damn you woman

  • Me:I'm so angry and sad and I'm so leaving this fucking show and...
  • Lana:Hi (while wearing that dress)
  • ME:...
  • Lana:Wants happiness for Regina because we all deserve a second chance aka good can come from broken
  • Me:...
  • Lana:Gets excited about the finale on sunday (and doesn't know when it starts)
  • Me:...
  • Lana:Makes even traumatized elephants feel safe and loved
  • Me:...
  • Lana:I like to bite
  • ME:Oh damn you woman. It seems I'm not gonna leave this fucking show

Anders and Kristin Hawke ❤

I’ve been doing this in between work and a commission and I may have destroyed my own soul. Just maybe.

fumuko replied to your post: I THINK i just read the best threesome of levierenjean in my life. thankK YOU AND YES I AGREE WITH YOU HOUSEWAIFU EREN-CHAN

*whisper* we need more JeanErenLevi, this time eren as a housewife and jean is like the promiscuous son who can’t keep his hands of eren and levi ends up coming home to something not very pleasant…

omG. i literally just screamed.

i freakin hate you rn. but i love you at the same time aaahh

i’m gonna do it.

i’m gonna write this. fuck.