damnn boi

Jackson rubbing his big hands all over your legs after you’ve just shaved making sure to give extra attention to your thighs



“It’s difficult to understand the things that happen, we seek to know why, we seek to know “why now”, we say.. “It couldn’t be now” …. But God knows all things !! I know how you feel, i’ve been there 1 year ago and i know how difficult it is to stay away from football, from what you love the most, you will not understand it now, neither will people… But I’m sure this will strengthen you and you will come back stronger than ever.. During this moment you hold onto those you love and that love you, these people will make you recover faster.. And i’m with you brother, praying and rooting for you !

Miss you “princess” 😂😂😂”


Complete Sherlock Series 3 Soundtrack.

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I need a moment…