In truth,

i’m kinda annoyed by the fact tat Emma Roberts is in the show. I mean it’s not because i ship Violate so much and hoping for more of it this season. It’s just. It seemed like Ryan Murphy thought, ‘Hey Evan’s in the show why not add his girlfriend in the mix as well.’ So my opinion that’s all. And, I hope that Emma Roberts won’t be Evan’s love interest at all. 

a couple of hours ago
  • mom:are you sad?
  • me:no, why?
  • mom:because i found a piece of paper with a drawing of a noose on a pocket in one of your jeans.
  • me:....
  • me:it's probably something i picked up that interested me.
  • mom:are you sure?
  • me:yeah.
  • mom:*leaves the room
  • me:oh fuck.

anonymous asked:

You're beautiful and lovely and full of promise and I want to shower you in hugs and kisses. Chin up, sweetness and Merry Christmas.

Oh wow, thank you so much. You’re such a sweetheart. Have a Happy Christmas as well.