damnit. lol


Merlin 3rd Anniversary Countdown - Day 18
∟ The first scene that made you scream (like, SCREAM) at the television

I MEAN WHYYY!?!??!?!?!

I swear to God, Jian Yi is super stylish here. Blue button down layering a dark shirt, rolled jeans, sneakers… what are you, a model in the making??? 


and I self proclaimed Guanshan a nickname “bomber”. maybe it is true that he has each a dozen of yellow tees and bomber jacket. 

I’m so shook ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • kaisoo shippers' song for kaisoo tbvh

but you guys might wanna change it to a ‘boy’ instead of a ‘girl’






the boy


look at

that boy too shy

now’s your moment~~~~~~

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I’m the biggest baby when it comes to scary things. I don’t like the unknown or when people (characters or irl) are feeling anything negative. So I have no idea why I started this mystery crime drama about murders and shit. and why I’m watching it alone, at night. I keep pausing at all the tense parts and I’ve only made it 36 minutes in. Just another 18 or so hours to go!

  • 2k12 Producers: Oh hey IDW producers, wassup?
  • IDW Producers: We're gonna kill Donatello on IDW, but not really, he's gonna survive. But the fandom isn't supposed to know about it. What about you, guys?
  • 2k12: Oh, nothing special, we're gonna make Casey and Shredder meet and fight for the first time. No big deal.
  • IDW: Indeed no biggie. We did it already.
  • 2k12: But all this is gonna happen at the same time...?
  • IDW: Nah, don't worry, our fandom can handle it.
  • 2k12: Yeah, of course. We're geniuses.

You wake the kleptomaniac in me,
the one who steals into shadows
to lie in wait for you with mischievous patience;
to pounce on you when you’re deeply
entrenched in whatever it is
that distracts you away from me;
to reel you into a crevice or cranny
and hold you ransom
betwixt rock and a hard place;
to bury my face in the nook
where your shoulder meets your neck;
to thieve kisses off your lips;
to rob your breaths away.

You wake the cat burglar in me,
the one who scales the heights of hesitation
to squeeze through tiny windows
of opportunity, when all is quiet, dark;
to tiptoe around the bric-a-brac
you gather to detract from the real value
a wild heart inside a timid safe
that peeks bare from that masquerade
you call a picture of sanity;
to fiddle and finger a dial of combinations
that will swing open this steel reformation
and reveal its treasure to be taken
in the silhouette of the night.

You wake the devil in me
whose redemption from hell
is the heaven between your legs;
to be betwixt and entangled
in the silk of your purple sheets;
to be skin-to-skin in a race of heartbeats;
to be the Lucifer corrupting your halo
as you fall fancy to the altar of sin;
to be the wicked embrace of sultry sluttery
whose body is devoured with singleminded intensity;
to be this culminating diabolical groan
ruining the angelic symphony of your moans,
amidst the shredded mess of your inhibitions.


DAMNIT! Katelyn the cock block!
MyStreet season two has been amazing to watch, the editing and voice acting is to DIE for! The quality of the videos have skyrocketed! (Not like they were bad in the first place….)
This is late, but I’ve been busy with the comic and school is such a good place to draw.