A little thank you

Wow… Every time when Seán starts his chat about these big topics, I find myself tearing up. Luckily there’s nothing bad about that and I’m just glad to listen to Seán. I know your inspirational and meaningful chats about different things help a lot of people. You make so many people happy. You save people.That’s so damn fantastic. Thank you a lot.






Egu - I’ve been talking to my mom through email at least once a month, but just now, she just sent me a mail saying “The scream of that monkey in Higashiyama Zoo that everyone is talking about right now actually sounds just like you.”


I don’t know. All I know is I’m seriously LMAO’ing right now…so hard…because when I looked it up, it’s actually true. LOL

You guys be the judge…XD

You know what?

Do you know what I can’t stop thinking about?

I can’t stop thinking about how Yakumo’s last performance as a living being was Shinigami

but then his last performance

the performance that he knew would lead him to the other side for good

the performance he needed to make before other deceased people and the death god itself

was Jugemu

He chose to do Jugemu

Not something he was proud of

Not something he had deep emotional and personal connections to

But something to leave for the living

For the child that admired him

Not for Yota, not for Konatsu, not for Miyokichi, not for Sukeroku

But for Shin

For the child that Konatsu used to force Yakumo to live longer

Long enough to remember him

In life he saw himself as death, but in death he decided to celebrate life

And I… have no words.

Shouwa Genroku is a beautifully deep show and the man known as Bon, Kiku, and Yakumo is tremendously flawed but also superby venerable

I’ve been crying on and off all day. Basically whenever I look on the internet.

I know that emotional responses don’t really help and it’s easy to have knee jerk reactions, whether to appoint blame, or to say something useless about praying and peace and how senseless it was, but somehow all that goes out of the window when it’s your city.

It’s so strange reading people talking about Manchester and saying ‘Pray for Manchester’ and the buildings lit up as they were for Boston or Paris - but it’s your city.

They stormed a house and had a controlled explosion not 15 minutes walk from my house. And yet none of it feels quite real. It feels like it’s happened in another parallel universe. People praising the resilient spirit of the Mancunians and the kindness and solidarity offered and that is truly inspiring. And yet… that’s both always been there and also isn’t any greater, I think, than really any other community of semi-decent people in the wake of a tragedy. I am cynical about it and yet I can’t stop the emotional reaction and the tears.

Of course partly it’s the fact they’re kids. They’re KIDS AT A CONCERT. It’s not senseless - it’s a well targeted act of despicable terrorism designed to create an emotional response but knowing that doesn’t make it any better.

I just wish I was there. Not that there’d be anything I could do about it but at least I would be with other people who felt the same way. I just really want to go home and be there and be Mancunian. Attend the vigil or something. Anyway, I donated to the Red Cross emergency relief. Not sure there’s anything else I can do.

Manchester will always be my city, today and always.

  • what she says: I'm fine :-)
  • what she means: this is the biggest bangtan has ever been and I never could've imagined them being this huge before last year I'm so proud of these boys who worked their asses off to get where they stand remember that time we all had to spread I Need U around everywhere we could so it could get just 1mil?? Well now we're getting over 3mil in less than 24hrs and breakin records and it's so unreal how much they've grown as a group and how much more recognition they got in just a year since 쩔어 came out and they're still one of the most generous groups I've ever seen they are too good for us I just wanna thank them for all their hard work and whipping me into shape w their words and lyrics I'm so much happier now thanks to bangtan
fine sunday.

It was the finest day ever, you could already sense the laughter, joy and smiles that would full this fine Sunday up. You reached out of your bed noticing your bed was empty. Tuning into the world you then heard the sound of morning music playing through the stereo downstairs and giggles erupting throughout the house. 

You smile to yourself automatically knowing whats up. 

You had a quick body shower and tied your hair into a knot before doing your everyday skincare routine. Once you were ready you through on some nike leggings and a simple white long sleeve.

Walking down the stairs and entering the kitchen your face is full of awe a the sight of your husband and 2 kids cooking.

“Goo morning.” You smiled as you walked closer to your adorable family.

They all turned around and laughed.

“Morning mum!” your two babies greeted.

Harry opened his arms for you and you gladly accepted them walking straight into his tall masculine body for a nice warm embrace. 

With a kiss on your forehead Harry whispered a little morning and you smiled into his neck. 

Since this Sunday morning was so fine you started to prepare the table outside in your little backyard. 

Helping cook you then put out the little breakfast buffet you all had made.

The table was full and you weren’t sure if all of your 4 bells could fit this much food in but it was fine. The table was filled with croissants, pancakes, donuts, eggs, bread, toast, grapes, berries, bananas, and oranges.

Everyone ate and had the most beautiful morning ever enjoying each other company and you enjoyed admiring the absolutely perfect family you and Harry had made.