Request:  Thank you so much for doing my request. If it’s okay with you can I request another where Damien meets his older sister for the first time who thinks he’s adorable :) thank you from @exodarkwolf16

Pairings: Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Warnings: nope

a/n: yiphee!

“You’re much more cuter than I imagined.” You said, pinching Damian’s cheek. Nobody knew that Damian had an older sister, but he did now, apparently. Damian very well knew he had an older sister, but he never actually knew absolutely anything about her. His mother just called and told him that his sister was coming to visit and he freaked the bloody hell out.

He didn’t understand why he needed to make a big deal out of it, he just did.

He was expecting you to be some kind of badass ruthless murderous bloodlust justice serving fighter like he once was, you being an earlier version of him, only difference being female, but here you were booping his nose. Jason and Tim were laughing in the background while Damian’s face just screamed stop.

“I’m not cute.” He reaffirmed, putting your arm down. You raised an eyebrow at how mature you younger brother seemed to be.

“Well, Damn. That’s the biggest lie I’ve heard.” You responded

“No, It is a genuine fact that I am not cute. I am deadly vicious and can kill.” He growled. You booped his nose and bent down to his level.

“Nope, shortie. You’re an adorable cutie.”

the-stray-liger  asked:

Can you do the roommate thing for Damian. I don't have anything good to offer in exchange but I have a rock you can have it

how many facets on the rock tho (it’s more than most ppl offer me lmao)

→ his roommate will trip over his shoes if they’re not careful. he’ll take them off in the middle of the room he doesn’t care

→ he’ll have them fooled that he only listens to classical music until he knows whether or not they’d judge him, then he plays arabic pop on his phone without earphones 

→ he takes the bed closest to the door. he’d probably keep his r/m from sleeping beside the windows if he can help it. he’s the First Line of Defense

→ damian would probably tell them he’s robin in the first few months of them living together. just to have things make more sense- he’s not just leaving in the dead of night for no reason.

→ he drinks both tea and coffee. sometimes both at the same time, if he’s so tired he stops caring, but he’ll chastise his roommate if they drink four monster drinks and then try to study.

→ he shares his food all the time. less in a ‘wanting to keep up appearances’ way and more in a ‘i’m not hungry and i want to see the look on your face when you eat this’ way.

Another page dedicated to rwby ocs out there! Started off with @team-fair‘s and @team-umbr but then wanted to try ocs I haven’t drawn compared to the first one I did.

Listing left to right (excluding two mentioned earlier):

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Something I noticed of Adam...

When Blake asked what was wrong, he said it was nothing and told her to prep up for the train raid.

When the lieutenant told Adam that they will find Blake, he tells him to forget about it and changes the subject.

It seems like Adam has a tendency to avoid the subject of when something is wrong or when something bad has happened. Like he’s always hiding something or not being honest.

UPDATE/EDIT: (During RWBY Volume 3)

Holy shit! I just realize something! If this does tend to be a thing with Adam,what if he does it again when he and Blake reunite? This might lead to his downfall or a major breakdown.

Like he and Blake meet up, and Blake knows there’s some shit going on in White Fang, and Adam tries to hide it and say nothing is wrong, because he is ashamed of what has happened and what it has become. But Blake doesn’t realize this and they get into a fight and maybe an emotional argument. And Blake’s totally gonna feel hurt again, but Adam probably feels worst

That he is just letting everyone down, that he let some random chick take over the White Fang, that a lot of White Fang members had to follow some human and get killed in a tunnel, that his men got hurt/killed(oh god does he know of Tukson’s fate!?!), that he failed his partner and is hated/disappointed by her, that he became weak and shit went down again. And he just too ashamed to ask for help. That pretty much, he FUCKED up everything. and he just breaks down and suffers for it. 


ohmygod what is wrong with me?!?! why did I update this?!/!? aaarrggghhhh!!!!

UPDATE/EDIT : (After RWBY Volume 3 )

(Note: This update will be very long and wordy, so sorry if you get confused along the way. I have a hard time organizing ideas and putting them into words that make sense. I may have even made some mistake while making this XD. So if I made a mistake or something doesn’t make sense, please tell me so I can clarify and edit it. Hope you like this and Thank you@animemes420​ , Sorry it took so long! XD)

I would recommend reading the reblog comments of @the-stray-liger (as Damnian-wayne) and @tumnificent on this post. Read to understand the rest of what I’m gonna say as I continue with this.

They explain it/this post better than I can. What I was trying to say was along the lines of Adam being inexpressive. And more likely to keep things in rather than let others know about it/less likely to share it with others. Keep it repressed/under control, etc. that kind of character type. Almost like a lone wolf. One who deals with their problems without the help of others—either by confronting them or escaping from them, in their own way.

Anyways, this update is pretty much about how this characteristic is still relevant to Adam and how it ties to what I think happened to him (as of Volume 3).

If I was originally going to continue updating with this post during Volume 3,but I kinda got busy :P, I would’ve added a line that Blake said in episode 8, which supports this character aspect/tendency of Adam:

“I had someone very dear to me change, it wasn’t in an instant, it was gradual. Little choices that began to pile up. He told me not to worry.”

This sounds very similar to the actions he was doing in episode 7. Him doing exactly what Tumnificent and Stray said in their reblogs:

He thought he could handle whatever he was dealing with by himself without getting those he cares about involved or worried. He tries to solve it through his own way. He won’t admit that he isn’t in control of the situation or that it’s not going as he wanted it to go. He’s stubborn and refuses to reach out for help and it bottles up inside/piles up until he can’t handle it anymore (or until he finds a solution). ( the “bottling up until he can’t” part came from Stray-Liger’s reblog and the8thsphynx’s reblog). While it may not have been the best/right choice for Adam to make, he did it anyways because either he cares too much, is too confident/stubborn, or a little of both. etc. etc.

(I mean, this guy has some sort of leader/authority role in the White Fang, and he was Blake’s mentor/teacher, so that would give him a kind of sense of duty, responsibility, and overprotective mindset. A role to lead and protect his people. So it’s not like it’s out of the ordinary for him to do stuff like that. (Even in Vol. 2 episode 10, Blake said that Adam would always assure her that what they were doing was alright. To not worry and that everything was gonna be okay, etc.)

(I also have another idea to add on for why he does this tendency, but maybe I’ll make another post about it or should I add it to the update? idk do u guys/ @animemes420 want to hear it?)

I believe that he became the way that he currently(as of Vol.3) is through a long and gradual process. He’s too stubborn to change too fast.

Adam tried to stay control of the situation and of his feelings.

1.Being abandoned by Blake.

2. Being betrayed by Blake.

But it just kept piling up and was becoming too much and it was hurting so much. Episode 11 shows the repressed emotions and thoughts Adam felt.

You and I were going to change the world, (remember.)”

This could’ve been our day, (can’t you see that?)”

“All I want is you, Blake.” | “What you want is impossible. (But I understand.)”

“Why must you hurt me, Blake?”

When Blake abandoned Adam. While he was hurt, it wasn’t enough to motivate him to go after her. He didn’t have any plans to bring her back right away or to even go after her. And his reasons for that choice could vary. (Maybe he couldn’t accept the reality that she was gone and just buried himself in work so he wouldn’t have time to think about it and how it made him feel. Or maybe he was going to go after her eventually or he had hoped for her to return. Who knows). What matters is that Adam was upset when Blake left him for good, but it was not to the extent that he was in episode 11. It was only one contributing factor.

When Blake betrayed and came back as an enemy to them. She and Team RWBY attacked the White Fang, in Volume 1 at the docks and in Volume 2 with the train. They attacked them. Considering whatever role of authority he is in the White Fang, Adam cares for his White Fang comrades too. Blake is against something(the White Fang) she was once part of (against theirpeople),against people who also matter to Adam. Adam has to lead/defend his White Fang against those who oppress them. I think he was at least disconcerted, distraught, or conflicted, not just because they couldn’t handle them, even tho it’s true that Team RWBY whipped some White Fang ass, it was because this was personal. Blake was involved with these attacks. And he may have taken this to heart: That she was okay with attacking people she once knew and grew up with, that she would be okay with hurting him. It probably felt more humiliating and hurtful than anything a stranger human could ever do to them. Because that kind of pain doesn’t come from enemies, it comes from those you love. And he still loved her).

(If he had hoped she would have returned then all that hope is gone. If he was going to go after her later, then it would have been pointless now.)

He’s upset that they can’t be together again because of her betrayal. He understands that it’s hopeless, but he can’t help himself that he still yearns to be with her. Which gives off/causes him this bitter longing and tension, another possible factor he is trying to deal with.

He’s angry because he couldn’t let her go, he didn’t want her to leave. He couldn’t move on from her like she did with him. He reached out for her.

Adam is frustrated and angry because he still has feelings for Blake. He is frustrated because he cares for both his White Fang comrades and for Blake. But he can’t have them both.

(And if u noticed, most of these problems are coming from Blake and the White Fang and have little to nothing to do with Cinder and the other bad guys. Sure they may have contributed, but not as much as Blake was. )

(Now I’m also sure that Cinder had some involvement with this on a certain level too. But Cinder is another contributing variable to consider in this mess, and I don’t want to get into that until we have more evidence to back it up. Well I mean, she already does, with her coming back to coerce Adam and the White Fang to work for her. So maybe he’s pissed at that too and that things aren’t going the way they should have gone).

(Now this part is pretty speculative and I’m not 110% sure for this but i’ve written possibilities for it)

When he asks why Blake betrayed them, it could have been a genuine question.

Adam most likely knew that was Blake’s Semblance. After all he has been with her and fought alongside her for a long time. He should know that. He was also pretty slow when he was going to decapitate her head. So it’s possible he expected her to run. Or hoped for it to be a shadow clone. He wants to hurt her not kill her, for now.

If the case was that Adam knew it wasn’t Blake (her semblance clone), maybe he wasn’t really asking her and he said it to himself. Which is relevant to this characteristic of not sharing it with anyone but himself.

If the case was that maybe after a long time he just wants to know. To hear the truth from her voice, like he has given up. When she didn’t respond he didn’t want to see her again. And again maybe expected her to run.

(Or maybe he lost control of himself and didn’t mean to kill her. Like in the heat of the moment.)

Okay summary time.

Because of his tendency, he kept them all in and didn’t share/express it with anyone but himself. Adam was consumed by these problems and emotions so much, it was what hurt him even more. They just piled up/bottled up inside until he couldn’t take it anymore. 

He was too reliant on that unhealthy tendency and mindset.

(And that’s all I have. Hope this was okay. ^ _ ^)

(And as for that last update, it (the emotional breakdown) could possibly happen in Volume 4 or a future volume. Shame is when you look back at what you did and feel humiliated by doing such foolish and wrong actions that you did. And I think Adam hasn’t gotten there yet, he hasn’t realized how much he has screwed up.(Or he knows that what he is doing is wrong but he can’t do anything about it. So if this was the case, he is just hiding it or maybe it hasn’t ‘broke’ him fully yet Or maybe he thinks he can still solve it, idk). However it seems that the writers aren’t going to do it yet. They seem to be making Adam do more stuff that he’s eventually going to feel ashamed of later. On top of things he has done in the past.) Right now he is angry and upset, and that could add on to his shame/breakdown, if it will ever happen. Perhaps later on, he’ll eventually wake up, realized how far he has fallen, and become regretful, and it could still work. He needs to feel what Blake feels and be regretful of his actions. Which hasn’t come out of him yet. Also Adam has only gotten back into the series present, and as of now, anything can happen. He may or he may not. We’ll have to wait and see.)

the-stray-liger  asked:

8. A favourite random historical anecdote or fact GO

Oh man, it has to be Zeno!! 

Zeno of Citium was the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy. I have neither the time nor the knowledge to describe all the basic tenets of Stoic philosophy, but one of the more important ones was that everyone should strive to learn the natural order of things; that everything was ultimately subject to fate and universal reason. Subsequently, they believed that one should always do what was appropriate for nature, and not try and extend their life once it had reached its natural end, as to do so would be to interfere with the natural order of things. Another important teaching was that no-one could ever know what happens after life, and there is therefore no need to fear it, because to fear death would be to assume that you knew it was a bad thing, and assuming knowledge was not logical. Therefore, accepting death as a universal inevitability was the only reasonable response. 

With that in mind, the (probably exaggerated) story of Zeno’s death is unfortunately hilarious. 

The tale goes that Zeno, who was about 72 at the time, was leaving his school of philosophy one day when he tripped over a step and broke his toe. According to one report, he took this as a sign from the universe that his time to die had come - he was in so much pain that he could not imagine living, and he didn’t fear death because he didn’t know what death was like, so the obvious rational response was to strangle himself to death there and then.

This is a pretty solid example of what I like to define as ‘taking things way too fucking far’, but there you go.

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Positive Thoughts Art Tag

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COOL! I wanted to give this tag a go and finally someone tagged me in it XD

List your 5 favorite fics and/or art pieces that you’ve done so far (and say why if you want) and then tag some folks!

I will taaag @valravna @nickroblesart @damnian-wayne @thy-firestarter @fuckingmonsters @loveletterstoamonster  i am so bad with the tagging stuff D;

Ok on to the piciesss then I guess. This is no particular order of importance. Just 5 pics I’ve done that I’m fond of. for the sake of this blog I can’t go with any of my very very nsfw stuff ;o; ( might get into that if someone ends up tagging my erotic blog )  otherwise I’d have a lot more to work with so I’m gonna pull this off with tamer things. I also would have loooooved to have done this with sketches too since I consider my sketches to be a lot better than my finished work but I really don’t wanna go there and dedicate this entire thing to sketches : I I’d have to go and do an entirely different one JUST for sketches but anyyyywayyyyyy……………

Aurel having a cup of coffee. I really just love this picture a lot. I worked very hard to make it a very subtle and soft image with gentle rendering. I focused a lot on letting the line work do a lot of my work. But yeah I just like how simple and clean this one is.

A very happy Errol in bed XD. I was very happy with the expression and the rendering which I’m REALLY fond of with this one and I haven’t even been able to duplicate was kind of a happy accident while experimenting. His skin looks so…just real to me lol. But overall the expression sells this one

Badass Tulvir. I still stare at this one and I have been itching to do another like it. There just so much movement and flow in it and lots of curves. I love curves. All the colors work together perfectly. For me it’s kind of a personal masterpiece that was full of everything I loved and I learned about composition, color, figure drawing and lots of other things.

I love this pic of liloe ;o; I love how rich the colors are and I don’t know if you guys noticed but I reallllly love creating patterns lol. I find it very soothing actually. It’s a simple picture but I think all the rich tones and the complex pattering really make it.

Well this one’s cropped because theres a dick in it but I think it stands on it’s own with out it XD;;;. I think this one is gonna always be one of my favorites I’ve done. It was when I 1st start doing celshading more seriously. I think it’s a very crisp picture and I still really dig how the patterns on his cloak came out XD Also Amun is adorable so there’s that XD