damn you stan

135 Minutes

5 minutes of: Pennywise being scary and shit

10 minutes of: Georgie chasing the goddamn boat 

15 minutes of: Bowers Gang, being themselves (aka asswipes)

20 minutes of: The Losers Club talking about/fighting Pennywise

85 minutes of: The Losers Club making friendship bracelets, cloudwatching, playing truth or dare, cuddling, swimming, having picnics etc


Sebastian Stan just does things to me that no one else does

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but believe me, Taylor Kitsch comes close!!!

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More on ‘Meanwhile outside of Dipdops mindscape

Part 1/(more parts later)


Demonic Guardians AU belongs to @starfleetrambo

I saw a post earlier today about JJ getting to direct IX like “It’s so good JJ doesn’t support r*ylo”

honey, you’ve got a big storm comin’ if you think the director who okayed a bridal carry isn’t at the very least interested in the dynamic between these two characters

I don’t like Taylor Swift (I don’t hate her either but it’s close enough). I think she can be really fake and most of the things she does is for attention. Do I think she’s pretty? Objectively, yes. She’s attractive. Do I think she’s stylish? Hell yeah. Do I support her in her sexual assault case? Absolutely! Do I appreciate what she does for her fans and for charity? Sure. Do I like her yet? No. Not at all. I still think she’s petty and immature and she has a lot of growing up to do before I can even think of cautiously accepting her as an artist. But damn. Some of you stans of hers need to chill out. So what if I dislike your problematic fave?? How is that affecting you and your life??? I swear to god y'all are just as immature as she is. Lol.