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Faults and Breaths Part 2

Summary: The aftermath of a panic attack causes tension within all the Winchesters and their home.

A/N: I AM SO SORRY THIS CAME OUT LATE! It took me like nine (legit) tries to finally get it to where it is now! Please let me know if you guys find it a valid part two, because I am quite iffy about it! Love you all, and know I am always here for you no matter what! My boxes are always open! Also, if you all dislike it I will rewrite it! Thank you for encouraging this part two, and man was it a challenge, but anything for you loves!

Reminding you all beautiful beings that requests and the tag lists are open!

Warnings: Mentions of a panic attack and a lot of story! Maybe a swear word or two?

Pairings: Sam and Dean x little sister!reader and if you keep your eyes peeled Bobby!

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter @missygun @awkwarderthanaverage @staticweekes @lil-sister-winchester

Tags Specific for P2: @mariahoedt @mashed-fandom-imagines @barbedwireandbubblegum

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The Prince and the Key

A Samifer retelling of The Princess and The Pea. (Yes, you read that right).

Tagging: @thanatosdementor @spnyoucantkeepmedown @i-bleed-salt @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @kajuned @glitchygrin @annechuu

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“You’re too picky.”
“Dean stop. I told you a hundred times already, I don’t want a girlfriend.”
“But why? You’re not bad looking, you could make a woman happy.”
“Dean…” Sam warned his brother with one of his famous bitchfaces. “The last women I dated weren’t what I search for. That’s all.”
“If you didn’t put the bar this high, maybe you’d found a lady already. Look at me. I have no trouble finding a good date.”
“That’s because you go out with anybody.”
“And what do you want? A lady so delicate, her skin would be more sensitive than the wings of a butterfly?”
“No, I… I don’t know.”
“You prefer that dude, admit it.”
“Lucifer? No, it’s not… We’re just friends.”
“Sammy, please. The guy tries to jump your bone each time he is nearby you. And you like it.”
“No, he is not. Lucifer is just flirty with everyone.”

The doorbell rang, and Sam went to open it as Dean muttered “yeah, keep telling yourself that.”Lucifer entered, completely drenched from the rain outside, and put three boxes of pizza in Sam’s hands.

“Ah, so any motorcycles are still better than my baby?”
“It wasn’t the fucking Deluge when I left home, alright.” Lucifer barked as he removed a soaked jacket, water running down his back as he did so.
“Come to my room, I’ll lend you some spare clothes before you catch a cold.” Sam told him as Dean waved his eyebrows to him suggestively behind Lucifer’s back. Sam scolded him silently before he added what  he knew would earn him some more mockeries. “You’re staying the night it’s not a debate. I don’t want to know you on the road under that rain tonight. Neither I want to fight you again because you ride back home after you drank alcohol again.”
“Sam, I can totally go back home after the fight.”

The thunder roared outside, paired with lightnings and Lucifer decided staying was a good idea after all.

“So, you guys will share Sam’s bed?” Dean asked amused. Lucifer’s eyes lighted up, but Sam answered before he had the chance to say a word
“No, Lucifer will sleep in the guest room. That’s why we have one, remember. To have people sleep in it.”
“I’ll put some sheets on the bed for his Highness.” Dean said, surprising Sam with the intention he was not expecting.

Not late after that, The three men were in the living room, on the couch. The pizza started to get cold, Sam brought beers to the coffee table. Lucifer was wearing light grey sweat pants a little too small at the hips but long enough to cover his feet, and one of Sam’s favourite t-shirt, a purple one with a dog printed on it that was way too tired and overwashed by now.

Lucifer called Sam and Dean when the box fight started on TV. The ate in front of it, drank beers, cheered, booed and screamed at the screen until late in the night. Dean was the first to go to bed. Sam and Lucifer stayed a little longer, talking new rules that would make box more like freefight by the end of their conversation.

By the time, they went upstairs to sleep, it was way too late, or too early in the morning. Lucifer tried to sneak in Sam’s bedroom but Sam took him to the guest bedroom instead. When they opened the door, they looked stupidly at the bed. Dean had put together, in a big pile, all the spare mattresses he could found in the house, even the air mattress for camping, and put a fluffy comforter and a pillow on top of it. Sam sighed to Dean’s childishness but Lucifer found it funny and shrugged. Sam wanted to make a proper bed, but Lucifer whined that it was too late and he was sleepy. He stole a goodnight kiss from a flustered Sam and climbed the mountain of mattresses, giggling like mad to finally sprawl on top of it, falling asleep before Sam reached his own bed.

The next morning, Dean was rummaging through the kitchen, when Sam and Lucifer came downstairs to eat breakfast.

“Guys, you could have tidy after yourselves before going to bed.”
“Good day to you too, Dean.”
“The place is a mess, and I’m late.” Dean said looking under a pizza boxe.
“Someone had a bad night?” Lucifer yawned.
“Well, no. It was good, until two drunk asses launched a party in front of my bedroom door around four in the morning. Thanks guys.” Dean searched the countertop. “I can’t find them anywhere. Damnit! You slept well Sammy? Not too sick?” He grinned.
“I didn’t drink that much, for the records.”
“If you’re interested. I, however, didn’t have a good night.” Lucifer informed them.

Dean stopped putting the kitchen upside down to look at him, a mischievous light in eyes.

“Why not? I took on me to make an extra comfy bed for you, Princess.”
“It was a dumb joke Dean.” Sam informed him.
“No, in fact, I found it good. Until I woke up to something stabbing me in the back.”

Lucifer produced the impala keys from his sweatpants pocket.

“You have them. I search for them for an hour now!”
“You must have lost them while making my bed. They killed the air mattress that went flat and tried to enter my back between two vertebras after that. I had to rearrange all the mattresses in the first light of the day, and I had trouble to fall asleep again after that.”

Dean and Sam stared at Lucifer with a blank expression for a moment. Lucifer couldn’t care less and poured himself a mug of coffee.

“Not a word, Dean. You shut up.”
“But Sammy…”
“Don’t you dare say it.”
“There is your delicate Princess, Sam. You should totally date him.” Dean laughed.

That last sentence interpellated Lucifer who looked at them, interested.

“Yeah, you should do that, Sam. Once is not a habit, I’m going to back up your brother for once.”
“For fuck’s sake, Subtlety is not your second name. It’s been months that I try to hook up on you. But you see nothing. Fuck that. Date me Sam. I beg you, I don’t know anymore how to make you understand I’m interested.”

Dean laughed so hard at Sam’s expression that he forgot he was late. Lucifer continued to babble how bad his crush on Sam was until Sam kissed him on the mouth to make him stop talking. Under Dean’s shocked glare, Lucifer deepened the kiss, and Dean prefered to go away to not look at that. His joke backfired more than he thought it would, but to his credit, he was totally right, Lucifer and Sam were meant to date. They just needed a little help.


Characters: Dean, Reader, and Sam

Words: 1755

Warnings: None?  A hint of smut (as much as you’re ever going to get from me)

A/N: Written for @ravengirl94‘s 1.5k Challenge.  Way to go, you deserve every follower!  My prompt was “You don’t have any weapons?”  “I am a weapon.”  Also, this is my first time writing a kiss scene so feedback would be very greatly appreciated!  Thanks for reading!

“Wait, You don’t have any weapons?” Dean asked in astonishment.

I am a weapon.”  You replied curtly.

“Well, you’re taking weapons if I have anything to say about it.”  Dean said determinedly.

“You don’t.”  You shot back.  “Besides Dean, it’s just a witch hunt.  All I have to do is sneak up behind her and snap her neck.  Simple.”

“Oh, yeah, real simple.” Dean scoffed, “Y/N, have you ever dealt with witches before?  They’re nasty, disgusting, and, and nasty.”

“Yes, Dean, as it is I have. You’ll find that I know quite a lot about witches.”  You replied matter-of-factly.

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“Woah hey… watch it kid, gonna kill someone.” The looming man chuckled as he watched the barrel of your shotgun reluctantly lower.


“I’m not a kid and you shouldn’t be here.” Your eyes narrowed when he chuckled again, glancing behind you into the room that he knew concealed the remains of the ghost he was hunting.

“You hunting on your own?” He asked quickly.

“You’re… a hunter?” You asked, shining your flash light over him and mentally kicking yourself when you saw him wearing the typical cheap plaid and jeans, well-worn working boots and his own gun tucked into his belt loop.


“All my life, newbie huh?” He grinned when you looked down at yourself and flushed when you realised you were wearing a ghost busters’ t-shirt, faded skinny jeans and converse.

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Night Moves

Got a wincest prompt and I’m actually writing it. I’m gonna try not to post fics on ao3 until they’re done from here on out, but I’m bored and figured why not post the first half to tumblr? 

Pairing/kinks for the first half: Sam/Dean, abo, somnophilia, daddy kink

Additional pairing, kinks will be added for part two

Sam huffed and shoved off his annoyingly hot over-shirt, making sure his irritation was known.
“Sam, it’s the goddamn dessert, of course you’re hot. Don’t see me and Dean complainin’ though,”
Sam rolled his eyes and blew the hair out of his face.
John reached over and clasped Dean on the shoulders. The two were riding up front, as per usual. And, as per usual, that meant Sam was riding in the back. Of course. Gotta let the alphas have the front seats.
Sam rolled his eyes again.
“Gonna pretend I didn’t see that, boy.”

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Clingy Sammy (Smut)

AN: Sorry it’s short, and if it sucks😂, let me know if you wanna part 2, or just drop by my ask and request anything else(;

“Sammy stoppppp.” I laughed as he hugged my waist.

“Ma, just lay with me for five more.”

“Five more what? Minutes? Hours?” I giggled, trying to push him away.

He’s been very clingy lately, not in a bad way, but more than he usually is.

“Years.” He mumbled, pushing his face into my boobs.

“Sam, Nate and Swazz are coming over today, we have to get up..” He shook his head no.

“I just wanna hang out with you, baby.”

“You can’t push them away, I’m gonna go out while you guys hang,”

“Nooo, hang with us Ma, please,” he pouted, giving me puppy dog eyes.

“No, Sammy.” I giggled finally able to get up.

“But I love youuuu.” He groaned, turning his face into a pillow.

“I love you too, Sammy.” I smiled and shook my head.

I walked to our bathroom and started to undress, I needed to take a shower bad. I reeked of sweat from last night. I took Sammys shirt off and looked in the mirror. Hickies littered my neck, I smiled as I traced over them.

I turned the tap water on and bent over the sink to wash my face.

“Sammy!” I shrieked as I felt his hands snake around my waist.

“Damn Ma, what a sight, you just in a thong.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and turned around in his arms.

“Babe, I really need to take a shower.” I groaned as his hands went to squeeze my ass.

“So do I..” He smirked, “Oh no, you’re not taking one with me, I know what will happen.” I pointed a finger at him and lightly pushed him away.

“Pleaseeee, I promise I won’t try anything..” He gave me a pout.

“Fine, but the second you do, I’m kicking your ass.” I giggled and shook my head. He nodded excitedly and turned on our shower.

He adjusted the water temperature as I stripped out of the last thing remaining on my body.

Sammy eyed me as I stepped into the shower. I closed the glass door, waiting for him to get undressed.

The shower felt so nice, the hot water beating onto my body. I felt Sammy step in behind me. He took my spot in the running water and I turned around to face him.

I grabbed my body soap and Sammy took it from me.

“Let me wash you.” He smiled. I gave him a look before turning around so he could wash my back.

He squirted some soap into his hands and put the bottle down. He started washing my back and massaging it.

“Ugh Sam.” I moaned. He pressed his body on my back and started to wash my chest. His hands groped my boobs, his fingers playing with my nipples in the process.

His hands then moved down to my stomach, caressing and rubbing it. His chin rested on my shoulder so he can watch what he is doing.

I felt him harden against my ass as his hands neared closer to my center.

“Sammy.” I warned, knowing what he is up to.

“What? I’m just washing your whole body,” he smirked, putting emphasis on whole.

One of his hands creeped down to my heat as his other held my hips against his body.

At first his hands were just ghosting over my heat, but then he started adding more pressure.

His fingers traced my slit and he started massaging my clit. My back arched against his body and he pressed my front against the glass door.

“Sammy, please.” I whimpered.

“Please what? What do you need, baby?” He wanted me to beg, that little bastard always does.

“Please baby, I need your fingers inside of me,” I whimpered.

“What was that?” He whispered into my ear, lightly biting on it.

“Daddy, please, I need you.” With those words he entered two fingers inside of me.

“Fuck!” I cried out. His fingers worked inside of me fast.

“Oh shit.” I whimpered out, my hands were pressed against the glass, desperately trying to grip onto something.

“Ugh! Oh! Sammy!” I pushed my ass against him, grinding onto his hard on.

“Fuck Sammy!”

“Come on Ma, cum all over my fingers, you can do it baby, I know you love it when I can make you cum just by touching you, I don’t even have to use my dick and look at you, withering around me.” He grunted into my ear, Sammys fingers started pumping into me harder.

“Damnit Sammy! I’m gonna cum!” I screamed out, I felt the knot in my stomach coming undone, my knees buckled as my orgasm hit me.

Sammy chuckled catching me before I fell.

“Fuck baby,” I panted, turning around to face him. He shut the water off and kissed my lips.

“Round 2 in bed?” He asked winking.

“But what about Nate and Swazz?” I was so ready to go again.

“I called them before I came in here, and told them not to come.” He smiled while throwing me over his shoulder.

“I love my clingy Sammy.” I giggled as he threw me on the bed.

Closed rp || Soulless!Sam, Demon!Dean AU

It was dark. Pitch black, really. Dean couldn’t see a damned thing, and while he knew he should be terrified, he wasn’t. It was quiet, too, not a sound. A drastic change from the screams and calls from the pit. The pit. Fuck, he told himself, blinking several times, Don’t think about it. That fear was rising now, but he wouldn’t panic. Cautiously reaching out his hands until they pressed against a board, he felt around him, getting a sense for his surroundings before— Oh. A coffin. Made sense, of course, but damnit. Sammy was supposed to burn him! A rage built inside him, as he began to realize that Sam got him out, no one else could.

With a groan, Dean slammed his fist against the board, cracking through it with strength he shouldn’t have. Then, dirt filled his mouth, his eyes, his nose. He clawed and clawed until he felt air hitting his fingers and his head was broken free, gasping for air as he pulled himself out. He stood shakily, blinking at the harsh light surrounding him. He knew then, something was different— He was a demon.

Some Things Were Meant to be Secrets - Part 2

Request: Hi I’m apsolutely in love with your writing and I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is younger then the winchesters like 19 or 20 and lives with them at the bunker and is in love with dean but doesn’t do anything cause of the age difference and then she gets possessed and the demon tells them about her feelings?? I’ve just had this idea for a while and your an amazing writer so I thought why not:)  @jessalyn124356

Words: 1855

Part One

A/N:  I will try to get the next part up before I go to ChiCon this weekend but no guarantees!  Enjoy :)

 No, this isn’t right.  Why can’t I….what’s happening?  My body is moving but I’m not telling it to.  My legs are walking out of the house.  My duffel bag is slung over my shoulder and my hands are opening the driver’s side door to the Impala.  That’s my mind saying stop, go back inside, get some sleep.  But that is not my horrid laugh coming out of my throat.  

The key to the car is being pushed into the ignition and the engine is roaring to life.  I watch as my hands, arms, feet, and entire body complete the actions but I am lost.  Completely out of control.  My eyes look in the rear-view mirror; another action I had not initiated.  But my Y/E/C eyes are not starring back at me.  Instead, solid black orbs are reflected and I gasp.  At least, that’s what I tell myself to do.  Instead, my right hand pointer finger comes up to my lips and my lips purse against it as I murmur “Shhh.”

 Possessed?  I’m possessed?! My head nods in agreement in the mirror and a devious smile creeps up my lips.  And yet, I can’t seem to stop myself.  My attention snaps back to the road and the car lurches forward unto its destination.  Feet that once obeyed my commands instead put the gas pedal to the floor and head towards home.  The bunker.  Dean and Sam I think automatically.  

 “Interesting.”  My voice sounds foreign to me as I’m not the one forming the words.  “And with the Winchester’s?  Must be my lucky day. Oh, I am fortune’s fool!”  

 What is this?  Who is this?  I have to be able to fight it. “Oh dear, you can’t fight me. I am the seventy first spirit.  I’m a Duke.”  My eyes focus on my hand, a new and peculiar scar seems to have formed.  One that had not been there before. Seven circles surround a cross with a solid line beneath.  The line on the right drops sharply down and to the right before making it’s own symbol; what looks like a cross with a circle at the top.  To the left of the solid line, the line goes downward at a ninety degree angle with yet another cross at the bottom, as if it were laying on its side, and a circle below.

 I know this seal.  “Oh of course you do,” my voice cackles again.  “I’m in your books. Your lore as you call them.  Only I am very, very real.” Dantalion.  My eyes once again turn jet black as they flick angrily up to the mirror.  A moment passes and I look back out to the road.  My vision starts to become hazy.  “There you go,” I hear my own voice coo. “You sleep now.  Let the big boys take the wheel.”

*   *   *

 I wake up suddenly, feeling as if my entire body is on fire.  I want to writhe and scream, but no sound comes from my mouth and my body refuses to make any movements. Instead, I watch as my hand turns the ignition, turning the Impala off, and grabs my duffel bag.  One last bit of eye contact paired with a condescending smile in the mirror and my body is opening the driver’s side door and sprinting towards the entrance to the bunker.

 The door slams shut behind me, startling Dean who is laying on the couch.  A book leans open on Dean’s chest and I feel as if my heart should be fluttering, the way it always does when I see him.  Instead, a bitter chuckle comes out of my mouth as I hear the thoughts echoing in my own brain saying “This is going to be interesting.”  

 Within seconds, Dean is up and off of the couch, screaming at me.  I push and pull, yanking and fighting, attempting to take control of my body.  But nothing works. I listen as Dantalion’s words eek out of my mouth, words that I would never have said out loud.  

 “Dean,” I almost purr.  “No need to be so hostile.  I’m ever so sorry that I stole your car.” I sachet over to him, my hips rocking suggestively, and my hand lays against his chest.  His eyes widen as he looks down at my hand placement.  I feel as if I can’t breathe but the words keep tumbling out of my mouth.  “Here are your keys, she’s no worse for wear. Now let’s get you back to bed.  I can tuck you in.  Nice and tight.” The implication in my tone is thick.  

 His eyes stare at me, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw set in an extremely hard line.  But those hazel green eyes seem surprised; wide and taken aback, yet he does not back away.  

 “Y/N?  Are you alright?”  His hands graze my shoulders and I watch my hands lift. No, NO! I’m practically shouting but no words escape my lips.  My fingers pass along his waist, trailing to his stomach and finally resting against his chest.  “Of course,” my eyelids flutter at him flirtatiously.  “I guess I’m just still on a rush.  It’s been a while since I went on a hunt solo.”

 “Uh, yeah. Yeah it…uh… Yeah it has.”  Dean’s words are coming out truncated and confused.  I’ve never seen him stumble over his words until now.  And as awful as the situation is, I find myself momentarily amused.

 “About that,” he says as his hands drop to his hips, staring at me as if I’m a child in need of scolding. He points his finger at my face, leaning closer in to me.  “Don’t ever do that to me…to us again.”  His tone is serious now.  Almost scared.

 My face turns up in a shy smile and my head tilts down to the ground as my body turns shyly from side to side.  “Why, Dean?  Were you worried about me?”  My voice sounds so much more like me now.  Shy, timid, but fully capable.  

 He stares at me, almost intimidatingly until he drops his eyes with a sigh.  “You know I was.”  His voice relaxes and he seems more at ease.  I hear Sam walking out of the hallway calling my name.  “You’re back?” Sam says, surprised.  My head nods.  “Yep, just a simple demon.  In and out.  No big deal.”  

 “Huh,” Sam grunts.  “I could have sworn it was something bigger.  All the facts pointed-”

 “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts, Sam.”

 Sam’s forehead creases, drawing his eyes together in confusion.  “Really?” He asks.  “Albert Einstein?”

 My shoulders shrug as I begin screaming again.  Prying, kicking, punching, doing anything I can to fight the demon inside me hoping to jar Dantalion just long enough to get a clue out to the boys.  My eyes are back on Dean’s face now, and a sultry smile begins to play at my lips.  I feel my face flush as if I were blushing but my actual body shows no signs of it.  

 Dean seems to notice the attention that I am giving him as he stutters and mutters something about needing to check on baby.  He quickly walks towards the garage, and he disappears behind the door.

 “Okay, what gives?” Sam asks as he steps up to me.  No words come out of my mouth.  

 “You’re not usually so in his face about it is all.”  

 “About what?”  My voice is melodious again, bordering on innocent.

 Sam rolls his eyes as his sites set back on me.  “You know.  How you feel about him.  Your whole I’m-in-love-with-Dean-but-he-thinks-I’m-a-kid dilemma that we discuss almost nightly?”  Sam looks at me as if I’ve taken stupid pills and I want to scream.  To shout at him that it isn’t me.  That he of all people should be able to see that I’m not the one in control.  

 He shakes his head as he walks into the kitchen and grabs a glass from the cabinet next to the fridge.  Filling it with whiskey, he holds it up to me as if offering it to me.  A test, thank God.  He’s suspicious.  As if hearing my thoughts, Dantalion shakes my head.  “Nope. You know I’m more of an Amaretto girl, Sammy.”  Damnit.

 Sam’s demeanor relaxes as he pours me a tumbler full of Amaretto and sour mix and takes a seat at the table.  “So does this mean you’re finally over it?  Your whole suffering in silence schtick?”

 “Might as well,” my voice replied.

 My legs carried me into Dean’s room no matter how forcefully I tried to hold back or stop my feet from moving.  It was as if I’d never walked before but Dantalion had been running marathons.  My body took a seat on Dean’s bed and I watched as my fingers deftly unbuttoned the top few buttons of my blouse, revealing my pale pink bra beneath.  “Nice,” my voice said, surprised, as my hand grasped my left breast firmly.  So disturbing.  

 Dean walks into the room carrying a beer bottle.  He brings it up to his lips and takes a swig before noticing me.  He pauses in his tracks, slowly and silently pushing the door shut as he looks at me, taking in my current state of near undress.  My face grins at him and a chuckle escapes my lips.

 “Oh come on, Dean.  You saw this coming,” I say, my words coming out sultry and seductive as I stand next to the bed.  My fingers begin unfastening more buttons as they work their way down my top.  “It’s about this point in the dream that I wake up,” he says.  And now it’s my turn to be surprised.

 “You must realize my feelings for you.” My blouse lays open, held onto my body only by shoulders now.  Dean shakes his head meekly, his mouth open ever so slightly.  My hand reaches out to him, pulling him towards me as our chests begin to press against each other.  “And now do you?”  Deans dead nods.

 My arms wind around his neck and my hands are entwined in his hair though I can’t truly feel it.  My head tilts up towards him and his inclines towards me.  Our lips press against each others and I cringe inwardly; angry at and jealous of myself.

 He backs away, grabbing my wrists and holding them in front of him, his eyes still closed.  “This is a mistake,” he says just above a whisper.

 “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new,” my voice replies.  Really?  Einstein again?  How original.

 Dean shakes his head again, pushing my body gently away from him. “That’s not what I meant,” he says quietly.

 “Then what,” my voice says, edging on irritated.  

 Dean pushes me backwards and my body falls onto his bed.  “The mistake is that,” he pauses, backing away, “our first kiss should have been when you weren’t possessed by some scumbag demon.”  His toe kicks up the corner of the rug that lays underneath his bed revealing the edge of a devil’s trap.

 My body growls as I scream for joy.


Soulless!Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,397

Warning: breakdown

Song: Soulless Man, by Justin Nozuka


“So where is it?” Dean asked.
“My guess is…still in the cage with Michael and Lucifer” Castiel said, and your knuckles turned white on the edge of the table. Each gear in your mind began turning, suddenly Sam’s actions began to make sense. His apathy left you and Dean alone each night, occasionally with the company of whiskey.
“Well, then, just get it back” Dean commanded, looking at Castiel with stoic eyes. Castiel shook his head, “Dean”.
“Well you pulled me out!” Dean exclaimed and you walked over to his side, nodding.
“It took several angels to rescues you, and you weren’t nearly as well guarded. sam’s soul is in Lucifer’s Cage. There’s a difference, a big difference. It’s not possible” Castiel said and then looked at you. You opened your mouth to shout but Dean placed a finger on your hand as a warning.
“Please” you softened, looking at the angel with pleading eyes. “What do I do?” you asked. Castiel began to say something then looked past your shoulder. You straightened your back and turned around.
“Guys, I’m not some psycho” Sam said, emerging from the halls. Your head dropped. He heard the entire conversation.
“We know” you whispered then pushed past Dean. You took one more look at Sam, but he didn’t even reach out to you like he normally would. No smile, no wink.
Silently you shut your door and leaned against it heavily. Tears welled up in your eyes and began flowing freely, dripping off your face onto the floor.
“Damnit!” you shouted, chucking the lamp at the wall. You exhaled and crawled into bed, staring at the shattered lightbulb from your side until you began sobbing once more. An hour passed and your sobs were still just as loud, your eyes a dark pink.
Sam passed by your room casually, his arms swinging lazily by his sides. He pressed his ear to your door and heard your soft sobs. With furrowed brows he wondered why you would be crying, he was better than he ever was before. Shrugging he walked off to his room, taking another bite of the granola bar.
Dean watched from the turn in the hallway and rubbed his face, gripping his glass so tight he just let it go. The pieces slid across the floor as he walked further from them, slamming his door shut.
Morning arrived slowly, the sun seemed to trudge its way up into the sky after a restless night. Dean was leaning against the counter, eyes wandering around the kitchen aimlessly. Once he saw you he poured you a mug of coffee that turned cold hours later.
“Hey” you greeted and he nodded, taking a sip of his drink. Moments later Sam walked in, and you hoped that this was all a bad dream, and he’d greet you with a good morning kiss. You looked up at him, awaiting something - even Dean looked at him with hope.
“Morning, Sam” you tried, but he just nodded in your direction, making your heart ache and twist.
“How’d you sleep?” you asked, trying to make conversation.
“Good” he said and you walked up to him, each step heavier than the one before, and wrapped your arms around his waist. His body stiffened.
“Sam” you said through clenched teeth as you stepped away. “Do you even know who I am?” you asked and Dean took a step behind you.
“Y/N” Sam said, and gulped down a cup of orange juice.
“No, sam. To you” you asked once more, and he raised his brows as if you were joking.
“Damnit, Sammy!” Dean shouted, slamming his mug down.
“You said we’d be able to work through the waves we hit while hunting - this whole soulless problem is one of them! You’re acting like you don’t even care!” you shouted, tears welling up in your eyes.
“Y/N, I feel better than I have in years. Our cases have been going smoother and-“
“That’s because you shoot before talking!” you cut him off, slamming a hand down onto the counter. Sam didn’t answer, instead picked up the newspaper and walked towards the library.
Everything began to spin, your relationship began to crumble.
“C’mere” Dean opened his arms and you rested your head on him, leaving small tear stains on his shirt.
“We’ll figure this out” he whispered and you nodded, moving away and wiping your tears.
Somewhere in the cage of hell, Sam’s soul was screaming. Body and soul are connected, and Sam tried to stuff that feeling down, that ache that his soul caused in his mind. Each day Sam saw you cry he didn’t care, but his soul did, and it clawed down at his mind - the first and only emotion he’s felt since he got pulled out of the cage.
Meanwhile you walked back to your room, pacing until you made your decision. You’d hit the road, find a demon or angel - any monster that’d deal.
You stuffed your duffel with some clothing and weapons before heading back into the library. Dean sat across Sam, and you watched him gulp down another cup of whiskey.
“Dean” you spoke up, clearing your throat.
“Yeah” he looked up, “Where are you going?” he asked, looking at your duffel.
“I think it’d be better if I leave. I’ll figure this out on my own” you said and Sam looked up. Now his soul was trying to crawl from the damn cage. He couldn’t let you leave.
“No. I mean, think this through” Dean said.
“I did” you gave a tight smile, “Bye, Dean” you said.
“Wait” he said and shuffled around in his pocket before handing you the keys to the Impala.
“Now I’ll know you’ll come back soon” he said and pressed the keys into your palm.
“I’m coming back for another reason” you glanced at Sam then back at Dean who nodded.
“I’m fine, Y/N. You don’t have to leave” Sam said, and you blinked back tears and checked your watch. Sam had given it to you last year, and while he spoke you absentmindedly rubbed the face of it.
“Bye Sam” you said and began up the metal staircase, gripping the cool bannister as you climbed up. Sam was already gone into his room before you made it all the way up the stairs and once the door shut Dean chucked his glass against the wall.
“Son of a bitch!” he shouted, shoving his chair against the table so it moved.
Sam stopped by the door to his room, staring back into the library. Something bothered him, and he looked up at the ceiling, searching for a leak as an explanation for the water on his cheeks. The ceiling was fine.
The road unrolled behind you like a ribbon as you pressed harder on the pedal. Sam’s map rested in the passenger seat, and without taking your eyes off the road, you reached over and crumpled it, tossing it behind you. It wasn’t long before you pulled over on the side of the road.
One car passed. Then a second. Then a third.
“No! No! No!” You screamed, pounding your hands on the wheel with each word. Through the tears that blurred your vision you began blubbering on about him.
“No” you whispered, “This isn’t happening” you said, and rested your head on the steering wheel. The dark sky began grieving along with you, it’s raindrops hitting forcefully against the windshield - as if cast over your car all the rain that should’ve been dispersed over Kansas. Breathing slowly you reached for your phone. Punching in “3”, you waited until you heard Dean pick up. He listened to you breathe out the last of your tears until you whispered, “I don’t know where I’m going”, and swallowed the lump in your throat.
“Come back” he asked, “We can fix this together. Cas came by an hour ago” he said.
“Damnit, I’ll call you tomorrow” you said, and tossed your phone into the seat. You watched the windshield wipers go back and forth for another couple minutes before flooring the pedal, hoping Baby would lead the way to somewhere far.
Dean held the phone loosely between his fingers, tapping it against his chin as he sat in the kitchen. The fridge cas a soft glow over his figure while he searched for something to fill his empty stomach. He reached for the plastic container with it’s lone slice of pie.
“Finally” he grumbled and opened it up. A bite had been eaten, and the whipped cream swiped off the top.
“Why do we have to make friends?” Dean sighed and chucked the pie into the trashcan.
“What?” Sam asked, walking into the kitchen.
“You always liked your friends, even kept in touch with them when we were on the road” Dean smiled, remembering the years before. Maybe some memories would make Sam seem more substantial.
“I guess” he shrugged and bit into his apple, “Not that I care, but why are you asking?”.
“Why are you asking me if you don’t care?” Dean placed a hand on the counter, trying to understand.
“You said you wanted your brother back. From what I remember, I asked a lot of questions when I used to care” Sam said and Dean clenched his fist.
“Stop talking like you aren’t him!” Dean shouted, “I’m asking because all I wanted was a slice of friggin’ pie, but my best friends prints were all over it! Your girlfriend!” Dean shouted, “If you’re lucky enough for her to come back” he added, quieter.
“I’m fine, Dean. It’s still me” Sam said, and walked over to pour himself some water. Dean looked at the back of Sam’s head wondering if slamming it into the wall would knock some sense into him. But he just walked towards to his room, not realizing he was praying in his head. And Castiel heard him.
Sam though, remained in the kitchen, frozen as he watched the water run from the faucet. Something had to be wrong, he was feeling something. Regret washed over him and he shouted, slamming the cup onto the floor. He ran his hands through his hair, breathing heavily trying to figure out what was going on. He felt like he was malfunctioning.
With water dripping from your hair you entered the motel and handed the man a wad of cash and he traded it for a key.
You shoved it into the lock, lifting your duffel higher onto your shoulder while trying to get the lock to work.
You swung the door open and dropped your duffel, flicking on the light switch.
“Y/N” you recognized Castiel’s voice only after tensing your hand around the doorframe.
“Cas” you whispered, “What do I do?” you asked.
“Dean was praying”
He pursed his lips and sat down on your bed. “I’ve been looking for ways to help Sam” he said and you sat down on the motel’s small table. “I thought you should be the first to know”.
“And Dean?” you asked.
“He’ll be the second. But I think you should go back to the bunker, they need you” Castiel said.
“They don’t. Sam doesn’t care about me, and Dean-“
“He was praying about you” Castiel said, and your head shot up. Even though you weren’t with your best friend for these short hours, you missed him.
“He wants you to come back. After Sam, you’re all he’s got” Cas said and you smiled, looking at the ground. When you looked back up, he was gone.
Exhaling you dropped onto your bed, shutting your eyes tight. Your phone vibrated next to you and you reached for it, hastily pressing it on.
“Yeah?” you asked once you heard Dean’s voice call your name frantically.
“Sam’s gone”
You shot back up and held the phone tighter.
“What?” you asked, voice shaking.
“I don’t know. I got mad at him, but I don’t think that’s why he left. He’s just gone” Dean said and you remained silent.
“Do you have any idea where he might be?” Dean asked.
“No clue, but I’ll keep a look out” you said and he muttered a thank you.
“Call me if you find anything” Dean said and you nodded before realizing he couldn’t see you.
“Yeah, alright” you said and hung up.
With nothing else to do, you stripped out of your clothing and hopped into the shower, letting the hot water flow down your back.
There are hundreds of places Sam could be, but he wasn’t himself. He could easily get arrested, or shot for his arrogance.
Once you got out of the shower you began dialing other hunters nearby, asking if they’d seen him. Not a thing. Even Bobby was dumbfounded, but he began making some calls.
Hours turned into days, and each day got lonelier. You continued paying off the motel fees while stopping in for burgers every once in a while when you remembered to eat. The Impala was constantly in use as you drove around the entire state. Sam was nowhere - and Castiel couldn’t find him because he’s warded.
Each dead end made you lose even more hope, and you couldn’t help but feel like giving up.
“I don’t think he’s coming back” Dean said into the phone as you sat in a diners parking lot. Your legs were propped up on the dash, and you popped a french fry into your mouth.
“We can’t just assume that, I mean-“ and the knocking at your window made you jump.
“AH!” you shouted and heard Dean shout on the other end.
“Y/N! What is it?” he shouted, and you grabbed your gun, hopping out of your car. You cocked it by your side, looking for any demon that was after you.
“I don’t know, something knocked the shit out of baby’s window” you said and heard him mumble a string of profanity.
“Might just be a gang of dumb kids or-“
You froze looking into the diner’s window. A figure that was all too familiar stood, staring out at you from the booth.
“Shit” you muttered.
“What?” Dean asked.
“I see Sam” you said, and Dean went silent.
“I’ll be there soon” he said and you heard the bunkers garage door opening.
“See you” you whispered and lowered the phone from your ear slowly.

-Part 2?


Naughty Dreams.
Pair : Dean x Reader


He tried to be still as he didn’t want to wake you. But with the images from his dream and seeing you sleep in nothing but a shirt and panties, he couldn’t contain himself. He wanted nothing more than to feel you. To press his lips all over your body and taste you. His shaft was hard, throbbing in his boxers. He tried to even his breaths. But nothing worked. You turned over on your side, and gently placed your hand over the lining of his briefs. Sending chills up and down his spine. He locked his gaze on your hand, frozen, not knowing what to do.

“Fuck.” He exhaled.

The light from the sun, brightened the room making you wake from your slumber. As you fluttered your eyes open, you noticed your hand, gently laying over Deans lower waist.

You cranked your neck a bit, meeting his gaze. Both your breaths hitched as you stated intently at one another.

Dean clenched his jaw shut, with only one thing on his mind. You.

Feeling the heat radiate off your body, you swallowed hard, losing yourself in his eyes. Without realizing, you were slowly sliding your hand further down until you reached the bulge that hid beneath the fabric.

Immediately, Dean closed his eyes, letting out a deep and long breath. Almost like a purr that rumbled in his throat.

Your heart was pounding profusely, but seeing the way he reacted, made you hot.

The older winchester couldn’t take it any longer. He craved you.

Without hesitation, he laid your on your back, and hovered over you. Crashing his lips to yours, you swore you heard him grunt.

He traced his fingers down your neck, to your panties. Slowly circling your flaps over the thin fabric. You fell into pure bliss as his touch caused shivers through you. Making you pant.

You slightly arched your back, digging your head into the pillow as he continued to play with your pussy.

Noticing the wetness from your flower, he couldn’t help but let out a soft groan that hummed in your ears.

His hard shaft rubbed against your thigh. You were begging to reach your peak. Your heart racing as your breath shortened with every second that passed.

Dean loved watching you squirm, hearing you moan in pleasure. It turned him on even more. Something he thought that couldn’t be possible.

He wanted you badly.

He tore his hand from you, and pulled himself out of his boxers. You snapped your gaze to him, furrowing your brows as you weren’t sure why he stopped.

Dean only flashed a smile before he pushed your panties to the side, and slowly slid himself inside of you.

You both let out soft breaths as your walls molded around him. You dug your nails into his back as he began to thrust in and out of you. Pumping faster with every stroke.

“Fuck.” You moaned louder than needed.

Dean froze, placing a hand over your mouth as he shot his gaze over to the soundless giant next to you.

The older winchester puckered his lips, motioning for you to stay quiet.

He returned to his position, and pushed himself deep with in you. Making you curl your toes.

Your breathings became in sync with every thrust. His hips hitting yours. It was beyond anything you could imagine, and you were on a high.

Sam started to yawn, causing you both to pull away from each other. Dean rolled back to his side, adjusting himself in his boxers, while you turned to your side, trying to even your breathing. Still feeling your body tingle from the sensation.

The younger Winchester pulled himself out of bed, and lazily made his way to the bathroom.

As the door shut behind him, Dean let out an annoyed groan. Frustration boiling in side of him.

You met his gaze, feeling your cheeks flush with red.

“Damnit Sammy.” He grunted through his teeth.

You couldn’t help but chuckle. Leaning into him, wrapping your hand around his hard throbbing cock, you pressed your lips to his ear. “Don’t worry Dean, I’ll help you release some stress tonight.” You whispered.

Causing chills down Deans body, you watched him take in a deep breath, biting on his lower lip, as his cock twitched in your hand.

“Fuck, I can’t wait.” He stammered.

Dean grins at Sam, eyebrow raised. “I mean, you can braid your hair and get away with it now,” he says, shrugging.

“Dean, this isn’t funny,” Sam says lowly, eying the rather large set of boobs that seem to be blocking the view of her feet.

“Not bad for a tall chick,” Dean says, giving Sam a once-over. “Dude, I swear, that witch was givin’ you the stink-eye, but I had no idea it would get this good.”

“Damnit, Dean!”

“See, Sammy, I can’t even take you seriously. Your clothes are hanging off of you like blankets and your voice is hilarious,” Dean struggles to keep a straight face, smile pulling at the edges of his mouth. And of course, he can’t stop staring at the way Sam’s petite figure is outlined in that t-shirt that is just too big. And he knows Sam’s voice isn’t actually hilarious. But he knows that if he admits that he thinks it’s hot, Sam’ll decide to use it against him. Because Sam likes to be in control. And truth be told, Dean likes it, too.

“Shut up,” Sam groans, pulling the shirt over her head, just like usual. Except this time, her boobs bounce back against her chest. Immediately, her eyes shoot up to meet Dean’s and of course, Dean’s a certain shade of pink and grinning like it’s Christmas.

“Dude those are incre–” Dean manages to get out before Sam’s hand is clamped over Dean’s mouth, eyes narrowed.

“Dean, I will end you. I swear to G–” Sam’s words fall short as she feels Dean’s hand slide up her sides slowly. Her hand drops from his mouth and before she can ask what he thinks he’s doing, Dean’s hand is up in her hair, pulling back her head to expose her smooth neck.

“Oh, Sammy, I think we can take advantage of this spell. Don’t you?”

Never Enough

This is probably my favourite fic I ever wrote, so I decided I would finally post the whole thing on here! Enjoy :)

Pre-Hell Wincest, where I prove once again that I can only write angst.

They’re tangled in between the scratchy sheets in some no-name motel, mapping out bodies they know all too well and pressing whispers into each other’s mouths. The air around them hangs heavy with the smell of blood and sweat and too many things left unsaid.

Dean’s deal comes up in two months. Sam is going to get him out of it.

They have less than two months left together. Eight weeks, fifty-seven days, one-thousand-three-hundred-and-seventy hours. Then again, Sam’s sure he could live a thousand years with Dean and it still would never be enough.

“Sam. Sammy, you okay?”

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Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel

tfw-bitch-jerk-assbutt said to 5minutefanfiction: ( @tfw-bitch-jerk-assbutt )

Hey! I love your writing a lot and I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Cas almost loses you to death and ever since he won’t leave your side and he’s all cuddly and protective? you get annoyed but then he confronts you? Thank you x 

WORD COUNT: 2000ish

Waking up you look around surprised to find yourself in your bed. Last thing you knew you were… your mind struggled to remember exactly what you were doing.

‘You’re awake. I was beginning to worry it didn’t work.’

‘Cas?’ you frowned.

Cas came over and adjusted your pillows, pulling your blanket up to your neck. The panic that set in as something tightened around it was horrible. You pulled it straight down and took a breath.

Castiel sat down next to you and wrapped his arms around you. This you couldn’t complain about it. You quite liked cuddling with him. But you needed answers and the angel was avoiding giving them.

‘Cas, what’s going on?’

‘I’m just so glad your ok. You’re safe now.’

‘Ah-huh, sure. And why wasn’t I safe before?’

‘You really shouldn’t be hunting with your brother’s Y/N, it’s dangerous.’

‘Wait? What? Ohhhh…’

Memories of last night’s hunt came back. The ghost you were hunting threw multiple knives in your direction, you dodged all but one. That got you just under your heart.

‘Y/N?’ Sam sighed with relief from the door. ‘I’m so sorry,’ he said, the guilt in his voice evident.

‘Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault. Dean’s not giving you grief is he?’

Sam shook his head. The expression on his face said it all. Both boys were blaming themselves. Dean for not torching the body in time, Sam for not distracting the spirit. Sam went to hug you when Castiel stopped him.

‘You might hurt her. She needs to rest.’

‘Cas it’s fine, I think I can hug my sister without causing too much pain.’

You tried not to laugh at the exchange.

‘Wait till he tells Dean he can’t hug me,’ you smirk.

Sam’s eyes lightened up at and you watch as he turned his head.

‘Dean, she’s awake,’ he called.

Dean come tearing through the door, faster than you had ever seen him move. You watched as he reached your side of the bed and leant down. The next thing you knew he was thrown backwards.

‘Cas, what the hell?!’

‘You might hurt her.’

You watched as Dean eyed the angel off.

‘You do understand that while you may be dating her, she is my sister and I will still kill you if you cause any issues there.’

‘She doesn’t need anymore injuries Dean. Her life is too fragile. If you love her, you would realise that.’

If I love her,’ Dean seethed.

‘Cas, it’s ok. They won’t hurt me and I’m feeling fine, which I’m assuming it all down to you, thank you by the way.’

‘They might break something. I’ve seen how tight they hug you when they are frightened or relieved.’

‘Yeah, now imagine how hard they will hit you if you try and stop them.’

Cas frowned and you gave him your award winning smile. You watched as his baby blues softened.

Dean came up and gave you an exaggeratedly soft hug, causing you to snort softly.

‘OW!,’ you cried up, winking at Sam watching him stifle a laugh.

Dean jumped back, panicked at first. Before his expression changed. You’d just woken up and he was already done with your shit for the day.

‘I told you!’ Cas growled. ‘Are you ok? What did he hurt? Do you need me to hurt him? I can inflict all sorts of pain. Do you need me to heal anything?’ he rambled, trying to check you over.

‘She’s fine Cas,’ Dean grumbled. ‘She’s just being a bitch as normal. Seriously Y/N, I thought I hurt you.’

You smirked at him, before flashing him a huge grin, ‘Sorry.’

‘No you’re not.’

‘It sounded good.’

Dean pulled a face. ‘You’re good though?’


‘Great, we have a hunt and need to head off. Can I assume the boyfriend,’ he screwed up his nose, ‘will take care of you while we are gone?’

‘I wouldn’t be anywhere else,’ Cas commented, still trying to check you over.

Your brothers left, leaving you to relax back into Cas’ arms.

‘I’m hungry. Do you want some pancakes or something?’

‘You shouldn’t be moving around,’ Cas warned.

‘Is there something I don’t know about going on with me?’

‘No, you went through a physically traumatic experience and you need to rest.’

You shifted so you were sitting in his lap and smiled at him.

‘I am perfectly fine. I have an amazing boyfriend who patched me up pretty well,’ you commented, kissing him, ‘and now I’m hungry,’ you kissed him again.

You felt Cas’ hands rest on your sides briefly before dropping to the bed. Sighing you got up and headed for the kitchen. Tripping and stumbling on some shoes down by your bed. Cas caught you in a state of panic.

‘I’m fine. Calm down.’

You throw the ingredients into the Kenwood and let the mixer do it’s thing, while you heated up the frying pan. You could feel Cas’ eyes on you watching intently. Not watching you like he normally did, watching what you did.

‘Maybe I should cook?’ Cas suggested.

‘I’ve had your cooking, and no offence baby, but I’d rather go hungry.’

‘The frying pan is hot.’

‘Funny that, given it’s designed to cook things using heat.’

Cas came over and took the egg flip from your hand.

‘Please let me do it.’

Groaning you handed it to him and moved to make a coffee.

After burnt pancakes and iced coffee because all of a sudden the kettle wasn’t working. You decided to head into town.

‘You’re driving?’

‘Yes. It’s how one gets around.’

‘I can take you.’

‘I don’t like Angel transport, it makes me feel sick,’ you admit.

‘Sick is better than driving.’

‘Not where I’m coming from.’

‘It will be quicker, then we can rest and watch Netflix,’ Cas pleaded.

You rolled your eyes and agreed, grabbing the essentials and some lemonade for your stomach. You were surprised to find Cas ensuring that he had contact with you the whole time. If he wasn’t holding your hand, his hand was on your back or around your waist. Even once you got back to the bunker, he did his best to stay in contact. It wasn’t the easiest way to put groceries away but you managed.

He crashed out with you on the sofa, keeping in contact the whole time.

For the next two days Cas refused to let you do anything. He panicked that you might slip in the shower, so you had to bath instead. Then he panicked you might drown so he had you sing the whole time or he’d sit in there and watch, which despite your comments he didn’t realise was just creepy. He wouldn’t let you cook as you could burn yourself, driving you could get hurt. He even refused to let you walk anywhere alone in case you tripped and fell. He wouldn’t leave you side, constantly holding you, touching you, cuddling you.

By the end of the third day you were about ready to loose it. You loved him, there was no doubt in that. But you loved that he wasn’t a clingy person. Until now. You managed to send him on an errand to pick up pizza, after a disagreement over it being bad for your health. When you called Dean.

‘Tell me you need my help, please!’

‘What? Y/N? What’s going on? We’re fine.’

‘Oh my God Dean he won’t leave me alone. I broke a nail and I swear he tried to take me to the hospital. He even tried to watch me pee in case I fell over as I was standing back up.’

You listened to Dean’s reaction.

‘Shut up you dick, it’s not funny.’

‘Yeah, yeah it is. Have fun with that. I gotta go, hunt a vampire, drink alone at a bar, drive at high speeds.’

‘You know he tossed all the junk food in the bunker cos it bad for my health and replaced it with rabbit food.’

‘Son of a bitch! Damnit Sammy we need to get back to the bunker soon or call Cas,’ you listened as the phone left his ear. ‘Cas! Cas! Get the hell down here.’

‘Why is Dean calling me?’ Cas said from behind you, taking your hand.

‘That’s not pizza Cas, that’s a salad,’ you sulked.

‘Put him on now. Who the hell does he think he is?’ Dean growled.

‘Explain you need me and I will.’

‘Damnit Y/N this isn’t a joke.’

‘No it’s not.’

‘I do not understand what is happening?’ Cas frowned.

You handed Dean your phone and listened as he blew hell out of Cas for getting rid of the junk food. You then listened as Cas lectured him on the consequences of bad food and how your life was worth more than some pie or burger.

You frowned at Cas as he spoke. Something wasn’t right. Eventually he handed back your phone, Dean still yelling through the speaker.

‘It’s me, I think you offended the angel.’

‘I don’t care, I want my pie back and my burgers. I was looking forward to it. Y/N he’s your damn boyfriend, fix this now!’

You sighed and hung up. Pulling Cas to the sofa you pulled him down with you.

‘What’s going on?’

‘I do not-.’


Cas looked at you, his normally expressionless face full of worry and fear.

‘You almost died. If I hadn’t of… You wouldn’t be here.’

‘No, I wouldn’t be. But that’s part of the job. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.’

‘But I’m not.’

‘Cas honey, it’s not your life. And this is more than just a near miss on a hunt.’

‘Your life, it’s so fragile. More than you realise and you are so reckless with it.’

‘By doing everyday things?’

‘Yes. Humans, you do not think you just go about your day, never considering the consequences.’

‘Cas, I could die at any moment. Walking to bed, in my sleep, hunting. When my time is up it’s up.’

‘I’m trying to prolong it. I even keep my eyes on you while you sleep, to prevent that.’

‘That’s not half as creepy as the rest,’ you muttered. ‘You need to back off and let me do my thing or it’s going to cause issues. I’ve tried so hard not to loose my temper over this but you it’s annoying the hell out of me.’

‘I can’t let anything happen to you,’ he said quietly.

‘Don’t make me send you away, please.’

Cas looked up at you and you could see him trying to figure things out. Work through the human side of this vs the angel side.

‘I’m a big girl Cas, I can take care of myself.’

‘I still need to take care of you Y/N, I don’t have a choice in it. My feelings don’t allow it. I was ready to kill myself when I thought you had died. If I couldn’t bring you back, I was going to. Now I just need to have you close, to know you are safe. I can’t be apart from you in case something happens. I feel calmer when I am touching you.’

You smiled at the angel, reading between the lines. Knowing how hard it was for him to grasp and translate human emotions.



‘I love you too.’

You watched as he processed what you said and a smile appeared on his face.

‘I love you don’t I?’

‘I don’t know do you?’


He pulled you in closer and kissed you, all annoyance being forgotten. Instincts taking over as he moved his lips down your neck.

‘You need to stop worrying and trying to protect me,’ you mumbled as his lips hit your collarbone.

‘Your family has a reputation of dying. I’m not going to let you follow your brother’s footsteps.’

You smiled at your boyfriend, before kissing him deeply.

‘We will talk about it later. We will discuss boundaries.’

‘I do not understand, is this to do with personal space? Do I need to stop? I’m enjoying how this feels?’

‘Yes and no. Don’t stop. We will talk later.’

Cas nodded and let out a soft moan as your hands explored his body. Tomorrow you would talk to him, tomorrow you would be back hunting. Even if it was with the angel by your side.

Sam Drabble #7

Submitted By: @td122609

He looked like a disheveled mess, a very hot disheveled mess. Which was mostly your fault as you had been making out with him until Dean ruined the moment by calling for him as he got closer to the room the two of you were in.
“Damnit Sammy, (Y/N) where are you?!” Dean shouted
Sam quickly makes himself presentable, “In here Dean!”
Dean mutters walking into the room, “Haven’t you two been hearing me call for you the last twenty minutes?”
“No sorry Dean.” You smile
“Well hurry up lets get out of this joint.” He grumbles
“Yea sure thing.” Sam says trying to adjust himself discreetly.
“Geez next time you wanna go make out with your girlfriend let me know Sammy”    
“It’s Sam” he grumbles blushing at being caught.
You laugh softly, “you’re lucky that’s all Dean.”
“Ew ok don’t need to hear this.” He walks out and you and Sam laugh
“I love you (Y/N/N).”
“I love you more Sam now lets go home I’m not done with you yet.” You grin as you both go to the impala.

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