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Hungry Heart: Part 2

Note: Lil Fluff, SMUT! be warned theres a huge chunk of smut lololol 

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Purple Haze - Steve Rogers

I don’t know if you do skinny!steve but can I request one where y/n has always had his back, and she fell in love with him, and is to shy to admit it until Bucky with his big mouth says something and they get together, then they went off the war and never came back,and she was captured by HYDRA, she’s an agent like Bucky and she had similar powers like Wanda but her color is purple, and Steve sees her one day at a coffee shop they used to hang out at, and he doesn’t even know how to talk to her. So he walks up to the table shes sitting at and she hugs him, and slaps him, then burst into tears, and he comforts her, and YET SO CONFUSED ON WHY SHES STILL ALIVE, so he takes her to the tower where she sees Bucky and takes him in for a hug a very long one, and he remembers her because shes the only memory he never lost, and Steve gets jealous that now they talk more and Bucky falls in love with her and then some shit happens but you can choose the ending (lol sorry for the pressure)

Yoooooo! Can I have a Steve x Reader angst based off of Blue by Troye Sivan? Please and thanks!

N/A: Hey! So I did some little changes, I hope that you don’t mind… And that you like it! 


She took slow steps in their direction, her hands were shaking a little and she was trying hard to maintain the air going to her lungs. She was so anxious, once again, she didn’t need to feel this way but she just couldn’t control this type of emotion. Not when it involved Steve Rogers. Breathing deeply, she briefly glanced at her blue dress that was now destroyed after getting in a fight with some snobbish girls. Well, five against one it wasn’t a fair fight, but she did her best. She ran her hands on the skirt of her dress to take the mud in vain since the delicate fabric was torn and there was a little blood on the hem. At least she was able to fix her hair and clean her face. Maybe they wouldn’t notice. But every step she took, approaching more and more of them, she noticed how wrong she was. Bucky suddenly froze in place, his hand mid-air as his eyes widened as he took (Y/N) appearance. Steve frowned when his best friend stopped talking, turning his head slightly to look in the same direction and letting out a surprise puff when his eyes focused on (Y/N).

“What happened?” Steve asked worried as he sprinted to her side. Reaching his hand to her cheek and examining her face “Who did this?

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Checkmate, a joker imagine (sequel to Game’s Over)

Thinking you were going to be taken from the library and to the home you used to share with the Joker like it was a sunday drive, you thought wrong. 

“Get up!” he snarled and lifted you up so you stood face to face, or well, he looked down at you. His eyes searched yours and he stroked your cheek, you couldn’t move, didn’t dare move. 

The joker was savoring every moment he came into contact with your skin, he had missed it terribly over the past few months. You were going to pay for leaving him. You played a game with him, and you lost terribly. You didn’t know what the price was going to be for this game yet, but knowing him and how he was when people disobeyed him, or hijacked the hell out of there when you had the split second moment to run as you had. This was going to be bad.

“Home.” you whispered as his fingers traced over his lips.

As you spoke, his fingers paused. “Doll, i didn’t ask you to speak yet. I’m still not happy with you. I’m happy i found you, don’t get me wrong, but you’re in trouble. You left me specifically after i told you not to.”

“I told you never to tell me what to do.” you pressed, and to your surprize, he didn’t get more angry, he stayed relatively neutral. “J.” you added to the end, hoping to keep him calmer instead of psycho killer maniac like he could easily switch to. You had to be careful now.

“Doll, when i agreed to be with you, that was one of the things we discussed. You told me never to tell you what to do and i said i couldn’t do that. I told you if your safety was in question, i’d tell you to do something out of the goodness of my retched heart and keep you safe. I’m not doing it to be mean.”

He was being heartfelt right now, you had to jump on it. “Sorry. Home?”

He tapped your cheek before kissing your forehead. “Good.” He glanced above your head and nodded to his goons. “Car. Bring it!”

“Want a driver?” one of them asked and the Joker got the psycho maniac killer look on his face, not answering the goon but he didn’t need to, the look said everything.

He was going to drive you home himself, just the two of you. No distactions, nothing.

In a matter of minutes the Joker had not only found you but now had you back in his car with the doors locked, headed for the place you had run away from months earlier. You weren’t to sure how you felt about going back, there was only one way to find out though.

“Why?” He asked about a half hour into the drive and you shook your head, you didn’t want to go down this road yet, you knew he was going to get mad and you didn’t want to face his wrath. “(YN).” His voice was more tense, his already white knuckles crunching the steering wheel. “Answer me.”

It took every ounce of strength in your body to answer him. “I was scared.”


The wheels took a sharp turn to the right, you screamed as you held onto the door handle as the car jerked this way and that. The joker slammed on the breaks nearly as fast as he had swerved the car.

Your screams had softened to little screams as his hands gripped your upper arm, not tight, but not soft either. He wanted answers.

“Scared?” He demanded and you nodded your head. “Why were you scared? Of me?”

You shook your head no.

“The business?” 

He really was just trying to get to the true answer you kept inside your heart.

“Then why?”

The tears stopped flowing, your throat was hoarse from the screams but you managed to get a good strong look at him. “You.”


“You, J, you! I understand your business is important to you, i understand you need to be a scary badass to do it, have people afraid fo you, do your every bidding so they don’t have to die. J, i could care less about all that, i understand that that is how you make a living.”

“I don’t understand.”

You bit your lip. “You don’t love me J, or you can’t love me i don’t know which but i just want you to love me. I left because i knew i wasn’t going to get it from you, and at the time, you had some seriously scary business i wanted to be away from, but normally the businesss doesn’t bother me.”

You were rambling on, everything just spilling out now. Random everything, to something truthful to something you didn’t know why you were saying it but it was just coming out anyways. You didn’t have a filter.

Neither did he.

His hands left the steering wheel to come to both sides of your face. He pulled you closer and kissed you. It wasn’t like every other kiss, this was sweet and passionate, he never did this before, you didn’t know what to do until he pulled away and his glowing eyes met yours once again.

“I should say it, but, (YN), i say it in my own way.”

“Not good enough.” you mumble and try to reach for the door but his hands grip the sides of your face harder.

“(YN), it’s not safe for me to love you.”

Your free hand came up to his face but he let go of one side of your face to stop you.

“God damnit doll, i love you, okay?”

(Be sure to tell me what you think!! Do you want more, want less, what do you want to happen next?! I want to hear from you guys! Thank you for reading, don’t forget to smile and love yourself! :) )