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What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet. Lol I'm kidding. But call me. Call me. Call meeeee. Miss Moving on. Cause I just moved on from something 😉 and your blog kinda helped me a lot about that. So thank youuu!

Damn Shakespeare and 5H, you’re growing on me anon!

Remember when Lauren won Camila a teddy bear? I ain’t ever movin’ on from that 😭😭😭

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hi beth pls don't stress over the elections i know it's hard but stressing will make you feel worse so bby ! do some thinking and tell me about some of your favorite dnp moments :)

i know asfljdkf :( but without further ado here’s me rambling about some of my favourite dnp moments:

- the phil pucker scene from the tatinof doc: this is the cutest gotdamn thing i’ve ever seen! hands down! phil’s all sleepy and his hair’s in his face and dan just pokes his nose so gently and phil Puckers i cannae!!! then dan’s all like ‘i’m filming you’ and i die every time

- there’s a bunch of small ones that make me smile so hard: ‘do you even know what viscosity is,’ ‘if i got a house i’d make every window glass,’ ‘you loved it. you wanna do it more,’ ‘cool story phil,’ etc. i’m forgetting so many but those are all Soft and Good

- the 2009 era in general fills my lil gay heart with so much happiness but amazingdan is hands down my favourite video ever. right from ‘hey dan, you wanna answer some questions?’ to ‘the game. DAMN YOUUU’ i always rewatch it and i can probably quote the entire thing off by heart lmao

this actually made me feel a whole lot better thank u so much nikki <33

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1, 11, and 22 >:3c


Salty ask meme

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

Answered here!

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

Kinda answered here? I guess I’d have to go with the Titan Trio, although I haven’t really seen that much hate for them on my own personal dash. I just think they’re really interesting, complex characters that were put in an awful situation without really knowing the whole story. And Reiner especially, after these recent chapters - I can’t believe someone would read those and still hate him? He was only doing what he thought was best, and for such pure intentions, and suddenly everything takes a tragic twist and the rest of his short life is nothing but pain and suffering. I keep wanting more backstory for the whole trio but every time we do their situation just becomes more and more hellish ahhhhh I just have so many feelings about these three asnfjnsdjkfnsjkafbg

22. Popular character you hate?

Also answered here! Although as I as said, there really aren’t any anymore :D

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can I get a texting with woo jiho when you tell him about having a crush on Dean before dating him and him getting all angry about it... with a cute make up at the end!! thank you I love your blog <3 ^^

Mmhmmm get some of that Dean and Zico damn thank youuu❤


Bitter Cold Rain

Falling off the gloomy skies, the piercing cold all throughout our bodies. It’s solely the two of us, but the feeling of loneliness starts to sink in…

(request) Be A Good Kitten


Genre: smut/fluff

Warnings: neko kink

Word count: 819

Request:  haihai, I was wondering if you can write a neko kink smut for Jimin? Like where it starts off kind and fluffy and then gets really rough? Thank youuu - damn anon, back at it again with the neko kink

A/N: This is my second neko request now and I always feel like I write lowkey neko, it’s not my strong point but I hope you like it anon.


  Jimin wanted you. It was obvious, he was making it obvious. The way his fingers trailed up and down your arms, the way he squeezed your thighs, each time getting higher and higher. You could feel his breath on your neck and before you knew it you could feel his soft lips grazing your jawline. It felt as if all of your midday ‘naps’ started this way, not that you ever complained.

  “I love you.” you melted at those magic words and he knew he had you in the palm of his hands.

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THE RULES: Choose one (1) musical artist, then respond to the questions using only the titles of songs by that artist. No repeats.
ARTIST: The Beatles (i know @zim-zam-god-damn did the Beatles too but i’ll use all different songs so it’s ok)
GENDER: She’s a Woman
BEST FRIEND(s): Three Cool Cats

i tag: @manateesofshield
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Top 5 ships meme~!

I was tagged by my lovely friend @sugas-strawberry ! Thank you so much, I was hoping someone would tag me in this, although I am now realizing this might be hard for me so damn youuu!! ahahah

Without further ado, here are my top 5 ships!!

 1. DaiSuga

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2. KuroKen

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3. BokuAka

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4. GureShin

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5. NezuShi

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And that’s that!! You now have the confirmation that I am complete Haikyuu!! trash! ahah I feel like I should also mention MakoHaru and Sourin because they were my first two anime OTPs and I really wanted to put them in but, because I couldn’t, shout out to them ahah

I am tagging @stressedanime @hhinataa@piecasportsanimetrash @sugasweetasugar @emichama @kenmas-kuroo and that’s it!!

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Sometimes I get really sad when EXO lipsync. Maybe it not true, but I feel like they're not gonna improve if they dont practice singing live. I see all these other groups like BAP, Vixx, & BTS singing live and dancing really good and they've all improved so much over time. I feel like other groups are getting better and better, while EXO are still stuck in the same level. I know its not EXO's fault though so I can only pray that sm let them sing live more often.

Well, to be fair, it’s not always in their hands, or SM’s. Sometimes the venue will say that they have to, and sometimes they do sing live but the studio track gets dubbed over their performance. I very very much beg to differ about them being stuck on the same level though. I feel like they’ve come leaps and bounds, especially vocally. Kyungsoo’s upper register has gotten much smoother since mama days (not that it was ever bad, but it’s even better than it was back then), Jongdae’s voice has gotten stronger and more consistent (he used to go sharp a lot, but not nearly as much now), Luhan’s vibrato is just askdlajsd, and Baek’s voice has gotten stronger too. Hell, even their rapper line have turned out to be lovely vocalists, too (damn youuu park chanyeolll). Since you can never have too much ear porn though, here’s an ask of ours with links to a bunch of live performances. c: