okaaaaaaay so I was thinking about what kind of dog Will would be if he was a pup, and I did some research and I found the most Will dog that’s ever Willed. 

a damn bROWN MUDI








ELLI OUT *awkwardly moonwalks away*

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i'm really upset about astoria in cc. like, why can't she and draco have spent a lifetime of love togeth ER????

right?!?! I knooooow. Especially since we barely saw her but we know Astoria was just as much of a badass snuggle bean as Scorpius. Where do you think he got it from? I just wanted them to live happily ever after, and then become BFFs with the Potters and the four of them could go play couples tennis on the weekends or some fancy, rich wizard crap. 

And also, I want all the stories about the early days of their dating and marriage. I want Astoria vs Lucius. I want to see Astoria facing all the haters and killing them with kindness. “Oh what’s that Draco? Your father thinks I’m not good enough for you? Well, let’s see what he thinks after I host the best damn tea luncheon wizarding Britain has ever seen! And after that, I’m going to get him the best birthday present he could ever imagine, and then won’t he feel foolish!!” 

Astoria Greengrass Malfoy - who saw and empowered and loved the real Draco, who refused to follow in the footsteps of her family’s prejudice, who taught her son to be kind even though the world was determined to hate him - deserved better.

Sameeeen, can we get a lava lamp?” Root asked sweetly, looking up from her laptop.

Damn.  Usually she had to work to get this kind of reaction from Shaw.  The shorter woman turned slowly from the television with brows arched, looking vaguely horrified.

“Root,” she said urgently.  “What year is it?”  She raised a hand with her thumb tucked.  “How many fingers am I holding?”

Root’s bemused expression soon turned into a frown.

“Hah hah,” she said dryly, turning back to her screen.

“No, seriously.”  Shaw had an amused smirk on her face.  “You’re about thirty years too late.  Next you’ll be telling me you found a really bitchin’ pair of bell bottoms.”

“Hey, the 70s called,” Root shot back.  “They said you’re an asshole.”

Shaw just smiled as she took a swig of her beer.

“Of course you can get a lava lamp,” she said, sounding more conciliatory.  “Just… not purple please.  We all know you’re gay; you don’t have to drown our apartment in it.”

Root beamed.  A few clicks later and there was a white and blue model in her shopping cart.

so im reading the tvtropes page for the adventure zone bc im an idiot and a glutton for punishment and look what i had to read with my own two eyes:

um??? no???? she’s constantly chuckling at their antics and is a very busy lady and is also literally the best, she’s stoic but actually quite indulgent and if you don’t see the depth of kindness and character in the director then you can get out of my damn fantasy face

Amber Eyes

For Zutara Week 2016- Monday 8/15- Reincarnation.

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Special thanks to @iquotebooksrandomly

Katara thought that age had been kind to them. She thought back more than eighty-five years ago when she stood in a crystal cavern and gently touched the face of her then enemy.  Now she sat next to him at Korra and Asami’s wedding. Seeing those two beautiful young people brought up old, deeply buried memories. It is not to say Katara did not love Aang and that Zuko did not love Izumi’s mother but eight-five years ago there was something between her and the Prince of the Fire Nation. Thinking of old memories reminded her of what she told Korra during her ailment and self-confinement in the South Pole “Don’t wonder ‘what if’ Jump for it with your arms out and your heart open”.

Katara startled. The old Fire Lord was pulling her up, saying something to her.

“You’ll have to speak up. My ears are old like the rest of me.”

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i want an s/o to any of the batfam that used to be a thief and was never caught by them because they could never figure out who they were and the only reason why is because the s/o is so. damn. good. at. disguise. makeup- to the point they can make themself look completly different- bonus if the s/o shows off this skill and reveals themself by horrifying the batfam by pouring makeup remover on their face "melting" their disguise and what the batfam thought was their real face

i’m crying bc i want them to say. ‘this is why you always take them swimming on the first date’ before pouring makeup remover on their face and revealing that it’s not what they look like at all lmaoooo what kind of One Liner

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Hi I'm new here but I wanna know if you you ship septiplier if not that's understandable

Well honestly I ship septiplier as like best buddies. I don’t actually SHIP SHIP them because I like to respect my role models. I mean if they have other relationships and yet you kind of wanna force them to be together and showing it through text or fanart? That’s pretty damn disrespectful and especially it’s to actually human beings who have feelings! And feelings towards their fans, but what do they get back? Messages and art telling them to be together. I mean sure, live out your fantasy once in a while draw or write stuff just don’t forcefully shove them in their face saying the “omg just kiss already” bullshit. If you guys had any respect for your rolemodels, you would actually show it and respect their decisions.

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what if i'm chaotic good and i wanna join. like i aint into the evil shit but i'll fuckin punch someone in the face if they touch my pokemon or cuss out old ladies. would you let me join, my boy guzma? you're the coolest boss out there and i'd be damn lucky to work under ya.

you sound like tha kind of person who would totally be okay with puttin pineapple on their pizza, so to be honest i unno

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bands, painting, and marble

Bands–Hmm. There’s quite a lot I could say about this one! Well, the song “Shut Up!” by Simple Plan has definitely helped me to talk back to my anxiety, which is pretty damn influential…Owl City has gotten me through some dark times…Amanda Palmer/the Dresden Dolls helped me to vent some of my hurt after my ex-favorite actor (who shall remain nameless) blocked me on Twitter with no warning or explanation (which hurt like hell because I was left to wonder what I did wrong)…Seeing Lady Gaga live at Lollapalooza was basically a religious experience for me (no disrespect–I’m telling the absolute truth.)…I could go on, but I think that’ll do for now.

Painting–Best costume I’ve put together would have to be either my Willy Wonka costume or my Ichabod Crane costume, both of which I scrounged together from pieces found at resale shops. Probably Willy, because that one looked more authentic…but man, did I hate that sad-ass top hat. Just look at it, Kes. That’s a sad fucking hat:

(This pic was taken at my aunt’s house like 6 years ago, btw. Seemed as good a time as any to post a ‘selfie’.)

Marble: Most important thing to me in my life right now? Jeez, that’s deep. She’s not a ‘thing,’ but I’d have to say my mom. I consider her my best friend and confidant; she’s been there for me for twenty-odd years and makes it clear every day that she loves me…aaaand I’m tearing up. Dammit, Kes!

Edit: I had made this post private, but after due consideration (and some reassurance courtesy of @irasciblempresse), I have decided to bring it back into the light.

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kinda cute, kinda shippy || accepting

she expected that kind of reaction. it’s the reason why she has to bite her lip in order to keep the smirk on her face from growing to a full-blown, shit-eating grin. and that tone. the kind that lets you know you did something stupid. something crazy. and thinking on it… yup, it was just about right.

    ❝said i had my pistol melted down… 

was one of her favorites too. one of her firsts. silver barrel. mother of pearl inlay. damn fine weapon. but it was meant for better things. fit for another purpose. she’ll chuckle over how stupid it sounds in her head. but she looks at fiona, all wide-eyed with concern. maybe she’s thinking nisha’s finally lost it, and maybe she’s right. 

             ❝ how else was i gonna mark the occasion? ❞

the cowgirl slowly reveals a small box carrying what remains of her gun; a pair of silver and pearl rings, both finely braided together like twisting strands of rope. etched inside is the script of ‘MRS. KADAM’. it was a vision of affliction wrapped around beauty. it fit when it shouldn’t. it’s just like them. another gnaw to her lip as nisha glances from the rings to fiona, trying to gauge the second reaction. but wasn’t it obvious? that one couldn’t completely be without the other and yet together, everything seemed a little farther from crazy.