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whispers let's talk about dean being the nerdiest nerd to ever nerd like he has framed star wars movie posters in his bedroom, he has the starfleet insignia tattooed on his ass, the tv is always turned on to the smithsonian or history channel, and on his and benny's first date, he took benny to the science museum. and benny thinking that his nerdy boyfriend is just the most adroable thing ever

ahahahahaha SPECTACULAR (⊙‿⊙✿)

dean would always be wearing novelty and fandom t-shirts (he even has a gold star trek command shirt but that one’s a bit special and it’s been years since he wore it outside the house, he usually sleeps in it) and he listens to the glitch mob and max raabe and ac/dc and a constant stream of epic instrumental film scores. he knows every single line in the original star wars trilogy and you’d think benny would find it annoying that he says them out loud when they watch the movies but really he just thinks it’s kinda cute that dean always mutters them a little before the characters onscreen, like dean’s so enthusiastic about it that he can’t wait for the right timing.

and of course dean nearly flips his shit when benny lets slip that he’s only seen a few episodes of star trek: enterprise, or the bits of them he caught on tv anyways, so dean sits him down with the original series and a 10-hour supply of popcorn, licorice, and energy drinks and they make it through half of the first season of red shirts dropping like flies and kirk getting his shirt ripped open (and by then it’s really late so benny stays over for the first time and that might just be the night he discovers dean’s tattoo and maybe a few freckles even dean didn’t know about).

sometimes they’re out to dinner or grabbing a quick coffee and dean’ll start talking about a convention he went to or the new trailer he saw for a movie that’s coming out and he’ll get lost in what he’s saying and do that thing that always makes benny’s stomach flutter. the thing where his big black glasses slide down the bridge of his nose, so he shoves them back into place with the tip of his middle finger and then runs a hand through his hair, making it stand on end. benny doesn’t think dean even notices he does it but that just makes it all the more adorable.

after they’ve been dating for a few months, the two of them are in an old bookstore and dean hears benny one aisle over get sucked into a conversation with some guy about the planes the germans used in world war II and he sort of cringes because he does that to benny enough as it is but benny manages to hold his own and even brings up some stuff the other guy didn’t know about and by the end of it the dude’s really impressed and benny laughs and says “i can’t take no credit for that, my boyfriend taught me everything i know” and there’s something soft in his voice that dean’s never heard directed at him before and he sinks to the floor because his knees might be a little weak and he scrunches up his face and presses it into the cover of a brief history of time and tries not to let out, like, animalistic noises or something.

dean flips his book open and pretends to read as benny rounds the corner a second later. benny settles on the floor next to him and pulls dean’s unoccupied hand into his lap, intertwining their fingers as he asks dean real quietly what he’s reading. dean tells him, stumbling a bit over the words, and benny hums a little and says “take all the time you need” before pressing a kiss to dean’s temple and sitting back to wait patiently.

dean’s pretty damn sure that’s the moment he falls in love with benny lafitte.