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Hi! Are you ok? :D I was wondering (and please forgive me as I take for granted you recieve a lot of similar questions per day) if Hak would be mad at Yona for the kiss. I LOVE the fact that it was her the one who dared to move forward ^.^ but I can't help but think he's rather angry with her because of that unexpected move of hers. I feel really happy for him though, now that his dream is likely to become true

Hi! I’m very okay, thanks for asking~ I hope you’re okay too ;D

I too love that it was Yona who dared to make the first move (it’s something I thought needed to happen, so I was glad it did!) and as for Hak’s feelings… well, I don’t think he’s mad per say, at least in a way that he didn’t want it to happen or would tell Yona that she shouldn’t have done what she did. 

To me, Hak is a little bit annoyed at what happened, but more due to the circumstances than the action itself. I think he was already super stressed out - I mean, his friends are being held hostage in Xing, he’s having to negotiate with Soo-Won, a man he hates and doesn’t trust, AND he’s just done something he didn’t want to do at all in that he used his influence in the Wind Tribe to put them against Soo-Won in what could very easily be seen as a rebellion and endanger his family; then on top of all that Yona is wanting to separate them and go off on her own. He’d already be uptight but then Yona swoops in and kisses him like it’s something normal(??) and I think that was the straw that broke the camels back for Hak. Because though being kissed by Yona is likely something he’s wanted for ages, why’d she have to do it right then, when he couldn’t reciprocate or sit down and talk to her and when they might not see each other for some time? As such, I think he became a little exasperated in a sort of, “Great, now I have to deal with this on top of all that as well!?” kind of way. I hope that makes sense ^ ^;

You never walk alone.

Well, of course, you don’t. When Bangtan looks so damn fine in the teasers, you walk with death.

Long Weekend

He wasn’t supposed to be home until sometime the next day but Sam wasn’t tired so he drove on through. The bunker was dark and quiet so he just went on to his room and crashed for the night. He got in a solid six hours before he heard faint music through the door. Curious, he followed the sound to the kitchen.

Cas was wearing orange boxer briefs and a t shirt that most likely belonged to Dean. Somebody’s iPod was on the dock on the counter and he was dancing along to some pop song. He looked like he was making coffee for two. Sam almost made his presence known but Dean popped out of the pantry with the pancake mix and slid up behind Cas, kissing his neck.

“Damn, baby, you look so fucking sexy like this. Mmmm…shake that fine ass!” Dean gave him a quick slap before setting down the box and grinding Cas from behind. Cas actually giggled as Dean nuzzled him.

Sam was shocked. On one hand, he couldn’t believe the smiles and laughter coming from his brother and the angel. It was beautiful enough to bring tears to his eyes. On the other, how long had this been going on? Why didn’t they tell him?

“Just how hungry are you, sweetheart? ‘Cause I’m thinking I’d rather have you for breakfast. Whaddya say?” Dean nibbled Cas’ ear.

Dean,” Cas whined. “You’re insatiable, you know that?” He turned and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck to kiss him long and deep. “What if Sam comes home early?”

Dean picked Cas up and set him on the counter, tan legs wrapped around his waist. “Let him. We got nothing to hide. I love you, angel. Don’t care who knows it.”

Cas kissed him again, pulling Dean’s bottom lip with his teeth. “But he doesn’t need to see you ravishing me on the kitchen table.”

“Now there’s an idea,” Dean teased. He heaved an exaggerated sigh and rolled his eyes. “Okay. We’ll tell him together when he gets home and hold off on the hanky panky. Just one or ten more kisses to tide me over?”

Sam slunk back to his room as the sounds of soft moans and lips smacking filled the kitchen. His little brother instincts told him to surprise them in the middle of their makeout session but he kind of thought it was cute. He’d never seen his brother look so…in love. He gave them a few minutes before pretending to just wake up.

“Hey, guys! You’re up early.” Sam greeted them. They were standing shoulder to shoulder at the stove and Dean was trying to get Cas to flip a pancake.

“Sammy! Drive all night?” Dean asked. His lips were a little red, so were Cas’.

“Yeah, got in late and crashed. Have a good long weekend?”

Both men blushed and Dean ducked his head and rubbed the back of his neck. It was one of his nervous tells. They exchanged glances and both of them got stars in their eyes. Dean slid his hand down into Cas’ and entwined their fingers. Cas never stopped beaming at the hunter. “We did, Sam. We um…we’re together and we’re happy and…” Dean locked eyes again with his angel, “I love him.”

“And I love Dean as well, Sam,” Cas spoke up without ever looking away from Dean.

Sam just stared with a grin spreading across his face. “So this just happened while I was gone?”

“It’s been happening for eight years. I just stopped being a dumbass sometime Thursday night and realized I had everything I ever wanted right in front of me.” Dean kissed the corner of Cas’ smiling mouth.

“And we’ve been very affectionate since then,” Cas added.

Sam snorted a laugh. He’d witnessed a little of that affection earlier. “Well, I’m happy for you. Both of you. And starving. Is there bacon to go with the pancakes?”

“Well that was easy.” Dean gave Cas another quick peck on the lips and resumed his breakfast duties. Cas pulled out another cup for Sam’s coffee and Sam told them how his case had gone in Indiana.

You've heard of Eunwoo's abs, now get ready for:

• how fluffy his hair is
• that he has world’s best smile
• he is 100% the greatest mom
• he’s learning English and Chinese
• he’s always updating Arohas
• (that he’s a lame memey minionfucker)
• how sweet he is with Moonbin???
• he lets all the members sit on his lap
• he’s so sweet and not awk w/ fanboys
• he has a really soft amazing voice
• he’s works so hard to improve his dancing for us and for Astro
• he’s a really great actor
• he looks really good without makeup
• he can play piano
• he has beautiful brown eyes!!!

Honestly the list goes on but you get the point!!! Love our string bean because he’s a lame dork cutie pie!!!

watson starting out second stain grumbling like, listen up, fuckfaces, holmes and i are trying to have a quiet retirement in the country–had to come all the way out here to bloody buggering sussex just to have a bit of a cuddle–and we still can’t get a single damn moment of peace because y’all heathens won’t stop bugging me about this fucking story i promised you a while back, so fine, i will write the damn thing if you will promise to leave us the fuck alone


• memes memes memes
• “damn girl you look so fine”
• this guy pretty much loves complimenting you, even though he makes it look like a joke
• “It’s normal for a picture frame to be a square–”
• being playful with johnny is so going to be much fun
• “that monkey looks like you”
• facepalming actually happens a lot whenever you’re together
• calming johnny down when he’s too excited is also a must
• you tip toe-ing to kiss him (johnny finds it so cute so he likes to tease you with his height)
• is over protective too
• showers you with love
• him kissing your forehead everyday is his favorite thing to do
• cuddles!!!
• even though he’s tired after a long schedule, he’ll still be energentic for you
• “you need to rest, johnny.”
• he’s so happy just to have you
• always says i love you
• basically a boyfriend that is clingy and a man with the best sense of humor, with a touch of savage-ness and sarcastic-ness andddddd really protective when it comes to you
• he’d also be boasting about you to his members 💕

im so johnny trash help me

today is the day our cool  cutie with infinite potential turn 19 years old!! 

happy birthday xu minghao! ♡

you’re the biggest cutie i know, i literally live for your thughao moments HAHAHAHAAH. 

thank you so much for being part of SEVENTEEN, part of china line, part of 97 line, part of performance team, and part of my life (cheesy yes i know). thank you for being such an amazing member of the group, you are caring, loving, talented and not to mention very hardworking. your rap is so damn fine, you have the cutest voice i’ve ever heard, and you dancing skills OH DAMN BOIIIII~! it must have been hard for you these past 3+ years, leaving your family in China to come to Korea to debut as a kpop star. But hey look! your hard work paid off!  please please please don’t ever think that you have little fans okay, you have many many many MANY and WE are always here with you! also, make sure you eat at least 5 bowls of rice everyday, so you can be nice and healthy!!!

once again, happy birthday my fave cutie xu minghao!  

Wonho as a boyfriend
  • “No, we cannot get the cat Shin Hoseok”
  • “But, baby, look it’s so sad”
  • Wonho would be the cutest little cuddle bug
  • He goes from “your daughter calls me daddy too” to “I just want to give everyone in the world a hug” in like 0.25 seconds
  • “Babe, what do you want for dinner?”
  • “Shin Ramyun!”
  • “NO.”
  • working out together and him literally being your hype man
  • “That’s my baby!”
  • “Holy shit babe, yes one more squat you can do it!”
  • “God damn this work out is going to pay off”
  • “Look at that ass”
  • “If you do two more push ups I’ll buy you a treat”
  • Scolding him to keep his shirt on during performances
  • Being jealous because he will literally flirt with anyone regardless of gender
  • Checking out people together
  • “Wait, did you see her ass babe?”
  • “Yeah, it was great”
  • “Wait, baby, did you see that guy? He was so fine”
  • “Damn, boy, work that beard”
  • Hanging out with the boys and them making fun of both of you because you are literal grease balls
  • So much skinship. Wonho is not afraid to express his love for you in an open manner.
  • Like you’ll be walking around doing some shopping or something and he’ll have an arm around you his hand tucked into one of the back pockets of your jeans
  • Kinks. Kinks. Kinks. You are literally the kinkiest couple.
  • “Shin Hoseok, I bought you another choker!”
  • “What is it with you and chokers? You’re so freaky”
  • “You know what it is babyboy. And my freakishness doesn’t bother you when I’m sucking dick, right?”
  •  You’re the couple that says I love you like twenty times a day, but it never ever gets old
  • “I love you, baby”
  • “I know, you told me like an hour ago”
  • “Yeah but that’s an entire hour in which you could have forgotten”
  • Thigh riding.
  • Sub. Wonho.
  • He LOVES being called baby boy. Like he lives for it.
  • He comes home and immediately goes to lay his head on your lap
  • “Rub my head”
  • He falls asleep to you running your fingers through his hair
  • He loves being babied
  • And he loves to spoil you
  • “Umm, Hoseok what are all of these bags?”
  • “I saw all of these cute things and I bought them for you”
  • “What have I told you about spending money on me?”
  • “Not everything is for you. Some of it is for me” *insert cocky ass smirk and wink combo*

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