damn you rainbow snowcone

Marshmallow AU (yes how original title much amazingness creativity I cannot come up with good titles) that arcanabreak put in the RS tag has left me with so many little…headcanons for the AU I guess you could say, and since I’ve been stalking this tag for a while but never actuallty properly written anything, why not share some of them? (Thanks arcanabreak for implementing TOO MUCH DAMN CUTENESS INTO MY BRAIN. AS IF I DIDN’T NEED ANYMORE FROM ANOTHER FANDOM. BARGH.)

  • Jack nicknames Tooth his little marshmallow. Toothie in turn gets a ‘lil grumpy about it, mainly because marshmallows have so much damn sugar. She still secretly likes it. 
  • Toothie get’s so f*cked off about people designing sh*tty proportioned clothes for anyone not slender hourglass figure that screw that I'mma make my own clothes. And they’re going to be flouncy-ass skirts and long flowing tops and they will look rad when she twirls.
  • Jackie boy here cannot dance. At all. He has the coordination of a left-footed llama high on cold air. But he still dedicates all his time and resources to perform that song for Tooth because she needs the confidence boost (or at least, the humour).
  • Tooth is an assistant at a dance class for younger girls at the local middle-school. Though she is self-conscious about her own weight, she promotes healthy outlooks on different body images and encourages girls to not conform to societies bullsh*t. 
  • Jack is very tall and very lanky. And he loves to curl up in Tooth’s lap and have a little catnap. He even purrs when that fluffy snow-do is stroked in his sleep. Tooth has video recordings for her own enjoyment.