damning the male population

Dance Boy? Flower Boy?

Wanna One’s Park Woojin X Reader [ fem ver ]


Word count: 3786

• Woojin isn’t exactly happy on his second day of his summer job
• he really would rather be at his dance studio practicing but no, he got ropes into this ridiculous job
• maybe you will finally put a smile on this flower boy’s face :)

omf okay anon you’re changing the game here by requesting flower boy woojin oh god i can’t picture it but at the same time i can but tysm anon, this scenario was fun to write and i lowkey can’t wait to expand my flower boy series hAHAHAH should it be? let me know ;)

- admin L


Woojin glared at Daehwi, partially unamused and partially two seconds away from breaking Daehwi’s neck. He tossed the pastel coloured flyer back at the younger boy and scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Park Woojin rarely showed his temper, especially to Lee Daehwi, of all people. Hell! He had grown up with his boy and they were pretty much brothers! He hardly ever was angered by anything Daehwi had done. Woojin was shy, awkward and sometimes petty more than anything, so him flaring up over this was a huge thing.

Maybe his anger rose because, as much as it hurt his pride and image, he was also disappointing Daehwi.

“Daehwi, you know I’d do anything for you, but I can’t do this,” Woojin said calmly despite his clearly angered exterior. He shut his eyes, sucking in a deep breath to tamper his outburst.

Daehwi smiled sadly, folding back the flyer and tucking it back into his bag. He shrugged his shoulders and tried to look nonchalant as he said, “I-I guess it’s okay, hyung. I…I just wanted to do something interesting together this summer! B-but, I understand.” Even though he was visibly upset at Woojin’s upright rejection, he still hugged his hyung. “I’ll see you tomorrow! Don’t worry about it!” Daehwi skipped out of Brand New High School’s dance studio. He didn’t dance on the school team but he did attend classes almost every day at another studio, that’s how he got close to Woojin.

Woojin ran a hand through his bird nest like hair, letting out a sigh. He began to pack up his duffle bag but Daehwi’s offer resonated in his head.

Lee Daehwi, the president of English Language Drama and Debate Society, his best friend, had asked if he wanted to join him in working at the newly opened flower boy cafe for the summer. He was completely convinced that Woojin was the perfect candidate and that he would be hired.

Half the male population in this damn school is applying. What makes him think I’ll get it?

True, Woojin was looking for a summer job. It wasn’t like he desperately needed one but he figured he should slog a little to earn money instead of idling at home all day. But when he thought of a job, he didn’t exactly consider working at a flower boy cafe or even a coffee shop for that matter. He knew he could be shy and awkward, sometimes coming across as cold or menacing. It wasn’t a typical personality type for any job that required face-to-face human interaction. Things could escalate…pretty fast.

Ugh! I’m thinking too much about this. I need to start leaving before I miss the last bus home.

Woojin stuffed his water bottle into his bag, hastily changed his shirt and grabbed his bag. He locked the studio and left. It had become a regular routine for him. Staying back well after school, practicing hard for hours - on occasion, his good friends in college and Senior year like Youngmin or Donghyun would drop by and sometimes Daehwi kept him company - before being the last to leave the studio and locking up. The dance studio was like his home and he planned to spend every second of the summer dancing at Fantagio Dance Studio should he not find a job. Along with Daehwi, Youngmin and Donghyun, Ong Seongwoo, also danced there. He was a close friend during middle school but he enrolled into a different high school. He was now in the same college as Youngmin.

Perhaps hyung will have an answer…..I should ask him. He always has an answer to everything. I really hate to upset Daehwi, and he knows that. Hyung will know what to do. 

“Wow! That was great! Woojin, you worked hard. I can tell you have improved,” Seongwoo commented, beaming and he dabbed a clean towel to his face. He smacked Woojin on the shoulder, nodding in approval.

It was their weekly dance session. Originally, they would be taught and observed by a sunbae but Seongwoo recently started choreographing and teaching his own dance classes so he booked the studio to evaluate Woojin. He always joked that Woojin would soon be joining him on the board of choreographers and teachers. ( um he alrdy is tho ?? what am i doing with my life )

“T-thanks, hyung,” Woojin stammered, cheeks flushing pink and not solely because he had just finished an intense choreography. After he had caught his breath, he posed the question to Seongwoo. “Hyung, Lee Daehwi invited me to… work at the new flower boy cafe for the summer. Do you think I should?”

Seongwoo nearly spit out his water, his large eyes went wide, mimicking a manga character. He coughed and cleared his throat. “Well, funny you should mention that. Park Jihoon asked me the same thing and, u-uh…I applied for the job?” His tone went up an octave so it came out like a question. Seongwoo laughed and bashfully scratched the back of his neck. “Yah! Just because of this doesn’t mean I’m not your favourite hyung anymore. Besides, I think it will be a good change of scenery. Sure, I’m earning a bit through teaching but I suppose I need to try something new before I get too old,” he reasoned. “Woojin-ah, it’ll be fun. Come join us. I think it’s called Our Two Lips. Like tulips but….yeah. I’m not the biggest fan of it either.”

“Do you think I should apply too? Would I even qualify?” Woojin pressed, he really needed answers urgently! He began bouncing on his toes.

“It’s really up to you but I think it will be a good idea. Daehwi is sure to get in so I think we should all try to hop on board his flower boy train. But it depends on you, Woojin. What do you want?” Seongwoo chuckled in reply. “You’ll make the right decision. It’s up to you.” He ruffled his dongsaeng’s hair affectionately.

And that’s how Park Woojin found himself at 11.56pm applying for the job as a flower boy at Our Two Lips, four minutes ( sobs bc 4Minute ) before applications closed.

He wasn’t sure if he made the right decision or not. 

You were waiting at the traffic junction to cross the road, the illuminated red man glaring back at you. It was a pleasant summer day, the sky was Atlantic blue and white fluffy clouds dotted it, reminding you of cotton candy. You were on your way to meet a couple of your friends after dancing, they wanted to try out the food at Our Two Lips - the new flower boy cafe - and at first you opposed the idea but couldn’t pass up free food. There was no doubt your friends had dressed to the nines. Of course, you had changed into a more comfortable set of a trendy shirt and shorts but your dance bag was still slung around your body, you hoped it wasn’t a fashion disaster.

Even though you weren’t as interested in Our Two Lips as your friends, you were curious to discover the truth about rumours of Park Woojin, a sunbae at Fantagio Dance Studio and your crush, working there. You had been introduced to Woojin by Seongwoo, he conducted a class with just the two of you and occasionally, you’d see Woojin around the studio. He often went home late, just like you. Though the two of you were rather good pals, you figured that was all Woojin wanted the two of you to be.

Woojin was made out of the most perfect boyfriend material. He was diffident yet outgoing and a ball of energy. A true sunshine in its purest form. He was a gentleman, always holding the studio doors open but slamming them on Jihoon. You found their friendship hilarious. And like him, you adored practicing late by yourself in the studio, if he could, he would offer to walk you back home and at times, buy you a smoothie on the journey. Woojin mentioned his hyung worked there so he constantly got discounts. Still, you felt bad whenever he ignored your credit card and paid, it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside though. Seongwoo swore that the two of you would end up together by Christmas but you weren’t sure.

If Woojin is more comfortable being friends then so be it. We don’t even attend the same schools, he could have found someone else.

Just the mere thought of it caused your heart to crack. It was painful to imagine Woojin with someone else. It was selfish of you, you knew that but you couldn’t help the feelings bubbling inside of you. However, you knew where to draw the line. If Woojin really had somebody, you would back off. You weren’t going to risk losing a friend because of something like that.

Anyway, you made it safely to Our Two Lips and joined your friends in the booth they were seated in. True enough, all of them had dressed up very well.

“Oh my god! Y/N! I’m going to die! Bae Jinyoung from C9 International Academy is working here!” Your best friend, Lucy, yelled into your ear. Her face was practically comparable to her strawberry smoothie. Bomin whispered something about Sungwoon looking absolutely delicious in his flower crown and peach coloured button down. You kept your eyes peeled for Woojin, trying to spot even the slightest signs of his presence. Unfortunately or fortunately, Bae Jinyoung was managing your table. You weren’t sure if your heart was able to handle all that Woojin brought to the table.

Chaesol giggled when she saw your antics. “Yah, Y/N. We get it, you’re worried about your man. Bomin saw him a few minutes ago. Those rumours were definitely true.”

Lucy ‘oohed’, smiling knowingly. Everyone knew about your crush on Woojin, it was embarrassing yet you wanted the whole world to know.

Just not Woojin.

Anyone but him.

You were halfway through your red velvet cupcake when Chaesol firmly nudged you in the ribs using her elbow. She nodded her head to her right.

Finally, Park Woojin appeared. 

What did I get myself into? What have I done to deserve this? I did nothing wrong.

Woojin’s head was usually filled with jumbled up and meaningless thoughts but he was dead set on this one.

He officially wanted to quit this job on his second day.


All the customers at tables he served had asked him to do something sweet or cute which he became incredibly flustered at first but after the fifth time, he sort of numbed off and forced a smile on his face. It wasn’t who he really was. But he put on a mask and continued to work because he deserved his cheque after putting so much effort into his aegyo. Every few minutes, his flower crown would loosen and he would be forced to tie it back while running from table to table. It was just too demanding but at the same time, it was what he kind of signed up for.

I should be dancing, he thought. Maybe I’ll get to see Y/N at the studio instead of these people. No offence but I think that girl is a Freshman in Brand New High School and runs that creepy ‘hottest students’ blog. He shuddered at the thought of it. I bet that dude next to her takes all the pictures. Weren’t they suspended?

He was distracted and distraught. This really wasn’t his scene. In fact, he had been resting in the break room, needing fresh air, until Seongwoo shouted that Y/N had entered. Immediately, he was alert and felt energised. He nearly did a double take when he saw you seated in the booth, surrounded by your friends. You were laughing at a joke that Bomin made and Woojin thought your laugh was absolute music to his ears. Your smile lit up his own. He went about attending to the tables a bit more enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Seongwoo was busy telling all the flower boys about Woojin’s insane crush on you. Daehwi and Jihoon just stood in the corner sipping tea.

Woojin wasn’t around your table for the most part but one by one, your friends started to leave and you decided to sit and wait for him. He was rather perplexed you were sitting alone and since his shift was over soon, he tore off his apron and walked over to you.

“Hi.”  Woojin’s warm honey voice sent calming shivers down your spine.

“Oh! Hi, Woojin. Y-you didn’t mention you would be working here,” you mused, batting your eyelashes.

Woojin looked apologetic. “I’m sorry. It’s not something I want everyone to know of though,” he admitted, groaning slightly. “It really doesn’t suit me.”

You giggled and leaned closer to fix his flower crown properly. His heart nearly stopped functioning.

What is a normal heart rate? What is breathing properly?

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll get better at your job. It’ll be fun, especially with all your friends around you. Just promise me I’ll see you soon at the studio,” you said, offering your pinky out for him to clasp.

He gladly did, beaming and showing off his charming snaggletooth.

“Of course, I’ll always be back home.“ 

This occurrence happened quite frequently.

‘This’ meaning you, visiting Woojin at his job at Our Two Lips after your dance session, some visits alone and other times with a bunch of your friends. They couldn’t shut up about how many times you had been to the stupid cafe you swore off. Daehwi, Seongwoo and Jihoon teased you constantly, especially when they bumped into you at the studio. They went on and on about how Woojin had seemingly become more lively whenever you were around him.

It was cute.

Woojin couldn’t be the one serving your table all the time and he looked apologetic. Maybe even a little ticked off when he saw how well you were getting along with Baejin. He resembled a sad puppy, shuffling away. ( i love dogs )

However, Baejin and Sungwoon were out of sight today and he finally managed to wait on you.

“Hello! I’m Woojin. What can I get for you today?” He greeted, smiling to show off his pearly whites. Today, Woojin had spent extra time clipping in faux flower petals in his hair instead of his flower crown. He wanted to try something new and different. You, for one, thought they were really pretty and unique.

“I like your hair today, it’s very pretty,” you complimented, waiting for a blushing, bashful Woojin to appear. His cheeks did flush a bright pink but instead of completely melting down, he came back with a heart fluttering response.

“Thank you, but nothing compares to your beauty,” he replied suavely, clasping your hand and bringing it to his lips.

If you could, you would have chemically combusted right in your seat. You cleared your throat but your current heart rate wasn’t exactly cleared off the ‘seizure’ line. “Ahh, look at you. Your confidence is soaring. What happened to the old Woojin?” ( o, the old woojin can’t talk right now. why? he’s dead )

Woojin fiddled with his pen and notebook, a key sign that he was getting really…shy. Or impatient. There was no in between. You quickly placed your order and he shuffled back to the kitchen, self-consciously patting his clips.

Oh my god, Y/N just complimented me! I should go and check to see if my clips are in place.

“Yo, Sungwoon hyung, cover for me for a second.”

He raced to the break room and broke open his backpack, rushing to touch up his makeup and neaten his appearance. Woojin took a deep breath before stepping out again, refraining from clutching his heart.

“Are you going to confess?” Sungwoon asked, smirking. “I think you should. Y/N has been waiting for you ever since you started. She’s a keeper. Not to mention she always has supported you in your dance.”

A million thoughts ran through Woojin’s mind. Suddenly, a lightbulb ignited in his head.

“Sungwoon hyung,” he started, voice dripping with honey. “Could you…help me with something?”

Sungwoon grinned and crossed his arms over his chest. “You can count on me.”

You were mildly surprised and amused when Woojin literally hopped towards your table.


Okayyy, this so isn’t like the Woojin I know but this is pretty funny.

Woojin set your smoothie on the table. He bounced in his place and made rabbit ears. “Y/N, has bunny Woojin hopped into your heart?” ( woOJIN SWEETIE I AM SO SORRY ) He bobbed closer, fished out a flower from his back pocket and proceeded to offer it to you.

It’s like they had high-quality flowers lying around all the time. Who’s paying for these? You wondered but gratefully accepted the stalk, thanking him. Still, he didn’t leave.

“Y/N, did you know that bunnies hunt? I think I’m on the hunt for your love,” he professed dramatically.

This is Seongwoo….This is not Woojin. Seongwoo has possessed him.

You burst out laughing and forced yourself not to cringe. “Ugh! Who taught you these?”

Woojin pouted. “Yah! I thought of these. It was so hard! Am I not cute?” He whined but his voice started to waver.

You smiled and patted his shoulder. “You’re like the Easter bunny, sweet but hollow on the inside. Woojin is cute but, but not as much when you’re like this. I’m not saying I totally hate it though. The first one was good,” you confessed, hoping he wasn’t hurt. “Thanks for the flower anyways. It’s almost as gorgeous as you.”

He nodded sheepishly and backed away when Jinyoung called for him.

You sighed and rubbed your temples. No wonder he hates his job, but his aegyo isn’t terrible. I bet Daehwi has been teaching him a few tricks. Should I save him as flower boy on my phone now? 

“Hyung, full offence but your idea was terrible,” Woojin blurted out flatly, face hot. “She hated it!”

Seongwoo raised a perfectly plucked brow. “I only suggested it. It’s on you that you went with my suggestion,” he retorted, pointing out the obvious and smiled smugly when Woojin had no reply.

“Woah! Calm down, there’s still a ton of other things you could do! Don’t give up yet, hyung,” Daehwi encouraged. He shoved a bunch of things that Woojin was unfamiliar with into his arms.


“Just go!”

Woojin stared at the strange items. He had no clue what to do with those. Is this a pink bow hairband? And silly string? What does Daehwi even carry to work? He was confused and slumped in defeat.

I’ll just need to accept the fact that Y/N is the sunshine in my life. She gives me warmth and makes me happy but she’s too distant and hot to touch.

Sungwoon found him sulking in the break room - there weren’t many people at this hour - and joined him. He rubbed his back affectionately. “Yah, why are you like this? Don’t be demoralised.”

Woojin squeezed his eyes shut, leaning his head on the headrest of the sofa. “I don’t know. Nothing’s working out for me. What am I going to do?”

“Well, I know you appreciate all the ideas and help we’re giving but maybe….maybe you need to strip that off. Just go to her like the Woojin she knows and loves. You have to be yourself,” Sungwoon advised. He hoped that his hypothesis would work.

“B-but how? How can I do that? I’m so awkward and shy. I’m not good at aegyo or anything of that sort,” Woojin groaned. He looked like he wanted to pull his hair out.

Sungwoon hummed. “I’m sure you will figure it out. I can help you with one component. Just tell me what Y/N’s favourite dessert is.”

That was a no-brainer for Woojin, he knew the answer immediately.

Sungwoon nodded as he stood up. “Got it. I think you know what to do too.“ 

You were tucked in your chair, head buried in your novel you needed to study for literature over the summer. The cafe was quiet and cozy, just the way you wanted it to be.

An envelope fell on your table, but whoever delivered it walked away before you could see who it was. Puzzled, you peeled it open.

Dear Y/N,
it’s me.
park woojin.
I wanted to thank you for being an amazing friend, always staying by me when I’m dancing late at the studio and now, even visiting me at work and supporting me. It’s crazy how far you’re willing to go for your friends.
I suppose you deserve to know a few things. If not, it’d be unfair to both of us. I just want to say that I like you.
Like, I genuinely like you.
As more than a friend.
I don’t mind if you don’t feel the same way but I want us to still be friends.
If you do feel the same way, put the letter down and look on your table.

With your heart about to thud out of your chest and butterflies erupting in your stomach, you complied and set the letter on the table. You gasped at what was placed on it. It was your favourite dessert that Woojin always bought for you when you walked past that cafe. It wasn’t even on the menu here. You could feel tears brimming your eyes, you were touched beyond belief.

Next to the dessert, a cursive 'be mine?’ was written in chocolate sauce. You clasped your hands over your mouth.

It’s happening! It’s really happening!

Woojin settled in the seat in front of you, his gaze locked with your own. "So,” he started, confidence surprisingly coming off strongly in his tone “I guess you now know. Y/N, will you date me?”

“YES!” you squeaked, earning a few curious stares. You pretty much threw yourself on him, crushing him in a bear hug. Woojin only laughed and kissed the top of your head.

“Who knew you were such a big romantic?” You teased but your voice was muffled by his chest.

“Who knew you would fall for a hopeless romantic?” Woojin retorted, raising his eyebrows. “Are you serious? You like me?”

In reply, you pecked him on the cheek and nodded. “Yes. For like a long time now.”

“I hope you’re my girlfriend for a long time.”

Discreetly, in the kitchen, upon hearing the excited shrieks, Sungwoon reached over and high-fived Jisung.

“We make a good team, bro.”

“Bro, your hands are so nice.”



anonymous asked:

hi i need some advice :/ i have trans women asking me out pretty often and it makes me uncomfortable bc im a lesbian right but idk how to turn them down bc im afraid of the repercussions but i cant ghost them bc i feel really guilty about it :/ what should i do?

Hello !

You have every right to block them and not respond to them. Put this in context : they are straight males preying on lesbians, knowing damn well we are a vulnerable population, especially due to the qu**r community’s blatant and violent lesbophobia on tumblr and in real life. Besides, you strike me as very young, which just adds to the horror. By blocking them and not responding to them, you are actually protecting yourself. The best advice I can give you is to not engage in these interactions.

If you are engaged in some of them right now, it is best to diffuse the situation. Either you say you’re not interested in dating atm, or change the subject. Please remember, you do not have to cater to anyone, and do not owe your attention to anyone who is ignoring your boundaries.

It is also good to talk to your friends and such about this situation, so that they know what is happening. I’m considering the worst case scenario, but your safety always comes first. ALWAYS. It is not negotiable.

Mod C.