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Just some scenes that I wish would’ve been animated in Book of Atlantic.
It’s the small details that matter most.



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Hello!! I was wondering about how you percieve gallirei, or rather, the way you ship gallirei. Do you consider it a possibility in canon? Do you think their interactions in canon can be interpreted romantically? Or you just ship it because you want to, without need for basing it canon-wise? I'm just curious of your toughts and perception on this, since you and Alina are the core of the gallirei shippers here on Tumblr.

Hi anon! Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for the interesting question! I appreciate you asking all this because I find fandom interpretations fascinating - even been joking recently about starting up some scientific research on why/how people ship. It’s high time I put all these thoughts in order and address some of the specifics about Gallirei. Also, it’s my first time being this enthusiastic about a (fairly) rare-pair so I’m always itching to talk about gallirei. Fair warning, long post ahead.

To start with, I should talk about the way I enjoy shipping and fandom. Personally, for me to ship something, a pairing needs to hit a few requirements.

  1. Some sort of interaction in canon, whether it’s friendship, rivalry, enemies, lovers, etc - there needs to be some pre-existing relationship to build upon.
  2. An interest in how their personalities react to each other, and what deepening or changing their relationship would do to either of them.
  3. Involvement of my favorite characters (hah). Seriously though, for me to really get into a ship, I have to be attached to the characters. I believe this is true for most people. I also find that shipping results in me more deeply analyzing a character, and often coming to love them as well (hi Porco)
  4. The abillity to HAVE FUN WITH IT - a shocker I’m sure. Shipping can ratchet up a series/fandom from merely satisfying to incredibly enjoyable.

So, all this said, I don’t think something being ‘confirmed canon’ is necessary to like a ship. I can enjoy canon ships as much as the next person. Yes, there is a level of excitement and pride when the creator makes your OTP legit. But it’s not necessary for me to get into a ship.

Canon moments certainly do add to my enjoyment, as I’ll explain with gallirei further down, because every scene gives more insight to how the characters interact with each other in different situations. These interactions don’t necessarily need to be romantic, or even perceived as romantic, as long as it reveals or develops another facet of the relationship.

Applied to a ship like Gallirei, you have two characters who share a mix of very complicated emotions between them. While they both hold a lot of resentment, hate, and guilt towards one another, their interactions are also characterized by grief, sympathy, and remorse. Their shared past and bonds as warriors tie them together inextricably, and they seem to be circling each other waiting for the other to break.

Reiner is guarding Marcel’s secret from Porco, protecting him from the truth he feels will hurt the other man. He continues to protect Porco during Zeke’s meeting by interrupting him before Porco could implicate himself while under surveillance. And even though Porco puts up a hard, grumpy exterior, throwing sarcasm around and trying to guilt Reiner, he has this underlying magnetism to Reiner that he can’t shake… And it startles him that even with the treatment he gives Reiner, he finds himself shielded when it counts.

I find the theme of protection between the two of them interesting. They supposedly hate each other, but also trust each other with their lives at varying levels of assurance.

While their canon interactions can’t really be construed as romantic, there is evidence of these emotions building between them, and of their changing perceptions of each other. Porco is realizing that Reiner isn’t the weakling who left long ago for Paradis, and also that there’s something else rather than ‘vague selection standards’ that prevented him from getting the Armor in the first place. And Reiner understands Porco more deeply than he wants to, knows his grief all too well after losing Bertolt and failing his mission. The tragedy of their circumstances is a defining characteristic of their relationship and hits just right on the angst-meter. And each new manga interaction adds another layer to their relationship, even if it’s just a few panels like in chapter 98.

Finally, this is where it gets a little wish fulfill-y. I want there to be someone around who understands what Reiner has been going through. Someone who realizes just how bad of a state he is in, that knows how hopeless he feels as a ‘weapon of Marley,’ suffering with PTSD and depression and suicidal ideation. Literally struggling to make it through each day. A person that gives him something different, something that makes him feel alive, even if just for fleeting moments. Porco is in a place to do just that - while also developing his character into something more as well. IMO, there’s so much potential for these two that’s worth exploring. Whether they use each other as an unhealthy coping mechanism, or find the ability to take their relationship in a more supportive direction, I want to see it.

So…. that’s it! Hopefully my long-winded response is enough to fulfill your curiosity, while not boring you to tears. If you have any other gallirei specific questions or just want to discuss the ship, I’d love to talk. Send an ask or a message! And look forward to more art in the future. Thanks for reading.

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Would you say Pangur is higher energy/higher maintenance than Grim? We often hear about the screaming weasel but Grim always seems to be chilling and being a good kitty. Your cats are so precious, thank you for sharing them!

Grim’s definitely easier. when she gets REAL riled up, it actually pisses her off (aka overstimulates her) if I try to involve myself extensively. her preference is to kill catnip pillows (and Pangur) in Peace damnit! though she does go Buck Wild when I chuck stuff for her to chase

when we pass eachother she goes RRRR & I go RRRR & that seems to greatly please her

PANGUR, now PANGUR!! she’ll start playing by herself & then lose steam & squat by her toy & try super hard to make eye contact. if I make the mistake of acknowledgement, that’s her queue to begin a Forever Scream

this process (catching my eye & shouting real sad) is repeated if I’m not sitting in a position where she can crawl onto my lap or back & snooze

so yeah, one gets overstimulated pretty easily & the other demands constant stimulation. it’s cool that my Opposite Girls love eachother like they do!


Aw shucks, Mitsuntsun, you’re making me blush with the compliments. I also don’t think you know this, but you being a prolific reader is a huuuuge turn on. Don’t even get me starte–


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KHR and BNHA crossover. One is mafia and the other is hero association XD, what chaos would happen. Or UA made secret alliance with Vongola...

msleilei actually already has a KHR BNHA crossover here, which is GREAT, because it’s Reborn enrolling Tsuna and co in Yuuei and it’s totally something he would do. Purposely throwing Tsuna under the bus is like a Reborn trademark tbh

Gonna nerd a bit LOT here - it’s kind of difficult for me to imagine the results of a mafia group clashing with the hero associations, or Yuuei agreeing to an alliance with Vongola, if only because the two universes are so different in how the creators handled the world/characters.

I don’t mean to bash Amano (and to be fair I think she did want to focus on comedy, + her work is 10 years older) but the KHR verse is… Very sporadic, putting it plainly. There is no addressing of the mafia or the world outside of what was immediately relevant and completely made up (flames, magic, aliens, precocious baby people, etc.) and the same could be said about characterization. Not to mention, there are quite a few characters that Amano doesn’t seem capable of balancing/remembering all the time, and some of them seem to fade into the background and their backstories are forgotten for the sake of plot progression. But again, KHR seemed to be geared with the more slapstick comedy.

Horikoshi on the other hand adds these, little subtleties that maybe aren’t as amazing as I think they are, but I do, I love the little bits of (completely intentional) information he throws at us, the low-key world-building he incorporates that makes us notice things outside of the usual “circle of important characters.” BNHA is undoubtedly comedic, and it’s a humor I definitely like, but Horikoshi has managed to throw in a metric fuck-ton of characters and, the handful he has gotten to explaining, have not made me think, “oh no, here’s the bullshit filler I was worried about.” I genuinely find myself liking each character more and more - heck, I REALLY LIKE THE POLICE FORCE??? THEY ADMIT THEIR MISTAKES OMFG. And despite the fact that some people think it’s very “trope-y” I also think it’s very much not - there are many instances where I expected something to happen (Exhibit A: RIVAL/ASSHOLE WITH TRAGIC BACKSTORY DIDN’T HAPPEN, Katsuki is a shit just because he is one I’m purposely ignoring Todoroki here because he’s nice to Izuku)

Oops, I can literally talk about how much I love this manga/show and how much I admire Horikoshi forever. I digress. My point is that, with a crossover between BNHA and KHR, the immense differences between a very developed world/character vs. a world that would need to rely on fanon concepts entirely is something that I personally would have problems reconciling in a crossover due to my shit world-building ability and actual view on the subject. The first thing that comes to mind with me is that this scenario would have to be absolute crack, or the shenanigans that the KHR group gets up to would be entirely inexcusable - people wouldn’t turn a blind eye as they do in KHR canon, and with the hell that they end up raising in literally every situation they may actually be seen as terrorists before anything LOL.

(Also, I admit to being more curious about what would happen between the KHR group and the League of Villains. I feel like even the LoV would find the KHR-brand of chaos to be too much to handle.)


Because, yes, this would definitely be bordering crack humor, it would have to be, but what if that’s what the crossover is centered on? How different these two societies are, in the KHR verse and BNHA verse?

Everyone sees the KHR-cast as crazy. Tsuna wants to nod and agree, wants to join the BNHA-cast. Tsuna is his own brand of crazy too though, so they’re basically “no you stay on your side of the line.” Conversely, BNHA-verse is so… Normal? So structured? So reasonable??? WHAT IS THIS??? Sure there is the League of Villains that are Evil ™ and all but, even they have a structured system???? Tsuna doesn’t remember ANY of the people he fought actually being willing to like, sit down and talk. No, it’s always been, “you’re annoying trash in my way so you die,” “you are in my way so die,” “you need to die so I can achieve my goal,” etcetera, with EVERYONE wanting to kill him.He ALSO doesn’t remember there being, well, normal people, who just… Want to steal money out of greed and will snatch a purse for it, or want to escape prison just to be free.


(Tsuna is entirely sympathetic of the people in the BNHA-verse, and wonders if he was maybe displaced at birth. He’s wrong and doesn’t realize that he’s just as weird as his friends, but oh well, let the child dream)

KHR-cast are anomalies, absolutely unknown to the government and hero associations. But they are powerful, and their apparent leader (? maybe the BNHA-verse can actually see that Tsuna is the boss, however cowardly he may seem at times; maybe he isn’t constantly at the brunt of a slapstick joke, which is like *angel chorus* for Tsuna) seems amicable enough.

So maybe they try to form a… Not quite alliance per se, but they reach an agreement with the KHR cast. Because these teens and their toddler guard (ANOTHER THING - THEY ALL TAKE REBORN SERIOUSLY AND KNOW SOMETHING IS UP) are complete unknowns but powerful, which means direct internment won’t work. So, informal, unspoken agreement of “we won’t send all of our heroes/forces after you if you agree to come along quietly and not cause more trouble” is reached and Reborn is just like *shoots near Tsuna* “agree to it, Dame-Tsuna.”

Reborn is also curious as to why these people don’t just turn a blind eye. His mafia seduction doesn’t work, people immediately suspect him just for being a particularly precocious child in a suit and with a gun. (Newsflash, Reborn - THAT ISN’T NORMAL)

Tsuna gets to enjoy a normal life for a bit, because his friends have been placed under a very tight leash that prevent them from getting up to their usual destructive habits. He’s happy. Until they’re suddenly called in to help with a certain situation involving villains, and Tsuna is just, “no, NO, you DON’T WANT TO LET THEM GO WILD.” The government is just kinda “yes, we know you are dangerous, but we also need help with this” (and low-key “let’s see exactly what this group is capable of.”)

Regret. Instant regret, because the KHR-cast ends up leveling an entire ward in pursuit of a villainous gang. No casualties on their side thankfully, but so much destruction. THE DAMAGE COSTS.

Government decides “nope” and hands these kids to the hero associations and hero schools to deal with because a huge part of heroism is that they are trained to handle difficult situations with destructive/dangerous tendencies.

… I, I guess Yuuei ends up taking them in, because Reborn wouldn’t stand for the Vongola Decimo going anywhere except The Best, and this would be an excuse to make the main BNHA cast interact with the KHR one.

Wow I’ve come full circle with this dump 

there’s a port on a western bay

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Peter’s fine. Really. Sure, his father ended up being a homicidal maniac who liked impaling him through the chest, he almost got everyone he cared about dead and succeeded with one, but really. He’s fine. Just don’t ask his team. 

(More post-GOTG Vol. 2 fic except this one’s angstier because wow Peter watched two fathers die in his hands and I’m still mad about the Walkman.)

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I know Subaki is getting his butt kicked by Minerva but I don't care! I'll stay by his side and give him all the points I can give him so he can beat Minerva and... inevitably get his butt kicked by Camilla... I'LL STICK WITH HIM THOUGH DAMNIT!

Tsubaki’s army, please stick with this beautiful man till the end ;v; Put up a fight. Die standing up.


Olivier Giroud grabs the ball before Neuer can take his sweet time with it, and then acknowledges the away fans who were singing his name