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Sterek AU: ‘Munitions and Marriage

While Derek may be squad leader, Stiles will always find an opportunity to challenge his husband.

SRB: First Sight, Second Editon

Part of the Sterek Reverse Bang 2017

Somewhere to Start by lissadiane (tumblr and ao3)

You can find the first fic and art here:

The Light in the Woods by ThisDiscontentedWinter (tumblr and ao3)

In This Life or The Next

Pairing: Cassian x Fem!Reader

Warnings: sexual content

Words: 3K 

You couldn’t sleep.

After hours of staring up into the darkness of your private sleeping quarters, you let out a frustrated sigh and climbed out of bed, deciding that perhaps it was for the best if you just gave up on sleep altogether. You pulled on a warm wool coat over your sleeping tunic and then slipped your feet into your worn, black leather boots before leaving your quarters and heading down to the cantina. Although it was always kept open late to serve those who worked the dreadful evening shift on base, a majority of the cantina’s customers at this hour were actually off duty officers, pilots, and mechanics who had come out in search of a good time after a stressful day on the clock. The louder, more rowdier patrons were sitting close  to the main bar where the enormous, reptilian creature behind the counter could quickly and easily refill their empty glasses. Others gathered around large tables and played card and board games, gambling away their credits like they weren’t so difficult to earn. 

“Hey! Sweetheart!” Someone drunkenly called out to you. “Come join the fun!”

Keeping your head down, you walked towards a table nestled in a less crowded corner of the cantina and sat down. Another reptilian creature, one quite smaller than the bartender and female, came over and took your order for a tall, frosted, glass of dark amber brew. As soon as she had brought it out to you, you quickly chugged it down and then ordered another one. You normally weren’t much of a drinker, but you currently had a lot on your mind and you hoped that the alcohol would help take some of the edge off. So far, it wasn’t working. You didn’t know how many of these drinks it was going to take for you to forget the fact that you were probably going to die tomorrow. 

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littyr-deactivated20170623  asked:

what do you think drives lady macbeth's cruelty and do you sympathise with her at all?

This post and this post might be of interest. But I think ‘cruelty’ is the wrong word. Cruelty implies violence for the sake of violence and enjoyment of violence. (See here.) Lady M doesn’t revel in the violence. She doesn’t delight in it the way some of the characters in, say, Titus Andronicus do, or even Margaret in Henry VI does after the murder of Rutland/during the murder of York. For Lady M violence is always a means to an end. “Infirm of purpose” is what she calls her husband when he starts to get faint-hearted. He’s too full of the milk of human kindness “to catch the nearest way.” For her, it’s all about the outcome. The ends justify the means. Like I said in one of those posts, I think her driving force is ambition. She wants more than what she has. 

Interestingly, she never expresses any personal desire to be queen. She does, however, use the singular possessive pronoun ‘my’ when she says “The raven himself is hoarse / That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan / Under my battlements.” She claims the crime as her own, and even though the idea of murder occurs to her and her husband independently, she is the criminal mastermind. She says,you shall put / This night’s great business into my dispatch; / Which shall to all our nights and days to come / Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom.” And at the end of the scene: “Leave all the rest to me.” This regicide is her baby–and I use that word very deliberately. There are a million possible explanations for why Lady Macbeth is so desperate to seize this power for her husband. My guess is it has something to do with that baby she mentions in 1.7 which doesn’t appear in the play. A woman’s function at this point in history was basically to be a baby-making machine and ensure the survival of her husband’s line. She hasn’t been able to do that (for whatever reason) and her husband, at least, is already middle-aged, so that procreation window is rapidly closing, if it’s not closed already. By early modern standards, that’s a huge dynastic failure. My guess is that her power-grabbing is about agency and compensation. Maybe she can’t continue Macbeth’s line, but she can make him king. And she does

But here’s the other part of it which I think is really important and often gets overlooked, and it goes back to the fact that Lady M never expresses a personal desire to be queen. She wants her husband to be king, and she thinks he is fully deserving of that office. “Thou wouldst be great;” she says, “Art not without ambition, but without / The illness should attend it.” AND THIS IS SO KEY. Because Lady M is nothing if not full of ambition. What she’s saying here is “You don’t have enough darkness in your soul to do this, so I’m going to do it for you.” Now. Is that somewhat fucked up? Absolutely. However, that is an enormous sacrifice to make. I’m not going to get into this in depth, but there’s a lot of natural law theory floating around in this play. What’s important to know is this: In the protestant ethos of this play, if you commit regicide, you are 100% going to be damned for eternity. There’s no doubt about that. So, in an insane backwards way, this is actually an incredibly loving, selfless thing to do on Lady M’s part. She is willing to sacrifice her own salvation to make her husband king. Let that sink in. That is so much more hardcore than just saying, “I’d take a bullet for you, babe.” She is willing to burn for all time to put him on the throne, and not only is she willing, but it’s her idea, not just something she does with her back against the wall. That is a crazy kind of love. And that’s one of my favorite things about this play. This is not a unanimous opinion by any means, but I firmly believe that even though the Macbeths are terrible tyrannical people, they are desperately, devotedly in love with one another. Their language is incredibly intimate. In his first letter Macbeth addresses his wife as “My dearest partner of greatness,” and throughout the play they are constantly struggling to help and heal one another. Theirs is a relationship built on love and equality, whatever else they do (and however their relationship is also sometimes toxic and fractures through the play). Look at Macbeth’s conversation with the doctor in 5.3 when his wife’s health begins to fail: “ If thou couldst, doctor, cast / The water of my land, find her disease, / And purge it to a sound and pristine health, / I would applaud thee to the very echo, / That should applaud again.” That. Is. Love.

So. Why does Lady Macbeth do the terrible things she does? There’s no certain answer. Ambition has a lot to do with it. But I think that ambition is rooted in guilt about what she hasn’t been able to provide her husband with, and a passionate yearning to make up for that, somehow. Leo’s character says in Inception that positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time, and I think that’s true here. Lady M doesn’t orchestrate Duncan’s murder because she’s inherently cruel. She does it for love.

imagine hoseok as your dance instructor.

Originally posted by sugutie

  • most popular dance teacher at the studio.
  • teaches hiphop and street dance to all ages.
  • also leads a dance crew.
  • often drops in on other classes just to generally spread cheer and shout encouragement.
  • because imagine hobi doing ballet with toddlers in his hiphop gear.
  • or dancing waltz with seniors in his sneakers.
  • he lights up the room always, everyone loves him he’s so much fun.
  • he’s pretty good at literally all the dances too he’s just amazing.
  • sadly you’re not in any of his classes, but you’ve seen him around.
  • he’s dropped in on your zumba class twice maybe and he’s magnificent, he learns the choreo so fast and completely outshines everyone even the instructor like it’s not the least bit fair to anyone he’s so good.
  • so naturally, when your instructor calls in sick, he’s asked to step in and lead you in zumba.
  • and like, he doesn’t even hesitate.
  • sure, he doesn’t know the first thing about zumba and he doesn’t know the choreo and the class is in ten minutes but he’s down.
  • and when he’s watched the choreo video a few times he’s ready to go.
  • you might expect him to be a little awkward but nope
  • if anyone had any doubts, j-hope erases them all within the first few minutes.
  • he’s not entirely confident in the choreo, so he just freestyles some parts and encourages you all to just feel the music and go with it if you fall out of step.
  • and honestly you’ve been so motivated to give it your all, and never have you felt so free to move, and never have you had so much fun dancing.
  • he even dances around the room and with you all individually.
  • and you might get all flustered and trip over yourself a little before he gets to you but you know hobi, he’s all smiles and positivity and encouragement and you don’t feel the least bit embarrassed.
  • and when he announces class is over you’re all like what??? no :(
  • because it only felt like five minutes and you never wanted it to end.
  • and yeah you’re exhausted but you could still go on for hours and how ?? is he so ?? handsome ?? all sweaty and out of breath he still glows like a damn ray of sunshine you just wanna bask in his warmth for all eternity amirite
  • someone asks if he can be your instructor forever and he’s like haha sorry you’ll just have to take my classes.
  • and someone else heard he had a competition coming up and he’s like “yeah !!!!! please attend it’s gonna be so much fun and maybe we’ll even win idk but we go out for chicken afterwards you should all come!”
  • and somehow they wrestle him into giving you a preview and ohhh boy does he.
  • holy hell you’ve never seen someone move like that up close and if you weren’t already so breathless he’d have taken your breath away for sure.
  • ur like ???? to hell with zumba i wanna do that!!!
  • and you have to talk to this sunshine he’s so lovely you just gravitate towards him and as people start to leave you’re like “how??? do you do that.”
  • “what.”
  • “that thing when you’re like bam and it’s like dak
  • “ohhh the popping?”
  • “yes omg can you show me”
  • and he does and you don’t really get it on the first twelve tries but he’s so helpful and encouraging you’re like wow! i need this person in my life.
  • so next week, guess who shows up at his hiphop beginners class? it you.
  • and he’s so happy to see you he’s like hEY we have a new person
  • and of course you’re not the only one there’s like three other people from your zumba class attending and one of them is like welp yeah i guess we fell for your charms aha
  • and he blUSHES and goes all giggly but then glances over at you kinda sneakily to check your reaction and you’re like gULP
  • your eyes meet for just a split second and you could swear the whole world stopped turning because the moment felt infinite.
  • and then it’s over and you realise you have a big stupid crush on your dance teacher.
  • so you turn up to support him at their competition and of course they win but when you go to congratulate him you end up getting kinda squished together in a group hug.
  • you’re both out of breath and it’s intimate and a little awkward, but afterwards when you’re let go and you’re still trying hard not to think about how he feels so nice so close to you, how you could just about feel his heartbeat against you, how incredibly good he smells, how warm and firm he felt, how–
  • ok anyway he smiles sheepishly and apologises for his friends, wondering if you’re okay.
  • honestly he’s so sweet it melts your heart.
  • after that tbh you two are always making eyes at each other and it’s so painfully obvious to everyone they’re just waiting for it to dawn on you two.
  • people are always dropping hints like when you’re chatting with hobi before class and someone walks by like “oohhhhh hope i’m not interrupting somethiiiiing”
  • or when you stay after class to ask about a particular move and jimin and taehyung are up against the glass making kissy faces at him when you’re not looking.
  • eventually you just end up having dinner together after class and you don’t even know who asked who to dinner, it just happened.
  • and you’re both so eager to spend time with one another that before either of you knows it it’s become A Thing and i guess ?? you’re sort of ?? seeing each other ????
  • you just hadn’t realised it until you discover everyone thinks you’re finally together oops
  • and you’re lowkey hella excited and kinda nervous when you confront hobi with this like “omg did you know ???? people think we’re a couple lol hilarious”
  • and he’s like “yeah,,,,,,,,listen,,,,,,,,, i kinda just ran with it.”
  • turns out he knew for like two weeks and he didn’t know what to say or do about it.
  • and you’re like “wait, are we dating?? but we,,, haven’t even,,,, kissed??”
  • and he mumbles something about “well,,,yanno,,,,if you wanna,,,”
  • but you both get shy and can’t even look at each other it’s v cute.
  • and next time you stay after class yoongi comes to fetch hobi because he promised to help with something.
  • and yoongi bursts in like “okok enough of that we gotta go.”
  • hobi’s like “ok wait we were just gonna–”
  • “i said enough just kiss them already we gotta go!”
  • you and hoseok just look at each other kinda wide eyed and then he does, hobi kisses you and it’s quick and soft and perfect, and then yoongi drags him away.
  • and then hoseok comes running back for another kiss.
  • and another.
  • and a total of four probably until yoongi recruits jungkook to carry hobi the hell out of there.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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I am really curious about the kind of concept nct dream is gonna comeback with

So…. about my most recent obsession………..

I honestly love HP AU’s in any fandom, but I a d o r e Viktuuri in a HP setting. From all the different ideas, I love @46gohan ‘s AU the most, with Viktor in Durmstrang

Upon watching the Goblet of Fire yesterday, I kinda had the idea everyone was intimidated as fuck by Durmstrang. I mean, I would be too, they look pretty damn tough and ready to battle dragons

… And then you have Viktor, our eternal sunshine

Thank you for creating this amazing AU, gohan, and I can’t w a i t to see more of this <3 I have some more art for this AU but those require a bit more attention


I made a soul form for Dark Nebula!

(I love squeak squad a whole bunch but c’mon Nebula’s a but of a pushover)

Flavor Text: The ruler of the underworld is packing a soul form this time! He’s no pushover! But something seems a bit artificial about this mechanical monstrosity!

Hold on for Me (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Peter gets badly hurt from a mission and it’s up to you to save him.

Word Count: 1658

Warnings: swearing (minimal), self doubt

Requested: by myself? lmao

Dear Reader: I altered this so that Peter lives with the Avengers. The time setting is right before Civil War. The reader has the ability to control objects by listening to their frequencies, therefore allowing her to control the object.   

Originally posted by parkery

“Tony Stark you come back here right now!” You said. Tony walked back, “it’s nothing personal, (y/n). This mission’s just dangerous.” He shrugged. Yo glared at him, “Oh so the other missions I’ve been allowed to go on weren’t dangerous?!” You retorted. Bucky walked over to you, “Tony, just let her go, she’s been benched from the last mission already.” He defended. “No can do, metal arm. FRIDAY, make sure Miss (y/n) doesn’t leave the building until we come back.” Tony said. “Asshole!” You said. Your vision blurred with anger, and you didn’t notice the kitchen knives floating towards your friends until the last second. You let go of the vibrations, dropping the kitchen knives with your power. “I-I’m sorry.” You mumbled. Sam chuckled, “Why do we own so many kitchen knives?” He said jokingly. You gave him an awkward smile. Tony sighed and patted your shoulder, “We’ll be back before you know it.” You nodded silently to Tony and sighed to yourself, daring to take a look at Peter before he left. He walked over to you and took off his mask, “Hey, we’ll come back. We’re still on for movie night,right?” He said awkwardly. You gripped his hand playfully, “Yeah,yeah. Don’t die out there, Parker.” You said, smiling. You waved them goodbye, walked back into the living room, and plopped down next to Steve. You tried focusing on the TV, but your mind wandered elsewhere. 

You thought of the first time you met Peter, when the Avengers were evaluating your powers. He was so astonished when you used your powers to feel the frequency of his body and the air around it that you made him float a foot into the air! “Woah I’m freaking flying!” He’d said. “O-ok you can put me down now,” He’d said a second later. You thought of how he’d bite his thumb when he was thinking, or his smile when you’d show up with ice cream and movies to binge watch. You thought of how you both wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, so he’d swing you both around the city, how your faces were inches apart, how he smelled like the night air and a faint smell of cookies when he pulled you towards him. You thought of how the nightmares of your parents death came back to haunt you, you’d wake up  screaming and Peter would come rushing in your room in a second, forgetting how nervous he’d be around you and cradling you until you’d fall asleep. “You’re doing it again.” Steve interrupted. You blinked at him, “Doing what?” He said, “You’re thinking. About Peter I presume?” Jesus Christ, can he read minds too? “I…uh,how did you-how’d you know?” You stammered. “Lucky guess?” He shrugged. “Plus that crush isn’t so subtle.” He chuckled. You playfully punched his arm. “Oh my god, who knows?!” You whispered. “Everyone except for Peter himself.” He said. You thanked god for that. Steve turned to face you, “Look, I can’t read minds like Wanda, but I think he’d say yes to a date with you.” He smirked. “Steve, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not a good idea.” You mumbled. The thought of Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, going on a date with you, the girl who can’t get a single mission right, made your thoughts jumbled. “Look, (y/n), even Bruce thinks he likes you, and Bruce is holed up in that lab all day.” He said. “Doctor Banner would like to inform you, Mr. Rogers, that he is not the one stuck behind a shield and a flag.” FRIDAY interrupted. You laughed, and it felt good. Maybe you should listen to Steve and take the shot. You looked up at Steve, his baby blue eyes sparkling with hope. “Ok, maybe I wi-” you started.

 Before you could process what happened, FRIDAY’s voice boomed over the building. “Miss (y/n), please report to the med-bay, Mr. Stark would like to inform you that Mr. Parker’s vitals are dropping rapidly.” She said. You jumped up and ran, Steve close behind. The sight of Peter’s limp body almost sent you into shock, but you had to remember your priority: Get him alive. You shrugged on a pair of scrubs and rushed to Peter. “P-Peter, you’re okay, you’re okay,” You said, more for yourself than for him. He smiled, then winced at the action. “I can’t wait to see that movie, (y/n).” He said. A tear dropped from your eye as he said your name. You checked the screen above him, the one monitoring his vitals. His heart was beating dangerously slow, and he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. You turned to Tony and Nat, “What the hell happened?!” You whisper-screamed. “We were attacked by a-what did agent daisy call it?” Tony said. “An inhuman.” Nat finished. This time Clint spoke up, “This inhuman had the ability to show the death of a person you lo-loved.” He said, giving a blank stare. “I-it affected Peter more than us. He started yelling at the inhuman and we,” he motioned, “We were incapacitated, like held in place by some invisible force.” Clint said. “Anyways, Peter got hit by a piece of shrapnel, it lodged near his diaphragm .” Tony said, staring at Peter. You pinned up your hair, “I-I can’t do this.” You whispered, backing away from the table where Peter was laying. Steve gripped your arms, making sure you didn’t fall over. Tony grabbed your hand, “Hey,hey. You can do this. We didn’t recruit you just because you had powers,” He said, making eye contact. You took a deep breath and moved over to Peter. “You’re the only one with experience for this.” He finished. It was true, your mother was a head surgeon back in your home town and she brought you along whenever she could, guiding you on test dummies and easing you into the medical field. “O-okay,” you said, slipping on a pair of gloves. “Bruce, I need 15 milligrams of Librium. And not a a gram more, it could swell up his arteries and the shrapnel could puncture it.” You said. Everyone backed away as you did your thing. “FRIDAY, I need a live x-ray scan of Peter’s chest. We need to locate that shrapnel.” You said. “Right away, Miss (y/n).” She said, pulling up what you asked for. The shrapnel near Peter’s chest was dangerously close to a major artery, one wrong move and it could puncture it and kill Peter. You steadied your hands, you’ve done this before, there was no reason to worry. Except that this was your best friend’s life in your hands. Yeah, no pressure. Bruce handed you the sedative, “Okay, lodge it on your 7.” He said. You nodded and looked back at Peter. “Peter, focus on my voice. This will sedate you, you won’t feel anything but you will be awake. I need you to hold on for me, okay?” You said, cupping his cheek in your hand. He nodded, his skin growing paler by the minute. You placed the sedative in him. 

The surgery took three hours. It felt like an eternity. You carefully placed the damned piece of shrapnel on a metal tray. You smiled, “Peter, it worked! You’re okay, you’re o-okay.” You said placing your forehead on his. “I-I knew you could do it.” He said, swallowing. You smiled at him. Then you heard what you had dreaded the most, the flatline. It rang in your ears, seeming to echo into your brain. “No, no no no no.” You squeaked. You grabbed a set of defibrillators. Dr. Banner charged it up, “Charging, 200 volts.” He said. Peter’s body jerked up violently. “Peter!” You screamed and Bucky pulled you back. “Charging, 500 volts.” Bruce said. All you heard was Peter’s voice in your head, telling you he believed in you. Bucky kept his metal arm against you, and you knew it was pointless to struggle. “Charging 700 volts.” Bruce said a final time. You could only feel the hot tears trailing paths down your face. You had to feel him one last time. You concentrated on the frequency of the metal in Bucky’s arm. You bent it away from your chest. You ran to Peter’s side. You cried on his chest. “Peter,” You whispered, grasping his hand. You cupped your hands on his face, and kissed him. His lips tasted of caramel, yet he couldn’t kiss back. You rested your forehead on his. Everyone laid a hand on you, urging you to step back. “I can’t lose you, damn it. Peter, please wake up, love.” You whispered. What happened next left you shocked. You stopped leaning over Peter and gripped Tony’s arm for support. Peter’s face was so close, yet lifeless. You closed your eyes as the tears came. 

“Did you just call me love?” Someone said. Your eyes widened as you realized who’s voice it was. You sighed, “Peter.” You screamed, as if that one word meant everything. He smiled and you kissed his forehead. “I-i didn’t mean t-to call you,” You stammered. Forgetting the tubes strapped to him, Peter sat up. You gasped. He healed fast. He winced, “And you kissed me, didn’t you.” He said. You laughed, your faces inches away, the way they used to be. “I didn’t mean to d-do that,” You mumbled. You stared at the ground, the rest of the Avengers trying to process what happened. You closed your eyes, and felt the familiar taste of caramel? You opened your eyes, and stared at Peter’s hands gripping yours and melted into the kiss. He pulled away after a few more seconds. “H-how? You died!” You said. “I told you I knew you could do it.” He said, laughing. “Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but I’m glad your not dead, spider boy.” Tony said, chuckling. Sam popped a bottle of champagne from the kitchen, “Cheers! Except for you two, you’re still underage.” He said. You laughed, then grasped Peter’s suit and kissed him roughly before pulling away. His eyes were wide with delight, “You are never allowed to die on me again, Parker.” You said, looking him in the eye. “Y-yes ma'am.” He mumbled. You hugged him. “(Y/n), can’t breathe!” He said. You let go quickly and smiled. “So, we still on for that movie night?” He asked. Your smile widened, “I think it counts as a date now, right?” You said, sitting down next to him. He wrapped an arm around your waist, “Fine by me.” He said leaning his head on yours. 

My first Peter Parker/Marvel imagine omggg. Comment or ask me if u wanna be tagged in future Peter Parker/Marvel imagines and stuff. Hope y’all liked it ❤️

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Yeter de artar. Hepsi mükemmel bloglar 🌹

XXX (Jimin Fic)

• Prologue •

Genre: angst, dark, supernatural, smut (later on)

Series Rating: M

Chapter Rating: PG-13

AU?: demon!Jimin, supernatural!Jimin 

Word Count: 1,307

Summary: To make a deal with the devil is like selling your soul. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Little did you know that the demon who held the deal, had bigger and better plans in store for you. 

A/N: This is a short part, but it’s establishing some of the story and I feel like the ending fit well. So yes, there will be a part 2!! I plan on having the other parts be longer. Also low-key considering this as a teaser as well so enjoy!! :))

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

Part One ]

Sign with the devil, they say. Make a deal with the devil and you’ll come out the loser. You can cheat death, but cheat the devil and your soul be damned. To Hell with you, forever and for all eternity.

Palms sweaty, hands shaking in the pockets of your jacket, fingers gripped tightly around the tiny wooden box in the right one. You’d never done something like this before. This wasn’t you. You’d never considered the thought of actually making a deal with a demon. Hell, you weren’t certain it would work anyway. But anything would be sacrifice enough if it meant your love would live. You had to try.

The gravel crunched under the lightweight of your boots, crumbling and shifting and cracking, almost a similar sound to crushing bone as you approached the abandoned dirt crossroads of Mackay Ln. and Blade Dr. The full moon engulfed the event in a silver hue, one that would’ve been pitch black without its assistance.

Approaching the center of the crossroads, your breath caught in your throat, a throbbing ache in your chest as you withdrew the wooden box from your pocket and knelt down. First brushing aside the surface dirt, you began to dig, a small hole about 8 inches deep and about 10 inches wide, so the box would fit. You lowered the box into the dirt, hesitating whether or not to cover it up and seal your fate, or to turn and run without ever looking back.

You thought about your love lying in the hospital bed, the heart monitor next to him beeping slower and duller as the seconds passed before flat lining. You squeezed your eyes shut to prevent the tears from falling before you began to shove the excess dirt back into the hole, the box disappearing in a matter of seconds before it was completely buried. 

You stood up, taking a step back from the burial before waiting a minute. Nothing felt different, and you were still alone. You sighed, running a hand through your hair and muttering how much of an idiot you were for believing in such a thing as demons and black magic. You shook your head, disappointment evident in your eyes as you turned to leave before you suddenly ran into what felt like a brick wall.

“Fuck-!” you exclaimed, stumbling back a little before you looked up and your entire body ran cold.

Before you stood a man dressed entirely in black. His hands were in his pockets, and he had this subtle smirk on his lips as his dark eyes watched you, a brow raised in amusement. You gulped, your hand curled into a fist over your rapidly beating heart. There was an aura about him, one that you immediately knew was dangerous and you knew you’d regretted ever coming here. The two of you stood in silence as each of you watched the other, expecting the other to speak or make a move first. The silence was deafening and suffocating. You couldn’t take anymore.

“W-Who are you?” Your voice nearly gave out on you, initializing the fear in your body, and he smiled devilishly.

“You summoned me without knowing who I am? How stupid are you, girl?” he belittled, another wicked grin spreading across his face. You frowned, both offended and hurt. The man chuckled darkly before he continued. “You can call me Jimin, sweetheart.” Your frown hardened in anger.

“Don’t call me ‘sweetheart,’” you spat, internally surprised by your sudden sense of bravery, even the demon before you rose a brow in amused surprise.

“Hm fiery! I’m intrigued,” Jimin cooed with a chuckle. You grimaced in disgust. 

“Can we just get this over with?” you pressed, jaw tightened with impatience. Jimin tried his best to hide his growing amusement from your attitude. You were an interesting specimen, something he hadn’t witnessed before. There was a sense of blind determination behind your aura, an intense aura, one that he couldn’t ignore, despite how idiotic it just might be.

“Well, you’ve pulled me from the fire, it’s time you tell me your deepest desire,” he mused. It took all you could not to scoff at how corny and bizarre his words were but you shook them off anyway.

“My fiancè is dying,” you began, however you felt awkward telling this to a random stranger, one that just so happened to be a demon. Although, before you could continue, a deep chuckle cut you off.

“The hell are you laughing for?” you growled but the demon continued to find amusement over your predicament.

“This is the most classic tale any crossroads demon has ever heard,” he hooted, wiping a nonexistent tear for effect. You frowned.

“Let me guess,” he began, stepping aside as he began to encircle you, speaking slowly and clearly as he did so. “Your fiancè is dying, currently in a hospital bed, the heart monitor slowing, pulse barely readable, and yet you’re here, making a deal with a demon? And you expect it to go according to plan, right? Or are you really just that stupid?” He chuckled again; a low, rumbling chuckle that resembled that of a growling beast before coming to a halt behind you, forcing you to turn around in order to face him. He glanced downward as he laughed before his eyes met yours again, their once dark irises glimmering like the embers of a burning flame.

“You’re taking a leap of faith, sweetheart. And with a demon of all things. Faith really isn’t my fortè. I suggest you go back to your fiancè and spend what little time you have left with him.” He turned away as his words hit you like a 10 ton truck. All you were capable of doing was stare at him, wide-eyed and mouth agape as he started to walk off, fading into the shadows.

“W-wait please! I’m begging you!” You had lost total control over your own body as your voice betrayed you, calling out to him as you fell to your knees. He froze, his form only a misty figure among the shadows before he turned, eyebrow raised at your position.

“Please Jimin, I’m begging you…” Your words shook over your tongue, your throat becoming dry from the thought of losing your soul mate. “This is the only chance I have..”

Jimin had started to make his way back to you as you spoke, but you didn’t really pay him any mind.

“Please…I will do anything,” you promised, eyes squeezed shut to block out the tears that threatened to fall from your eyes, bottom lip pinched between your teeth to stop the cries that threatened to spill over your lips. “Please…”

You were met with silence for what felt like an eternity before your head was lifted by Jimin’s fingers under your chin, forcing you to look into his smoldering eyes.

“Anything, you say.” It wasn’t exactly a question, nor a demand. You weren’t exactly sure what it could’ve been, but the low chuckle that followed those words seemingly latched onto your heart and you could feel the pressure as though someone was squeezing the life out of you. You looked into his eyes as a gentle, but equally sinful smirk spread across his plump lips. Yours quivered as you responded, your voice barely above a whisper.


Jimin’s smirk turned into a devious grin before he pulled you closer by your chin as he suddenly brushed his lips over yours.

“Well then, L/N Y/N, it looks like we have a deal,” he whispered, chuckling darkly. Your terror-stricken heartbeat picked up from your realization; but before you could ask him how he knew your name, considering you hadn’t told him, his lips locked with yours, sealing your deal with the devil, and the future Fate had in store for you.

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