Just bros bein’ bros and takin’ selfies with a polaroid camera, man XD (because Grim 100% has one of those no joke. My nephew is such a damn hipster)

Q is Quarantine Sans from my UT AU, Machinatale. Grim is @nighttimepixels‘s Grim Sans from @skeletonsgrim!

some mistake, part 2

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been reading so far! I feel a little guilty since I know I won’t be finishing this any time soon, but anyhow, here’s some more anyway. Same general story warnings still apply (though none are really relevant for this section).

Derek makes it through another two weeks of school before it all gets to be too much again. He’s sitting in his room on a Saturday afternoon after practice, staring out the window at the treeline trying not to remember all the little needling comments that have been weighing him down all week. Even practice hadn’t really helped to lift his spirits and now he’s stuck in a post-lunch haze with nothing to do but his history assignment that’s already 80% done and not due til Tuesday. His parents aren’t going to call until after dinner, and he could go hang out with guys from the team but he’s in that weird kind of state where all he wants to do is mope near someone who cares enough to sit quietly with him and won’t ask any questions.

A cloud of birds unfurls from the forest canopy like smog over the sky, scattering in all directions, which is suspicious ‘cause he doesn’t remember seeing a single bird while in there. Nor hearing any, either. There’s nothing in the woods besides Dex. It’s the weekend - might he be in the woods again?  He’d been pretty strange, but it’d been a welcome change from everyone on campus trapped in the same schedule and classes as Derek. And he seems like the type who wouldn’t mind Derek hanging around silently reading his book while he chops wood or goes fishing or whatever. But the forest is spread out over a substantial chunk of land, so they might not even see each other even if Derek goes looking. However, he has nothing better to do and there’s only one way to find out.

He’s more prepared this time, taking a small bag with him with some essentials: water bottle, compass, energy bar, flashlight. He leaves a note for his roommate to tell him he’s gone to the woods just in case he straight up dies for whatever reason and his parents descend on the school to demand answers.

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Rental Love* (6\10)

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Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
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Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.
Read Part One Here Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

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soyellowcurtainsthen  asked:

Yo! Isi, write me a thing.... there you go that is a prompt, you are welcome, thank you, goodbye now

woooow … much prompt, such inspired (but ok ok ok you make a vague prompt you get a vague hc

So, Even is a charming dude as we all know. His sunny smile and outgoing attitude just pulls ppl in and well, he is a dork that makes Isak happy so he hand’t really any problems with the boys. But as Isak’s best friend, Jonas is the one that took the longest to warm up with. 

They got along just fine, were friendly and laughed together but Jonas remained a little distanced and hesistant when the other two were already long wooed. After all, Isak being happy was on his top 3 list of priorities in his life (the other 2 were the well being of his family and kebabs).
So the moment Jonas finally felt like oh, i like this dude! was when Isak got a call from his dad. Or more specifically, afterwards.
Isak was crossfading, hard. He hadn’t smoked in forever (he and Even both tried to just occupy each other in other ways / make out when the boys smoked) and drank way more than he should have. Isak hadn’t really told them what the phone call was about but when the combination of weed and alcohol hit his system, he cried.

Jonas felt cold all over and sobered right up because fuck. Isak never cried and especially not in the middle of a crowded party. Jonas was still trying to decide weather to hug him or hide him from the ppl Isak surely wouldn’t want to see him like this, when Even took over.

He cupped Isak’s face and pulled him into him, making calming sounds and talking softly in Isak’s ear. Before Jonas knew how (ok, maybe he wasn’t completely sobered up after all) the three of them were sitting on the empty porch and Isak was on Even’s lap.

Isak and Even hadn’t been dating for long back then and Jonas had seen them exchange heated looks (”Dude, stop eyefucking Even across the room” - “How did we ever thing he was straight?”) and sometimes tentatively kiss when only the boys where around but this was new. This was complete unsexual comfort Even was giving his best friend. 

Isak sniffed, his face looked swollen with red blotches under his eyes. He was really anything but a pretty cryer. When Jonas pointed that out Isak laughed exhaustedly, shoulders moving with it and burrowed himself closer into Even’s embrace (who of course disagreed dutifully). 

Something loosened in Jonas’ chest when he saw the fond way Even looked at Isak, the way one arm was around his back and the other on his cheek, stroking a thumb over Isak’s jaw and fingertips burried in blond curls. 

Even all but rocked Isak like a child, who had closed his eyes and his hands as fists in Even’s hoodie. After they sat like this for a while Even began to ask Jonas after the girl he was hitting on earlier and with that successfully shifted the mood. The atmosphere was lighter and Jonas saw Isak listen, a small smile taking place on his lips as he looked between the two of them as they talked. 

Jonas had never been so grateful for someone asking about a failed conquest of his before. The combined goal of making Isak forget all about being sad had them talk about everything and the conversation flowed easliy. Girls, music, civil rights, those damn hipsters - to which Isak protested “You’re both hipster!” from his spot at Even’s neck - and like that they just clicked. 

Regarding Dean- L&W’s Commentary
  • OH MY GOD. Dean crashing Baby.
  • Dean eating waffles is amazing
  • Dory. He loves Dory.
  • Protective Sammy looking for Dean
  • “You were… amazing
  • Dean regretting not remembering his night with her
  • Dean being psyched to be a hunter
  • “Our best friend’s an angel. Whaaaaat??”
  • Damn hipster witches
  • He’s like a puppy and I am so in love- this is not helping my crisis
  • “Dean WInchester is going to die.” “Sucks for that guy”
  • Worried Sam- my heartttt
  • Rowena kinda complementing Dean
  • “God and his sister…” Dean’s face oh gah
  • I will never not love sleepy!dean
  • Rowena backstory- I AM LOVIN’ IT
  • “NO!” on the grenade launcher loveee
  • THe lil thumbs up my heart oh gah Dean
  • “Not funny” The relief under all of it
  • Sam’s smoulder at Rowena whoo boy

Feelin’ very slighted by these Riverdale promos. DO NOT WANT.