It seems like magic, the more I am grateful the more the world gives me blessings to be grateful for. It doesn’t mean crappy stuff doesn’t happen, just every joy is that much brighter. This gorgeous view, which extends up and down the Hudson River is two blocks from where I live. And it’s finally not too cold to be out here before 6am. Exceedingly grateful, blessed to be here. #damnnatureyoufine #hudsonriver #lamarina #inwood #west2east #nycbeauty (at La Marina NYC)

Yesterday, I watched the sun rise over the ocean, from the beach for the first time. I had seen plenty of beach walk sunsets but this was a first, getting to stand in the sand and watch Dawn colors paint the sky over the sea. It. Was. GORGEOUS. So beautiful I cried. And then we got pizza on the boardwalk for breakfast at like 5:30am. Moments like this and good friends to share them with are so much more precious than gold #jerseyshore #atlanticcity #herecomesthesun #atlanticocean #damnnatureyoufine (at Tropicana Resort Casino Atlantic City)