Secret Garden Quotes Recap :))

I reached so much love because Secret Garden :) Just look in my archives, you can found more than half of them is from Secret Garden. I admit it that this drama have a lot of amazing quote. The script was kinda amazing! FYI, i reach my 100+ followers because of this drama, and for you my beloved followers i just can say thank you ^^

For you, I rewatched the drama with play-pause-play-pause mode, so i can catch up the quote hahaha :D, but i never regret it. so, I will do recap quote for this supa-lopa-fantasia-drama ever :D. Not all quote of course just my favorites.

#1 Munja wa shong !!

this ringtone is addicting! when i first heard this ringtone, google help me to find it :)) thanks uncle google! Honestly, I really love Hyun-bin version of echoing this ringtone, he is really cute !

#2 Kim Soo Hanmu… Keobugiwa durumi, Samcheongabja Dong Bang Sak, Chichigapo, Sarisarisaenta, Woriwori, Saepeurika… ~

hahaha :D this is the cutest self-defense i ever heard, and really catchy rhyme for protecting himself hohoho…^^

#3 Miss Gil Ra-Im, since when did you become so pretty? Last year?

this is the most scene which has parody, all the nation star started to imitate this scene. Even my Eunhyuk awww :D. Gil Raim really lucky, rite? To have such a man who admires her most :D

#4 All Quote about that Joo-won’s sense of fashion

• coming from Director Im

Director Im:That suit looks better on you than the training suit.

Joo-won: That doesn’t mean that I don’t look good in a tracksuit.

• coming from Oska when Joo-won lost his memory but still keep wearing that sparkling stuff.

You wear that again? Human instincts are really scary.

• coming from Han Tae Sun, and this is really hit the nail on the head.

You are not the only person livin in this world. Why are you causing a disturbance to someone else’s eyes?

• coming from Gil Ra-Im. When they soul exchanged, and Joo-won in Ra-Im body even buy that sparkling thingie in woman size. That’s how we know he is really freaks about it :p

Why are you doing this. It’ so embarassing. Is this a tracksuit that we can both wear together? I WILL KILL THAT ITALIAN TAILOR!

hahaha :D it’s really daebak! but we know that sparkling tracksuit become their lovely couple item. cr.shinemoon

• This coming from Gil Ra-Im again when Joo-won shows up wearing purple-flower-printing tracksuit

Ra-Im: What is that Ahjumma styled pajamas for?

Joo-won: Pajamas? You never learn the lesson. These are not clothes to be receiving such criticism. A naturalist designer from southern France worked on stitch by stitch regarding the them of flowers and the human right…

• Coming from Ah-young, when she got to know that the-guy-in-a-crazy-blue-sparkling-tracksuit is her big boss

What? So, you’re saying that you’re .. C..E..O?? You are the CEO!!! Especially, that crazy, pathetic tracksuit!!

The last but the best, his infamous line.

These clothes aren’t what you guys think that they are. A master craftsman in Italy who made track suits for forty years by hand…

the point is for such a handsome and smexy man, he lacks on fashion taste -,-

#5 All Joo-won’s Sarcasm, Arrogant, Damn-It’s-So-True! Quote

For Your Information, my hobby is spending money.

If some man tells you that he’s fallen in love with you at the first sight …just punch him. It’s just another way of saying that he wants to go to bed with you.

You know, the more I look at you, I realize I’m really good-looking. How do people talk to me when they’re so nervous? Normally people need scandalous incident to get close

When a man flirts with a girl, what words can’t he say?

#6 Joo-won’s Clinging-Love-Or-So-Called-One-Sided-Love or Mermaid-Boy Wannabe Quote

*For you who wildly imagines our CEO turns out to be mermaid

I said I’ll be your little mermaid. I’ll be right next to you as if I’m not there and disappear like foam.

You don’t think of me even for 5 minutes. But I’m always thinking of you. That’s why I’ll be the Little Mermaid.

You have no thoughts of becoming the little mermaid. That’s why i’m going to be the little mermaid.