damned tonight

Tonight with the boyfriend B)

Josh and I got sushi for dinner and bought some scratchers from ampm. Headed home and now we are drinking some alcohol, watching dank memes with his cat, and later he wants to look at some rings online …. NOT ENGAGEMENT RINGS LOL but just a regular ring…hehehe.

Splatooning later too.

I’m loving vacation so far B) Sunday we are going to great America amusement park.

It’s the fourth of July.

I hear explosions outside.

I stand up from my bed.

I walk toward my window.

I look to the sky.

I see fireworks launched by my neighbours.

I open the window.

My neighbours are singing the Star Spangled Banner.

In their garden, little American flags in their bands.

You don’t see anything weird, do you ?

Well I’ll tell you.

I’m french.

And I’m in fucking France right now.

look dear anons you don’t come into my inbox and talk to ME about a red riding hood au and not expect me to get both nasty and thirsty enough to stay up late to scribble a wolf!JJ before bed

you know. i really want something like dan and phil someday. the friendship they have is so rare and something that i hope to have someday. from the very beginning i admired their friendship, and if anything is truly friendship and/or relationship goals, it’s dan and phil.

They’re saps