damned if i queue ya

“You know, there are people who live ordinary lives. They wake up, prepare for school or get ready for work. After a long spent day they would return home and have a lovely dinner with their families.” He described, as his blade moved upwards inside a man’s chest, a cry of pain from the individual upon the sword’s movement as their blood spluttered around his clothes and his blade. “Some enjoy parties and hangouts with lots and lots of people. Everyone lives this ordinary life…” A sigh before he spun to attack the person from behind, slicing across his chest another scream was loudly audible. “Some of them are plain filthy and unlawful.” He turned his head to look towards another individual, “-And some of them have to do the daily clean up job, like me.”

He turned back to the front to finish off the remaining that rushed towards him with weapons. He didn’t hesitate to attack any of them unless they made their attack first, as a form of self defense since a witness had been watching the whole time. What would they think of him once this is all over? What would they call him? It was quite obvious. Kage remained still once there was no longer anyone standing or brandishing their weapons, then slowly lowering hisblade. “It can’t be helped that there is so much drug dealing in the alleys. They didn’t pay any heed to our warnings.. I warned them over and over..” His voice was desperate and hostile, gritting his teeth as he looked over his shoulder. “Look at the stupidity of -what you would call ..the human race.

Still panting heavily, he closed his eyes and lowered his head. Kage began to recollect the scene that he had created and ended, his paranoia slowly coming down to a calmer state. “Who’s next on the Princess’s list..?”