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Do you think Near/Beyond is a good ship?

Pros (assuming all of the Wammy Boys were at the orphanage at the same time):

  • Near finds B’s shinigami eyes fascinating
  • B never really told Near about his eyes, the kid just sort of figured it out on his own, and now he won’t stop asking him questions like jfc get a life
  • They both have a really dry and sarcastic sense of humor which they use to obliterate anyone and everyone in their path
  • B finds Near’s calm demeanor relaxing and let’s face it, Beyond can use all the chill he can get
  • Near isn’t really fazed by weird shit so B can pretty much get away with a lot, but Near definitely draws the line when it comes to getting jam anywhere near his white pajamas clothes
  • They’re both secretly huge fans of L and they definitely have gossip sessions in the middle of the night that involve ice cream that no one will ever know about
  • Before A dies the three of them study together all the time, especially when Mello decides he doesn’t want to be around Near
  • Cuddling is easy because Near is so smol and he’s pretty much a living stuffed animal
  • They’re both neat freaks so they never argue about chores or picking up their sides of the room
  • “If you knock down my card tower one more time
  • “You’ll do what?”
  • “I don’t know, probably kiss you or something”
  • Near hides all of Beyond’s lighters because let’s face it pyromania isn’t a constructive hobby Mello totally found the stash and set Matt’s ugly vest on fire but no one needs to know that
  • Near’s quiet determination to stay number one reminds Beyond of A, not that he’d ever admit that


  • B is canonically close to L’s age, which is way older than Near so that might be a little weird
  • Also Beyond is kind of a homicidal maniac
I Want To Write You A Song - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 6)

The sound of crackling fire and Ed Sheeran playing in the background really set the mood. You were at Harry’s house and the two of you had been sharing some wine and chocolates. You’ve been dating for almost three months now and the tension between the two of you was definitely rising. 

You were in Harry’s lap and the kiss was deepening as he ran his hand up your sweater. You gasped against his lips when you felt his hand on the outside of your bra. Harry smirked and started working on your neck. 

It didn’t take long before your shirt and bra were on the floor and Harry’s shirt had already been long gone. When it was official that things were going to be going further than the makeout sessions you two have had previously, he picked you up and carried you to his bedroom. 

You both were naked now under the sheets. His hands were roaming over your body and his name was leaving your lips. He put on a condom and pulled you closer to him, when you both were ready, there was a sound of loud beeping. 

Harry groans as he rolls over to turn off the alarm clock on his phone. He turned onto his back and sighed. He was covered in sweat and his heart was racing at the dream he just had about you. 

He got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to turn on the shower. When the cold water hit in his skin, he groaned leaning his head up against the tile of the shower wall. He was trying to forget about the dream, but the truth was he didn’t want too. He wanted to live it out with you. 

He was a gentleman of course, but every time he was with you and the two of you starting spending time together on the couch.. or outside in the pool… he wanted to take it further, but you two hadn’t exactly had that conversation yet. You two were taking it slow, so it was never really an option before, but now… maybe it could be. 


You were at the studio recording a demo with Nate, when you both took a break for lunch. You were going through your phone when Nate looked over at you. 

“So, I have something that you might be interested in.” He says. 

“What is it exactly?” you ask. 

“A songwriter’s night at an open mic night club.” He says. 

“Damnit Nate, you know I wouldn’t be interested in that.” You sigh. 

“Why not? Y/N you’re amazing and you can go perform your own stuff.” He says. 

“I don’t want too.” You sigh. “We’ve been through this already.” 

“I know, but you could at least try and if you don’t like it then I’ll drop it, but you have too much talent to waste it behind other artists.” He says. 

You sigh. “I’m not hiding behind anyone. I’m a songwriter…not a performer.” 

“But you could be.” He says. 

“Why are you pushing this on me?” You say annoyed. 

“Because I’m tired of you waisting your talent! You deserve more than you’re getting.” He says. 

“Who are you to say what I deserve and what I don’t deserve?” You say. 

“Because I know you deserve more than a fucking booth at a recording studio.” He says. 

“You know what…as my producer I understand why you’re pushing me to do this, but as my friend you should know already to back off.” you say. “I know I paid for a full day, but I’m done.” You say grabbing your stuff. “I’ll see you later.” 

You get to your car and sigh. You were tired of this happening. Not only were you getting this push occasionally from Harry, but now Nate. How many times were you going to have to tell them that you didn’t want to be like them. You were content with writing songs. 

But were you actually telling yourself the truth? Were you happy? Honestly, no… you had all these successful songs out, but not one person really knew they were your songs. You wanted to hear yourself singing your song on the radio…but you just couldn’t. 


When you left the studio, you didn’t even think about it, you just drove straight to Harry’s. You pull into his driveway and press the code to get into the gate. You pull in and turn off the car. You go to the front door and he opens it before you even have a chance to knock on the door. 

“Hey.” He smirks. 

“Hi. How did you?” You laugh. 

“I saw your car in the camera.” He says. “So, what’s the special occasion?” 

“Is this a bad time?” you blush.

“No. Not at all.” He says. “Come on in.” 

You smile walking in and he closes the door behind you. 

“Is everything okay?” He asks. 

“Yeah, I just… rough day at the studio.” You sigh, which wasn’t exactly a huge lie.

“Oh, I’ve been there.” He says. “I know it’s still early in the day, but do you want a drink?” 

“No, I’m good.” You laugh. “Maybe later.” 

He nods and the two of you move to the couch. “Do you want to talk about it?” 

“No. It’s nothing really to talk about.” You say. 

“Well… want to not talk…” He smirks over at you. 

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that.” You giggle. 

“What?” He laughs. “Admit it was funny, I mean you are laughing.” He points out. 

You laugh rolling your eyes. “I’m laughing because you’re so stupid.” You joke. 

“Hey! That’s not nice at all!” He defends. 

“Aww well what are you going to do about it?” You smirk. 

He cocks an eyebrow and leans in towards you. He pulls you closer to him and just when you think he’s about to kiss you, he starts tickling you. 

“Ahh! Stop it!” you giggle trying to push his hands away. 

“Nope! Not until you promise to be nice!” He smirks. 

After a few minutes of tickling and you both find yourselves on the floor with Harry on top of you. You both were looking at one another, with heavy breathing from laughing so hard earlier, but with the way that Harry was looking at you, you were sure that his heavy breathing was changing due to the position you were in. 

You two still hadn’t had that conversation yet and you would be lying to yourself if you were to say that you didn’t want too, but you had something you had to get off your chest first. 

You looked up at Harry and he was just about to lean down to kiss you. “Wait!” you say putting your hands on his chest for a moment. The fact that he was practically shirtless didn’t help this situation at all. 

“What’s wrong?” He asks. 

“I uh.. I think we should talk about something… well I should tell you something…” You say. 

He looks at you confused a bit, but nods and pulls you up to a sitting position. He puts your legs over his lap and he looks over at you. 

“So.. what did you want to tell me?” He asks. 

“I’m uh.. I think… well..” You sigh. 

“Y/N What’s up? You know you can tell me anything.” He says. 

“I know, but it’s just a bit embarrassing… or at least it has been in the past.” You mumble. 

“You don’t have to be embarrassed around me.” He says. 

“Well, it’s just we’ve been seeing each other for a while now and we should probably talk about how we feel about you know.. being sexual.. I guess you could say.” You blush. 

“O-Oh that.. Yeah, we probably should talk about that. Just so we’re both on the same page.” He says. 

“I’m quite sure that we’re not on the same page…” You sigh. “I’ve never had sex before… I mean I’ve been in one other relationship where we fooled around a bit, but I’ve never actually had sex before.” you blush even more. 

“I didn’t know that.. but I’m glad that you told me.” He says. “And you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about that. It’s not a big deal that you’ve never had sex before.” He says. “But I will ask you’re outlook on it for lack of a better word. Are you waiting for marriage or just until you’re ready?” He asks. 

“Just until I’m ready. I’ve just never found someone that I was comfortable sleeping with before.” You say. 

He nods. “Well, I don’t want you to ever feel like I’m pressuring you, and if you’re ever ready to take that step with me, just let me know. But I don’t want you to think that I’m expecting it, okay? I want you to connect with someone like that whenever you’re ready, and if that’s not with me, oh well. As long as you’re happy.” He smiles. 

“Thank you.” You smile. 

“You don’t have to thank me for that.” He says. “But now that we’ve talked about that, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you.” 

“And what’s that?” You ask. 

Now this time he was blushing. He took a deep breath and looked back over at you. “I want you to be my girlfriend.. officially.” 

“Really?” You smile excitedly. 

He nods. “I really like you and I would love to actually be able to refer to you as my girlfriend.” He smiles. 

You smile getting into his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. “And I love for you to call me your girlfriend, boyfriend.” You smirk.  

He laughs pulling you closer against him as he leans down to seal your new dating status with a kiss. 

Word Count: 1100

Triggers: None

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You didn’t really meet the team, you worked with them. In the months spent planning Nate’s escape, and then Nate’s actual escape, you didn’t really talk or interact with the team at all, other than Sophie. Once Nate got out, however, all that changed. You actually became a part of the team.

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You Find Something

Johnson➵ Surprisingly Johnson’s room was always a mess and he never wanted to clean it. You being the neat freak you are, hated this. So today you decided you were going to clean his room for him. He sat playing FIFA on his bed while you picked up dirty clothes and trash. Putting away some clean laundry you found something hidden under his underwear in the drawer.

“Babe what’s this?” You asked pulling a stack of pictures out of the drawer.

“Don’t!” He threw the remote jumping off the bed and over to you. It was too late and you had already started going through the pictures. Pictures of his family flipped through your hands and you cooed looking at the young pictures of your boyfriend and his family.

“Awwww Jacky!” You looked up and his face was hard and serious. “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t want you to see those.” He turned away.

“Why not?” You put the pictures down on the table walking over to him. You took his face in your hands making him look into your eyes.

“I was an ugly kid. I don’t want you leaving because of what out kids might look like.” You pressed your lips together trying not to giggle.

“Johnson you’ve got to be kidding me!” You pecked his lips lightly. “You were the cutest little baby.” His eyes flicked up and met yours, suddenly brighter. “I wouldn’t want anything more then our kids to look like you.” You whispered. His smile blew up and his lips attacked yours.

“That’s honestly all I’ve ever wanted to hear.”

Maloley➵ Running around the room and kept searching for your phone, but it was no where to be found.

“Nate can I use yours to call mine?” You asked your boyfriend who was laying on the bed. He nodded tossing you his phone.
You unlock his phone a porn site pops up. Suddenly you felt terrible.

“What’s wrong?” He asked getting up off the bed. You handed him his phone sitting back on the bed.

“You..uhh…left that open.” Tears started brimming your eyes and you put your face in your hands.

“Baby I- I’m sorry I made you upset but why..”

“Am I not enough?” You asked looking up at him. “I mean I know I don’t look like those girls,
And I might not be as good but god damnit Nate if you weren’t pleased you should’ve said something!” You rambled on hot tears running down your face.

“Baby, baby slow down.” He rested a hand on your back. You shook your head putting it back in your hands. “I’m gone a lot.” His hand moved up and down your back. “ and I know you don’t send pictures and stuff like that and I’m okay with it. I just needed something to get me by until I got home to you.” You looked up and him and he half-smiled.
“Trust me, your body is more then enough.” You laughed a little and so did he. “And the way you..”

“Okay enough babe I get it.” You smiled over at him. He leaned over pressing his lips to yours.

“Come on lil’ mama show me what that amazing body can do.”

Wilkinson➵ You sat next to Sam while he drove you both home from dinner. His hand rested comfortably on your thigh as you flipped through some letters fans had written to Sam. You read them off to him and he smiled at how much he loved them. Flipping one letter you got a small paper cut that started bleeding.

“There’s band aids in the glove box.” He pointed. You popped it open and your jaw dropped. “What’s wrong?” He asked, his head turned back and forth between you and the road. You pulled about 4 or 5 grams our weed in a plastic baggy out.

“Wow.” You shook your head throwing it back in the glove box and slamming it shut.

“(Y/N) listen-”

“Take me home.” You snapped. Sam’s hands tightened on the wheel.

“Baby I-”

“You promised. You promised you would stop. You know it drives me crazy and-”

“I know I know.”

“No you don’t Sam.” You scoffed. The rest of the ride home was silent. How was he going to get himself out of this one?

Gilinsky➵ Jack was gone for the day with the boys so you decided it would be nice to take a bath and just relax for the day. You put in your bath bomb, put on a good playlist and hopped in with a book. After a while you climbed out wrapping a towel around yourself and heading into Jacks room to find something to wear. You grabbed a pair of his sweatpants off the shelf then opened his closet to find a sweatshirt. A small pink fabric caught your attention on the floor. Picking it up you realized they were underwear. A pink lace thong to be exact. Not your size either. Tears stung your eyes at first, but soon rage over took your whole body. Grabbing a lamp off the table you threw it into the mirror, just beginning to tear up his entire room. You threw on leggings and a T-shirt running down the stairs, jack meeting you at the front door.

“Hey baby.” He smiled at you. You smiled back politely before tossing the pink panties in his face. He pealed then off, his jaw dropping to the floor.

“Hey. Baby.” You snapped back pushing past him and tossing some shoes on.

“(Y/N) let me explain.” He turned to face you, but you were already out the door, headed to who knows where. Anywhere but there.


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“Not a day goes by on my lifelong tour where I don’t meet someone before a show or whatever and they say ‘you look tired.’ And I feel like telling them to fuck off. Because ladies and gentlemen, this is my face. I don’t sleep much, I worry a little bit too much, but damnit, I like me.”

ok guys, I promise posts will be getting better with higher quality, more stories coming, getting my laptop tmrw so yay. this should be my last post on mobile, hope you guys enjoy. and Ps you guys reblogging and tell me or message me, but should I do a part 2 to this ? I appreciate feedback. alright, without any further a due, grabs juice box and a extra pair of panties and let’s go.


You and your boyfriend, Nate, were at the Jacks house with Sammy. You were the only girl there but you were ok, you were more than comfortable around these guys. After about two hours of the guys just fucking around and playing, Johnson suggested that you guys eat and watch a movie. You picked the movie while Nate and Sammy left to go get some pizza. You joked with the Jacks, as they were both like brothers to you. After about 20 minutes Sammy and Nate returned with two boxes of yummy pizza. You guys got settled and everyone got their plates and the lights went off. You went to sit down next to Nate but he quickly moved your ass so it would land on him, in short, basically making you sit on his lap. In the movie you guys were watching, a quite steaming sex scene happened to be taking place. You knew that “excited” Nate because you felt his erection stiffen under your butt. He kept squirming and grinding himself into you. It was dark so no one could really notice. The scene was quite lengthy. “Ooohhhhhh He’s GETTIN IT.” Gilinsky yelled. Making us laugh. ” I wanna join.” Sammy said in a very childlike voice. Making us laugh even harder. Once the noise settled down, and the scene was over, you felt Nate leaning up, only thinking he was setting his plate somewhere you thought nothing of it. He leaned up and kissed your sweet spot behind your ear, and whispered against it, “come on baby girl, let’s get outta here. Daddy can’t wait much longer.” he said grinding his hips upward. You could feel yourself getting wetter. “O-oK.” you said already trembling. you guys stood up and threw your plates away. “yo guys we’re gonna bounce. y/n has to get back to her sisters.” Nate lied. you grinned behind him knowing what was really about to happen. “alright byeee” they all chimed in. We walked out the door, you first then nate, you turned around to ask him to unlock it but he was too quick. Before you knew it you were pinned against the side of the car and being kissed violently. Nate groaned as he shoved his body against your attacking your lips. His need for dominance turned you on so much. You slithered you arms around him tangling your fingers in his hair and tugging. This drove him crazy, he whimpered. “Get in now. I don’t know how much longer I can wait. fuck” he panted in his need for you. You peeled off of each other and got in the car quickly. “god damnit.” Nate said backing out of the driveway and getting on the way. “what ?” you asked concerned. “it’s like 30 minute drive back to the apartment from here. fuck.” he said looking over at you licking and biting his bottom lip. He looked you up and down. There was about 5 minutes of silence before you decided to end both of your agonies. You placed your hand on the large bulge in his jeans and palmed him and said seductivly “can we make a quick stop nate ?” He shuddered at the feeling of your hand. “really baby ? in the car ?” he questioned with a smirk. “why not ? I mean, all we have to do, is find a spot where no one can see.” you said slowly. Drawing him in with every word. “god damn thats so fucking hot baby.” he pulled into a woody area surrounded by nothing but trees, and the dirt road you were on. (in Omaha sorry I didn’t mention it before) He stopped the car just putting it in park. “so we have two options..” Nate began. “which are ?” you questioned leaning over kissing his neck. “so we can do it here and you can ride me, or we can get in the back and I can fuck you senseless.” he said whispering the second option. “um I have a feeling that you’re wanting plan b a little more ?” You said moving around to his lips to kiss them, in their plump red state. After a few moments of that, he pulled away and looked you in your eyes. “Back. Now.” he said, his eyes lust clouded. “ok daddy.” you said exiting the passenger side slowly. He got out quickly and walked around the car quickly. He ended up in front of you, your back facing the open backseat door. Nates eyes showed such a dark, burning need for you. “lay down.” he said quietly looking at the lower part of your body. he crawled in after you, laying between your legs. The wet sensation in your heated core grow. He kissed you propping himself up with his forearms. He pulled away so he could look in your eyes and see how he made you feel. He was sort of propped on his side, as his hand slithered down, into your leggings pulling them down and off skillfully. Now just left in your panties, he began to rub you through them keeping eyes contact. you soon became a moaning mess. “so wet already baby girl, Was that me, or the movie ?” he asked in a low raspy voice. “y-you nate it was you.” he panted out. “that’s right. and who makes you feel this good ?” he asked liking what he was hearing. “you-you do nate. you make me feel so good.” you moaned out. He groaned as he pulled his hand away bringing it to his lips licking his fingers clean. “damn lil mama, you are sweet as candy.” He said rubbing your thigh with his hand. He unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. You felt his erection rub your skin. He took his shirt off and threw it into the front. “you ready baby girl ? I don’t plan on being gentle.” he whispered into your ear whilst biting at your neck. The feeling just of his breath on your neck made you want melt. you simply nodded your head doubting you could get any words out. He took his length in his hand and placed it at your entrance. He quickly used himself in. He gave you very little time to adjust. He began by thrusting slow but hard. Every couple of seconds a another powerful and pleasurable thrust came. He began to pick up his pace but keeping the power behind them. “oh my god Natee, uh fuck.” you moaned loudly almost screaming. as he pounded away. “that’s right baby. say my name.” he groaned screwing his eyes shut. He sat up on his knees, pulling your butt to him changing the angle, and increasing the pleasure. Each time he powerfully rolled his hips into you he hit your spot. “oh fuck, mmmm Nate right there. uh huh.” it was almost like your body was forcing you to moan. you couldn’t control it. “oh my go- Nate I’m gonna cu- !” You exclaimed arching your back. You felt yourself clench around him as your body was taken over by a wave of pleasure. your legs shook and your nails dug into Nates unclothed back. You released as Nate rode out your high now at his own. “Uh shit y/n you feel so fucking goo- ah” Nate said thrusting sloppier as his eyes shut once more and his head jerking foward as his groans got caught in his throat. He rode put his own high with a few slow and sloppy thrusts. He finally collapsed onto you as your bodies heaved against each other, his sweaty skin feeling cold on your stomach. “god damn girl. That was so worth the wait.” Nate said sitting up leaning against the door behind him. You sat up as well leaning against the opposite door so you could talk. “you do realize that it was only about a 20 minute wait right?” you asked giggling. “Well y/n let’s put it this way, when your a guy, with a boner, and have your beautiful girlfriend sitting on your dick, minutes turn into hours.” he said pulling his pants back up. you leaned up and layed in between his legs with your hand on his defined chest, face to face with him, “Nathan Montgomery you are too much”. You said laughing then kissing him. He kissed back and said “I know baby, but you put up with it and I couldn’t be happier.” he said smiling that adorable dimpled smile you love so much. “I love you so much.” you said looking into his perfect hazel eyes. “I love you to lil mama. now let’s get home” Nate added as you two returned to the front. “yes. let’s do that because I could go for a nice warm bath” you said laying your head back. “could I join ?” Nate looked over winking and biting his bottom lip. you playfully rolled your eyes and thought ‘this boy’ but didn’t say it out loud. As if he read your mind he said “What ? You liked it the last time, Remember the ‘oh Nate, oh ya wash me baby’ huh ? What happened to that ?” he laughed knowing it weirded you out when he imitated your moaning. “Fine” you said playing annoyed, but you truly loved this funny side of Nate. “I’ll take care of you baby, you know that.” he said resting his hand on your thigh. “I know Nathan, I know.”

Lost Nate Maloley Imagine

Nate and I were on our way to a new trendy restaurant that had just opened in LA. Nate punched in the address of the restaurant into his GPS and we set off.
(1 hour later)
I was getting worried that the GPS led us to the wrong area. I swear we passed this street 3 times already. “Nate, are you sure that the GPS is leading to the correct location?” I asked Nate. “Of course, Lil Mama. Don’t worry baby girl. We’ll get there.” Nate said as he gently grabbed my hand and kissed it. So we continued on our trek to the restaurant.
(Another hour later)
We were still driving around and I knew for sure we were lost. “Nathan, you need to stop and ask for directions. We’re just wasting time and gas by driving around. That GPS is just driving us around in circles.” I said worriedly to Nate. He was getting really mad now “No! We’re not stopping and asking for directions! Y/n, you should know that men don’t stop and ask for directions.” I turned to him and gave him a questionable look. “Men who won’t get any sex don’t stop for directions. So if I were you, I would get off my dick and be reasonable and stop for directions.” I sassily said to him. He scoffed and laughed “y/n, we both know that you wouldn’t be able to keep your hands off of me for a whole day. And I’m not stopping for directions so stop suggesting that!” Nate said. “Nate, just stop for directions! They might lead to the short cut! I’m hungry!” I sasses back at him. Nate just ignored me.
(2 hours later)
Nate is so stubborn! I love him but sometimes I just wanna choke him! “Nathan Montgomery Maloley! Stop this car now and ask for directions! We’ve been driving around for 4 hours!” I yell at him. He ignores me and continues driving. I guess I’m going to have to try a different method. I scoot closer to Nate and lightly place my palm on top of the part of his pants where his dick is. Nate immediately tensed up. “Lil ma, what are you do-” I cut him off when I leaned in and start kissing his neck and I whispered in his ear “daddy, please stop and ask for directions so we can get to the restaurant. If you do that, I promise I’ll give you a little treat when we get home. Whatever you want, daddy” I bit his earlobe and leaned back into my seat. “I guess we could stop and ask for directions.” Nate said as he slowed the car down and stopped next to a pedestrian. “Excuse sir, do you know where this restaurant (points to address of the restaurant on his GPS screen) is at?” Nate asked. “Oh yeah! You’re about 5 minutes away! Just go down this road and it will be on the left.” The man then smiled and walked away. I had a smug smile on my face. I didn’t want to rub it in but…I did “hah! I told you! You need to learn to listen to me more!” “Alright. Alright. I guess you were right this time.” Nate said as he lifted on of his arms up.
When we got to the restaurant,

I noticed it was already closed! Damnit Nate! I then have him an angry look “Nate! I told you to just stop and ask for directions! If you would’ve done that, we would’ve been able to eat! Now it’s closed and I’m hungry! What are we gonna eat now?! I was really looking forward to eating at this new restaurant!” I rant to him. He just smirks at me, leans in and whispers in my ear “lil mama, I don’t know about you, but I already know what I’m gonna when we get home.” He then massages the fabric on top of my folds. “Nathan, if I have to go to sleep hungry, you will too.” I whisper to him as I remove his hand from me. He groans and says “ugh! Fine!” I feel bad for pushing him away so I lean in and kiss his cheek and tell him “I love you.” “I love you too, Lil Mama.” He says back and we drive off. ~Sorry if this sucks! I’ll be posting more imagines! Message me if you want an imagine! ❤️