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♔ a song and accompanying headcanon about fighting/conflict

See, unlike the men Teddy surrounded himself with, he wasn’t a violent man by nature.  He was just as apt to try and talk himself out of a bad situation with a coy wink and a smile as he was to throw a punch.  The problem was, however, that there were those violent men Teddy’d taken up company with, and how fuckin’ hard they made it from time to time just to enjoy his fuckin’ evening.

He might not have been a violent man by nature, but it sure as fuck had been nurtured in him, and just like everythin’ else that was worth doin’, when it came to a spot of violence Teddy made a fuckin’ impression.

If you wanna start a fight
You better throw the first punch
Make it a good one
And if ya wanna make it through the night
You better say my name like
The good, the bad, and the dirty

I haven’t removed any hair on my body in over a month. I was feeling bored the other day and was considering shaving my legs because I couldn’t think of any other entertaining thing to do. Later that day I got in the shower and washed my hair, I looked at my legs and thought to myself, “I can’t be fucked.” Got out of the shower and went about the rest of my day as usual. 

*Everything was fine - since I was only thinking about myself (which is the way it should be because it’s my damn hair on my damn body).*

Really think about this, who are you shaving for? How many times do you think/feel “I can’t be fucked” in situations of removing your natural body hair? What about when waxing? Are you really putting yourself through all that pain for you? Is having hairless skin really worth the effort? How is it something you truly enjoy if you see it as something that requires effort? Why are you doing things you don’t truly enjoy? “Ugh, I have to shave.” “Yikes I have to spend some time psyching myself up to get a wax.” Maybe this one time don’t get the wax? See what it feels like to let your hair grow out a bit more. See how it goes. Then further analyse why you feel the way you feel. Be critical of why you’re doing these things. If it were just you by yourself alone at home would you still be worried about the hair on your body?

The things that hurt the most about Percy and Annabeth losing the gray streak is losing all jokes Percy and Annabeth would make.

“Jason your speech took forever to end to the point I got gray hair.”
“Annabeth, you’re so stressed, look at you, you even have grey hair”
“Oh Annabeth! You’re 21! So old! look at that grey hair”
“Damn Percy, college has been so rough on you, you even got grey hairs”

some reminders if we do get sana for s4:

  •  with all the islamophobia and xenophobia in the world at the moment (such as geert wilders, whose twitter banner literally is ‘stop islam’, being one of the leading candidates of the dutch election yesterday) a season with sana in the lead couldn’t have come at a better time tbh 
  • to people who think sana as s4 main is “rushed”: sana had a major subplot in s2, and she was involved in s3 (even if that was to a large extent to help isak’s development, sana and her religion was still important) so she’s not more rushed than any other character on the show imo 
  •  a season with sana would probably break some of the norms of the show which would be very interesting to see (for example, her backstory in s2 had to do with her family relations – how will the show solve that, when sana still lives at home?) 
  • apart from the boys, sana is probably the character who would give isak (and by extension, even) the most screen-time
  • on that note: the last season’s main is always ‘followed up’ in the next season (eva and jonas post-breakup in s2, noora coming back from london in s3)
  • sana is so wise and clever and perceptive and can you imagine how cool it would be to see a whole season from her point of view? 
  • also sana has such a tough exterior, so seeing what goes on when she lets her guard down? probably amazing and emotionally touching 
  • i know many of you want even for s4, and i get that, i really do… but whichever character julie has chosen, it’s probably with good reason, and we probably have an awesome season in store no matter what 
  • have faith in julie andem!! lord knows she’s earned it  

They’re saps

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?


guess who has no impulse control and watched the leaks it’s me!!!! I love the pearls so much I’m going to marry them ALL

life is a trip and the road map leads you.

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