damn you to eternity


Sterek AU: ‘Munitions and Marriage

While Derek may be squad leader, Stiles will always find an opportunity to challenge his husband.

littyr  asked:

what do you think drives lady macbeth's cruelty and do you sympathise with her at all?

This post and this post might be of interest. But I think ‘cruelty’ is the wrong word. Cruelty implies violence for the sake of violence and enjoyment of violence. (See here.) Lady M doesn’t revel in the violence. She doesn’t delight in it the way some of the characters in, say, Titus Andronicus do, or even Margaret in Henry VI does after the murder of Rutland/during the murder of York. For Lady M violence is always a means to an end. “Infirm of purpose” is what she calls her husband when he starts to get faint-hearted. He’s too full of the milk of human kindness “to catch the nearest way.” For her, it’s all about the outcome. The ends justify the means. Like I said in one of those posts, I think her driving force is ambition. She wants more than what she has. 

Interestingly, she never expresses any personal desire to be queen. She does, however, use the singular possessive pronoun ‘my’ when she says “The raven himself is hoarse / That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan / Under my battlements.” She claims the crime as her own, and even though the idea of murder occurs to her and her husband independently, she is the criminal mastermind. She says,you shall put / This night’s great business into my dispatch; / Which shall to all our nights and days to come / Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom.” And at the end of the scene: “Leave all the rest to me.” This regicide is her baby–and I use that word very deliberately. There are a million possible explanations for why Lady Macbeth is so desperate to seize this power for her husband. My guess is it has something to do with that baby she mentions in 1.7 which doesn’t appear in the play. A woman’s function at this point in history was basically to be a baby-making machine and ensure the survival of her husband’s line. She hasn’t been able to do that (for whatever reason) and her husband, at least, is already middle-aged, so that procreation window is rapidly closing, if it’s not closed already. By early modern standards, that’s a huge dynastic failure. My guess is that her power-grabbing is about agency and compensation. Maybe she can’t continue Macbeth’s line, but she can make him king. And she does

But here’s the other part of it which I think is really important and often gets overlooked, and it goes back to the fact that Lady M never expresses a personal desire to be queen. She wants her husband to be king, and she thinks he is fully deserving of that office. “Thou wouldst be great;” she says, “Art not without ambition, but without / The illness should attend it.” AND THIS IS SO KEY. Because Lady M is nothing if not full of ambition. What she’s saying here is “You don’t have enough darkness in your soul to do this, so I’m going to do it for you.” Now. Is that somewhat fucked up? Absolutely. However, that is an enormous sacrifice to make. I’m not going to get into this in depth, but there’s a lot of natural law theory floating around in this play. What’s important to know is this: In the protestant ethos of this play, if you commit regicide, you are 100% going to be damned for eternity. There’s no doubt about that. So, in an insane backwards way, this is actually an incredibly loving, selfless thing to do on Lady M’s part. She is willing to sacrifice her own salvation to make her husband king. Let that sink in. That is so much more hardcore than just saying, “I’d take a bullet for you, babe.” She is willing to burn for all time to put him on the throne, and not only is she willing, but it’s her idea, not just something she does with her back against the wall. That is a crazy kind of love. And that’s one of my favorite things about this play. This is not a unanimous opinion by any means, but I firmly believe that even though the Macbeths are terrible tyrannical people, they are desperately, devotedly in love with one another. Their language is incredibly intimate. In his first letter Macbeth addresses his wife as “My dearest partner of greatness,” and throughout the play they are constantly struggling to help and heal one another. Theirs is a relationship built on love and equality, whatever else they do (and however their relationship is also sometimes toxic and fractures through the play). Look at Macbeth’s conversation with the doctor in 5.3 when his wife’s health begins to fail: “ If thou couldst, doctor, cast / The water of my land, find her disease, / And purge it to a sound and pristine health, / I would applaud thee to the very echo, / That should applaud again.” That. Is. Love.

So. Why does Lady Macbeth do the terrible things she does? There’s no certain answer. Ambition has a lot to do with it. But I think that ambition is rooted in guilt about what she hasn’t been able to provide her husband with, and a passionate yearning to make up for that, somehow. Leo’s character says in Inception that positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time, and I think that’s true here. Lady M doesn’t orchestrate Duncan’s murder because she’s inherently cruel. She does it for love.

In This Life or The Next

Pairing: Cassian x Fem!Reader

Warnings: sexual content

Words: 3K 

You couldn’t sleep.

After hours of staring up into the darkness of your private sleeping quarters, you let out a frustrated sigh and climbed out of bed, deciding that perhaps it was for the best if you just gave up on sleep altogether. You pulled on a warm wool coat over your sleeping tunic and then slipped your feet into your worn, black leather boots before leaving your quarters and heading down to the cantina. Although it was always kept open late to serve those who worked the dreadful evening shift on base, a majority of the cantina’s customers at this hour were actually off duty officers, pilots, and mechanics who had come out in search of a good time after a stressful day on the clock. The louder, more rowdier patrons were sitting close  to the main bar where the enormous, reptilian creature behind the counter could quickly and easily refill their empty glasses. Others gathered around large tables and played card and board games, gambling away their credits like they weren’t so difficult to earn. 

“Hey! Sweetheart!” Someone drunkenly called out to you. “Come join the fun!”

Keeping your head down, you walked towards a table nestled in a less crowded corner of the cantina and sat down. Another reptilian creature, one quite smaller than the bartender and female, came over and took your order for a tall, frosted, glass of dark amber brew. As soon as she had brought it out to you, you quickly chugged it down and then ordered another one. You normally weren’t much of a drinker, but you currently had a lot on your mind and you hoped that the alcohol would help take some of the edge off. So far, it wasn’t working. You didn’t know how many of these drinks it was going to take for you to forget the fact that you were probably going to die tomorrow. 

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[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

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“What time is it?” I groan, awaking with the most searing headache I’ve had in ages. The cold tile floor of the bathroom is my only relief from the pain and I realize I must have passed out here the night before.

The last thing I remember is going shot for shot with a hopelessly foolish girl, wanting so badly to convince me that she could hold her liquor as well as me.

She may have been beautiful, but a drinker she was not. It takes time and practice to keep it all down as I have learned to do; I am surely one of the greats with a bottle in my hand.

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So…. about my most recent obsession………..

I honestly love HP AU’s in any fandom, but I a d o r e Viktuuri in a HP setting. From all the different ideas, I love @46gohan ‘s AU the most, with Viktor in Durmstrang

Upon watching the Goblet of Fire yesterday, I kinda had the idea everyone was intimidated as fuck by Durmstrang. I mean, I would be too, they look pretty damn tough and ready to battle dragons

… And then you have Viktor, our eternal sunshine

Thank you for creating this amazing AU, gohan, and I can’t w a i t to see more of this <3 I have some more art for this AU but those require a bit more attention

  • Nagisa: What's up?
  • Rei: I can't stop think about how birds don't remember there was a time before roads. Like birds have no written history or oral tradition. As far as any bird is concerned, this is how the world has always been and they're just tryna make it like the rest of us. They just keep on keepi-
  • Nagisa: Stop your cute ass right there, I'm not dating you for your brains, I'm dating you for your looks. Why are you like this?
Star Wars, Kylo Ren and the Ancient Egyptian Soul

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken? 

– Terry Pratchett, Going Postal.

Kylo Ren has no soul. I don’t say this because I hate his character, or because I think he’s a monster, I say this because he’s so clearly tried to destroy one key part of his soul - his name.

According to the Ancient Egyptians, the human soul came in five parts. The Ib, the Sheut, the Ba, the Ka and the Ren.

Your Ib was your heart and, like the other parts of your soul, was essential to you surviving in the afterlife. To enter the afterlife your heart was weighed against the Feather of Truth - if you failed your heart was devoured by Ammit and you were damned and destroyed for all eternity. This was why the heart was not placed into Canopic Jars but left in the body: so Anubis could weigh it against the feather and judge if you were worthy or not. Your heart, according to the Ancient Egyptians, was the very seat of your emotions, thought, will and intentions. If you sinned, it weighed on you here.

The Sheut was your shadow, the thing which proved you real and tangible in the world. Always present so long as there was light, always following the person, to the Ancient Egyptians it was obvious that it carried some part of the person it was attached to - indeed, following this same logic statues were sometimes referred to as shadows. The shadow was also not exempt from the afterlife - some people were given “shadow boxes” in which part of the Sheut was stored.

The Ba was the personality of a person, what made them them. Probably the part of the Ancient Egyptian soul easiest to equate to the modern Western perception of the soul, it was your defining character, your very self - where the Ib was intention and emotion, the Ba was the personality behind that. Indeed, the Ba was said to re-join the Ka in the afterlife -

The Ka being your vital spark, that which makes you alive. It is this which distinguishes the living from the dead - when the body, the Ha lost it’s Ka, it was dead. The Ka is your living energy and so, to live, it requires, like any living thing, food and drink. It is because of the Ka that food and drink were left by graves or buried with a Mummy - so that, even in the afterlife, the Ka could eat and drink it’s fill and not die.

All these things about the first four parts of the soul. But what about the fifth?

The Ren is the name given to you at birth. Egyptians could and would change their names - Pharaohs most notably, with Akhenaten, called Amenhotep before his name-change and Tutankhamun, born Tutankhnaten - but the name was still a sacred thing. It was even, when written or carved, protected by a Cartouche, and many Ancient Egyptians made numerous attempts to protect and preserve their names. Conversely, should someone be considered to have committed so great a crime there was no other punishment suitable, their name would be hacked off monuments and inscriptions, in a form of what the Romans would later perform, and called damnatio memoriae.

As Pratchett says - “a man is not dead while his name is still spoken”. So too did the Ancient Egyptians believe - if your name still existed somewhere, if it could still be read and understood and spoken… you would live. Provided the other efforts to preserve your soul, your Ba and Ka, your Ib and Sheut and, in the realm of the living, your Ren you could survive in the afterlife for ages upon ages.

Kylo Ren has shed his name. His name is not even entirely a name - he is a Knight of Ren, a Knight of the Name, and what passes for his name now reflects that. He may have his Ba and Ka, he is certainly a creature of his own Sheut, but his Ib… has been shaped and moulded into something else and is weighed down by sins.

And his Ren, his name… is gone. He is just another name bound into Snoke’s service, made to shed a part of himself, a part of his soul.

Kylo Ren has no soul. Not because he’s a monster, but because he has sacrificed his name in Snoke’s service. He is a Knight of Ren, a Knight of Name.

Perhaps, a Knight in name only. Will he take on his old name? Will he take on a new name entirely? I don’t know.

But Kylo has no Ren.

  • Derek: I don't care about Stiles
  • Stiles: *falls on his face for the tenth time this month*
  • Derek: What the fuc k is this? how the fu ck did this happen? why are you so reckless???? This is it, I'm taking you out of this damn city, you're coming with me.
Relieving The Tension

Characters: Reader, Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mild angst, SMUTTY SMUTT, fluff, NSFW

Word Count: 1,100

Summary: Tension has been building between you and Dean lately. Finally you lose it and blow up. SMUTTY SMUT ensues.

“Just fuck me already, Dean! Anything to break this damn tension,” you screamed at him. The heat between the two of you had been building for months, and you couldn’t ignore it anymore.

You stood there shocked not able to believe the words that had just slipped out of your mouth. You ran your hands through your hair nervously as you gaged Dean’s reaction.

He had a look of disbelief on his face as a sly grin creeped up to replace his shock. He was slowly closing the gap between the two of you. You could see the words he was struggling to get out forming on his full lips.

You just wanted to take that bottom lip between your teeth and tug, drawing out a groan you knew would come from him if you only had the chance. God, Y/N stop thinking about it, you told yourself as you attempted to calm your breathing.

Before you realized it, Dean’s chest was pressed up against yours. You wondered if he could feel your heart tying to beat out of your damn chest. He placed his hands behind your head, gently lifting your face to his. He was closing the gap between the two of you when he stopped just as he grazed your lips. Your breath hitched as he breathed into your mouth, hot, heavy, shaking breaths.

“Are you sure this is what you want Y/N? Because God knows it’s all I’ve been able to think about for months,” he said his green eyes sparkling.

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Imagine: Benny Turning You

Request: So I saw that your requests were open and I couldn’t resist. Could you do an imagine where the reader is like dying but she doesn’t cause she asks Benny to change her and he does and he helps her adjust and live a ‘normal’ life like he does?? Thanks 

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Blood, near-death experience, basically dying to become a vampire, being a vampire? Is that a warning?

@weirdnewbie sorry it took so long, hun! I loved this idea so much and wanted to really get it right.

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redraw of a very scenic scene (couldn’t find that line in english so i had to improvise hehe)

i’ve never watched this movie

Demons and their counterparts

Did ya miss me
Are ya scared
Oh don’t worry
You’ll be fine if you prepare

Are you waiting
By your screens
Listen closely
Hear his screams

I’ve been waiting all this time
Think ah deserve a bit of shine
Sick of hiding in the dark
Guess it’s time to make my mark

Gonna show you who I am
Gonna show just what a can
Need to terrify you
Need to show my control

Say goodbye to the world you know
Cos nothing will be the same
It’s time to make a change
It’s time, let’s put on a show

I have my control
I have all my power
I ain’t weak no more
I’m stronger than you

You all watched
As this happened
You let me
Play My game

I played my part
Made my moves
It’s your turn now
Make your plan

Will you save him
Will you fight
Will you end this
Will you set me free

Or will you run
And leave me be
In turn damning us all
For eternity

There’s two sides
To this story
Will you listen
To them both

There’s two sides
To the story
Can you help us
Set us free

I mean well
Don’t mean to scare
Just tried to grab
Your attention

Our time is up
Go we must
Please try find me
Please set me free


What Makes You Beautiful

Title: What Makes You Beautiful

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,568

Warning: It might look like it’s going to get smutty but I SWEAR it’s all fluff

Request by @squirrelchester said: Girl, how about a DeanxPlus!Sized reader? That Cas anon had the right idea ;) I’m a sucker for reading a Dean and plus sized reader where he does his damndest to make her feel beautiful, because he thinks she so gorgeous. I would loveee that

A/N: Oh man, I made myself cry writing this you guys. I’ve struggled with body image issues since grade school. This was a hard topic to write about and face, but I am so glad that I did it.

All of you are beautiful just as you are. Even if you don’t like how you look. If you want to lose weight or look different, do it for yourself and because you want to be healthy. Don’t do it because you’re fitting into a size that society somehow has decided is “beautiful.”

Fuck society. Fuck the haters. You’re beautiful. End of discussion.

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Finishing setting up to watch your movie Dean came to your door. “What are you doing?”

“Watching Hairspray, wanna join?”

“Better than being alone,” Dean grumbled as he came in and sat next to you on your bed. “Aw crap, this is a musical isn’t it?” Dean whined as the opening credits played.

“Suck it up Winchester,” you said tossing some popcorn in your mouth.

“Fine” Dean muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Of course by the time the movie was about half of the way through Mr. Aw Crap It’s a Musical was tapping his foot and humming along. Adjusting yourself on your bed you scooted down, laying on your side with your arm tucked under your head. Not being totally comfortable you started to fidget.

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Seventeen dating someone who is FTM transgender

This post was inspired by the incredible @morelikegay-pop, whose blog I love and who made a post about the same thing which you should all check out!


  • The snuggliest bun bun of all time
  • Cuddles will be constant, especially at times when you’re feeling dysphoric
  • If he even thinks for half a second that you don’t feel 100% confident, he’ll have his arms wrapped around you, his head nuzzling into you neck, mumbling in your ear about how much he loves you.
  • Tries to teach you all of his dances, and if you struggle to do it he’ll be the most patient teacher in the world.
  • Doesn’t understand how some people could think you’re anything other than a boy, his perfect boy, and gets all pouty and sad if someone misgenders you. Cue more cuddles.
  • If you’re okay with him talking about it, he’ll be telling everyone the two of you meet about how brave you are and how proud he is of you, telling them little stories about your transition with this sweet little smile


  • Lame™
  • Tells everyone within earshot how proud he is of his boy
  • “My boy” “My boyfriend” “My baby” “My hansome boy look how handsome he is!!!!!”
  • Raps about you all day everyday
  • Seriously you’ll be making toast and he’ll be rapping about how you make the best toast in the universe
  • Every song he raps on will mention his boyfriend and will use male pronouns, he’ll insist on it.
  • Gets sad thinking about anything and everything you’ve struggled with in the past, hates thinking about what you’ve gone through to get where you are
  • Because of that he does his best to make you as happy as he can every gosh diddly darn day
  • Hates being away from you so much because it’s harder to make you smile, constantly trying to convince the company to let you come to shows and fansigns with them. But when you can’t, expect snapchats and texts telling you how much he misses you every 3 minutes until you’re back in each others arms


  • The most protective boyfriend to ever boyfriend, with a free bonus pack of Eye Rolls™
  • Someone misgenders you? Someone insults you? Someone makes a homophobic/transphobic comment? His eyes will be rolling so far into the back of his head you’re scared they might get stuck. Depending on who the person was, he’d either pull you away and give you lots of kisses while the person can see or snap at them and correct what they said .
  • If you’re not already fluent in Korean, he’ll help you learn and be so sweet and patient and lovely about it, sitting with you for hours at a time practising your pronunciation. He’d also want to do his best to learn your native language.
  • Tells you how handsome and gorgeous you look approximately 22768 times a day because you are, you really are, and he wants to make sure you exist in the world knowing that
  • If you want to have surgery and haven’t yet, he’ll help you research the best kind of surgery for you and what it involves/side effects/post surgery care/the best surgeons and hospitals in the whole world because he wants your transition to go as smoothly and stress free as possible


  • Always introducing you as “My boyfriend, Y/N”
  • Bringing you to the studio and sitting next to you with your arms pressed close together as he shows you all the technical stuff
  • If you like skinship, he’ll get over his dislike of it to make you feel safe and happy and loved
  • He might even do aegyo (but it’d still come with hours of post-aegyo cringing)
  • Writing and producing tens upon tens of songs about you, and never planning on playing them for you. (Of course, this plan fails when Joshua mentions them by accident over dinner one night)
  • And then he plays them for you while looking down at his knees, with sweater paws to hide his shaking hands because oh god what if you don’t like them but of course every single one feels like falling in love with him all over again 
  • The most caring boyfriend in all the small ways. Will help you find the best local gym if you want to bulk up, will stop at the shop on the way home from practice to pick up that drink he knows you like, will buy an extra blanket for his room so you don’t get cold on the nights you stay over.
  • He will turn into a rage monster if anyone ever has the gall to insult you or make you feel bad about yourself, even if it’s an accident. Nobody gets to hurt his boyfriend, nobody.


  • Would 100% write you a song and play it for you on his guitar, and if you have scars, it’s 100% going to be about how much he loves them
  • Constantly checking your boundaries and asking if it’s okay for him to kiss you/hug you/put his hands anywhere on your body, because the last thing he wants is to make you feel uncomfortable or dysphoric
  • The sweetest muffin about everything tbh
  • Wants to introduce you to his mom about 5 seconds after he first meets you. He will, of course, sit on the phone with her for 7 hours gushing about you and telling her everything he knows and repeating over and over again “I want to matter to him”
  • Staying up till the early hours of the morning talking because he asked you to tell him your story, every single day, every moment up until the second you two met, and he won’t let you skip anything because every new thing he learns about you cements you deeper into his heart, exactly where you belong.


  • Wants to help you pay for any healthcare costs (and will get fake-mad at you if you say no)
  • Finds you trans singers / dancers /actors /youtubers /artists /blogs /carats/everyone so that you can feel more of a part of your community 
  • Will spend hours upon hours online shopping with you, and will buy you every item of clothing you like because ‘you’re my boyfriend, and you deserve to feel good about how you look now shush and let me buy you these jeans’
  • Will make a public snapchat just so he can put up pictures of you 15 times a day every day with those overachieving boyfriend captions like ‘DAMN Y/N LOOKING GOOD’ ‘when your boyfriend outshines you’ ‘#babe’ 
  • Eternally complimenting you in the most extra way
  • You gain a little bit of muscle? ‘Y/N you look so shredded!!!”
  • You gain a little bit of weight? “How are you so cuddly and so hot all at once wtf goals”
  • You get a haircut? “I have literally never seen a better haircut in my life every follicle on your head belongs in vogue”
  • He notices your scars have faded a little? “Hell yeah my baby has the most flawless skin on planet earth what kind of roman god are you honestly”


  • Getting all squishy and mad anytime anyone misgenders you
  • You know that little grumpy face he does anytime anyone calls him cute?
  • Yeah that x10000
  • Every time he sees you it’s like the first time, and he’s blushing and tripping over his words and how do you get more handsome every time he sees you?
  • Does that same blushy face anytime a carat asks about you at fansigns, and when they do he’ll point at you with the cutest smile (because let’s be real he’ll be taking you to fansigns whenever he can)
  • Doesn’t talk about you in interviews or Andromedas all that often, and he probably wouldn’t talk about you in detail to the other boys either. Don’t take that to mean he doesn’t think you’re the most incredbible human being he’s ever met, he does, he just prefers not to talk about your relationship with other people too often. In his eyes, as long as you two love each other and are happy it’s none of anyone elses business about your body or your sex life or anything at all


  • If you do testosterone shots, he’ll be by your side for every single one, holding your hand and kissing it, even if you’re not scared of the needle
  • He just wants to be there to support you all the way
  • Wrapping his arms around you from behind, surprising you with backhugs 24/7
  • If anyone ever commented on your scars, or any part of your body, Mingyu would be right there with his arms around you, staring the person down and “He’s my boyfriend, and I love him. Every part of him.”
  • With glares tons and tons of glares
  • If he’s taller than you (which he probably is because he’s the fucking BFG) he’ll have this desire to lean up and get things off the shelves that you can’t reach to help you out, but he won’t because he knows thats something a lot of people associate with being a girl
  • So sometimes he just calls you into the kitchen and asks you to get a recipe book off the shelf because he can’t reach, or asks you to open a jar for him because he’s not strong enough
  • Basically always doing things to try and make you feel like the man of the house (despite the house being full of men)


  • Constantly telling you how handsome you look
  • Dancing around the kitchen with you at 3AM, swinging you around, pulling you close to him in a spin, pressing quick kisses to your lips, and beaming at how happy you look
  • The Most Supportive Boyfriend Ever!!!
  • Throwing mini parties for just the two of you anytime you take a step in your transition (with cupcakes that have icing pictures of you on the top)
  • “Did you know that my boyfriend *insert small achievement here*? Isn’t that the greatest thing you’ve ever heard?”
  • Your life together is basically the first gay Disney prince movie
  • Doesn’t make a big deal about you being trans for anything outside of congratulating you on positive steps because he just sees you as his boyfriend, the man he loves, the most beautiful man in the world, and he doesn’t want to mention it a lot in case it makes you feel dysphoric
  • However he would probably encourage you to either get a therapist or join a trans specific therapy group because he heard that therapy can be really good to help dysphoria, depression, anxiety, self hatred, all the horrible things that can come hand in hand with being trans. (On a serious note, therapy is a massively beneficial thing and I would highly recommend it for most people)


  • All the cute nicknames in the world
  • “my handsome boy”
  • “baby boy”
  • He would completely buy you both couple sweaters, the kind of sweaters that say “I’m His” and “He’s Mine”, because he’s a Giant Dork™
  • When you’re out and about, he’s either holding your hand, has his arm around your shoulders, or has his arm around your waist. Point is, he wants people to know that you’re dating.
  • He will always let you shower first, because he knows if he does he’ll use all the hot water and despite how cute your grumpy face is, he doesn’t want to ruin your day.
  • Glaring to the max anytime anyone makes a comment that isn’t 100% supportive and loving
  • “Hey, that’s my boyfriend you’re talking about”
  • Would want to help out with your surgeries/shots any way that he could, by paying for them, by staying with you all the time, by picking up your shots for you, he’d want to do everything.
  • As @morelikegay-pop​ put it, he’ll make you feel like a FUCKING GOD IN BED
  • Refer to Bedroom!Seungcheol now
  • don’t ever take this boy for granted you’re so lucky!!!!!


  • If you feel dysphoric, he’ll sit with you and hold your hands and encourage you to talk about it, listening to every single word that comes out of your mouth
  • Kissing all over your body (if you’re comfortable with it) and telling you how handsome you are, how much he loves your scars, how every time he sees them it reminds him of how brave and strong and amazing you are
  • Mentions you in every single interview and fan sign and show, never stops talking about you, number one y/n stan
  • “oh, my boyfriend…”
  • “have i told you this story about my boyfriend?”
  • “my boyfriend would love that”
  • “y/n did something similar once let’s all talk about that instead of you”
  • Praises you in an extra way like Jun does, but times a million. You take a step in your transition? You open up to a therapist? You learn to bake cupcakes? “YES THATS MY BOY YOU’RE SO AMAZING HOW DO YOU DO SUCH INCREDIBLE THINGS WHAT A HERO WHAT AN ICON YOU ARE THE TRUE IDOL HERE FUCK SUPER JUNIOR I WANT TO PUT YOU ON A STAGE AND JUST STARE AT YOU BECAUSE //YOU ARE A STAR//”


  • Shows all Seventeens choreography to you before he shows it to the other boys, wanting your approval first.
  • Gets really upset whenever you don’t feel good about yourself, and almost struggles to understand it because you’re??? so handsome??? and so perfect??? how can you not love yourself???
  • Lending you all his incredible jackets because you said you like his red one one time and he wants to give you everything you like
  • Won’t ever let you get lost in negative thoughts. He’ll always have his radar for sad or dysphoric you on, and the second he notices you slipping he’ll be there with one hand holding yours, the other wrapped around your body pulling you in for a hug.
  • Soonyoungs arms look like the safest place in the world and they are. His hugs could make the rest of the universe melt away and he uses that power to try and save you from dark thoughts


  • Holding your hand everywhere
  • Will spend hours upon hours reading up on trans issues around the world and talking about them with you, trying to learn more so that he can support you 100% in an informed way
  • He will always ask you what you want to do in times when you’re feeling dysphoric. Sometimes he’ll push you to talk about it if he thinks that’s what will make you feel better, but if what you want is to sit at opposite ends of the couch and watch a sad movie while sharing a big bowl of popcorn, he’ll do that no questions asked
  • Spending hours upon hours trying to figure out what makes you feel best in the bedroom, then doing that all the time because god damn it he wants his boyfriend to feel like the sexiest sex god ever 
  • If you’re pre-top surgery and bind, he’ll do more of his hours and hours of research to try and find the best and safest binders, the safest ways to bind, how often you should take it off, how to notice signs of bad binding, literally everything he can do to keep you safe.