OUR BOYS ARE ENGAGED OH MY GOD??? he went back into the lake where him and his boyfriend nearly drowned just so he could get the ring WHAT KIND OF IDIOTIC ROMANTIC IS THIS MAN?? 

and his face when chas was talking about their future after that hug. oh my god he’s finally been accepted, he’s finally part of aaron’s family because he’s proved his love for everyone to see and aaron fucking loves him.

HE LOVES HIM SO DAMN MUCH THAT THE FIRST THING HE DOES WHEN HE WAKES UP IS ACCEPT ROBERT’S PROPOSAL. the first thing on his mind when he wakes up from nearly drowning is how much he wants to spend the rest of his life with robert sugden.

I drew a thing, guys!! 

Okay, okay, I’m calm. This was totally unplanned. I just whipped this up in Photoshop over the last two days and drew it kind of randomly… the initial plan wasn’t even Korra, but she just shoved everyone else aside and made herself the subject matter. Typically hotheaded and bossy!

Anyway, turned it into a sort-of Book 4 commemorative thing. Not sure about ‘Book 4’ shooting out from the flames, but I kinda liked it at the time. 

And yes. Korra’s got my art-block-beating-game-face on. I’M GONNA ART EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. 

and my earth kingdom & fire nation senses are tingling I swear book 4 better get some fire nation love or so help me


2 0 0 3     vs.    2 0 1 4

So...this is what I missed the past few days.

From what I can see after a cursory glance through social media, (Changing Faces voice) something’s telling me some bullshit is going down.  Let me know if I’ve skipped anything important.

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Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya

“You son of a–!”

Dazai pressed his lips to Chuuya’s neck.

“I’m going to kill…!!”

A hand slipped under the other’s shirt, teased the skin revealed just barely above his pants.

“I’ll… damn…”

“Chuuya,” Dazai said, pulling back with a little frown, “you’re kind of ruining the mood.”

“I hate you!”

“Is that supposed to be dirty talk? It’s not very good… Ah, should I help? So, for starters, you could say that I have a really big–”


“I was going to say ‘bed’, but I suppose we could go with what you were thinking too. It’s more predictable, but I’m flattered.”

Chuuya covered his face, managing to slightly stifle his groan just before being able to see Dazai’s smirk. He felt soft fingers around his wrist and begrudgingly let Dazai coax them away with a frustrated sigh, glaring tiredly. “Can’t kiss you if you’re doing that…”

“Stop… talking. You talking just…”

“Turns you off?” Dazai joked.

“Yeah,” Chuuya answered.

“…Oh. Okay.”

Laughing, Chuuya heard ‘fine, no more talking’ just before Dazai leaned down again. This time he didn’t say anything; he eventually gave in and relaxed into the kiss, sighing quietly when he felt Dazai’s fingers threading through his hair. He was unable to help the louder moan that followed with Dazai’s other hand scratching at his side under his shirt, cheeks flushing brilliantly red at a low chuckle that also sent chills down his spine. “Cute,” Dazai murmured, lips moving against Chuuya’s.

“Shut the fuck–”

“You really like that word, huh?” And then Chuuya felt their hips pressing together, breath hitching. He managed to clamp his teeth down on his lips before another moan would sound, though that didn’t deter Dazai’s growing smirk. “Don’t worry, I’ll stop talking. But just one more observation…”

Then Dazai kissed him again. He cupped Chuuya’s cheek, palm against his jawline and thumb brushing over his cheek, kissed him in a way that stole all his breath away and had Chuuya’s back arching so their bodies pressed together. Chuuya instinctively reached his hands up, rested them on Dazai’s arms. He entertained the thought of ripping off his bandages and strangling him, but he pushed that aside.

(For now.)

“If I stop talking,” Dazai breathed and Chuuya nearly leaned up to smash their lips together again because even one second apart was unbearable. Eyes flickering open, his chest was heaving and he decided that even though he hated Dazai’s smirk, that Dazai’s smirk was stupid, Dazai’s smirk also was unfortunately attractive because the universe had conspired against Nakahara Chuuya.

“If I stop talking,” Dazai repeated, licking his lips, “then it’s up to you to fill the silence.”


I cannot stop listening to the song “Every Shining Time You Arrive” by idk who and I really truly can’t decide if I hate it or love it but right away the guitars caught me and they’re very ‘Verticle Horizon’ and when the piano starts up at the end I get goosebumps on my legs so there’s that.

anonymous asked:

I bet Damian when he gets taller then Tim would take advantage of Timbo's tiny height and baby face at Wayne parties or any publicity thing to publicly call him his "Little brother" and the media just kind of go with it like "Oh,I thought he was older but, Okay I guess? I guess he does look sorta younger then you" so they go over to Tim and ask him what he thinks of his older brother Damian and Tim just spits his drink all over the reporter

O h my go d.

Tim, Timmy, Timbo, I am sorry I am laughing at your expense. And you know the news media damn well knows the age order but Tim has said ‘no comment’ too many times that Vicki Vale is totally going to help Damian Troll his “”“"big”“”“ brother. Tim has turned beet red and is trying not to unleash kungfu fury onto the not so little Wayne Child. I bet he just ends up shoving a pie slice in Dami’s face and asking if it tastes better up so high. Damian must be restrained.

okay but imagine the harry potter series exactly as is but with the voldemort from AVPM instead. imagine everyone freaking out over the return of a tap dancing voldemort with really good abs. imagine all of the urgent, somber speeches where the trio are sure they won’t make it out of the fight this time. cut to the climactic fight and voldemort is just kind of sighing wistfully, wondering what quirrell is up to right now, and harry and co. have these intense battle faces on but voldemort is too busy fantasizing about being back at home playing video games while quirrell reads his boring books to remember why he was there in the first place. imagine the hug between voldemort and draco, except instead of being awkward voldy tackles the kid in a fricking bear hug of affection and suddenly draco is conflicted because he still doesn’t want to be a death eater but damn Voldemort gives some good hugs and he really needs more of those. and imagine the humourless, super serious death eaters, imagine lucius fricking malfoy, pledging to devote their entire evil existence to a man who entrusted a piece of his very soul and the key to his immortality to a poster of zac efron

If you’re a female and a performer and over 40, you must really have to steel yourself for the deluge of commentary about your appearance any time you bravely allow yourself to be seen in public. You’re either “amazing” for how you’re holding up, or you’re an “Oh my God, what happened?” And this time, it’s Uma Thurman facing that damning second kind of commentary.

Next time a woman becomes prominent in the gaming industry (if that ever happens again, despite someone’s best efforts) she’ll be dogged by controversy, guaranteed.

“Is she really asking for money to fund a huge project or is she just looking to pad her pockets?”

“Did that game get a good review because it was good or just because she slept with the asshole who wrote that review?”

The two most prominent faces of women in the gaming industry are a damsel-caricature con artist and the other is a lying, manipulative, cheating (in more ways than one), greedy sociopath who is trying to sabotage a pro-women charity for her own gain and the only reason she’s even notable is because she fucked a bunch of pathetic losers in exchange for publicity.

That’s the kind of reputation they’re damning the next prominent woman to.

And just remember, sjws, white knights, people who are so desperate for sex they’ll defend the outright despicable;

This is what you wanted. If such harassment befalls someone who never even did anything wrong, it’s because you excused and celebrated the people above.

You’re setting back women who would actually work hard, or at all for that matter. Nice going, arseholes.

Hell, you already are hellbent on ruining several potential careers. Thanks so much.


So I fell in love once again with another firebender. I am not proud of my feelings but omg, he is amazing. I heard the waterbending chick say his name and it kinda sounded like she said Beraz or something around those lines. 

Now let us appreciate his beauty.

Not even ganna lie, he does kinda look like Mako, but I think he looks like Wan more. So he’s like a mix between them both. And his smile kinda looks like Zuko’s :D

We can see that he is an amazing firebender

Look how adorable his face is…he seems so stressed out

So fierce 

So kind

So worried

Yet so strong

And brave, and damn dem legs

and those hands ;)

He knows what I’m talking bout

he’s probably so tired of my shit

and lava


So freakin


With that face and those hips

I doubt he will appear in anymore episodes and won’t really be important to the storyline but he’s probably my favorite new character from this season. I’m going to miss him, but wouldn’t it be funny if he was related to another character xD

If he was in Avatar the last Airbender, I would have totally shipped him with Azula. But you know what, why not, lets do it. I’m not even sure if I got his name right but ima stick with Beraz unless they tell us completely and ima go ahead and ship him with Azula and call their ship name “Berazula” or maybe “Azuraz”. Idk…which one should we use?

I am so good at crack ships and probably ganna be the only one supporting this.

“Never work with animals or children, Chris. They’ll always upstage you.”

“That’s your concern with this photo?”

“I look damn fine in that photo. I look like some kind of rugged yet sensitive huntsman out of Game Of Thrones. And then you look up…”

“And you see the cat.”

“Look at the face that fucking cat is making.”

“Lots of people make that face around you, I’ve noticed." 

"Well, it IS usually a pleasure to meet me, I can’t deny. Still, what an unprofessional bobcat." 

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans on his Life Choices]

(Thanks levynite and niennanir for the link!)

I don’t understand how people can say they hate Harry Styles and call him a bad person and a womanizer, they literally look past the bajillion amazing things this boy has done and how many lives he has changed and take the fact that he dated an older woman and attempt to make him into something he’s certainly not, Harry Styles is one of the most kind and considerate people on the face of the earth and people need to make him seem like a dick and than they proceed to talk about how people need to change and we need to have famous people that actually care???? WHAT THE FUCK!!! IF THESE ASSHOLES WOULD OPEN THEIR GOD DAMN EYES THEY WOULD SEE THAT THERE ARE CELEBRITIES OUT THERE THAT CARE AND IF YOU NEED ME TO NAME SOME RIGHT NOW HARRY STYLES IS AT THE DEAD MOTHER FUCKING TOP OF THE GOD DAMN LIST!!!!!
Okay look I’m fucking sorry for this but I am so much more than sick and fucking tired of people trying to manipulate what he says and try to make him seem like a bad person, I hate to think about this but someday he’s going to be gone and this is the way they want people to remember him?? But than when he does they’ll talk about how good a person he was and how more people should have had the chance to see it, well he’s still around and still doing amazing things and if people could open their fucking eyes for 10 seconds they would see this
Sorry bye

“Castiel captures one of Metatron’s angels and asks Sam and Dean for help with the interrogation. Dean eagerly accepts, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam.”

“Dean eagerly accepts, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam.

Guys, this was from the actual promo description to season 9 episode 21 (King of the Damned).

Listen, if the literal, actual description to the episode says this, then what does that say about the season finale, Do You Believe in Miracles?

Honestly, I think it’s just building up to Destiel. We’ve had more than enough hints.

I mean, come on:

“’We leave our guys in a situation they’ve never faced before, which after nine seasons, it kind of narrows it down a little bit,’ supervising producer Andrew Dabb teases. ‘I think once they see the last frame of the last episode, I think people are going to be incredibly excited for Season 10.’” (What do most people in this fandom want? Destiel. Actually, that’s the dying wish for most fans, and what else would make us “incredibly excited”? I don’t know about you - but that would be just about the only thing for me. Also, spn’s ratings soar when Destiel has a really prominent moment. And, adding to another fear, I don’t think Cas will change vessels - into that girl one - and kiss Dean. Ugh, all that does is disgust me, as I’m sure it does for mostly everyone else. Spn’s writers are smarter than that.)

Also, haven’t you noticed how Destiel moments are increasing - and how Sam is noticing?

I mean, really. It’s becoming more than a bit obvious.

…Not that I’m complaining or anything.