Damn Good Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek may be one of the most brilliant and enjoyable franchises of all time. This addition to the almost half-century old stories clearly and expertly embodies their intelligence and accessibility. The concept of everyone on Earth, and indeed in the universe, working together to keep peace and advance themselves together is something few other franchises come close to emulating, making this one consistently enjoyable and capable of producing excellent films. Star Trek Into Darkness is one of them. From the very first scene to the very last, the audience is excited, amused, exhilarated, comfortable, giddy, and awestruck from the absolutely breathtaking visuals, storyline, and acting. Truly this is one of the best acted adventure films I have seen in a long time, and the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch is simply perfect, as he may be the greatest British actor working today. J.J. Abrams’ sequel demonstrates exactly what the “summer movie” should be. Awe-inspiring visuals, an intelligent and thought-out plot, great acting, and a charm that wins the audience over consistently.  It excels as a sequel, with its subtle and only necessary references to the preceding film, and it excels as a take on previous material, meaning the original series of course, with intelligent and charming references to things only fans of the franchise would know, and that they will appreciate immensely. (Me being one of those fans, I’m compelled to specifically thank Abrams for including tribbles, one of the greatest things about the original). Anyway, as if I haven’t said enough about how brilliant this film and the franchise it comes from are, this film and the franchise it comes from are brilliant. Go see it. It is a damn good movie. 

My Rating: 9.7/10

Damn Good Movie: The World’s End

Edgar Wright can do no wrong. A fitting wrap up to the best comedy trilogy ever, The World’s End never shuts off its charm, its excitement, or its intelligence, proving, as if any more proof was needed, that when Wright, Pegg, and Frost team up, we’re in for a damn good time.

My Rating: 9.0/10