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Rough Sketch o'clock:

MRW super disrespectful people tell artists super disrespectfully to not draw unmasked Tenno.  I wish I could have squeezed more in there and I wanted to but I ran out of time earlier while working on it.

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Sticky Sticky Sweet

Summary: You and Dean set up shop in a motel parking lot on a hot summer’s day, enjoying your first day off in months. Dean ends up getting excited by more than just the sizzling sun.
Pairing: Dean/Reader
Word Count: 3K of pure debauchery 
Warnings: Smutty smuttiness, blowjob, food play, temperature play, hair pulling, rough sex, unsafe sex (don’t be silly, wrap those willies), tons of strong language bc of who I am as a person, dirty talk, cunnilingus from behind, ass eating, vaginal fingering, some spanking, basically PWP with a huge emphasis on the P O R N (tbh this turned out soooo much filthier than I had originally planned…) NSFW aesthetic below the cut as well!
A/N: Shame. So much shame.
Side Note: Please, ladies, do not—I repeat: do not—put sweet, sticky, sugary anything near or in your woman business. This is purely fiction and yeast infections do not exist in this universe, but they very much do exist in ours. So please, mix food with sex responsibly and at your own discretion. I am in no way responsible if you chose to reenact this with a partner and end up getting a YI and a big yellow pill for said affliction lmao js 

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