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5 Random Facts
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  1. I was born in Baguio City, Philippines.
  2. I have a huge obsession with Markiplier.
  3. I have a life-sized keyblade.
  4. I’ve met Dante Basco (known mostly for his role as Prince Zuko in Avatar).
  5. I am a collector of Pokemon cards and I have the first 151 Pokemon first set.

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Ok, I'm just gonna say it.

Robert Englund’s Phantom?

You know, the one that sews the skin of his victums on his face?

Yeah….I think he’s hot. 

He’s hot. He’s a hothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothot hottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothandsomehothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothottyhothawthotthothothothot hotty. 

This has been a pointless unpopular opinion text post. 


Bowling for Soup - Shut Up and Smile

Rob's Pretty Perceptive
  • Rob:He's into you, you know.
  • Me:Who?
  • Rob:Guy at two o'clock, pretending to pick out a book?
  • Me:*shrug* I don't know him.
  • Rob:Whaddaya mean you don't know him?! You've had like three classes together!
  • Me:... Errrrr...
  • Rob:... Seriously?
  • Me:I pay attention to the teacher in class! Not to other students!
  • Rob:*scoff* Oh sure, and that tall guy who sat at the back? He wasn't a teacher.
  • Me:I wasn't looking at him... Much...
  • Rob:Aha! Point proven.