Makoto comes out of the police station. He apparently bought a weapon and armor for Tartarus to fight Shadows in a higher level. He was told by Yukari that the weapons he was carrying weren’t strong enough for the shadows in the upper level. But he quickly agrees on getting new equipment, not that he cares. But on the way back, he sees someone….


He wonders…who might that be….?


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The short, blonde demon released a yawn from her maw. She had clocked in a rather long day at Magic Shop Leon, but a progressive one at that. She only managed to scare away one customer today! A new record. As she cheerfully hummed to herself, footsteps emanated on the ground behind her.

She quickly spun around out of curiousity. “Huh? Who’s there?”

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It was a calm afternoon. An event was being held in the park of the city. A lot of stands were placed there and lots of authors were present, trying to sell their books or talk more about them.

It was the perfect event for someone who enjoys reading. That’s why she was there. A girl with curly scarlet hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing something discrete, since she doesn’t like to draw attention.

To be honest, she was only there to buy some books that caught her attention. After buying them, she went to a nearby coffee shop. Incredibly that place was the most calm of all the neighborhood. Maybe she could read there for some time…

… or maybe not. In the distant, a blue-haired girl holding an umbrella was watching the people having fun with their new books.

“ Books? What a pointless thing to buy. I’ll make things a little more interesting… ”

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"Uh... you do know that you used all of the hot water, right? And if you haven't... we really should get in the habit of say... keeping Erin from puncturing holes in the walls and using herself as a living heater...?" ~tenebraedevoratrix

Silas’s wander around the bathroom before having eye contact with his teammate, “I shower in cold water ever since I arrived here at Beacon. And who’s Erin?”


“Crap crap shit crap shit!” Sora yelled as she ran. Whatever that thing was behind her, it wasn’t friendly. The thing was like a smaller bear, but uglier. The last time she’d seen one of those she hadn’t been alone and her friend her her leg scratched up fairly badly.

“It’s an-”

Shut the hell up, Pan! I don’t give a shit at this point!

Having been arguing with the ‘visitor’ in her head, she’d tripped on a tree root and went down. She bought herself some time by causing a sharp rock to hit the- thing, startling it enough to let her get up and get running again. “Damn it!” She shouted, hoping someone would hear, though she refused to shout for help.

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This witch was a lot more than she could handle. She had barely survived, and didn’t think she was going to. As she watched the labyrinth disappear, she fell to the ground. Blood was dripping from her head, her vision began to blur, and she didn’t have enough energy to clear her soul gem. The green gem was now a murky green, getting darker by the minute. This was troubling.