of you call out. He finds a steady pace and you wrap your legs around him, pulling him closer and giving him all access. Your lips meet again and your tongues dance. He bites and suckles your lip as you rake your fingernails down his back and shoulders. His pace quickens and you can feel your climax coming as you run your tongue up his neck, across his adams apple, feeling him hum under your touch.
“James..” You moan into his kisses. He slows down but hits you deeper with each thrust, bringing you both to your climax at the same time, clutching onto each other lie it was the last time you’d ever be able to feel one another’s touch. He flops down next to you, legs still entwined, his head on your heaving chest. You lay there for a minute catching your breathes before he turns to you, hair stuck to his sweat covered forehead. You brush it out the way and smile at him.
“You’re gorgeous you know that” You whisper, tracing his jawline with your finger. He grins at you, eyes glowing, before kissing you sweetly.
“I’m so glad I have you.” He says, draping an arm over your stomach, holding you to him. You smile to yourself and run your fingers through his hair until your eyes become heavy and you drift into a deep sleep…

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damnnn girl how much sex do you have on a daily basis to be able to write smut that detailed

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Lost In A Haze Part 3

It’s been two weeks since I last saw Nash. We snap chatted a little at first but then his work activities got hectic and it was harder to talk. I’d like to say that I’ve forgotten about him, but in reality I can’t stop thinking about him. I’ve been watching his vines religiously, I guess him and his friends just started on their road trip. Just thinking about him makes me want to go into the back of the shop and watch some more of the vines.

I work in an ice cream store as a summer job so I can make some money before I go off to college. It was a Tuesday so sales were really slow, and I thought I might head in the back near the freezer in order to cool off on this hot summer day.

I walk to the freezers and pull out my phone and check Vine. I scroll the feed and see a video that Nash revined. They are dancing around a fountain that looked just like the fountain in my town. I examine the video and I realize that it is my town. No fucking way.

As if on cue, I hear the door bell chime, signaling that customers were coming in. I hear a couple of guys laughing. No no no, this can’t be happening. This is not happening.

I pull my pony tail tighter and walk out to meet the crowd. What are the odds that Nash and his group of friends would come to my town and into my ice cream shop.I don’t spot Nash but I definitely know that he is here. What the fuck are they doing here?

They pile through the door and make their way toward the counter I see that familiar face walk in. His blue eyes become in contact with mine and as he realizes it’s me his eyes go huge. I quickly return my gaze to the boys that are at the counter.

A lot of them look really familiar. I think I know two of them, they both have the name of Jack. Another’s name is Cameron, I’m almost positive about that one. While they are examining the flavors Nash walks closer to me.

“Hey y/n. I had no idea you lived here. It’s really good to see you. How have you been?” Nash smiles at me and it makes my insides melt

“I’ve been good. And you?” I ask him nonchalantly, hoping to hide my admiration.


“So why-” I’m in mid sentence and the other boys start to cause a ruckus, tapping on the window to the ice cream.
I then turn my attention back to the crowd.

“Can I get you anything?” I ask them, looking at them but my eyes keep wanting to look back at Nash.

“Yeah, your number,” one of them says, he’s wearing a bandana and a tie dye shirt. I don’t remember his name. He smiles at me and winks and a couple of the guys begin to laugh, I even let out a small giggle.

“Or a piece of that booty!,” another one says, I’m pretty sure in was Cameron.

“Because we be thirsty!!” someone shouts from behind and then high fives Jack Gilinsky.

“Hmm if you’re so thirsty, why come into am ice cream shop?” I ask them and raise my eyebrows. Two can play at this game.

“Ohhhh damnnn! Ice cream girl has tongue,” Cameron says as he clasps his hands together.

“I’d like to see you use that tongue,” says the boy with the bandana and then winks at me again.

The boys make some wooing noises and all begin laughing.

I look over at Nash and he looks a bit disappointed with his friends.

“Guys cut the shit. This is Y/N. The girl I met on the plane,” Nash finally announces.

“Oh the one you couldn’t stop talking about?” a boy who looks like Nash says, it must be his brother.

The boys all start to crack up and Nash and I both begin to blush as if on command.

“So how about that Ice cream?” I ask them, trying to turn the conversation in a different direction.

Each boy goes down the line telling me what they want and I scoop them their ice cream. The line gets shorter and shorter, and finally it’s just me, Nash, and the boy with the bandana.
Bandana boy tells me his order and I hand him his cone.

“Thanks. I’m Taylor by the way,” he says and takes the cone from me and walks to the front eating area with the other boys.

Nash emerges to the counter and his teeth sink into his lower lip.

“I’m sorry about them. They can be a pain sometimes,” he mutters.

“No it’s fine. They’re amusing,” I say.

“There’s that word again.” He smiles at me and looks at me through his eyelashes.

I smile back at him, thinking back to our plane ride.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, a little too sourly. I didn’t mean for it to come out so bitterly but it must be my inner feelings and disappointment of him not staying in contact with me.

“Whoa so harsh” Nash’s smile changes to a slight frown and I feel a ping of regret

“Sorry” I mutter, breaking the eye contact I stare down and the flavors.

“Look my manager recommended that we came here. He said something about how it was a great place for celebrity. Not that I’m a celebrity but.”

I don’t need his excuses. I don’t even know how to feel. I shouldn’t be mad though right? No of course not. It’s just good that he’s here now. I wonder how long he’s staying. Maybe we can hang out. Would he want to do that? He hasn’t even asked me..I guess I could ask him first. No, that would make me seem desperate.

Nash clears his throat, bringing me back to the present.

The present..where was that again? Oh right Ice cream store. Focus y/n. You’re working. I look back up at Nash and he bites his lip and brushes his fingers through his hair giving him this after sex look. My mouth begins to water. No! Stop. Focus. Focus.

“So what flavor would you like?"I sound incredibly flustered. What the fuck is wrong with me.

"What do you recommend?” He places his hands on the counter and leans against the glass. His eyes slowly linger away from my eyes and down my body, staying a little too long at my breasts and then to the ice cream. Holy hell what the fuck was happening.

“I mean they’re all really good, I guess you can go traditional. They have a killer vanilla.” I brush my hair behind my ear and bite my lip, his gaze is unraveling.

“My favorite,” Nash says and then gives me a soft smile and then he licks his lips.

My gaze leads directly to his lips and I stare for a little too long.

“Nash what’s taking so long??” One of the guys yells, I glance over to them, breaking the tension and take a deep breath.

Get a grip of yourself.

“Cup or cone?” We’re going to make this a casual non sensual conversation, even though I want it to be anything but that.

“Cone.” He smirks and a small laugh leaves him.

I turn around, and arch my back, trying to make my butt look more appealing. I reach up and grab a cone, exposing my midriff.

Nash’s eyes are wider and he’s biting his lip again. Hmm. Maybe I do something to him too.

I scoop him a scoop of vanilla and put it into a cone for him.

I hand him the cone and our hands brush against each other. My stomach jumps.

“How much do I owe you?”

“On the house,” I say and then I give him a wink.

“Haha funny,” he pulls a wad of dollars from his pocket and stuffs them into the tip jar. He then takes a long lick of the ice cream, making eye contact with me the entire time, and then saunters over to the group of guys.

I grab the counter for some support, my insides are melting and my legs feel like jello. I take a deep breath and decide to do some cleaning to clear my head.

As I’m cleaning off the spoons, I hear “Ayyy ice cream cutie, come over here.”
Ice cream cutie? Who said that?
I laugh to myself, I would have a group of guys take interest in me right before I go to college. Just my luck.

I walk over to the guys, I usually get nervous in these situations but I have the counter as a barrier.

“What’s up?” I ask them, and begin wash off the top of the counter with a rag.

“What’s there to do in this little town of yours?” Jack G asks.

As I go to answer his question, the door opens and in comes Brenton, my coworker.

Brenton looks at the group of boys quizzically and then at me and shakes his head with a smile.

“Hey Y/N,” Brenton says and he walks toward the back.

“Uhh. Excuse me,” I say to the guys and then I meet Brenton in the back.

“My shifts already over?” I ask him as he strips off his back pack and puts an apron on.

“Yeah it’s 5. Having too much fun with the guys?” He says with a laugh and then begins to wash his hands in the sink.

“Hmm I guess so haha. Alright, well I’m going to head out. I have a bunch of shit I have to do with college.” I say and begin to take off my apron.

“Good luck with that,” Brenton mumbles and then heads out to the shop.

I gather my belongings and then head for the door.

“Bye guys,” I say as I pass all of the guys.

Some of them say bye, some of them give me a classic head nod. I step outside and start making my way to my car.

“Hey wait up,” I hear.

I smile to myself. I knew Nash would come around. But when I turn around, expecting to see Nash, it’s the Taylor kid.

“Yeah?” I ask quizzically.

“Let me get your number. Maybe we can all hang out some time,” he says and then hands me a phone.

“I don’t know,” I laugh and then glance out the ground. He’s so forward. Why didn’t Nash ask for my number?

“C'mon it could be fun”

“I barley know you.”

“That’s the point. We’ll get to know each other.”

I look at him suspiciously. Fuck it. I should have a little fun before I leave. Plus Taylor is really attractive, well they all are but there’s something different about him. Maybe it’s because of his openness. But if Nash doesn’t want anything, maybe Taylor could be an option. Who am I kidding, Taylor could definitely be an option.

I grab the phone from Taylor and begin to type in my number.This will give Nash something to think about.

“Thanks beautiful, I look forward to see you soon,” he says as I hand him his phone. He grabs it and smiles and then backs up and starts walking toward the shop again.

And boy did I look forward to seeing him soon too.