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Then (Part 1)

Request: Daryl and Y/N were together before the apocalypse, but he broke up with her right before everything started cause she was too young for him and didn’t “understand” him nor his life choices. Now they live with everyone in the prison and there’s a guy who’s trying to get Y/N’s attention and Daryl’s pissed about that even tho he is the only person who’s got Y/N attention.
- by the lovely @missnina1701

Info: Pre-Apocalypse, Merle’s at the army

So this is going to be a two-part thing because I really enjoyed writing it :)

Reader’s POV

“Looking good there, Dixon.”, you smirk as you walk over to Daryl who is sitting on his brothers motorcycle and waits for you to come out of your house.
“Likewise. Damn, your hot.”, he mumbles as he grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him before placing a hard an meaningful kiss on your lips.
“Ready to go?”, he looks at you and you smile a bit before taking your place on the bike so Daryl can start the bike and drive away from your workplace.

After a few minutes you reach your usual spot on the football field from the college in town and sit around in the middle of it.
“How was work?”, he looks over to you while you stare in the night sky and shrug your shoulders.
“Like always. A bunch of kids spilled their drink all over the place and guess who had the honor of cleaning it up.”, you sigh and Daryl can’t help it but laugh a little.

For once, you don’t mind him laughing at you because he does not laugh often but when he does it makes your heart race.
Still laughing he pulls you into his arms while the both of you just stare at the sky while you remain silent.

“Thinking about leaving town for good.”, he later speaks up while your half-asleep but now wide awake.
Your head shoots up and you raise an eyebrow as you try to read his facial expression.
“What? Why now? I mean…what?”, you mumble and sit up while you’re head is still trying to process what he was saying a second ago.
He wants to leave town. And that means leaving you behind, too.

“Look, I didn’t mean to ruin the night for you but I think it’s for the best if we don’t continue this…thing…or whatever this is between us..”, he gets back on his feet and looks down on you while you just stare at him in shock and denial.
“Daryl look…I don’t know what I did or if I said something to offend you but please talk to me. We can work this out. We really can.”, you whisper and get on your feet to, approaching him.

“Just let me be. I need to do that, I can’t stay here.”, his voice gets more urgent as he walks away from you and rubs his neck with his hand.
“You are way to young for me anyway.”, he continues and picks up his jacket before leaving the football field and you behind.
“NO!”, you yell and run after him, grabbing his upper arm.
“Don’t you dare walk away from me like this! What the fuck is wrong with you and why do you suddenly care about my age?”, you turn him around and stare at him with a hurt look on your face.

You want him to talk to you about what has gotten into him so badly, it hurts.
A few hours ago you were talking to him over the phone and the whole world seemed to be okay, that’s why you can’t figure out what has gotten into him.
When a soft breeze goes of you can feel yourself having goosebumps.
“Daryl PLEASE talk to me. Please.”, you beg and feel tears filling your eyes while everything holds on to this relationship.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, Y/N? Don’t you get that this whole thing was just a joke for me? That Merle teased me to do it?”, he yells at you and you frown before wiping away a tear and leaving the football field without another word.

Maybe he was right, maybe a nineteen-year-old college girl and a man in his late twenties wasn’t destined to be together and maybe he was just fooling around with you because Merle made him do it.

Even if that’s the case, even if Merle made him fool around with you, Daryl is a grown up man and if he falls for this, he doesn’t deserve you or your love.

Just as you reach the city, hell seems to break loose and people run around in panic, trying to make sense out of whatever is happening.

And in all this chaos you can spot out the only person you doesn’t want to see right know. A bruised and bleeding Daryl.

Daryl’s POV

He never meant to break her heart like this, that’s one thing Daryl is sure about.
This girl was the only good thing that ever happened in his life and now he blew it because he was to scared to get closer to her. Emotionally.

As she stormed off he watched her and he almost ran after her but something inside of him made him not to.
Deep down he knows that it’s better this way. That she will be happier without him.

He sighs and watches her as she vanishes in the dark and shakes his head before heading to his brother’s motorcycle and drives off.

At home he finds his father drinking again and is about to leave again when he suddenly speaks up to him and puts the bottle away.
“Where have you been?”, he asks heavily drunk and stumbles over to Daryl to watch him closely.
“Out. Anything else?”, Daryl answers and crosses his arms in front of his body before his father nods and sits down on the couch again.

“Been with the Y/L/N girl again? She no good, son. Way to young.”, he takes his bottle from the table and takes a huge gulp before looking over to him.
“But she sure as hell is hot. Nailed that thing?”, he asks and Daryls head shoots up before he dangerously growls at his father.

“Don’t talk about her like that.”, he growls and his father starts laughing in a way that makes Daryl think of Merle, they have the exact same laugh.
“You haven’t, am I right? Don’t tell me that little whore is still a virgin.”, he bursts out in laughing and before Daryl can even think about it, something in he snaps.

“I said, don’t talk about her.”, his voice is more angry this time and he walks over to his father to punch the bottle out of his hands.
“If you’d just stop drinking for a second you would know that you’re acting like a complete idiot and not like a father.”
His father shoots up, angry about his beer before he grabs Daryl by the collar of his shirt and throws him against the wall behind him.

“You have something to say to me, son?”, he growls and Daryl just shrugs his shoulders before he gets the punches from his father he provoked.
And it feels so good to have the physical pain because he doesn’t have to think about what he did to the only girl he ever cared about.

When his father finally lets go of him, Daryl gets up on his feet again and wipes away the blood from his nose before grabbing his jacket from the floor and leaving the house without saying another word.
He needs to get out of this house and as far away as possible or otherwise he will go crazy.

As he drives Merle’s bike down the road he keeps telling himself that his decision was the right thing to do and that she will be happier without him even though she doesn’t even know it yet.

That’s when suddenly the fire alarms from the stations started and people started to pack up their bags to get out of town as fast as possible.
A quick talk with one of the neighbors revealed that there is some sort of outbreak and that they are evacuating the city.

“Y/N.”, he gasps and jumps back on his bike to drive to her house as fast as possible.

Halfway there he sees her standing on the street, desperate and confused so he stops his bike to run to her as fast as he can.
This situation changes everything and he knows that his priority is now to keep her safe for the rest of his life.

You trace your fingers across my thighs,
Grab the back of my neck tightly and kiss me,
I grab your face and lightly brush my lips across yours,
Twirl my fingers through your hair and kiss you softly,
Kiss your lips,
Your jawline,
Your neck,
Then bite your lip,
You turn my face and pull me closer,
Nibble on my ear and breathe hot air against my neck,
Slide your hand up my stomach into my shirt,
Gently graze your fingers back down,
Kiss me again.
—  You send shivers down my spine. You don’t even know what you do to me.