damned fine film

Baby Come Through, (Bryce Hall Smut)

AN: All characters are automatically aged up(:

“Hey Bryce.” I greeted him as I flopped down onto his bed.

“Filming a music.ly?” I shook my head, giggling.

“You always ruin everything.” He chuckled.

“Buutttt, now that you’re here I’m going to put you in my music.ly.” He smirked.

“Um no?” I sassed.

I felt him climb over me, basically straddling me. He pushed record on his phone and lowered it so you can see my face.

“Baby girl, you so damn fine tho.” He filmed my body and how I was laying.

“I’m tryna know if I can hit it from behind though?” His phone played, he grabbed my hips with one hand and filmed him basically dry humping me.

“Bryce, fuck off.” I rolled over so he fell off of me. The reason I came over was to study for a test tomorrow, not be seduced by my best friend.

“Where’s your work, Bry? I need to study for that test tomorrow..” I got off his bed and started searching his desk.

“Bry, come on, I need to studyyyy.” I whined.

“Why? You’re gonna pass anyway.” He rolled his eyes. I glared at him and kept searching. I could hear him start to film another music.ly behind me.

“All I want is you, used to come to my house after school,” He started and showed me in the back ground, looking for his homework, I flipped the camera off and rolled my eyes.

“but your boyfriend no he never knew,” I started laughing at the faces he made, turning around to try to find his homework again.

“I’m tryna get it in right now, baby come through.” This part was a surprise, he quickly walked behind me and held my hips. I felt him lightly thrust and grind against me after every word.

“Bry.” I warned, “Don’t do that..” He quickly grabbed my hips and threw me on his bed.

“Why? Does it make you wet?” He mumbled as he kissed my neck.

“Bryce..fuck.” I arched my back, my chest pushing against his, “What’s gotten into you Bry?” I moaned as his hands wandered underneath my shirt.

“More like what’s gonna be in you.” He winked.

He was knelt between my legs, his bulge pressed against my center.

“Bryce. Knock it off.” I groaned trying to push him away. I can’t deny right now that I want him so bad, but I just don’t want to be another girl he’s fucked.

His lips quickly attached to mine, my arms snaked around his neck, pulling him closer. His lips felt so good against mine, I just couldn’t get enough.

“Tell me to stop,” he mumbled against my lips, “Tell me to stop before I fuck you into oblivion.”

“Do it Bry, but I don’t think you could handle me.” I winked.

“You’re so fucking cute.” He chuckled. His fingers hooked into my yoga pants and he shimmied them down my legs. He quickly reattached his lips to mine and pulled me close to his body.

“Bry, just do something. Please.” I could barely moan out.

I started tugging on the hem of his shirt as he kissed my neck. He quickly got the hint and stripped out of his shirt. While he was doing so, I also contributed to the pile that was growing on the floor as well.

“You’re so god damn beautiful.” He groaned as he stared at my body, I could feel a blush rapidly rising.

“Lay down Bry, let me make you feel good.” His eyes widened as he took a seat against the headboard of his bed.

I crawled up to him and kissed his lips. I slowly traced up and down his thigh, getting closer to his bulge every time.

“Please.” He whimpered as I palmed him through his sweat pants. I smiled and slowly pulled his pants down his legs.

He quickly shimmied out of his boxers, his erection springing up in the process.

“Mmm Bry.” I moaned looking at it.

I took him in my hand, slowly pumping him. I gently licked his tip before taking him into my mouth.

“Fuck.” His head fell back against the headboard. Seeing him so vulnerable turned me on so much.

I moaned around his cock and the vibrations made him wild. His hands tangled into my hair, pushing me farther into his cock.

I started swirling my tongue around his tip and pumping the rest of his length with my hands.

“YN, stop.” I didn’t listen and kept going.

“Fuck stop.” He gently pushed me off him.

“I wanna come when in inside you.” He groaned. He grabbed me by the waist and threw me down on his bed. He hovered over me and I sat up so I could I clip my bra. He threw it somewhere in his room and then moved to work on my panties.

He laid in between my legs, his fingers hooking into the waistband of my thong.

“Lift.” He spoke, I obeyed him words. He pulled them down my legs and flung them across his room.

“Shit.” I arched my back as his mouth connected with my heat.

“Bry, that feels so good.” I whined. He smiled and watched me. I felt his tongue enter me as he used his fingers to massage my clit.

“shit Bry! I’m gonna..” He ripped his fingers away and unlatched his mouth.

“What the fuck, Bryce!” I groaned, he chuckled and reached over into his drawer. He pulled out a metallic foiled square and ripped it open with his teeth. I watched him roll it onto his length.

He took his position between my legs and started rubbing his tip against my slit. He slowly inched in and began running his length against my clit.

“Shit,” I spoke breathlessly, “Bryce. Please.” I closed my eyes, clearly frustrated.

“Look at me as I enter you.” He growled, my eyes snapped open and he slowly starting inching into me. His eyes locked to mine while he kept pushing in. He was very thick.

“You’re so big, oh fuck.” I cried out.

“Damn YN, you feel so fucking good around me.” He threw his head back as my nails scratched down his back.

He lowered his body so he was hovering over me. He attached our lips and passionately kissed me while he kept thrusting. Bryce started out slow, his pace was very teasing but I enjoyed every second of it.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling his waist closer making him go deeper. “Holy shit.” I cried out, my back arched against him. His head dropped to the crook of my neck.

“Baby, you feel so damn good wrapped around my hard cock.” He panted. I whimpered at his words.

His thrusts sped up signaling he was close. I could feel the knot in my stomach building.

“Fuck, Bryce, I’m so close.”

“Cum for me baby, cum for daddy.” One hand was squeezing my boob as his other was rubbing circles on my clit.

“Fuck! Bryce! I’m cumming!” My toes curled, back arched, my eyes were closed so tight I was seeing stars.

“Holy fuck, that’s so hot, that feels so good.” He was referring to my walls squeezing around him.

“Fuck.” He panted, his hands dropped down next to my face as he was nearing his orgasm. He kissed my lips and I could feel his thrusts getting sloppier.

“Shit, I’m cumming.” He mumbled against my lips, he slowly continued to ride out our highs before he pulled out of me.

My breathing was heavy as I watched him take off the condom, tie it up, and toss it in his bathroom bin. I started to get off his bed, my legs aching. I heard Bryce chuckle and he climbed back into his bed. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back next to him.

“Where are you going?” He cocked his eyebrow, staring at me intently.

“I figured this is a one time thing and I should go?” I stated confused.

He shook his head.

“You’re my best friend, YN, I like you so much. I don’t know what I have to do to make you see that.”

“Bryce, I like you too, but I can’t be with you if all these girls you had sex with are gonna keep flirting with you.” I started to climb off his bed again.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

“YN, honestly, you were my first, I was a virgin before I made love to you.” He looked down ashamed. My eyes widened in shock, he sure did not seem like a virgin.

“What? You did not seem like a virgin.” My eyes were practically bugging out of my head.

“I know you’ve been with a few other guys before, and I may have watched a lot of porn to know what I was doing.” His cheeks turned bright pink. I started giggling like crazy.

“Bryce, I was a virgin too.” I shook my head laughing, now his eyes were bugging out.

“We lost our virginity to each other?” He smiled widely.

“I guess so.” I smiled back. He pulled me against his body and we laid there for a while just cuddling and talking.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked intertwining our fingers.

“I’d love to, Bry.” I smiled kissing his lips.