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We Have a Basement?

I was having this “crisis” where I was unable to write for other people’s OCs for fear of getting their character wrong, so I needed to write something to get me out of that slump, and I wrote a fic about the triplets from the transcendence au (because honestly what else am I going to write for?) finding a hole in the floor. Also, it’s  from Willow’s perspective because I just finished the marvelous Miss Lilly fics. Enjoy?

Willow wasn’t sure what the standard procedure was for finding a mysterious hole in the middle of your hallway, but she was pretty sure it didn’t involve lowering your entire body into it to the point that only your finger tips were holding onto the floorboards and then—because what else is there to do at that point?—letting go. Of course, she didn’t get the chance to say this until Acacia had already done just that.

Willow had heard stories about caves that seemed to go on forever and ever down into the earth, caves that were so deep that if you dropped a stone in the darkness it would take minutes before you heard even the faintest of sounds. Willow wondered for one horrible second if this was somehow one of those caves, but then she heard Acacia’s sneakers slap the ground and she let out her breath.

“Woo!” was Acacia’s cry. “Not dead!”

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