damn you man honestly damn you

Hamilton things (Act 1)
  • those chills you get when they say “and Alex got better but his mother went quick” 
  • the genius that is “Aaron Burr, Sir”
  • lafayette aka the love of my life
  • lafayette’s verse in my shot. Like damn.
  • "I heard your mother say come again”
  • “if you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?“
  • "I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • "ah, so you’ve discussed me? I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me.“
  • eliza??? Just??? The love of my life??
  • "it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face” in farmer refuted.
  • Jonathan Groff in general in this entire damn play because I adore that goof and will protect him with my life.
  • The end of “right hand man”, right at the climax of the song. Pure genius, honestly.
  • “We’re reliable with the ladies. THERE ARE SO MANY TO DEFLOWER”
  • “Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”
  • “As long as i’m alive Eliza, I swear to god you’ll never feel so-,” his voice?? when he says this?? my sexuality.
  • Satisfied. Just. Ugh. Angelica Schuyler is the reason I live and breathe. 
  • “The Story Of Tonight Reprise” Because honestly its so funny like the “oh shit” alexander says. iconic.
  • love/death/life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • that “chicka blah” noise that multiple characters make in multiple songs. hamilton does it in stay alive.
  • hamilton and laurens being total otp, honestly.
  • “Ten Duel Commandments” in general but more specifically “pray that hell or heaven lets you in”
  • “call me son one more time”
  • everything Lafayette in “Guns and Ships” 
  • did i mention Lafayette???
  • “Immigrants, we get the job done” just. ugh. i love.
  • “when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again” and all of that instrumental shit afterwards because it’s honestly what I live for.
  • that cheeky “awesome, wow” in what comes next
  • Dear Theodosia was literally written about Lin’s dog because he wrote it before children were even in the picture and I think that’s honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.
  • “and i thought i was so smart” 
  • the way he says “i was chosen for the constitutional convention” in non-stop
  • those chills when they say “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE”


  • 12/20 Epic moments

Okay guys this one was pretty hard to pick, one piece it’s epic itself already, the ones above are the most epic moments to me of course, i wanted to add more but there’s a limit that’s why I’m going to be writing below the others~🙆🏻

Zoro’s sacrifice: I think are ALL agree that was the most epic moment in all one piece. “N..Nothing has happened..” // He earned everyone’s respect here. He demonstrated how much he cares for his captain. Like he was willing to die and give up about his dream in order to protect Luffy’s life and dream. Even if Luffy isn’t aware of this sacrifice, i bet that’s how he thinks about zoro too, someone who would protect him and his dream no matter what. I love Zoro so much ಥ_ಥ

Shanks stops the war: First, i have to mention about Coby, he was really brave here. He stood in front of Akainu stoping him from fighting telling him how wrong the marine was. IF THAT ISNT HAVING BALLS IDK WHATS THAT.

So, Shanks. GUYS REALLY? HONESTLY?? He put one foot in the damn war and said it was over. IT WAS OVER. That was crazy. We are talking about a man who doesn’t posses any devil fruit, just have one arm and a sword. He stopped Akainu’s fit with one damn sword. Around 25 devil users and Haki users were in the war and THAT MAN FUCKING STOPPED IT WHAT THE FUCK THAT WAS SO EPIC.

Luffy falls from the sky: IF YOU SAW THAT, YOU KNOW IT WAS FANTASTICEPICAWESOME. He faced the tree admirals without giving a fuck about how strong they are. He knew he was there to save Ace. And like that was the MOST EPIC ENTRANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Luffy after 2 years TS: You can’t tell me you did not scream when you saw this fantastic scene. Like can we just remember how he lost everything in that island 2 years ago? But he decided he had some people to live for yet, and you know what he did? He postponed his dream and trained. That man was crying over his friends 2 years ago in the same island, but what was he doing there? He told a pacifist he was too slow. SAVAGE. THAT WAS EPIC.

Whitebeard in Marineford: In general, he was epic. His last name was epic. Honestly, that man was a great character. “ Even in death, his body did not fall. His figure, taking down enemies while losing half of his head, was truly monstrous. The total number of sword wounds he received in this battle was 267. He was shot by 152 bullets and was hit by 46 cannonballs. And despite all this, his proud back, over the course of his entire life as a pirate, never received a single scar from running away! ” And the speech about One piece was.. OH GOD I CANT REALLY DECIDE ABOUT THIS. THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOSSSST EPIC MOMENTS IN THE WHOLE SERIES.

Luffy punches a Tenryubito: In One piece world it’s prohibited to hurt/punch a Tenryubito since they are wolds nobles, celestial dragons and all that you want BUT IF YOU MESS WITH LUFFYS PARTNERS YOURE PRETTY MUCH FUCKED LOL. Like it was so epic the animation couldn’t hold the punch.

Film Z: The whole movie was epic. I loved it so much. Specially Luffy and Sanji’s fight. I honestly love so much Diable Jambe. LIKE THANKS ODA FOR GIVING SANJI THAT ABILITY BECAUSE SO COOL. And Luffy’s Haki was really awesome and ooooh his fight against Zephry was REEEEEEEALLY FANTASTIC. It’s my favorite fight in all one piece even if it was a movie (◕‿◕✿)

Arlong Vs Luffy: There’s not an actual order for this, I just choose my favorite moments here, I believe all of them were epic and from the east blue, I gotta say I loved this. Lunamifangirl no but really, like it was AWESOME. Luffy walking so normally asking for Arlong and all of sudden jumps and gives him this hugeeeeeeeee punch in the damn face. DONT MAKE OUR NAVIGATOR CRY YOU DAMN FISH

Straw hats declare war: SOGEKING WAS MY SOUL. Straw hats declaring war to the government by burning the damn flag and claiming they would take Robin to the sea was so damn epic too. LIKE HEHEHEHE YOU AINT TAKING OUR ARCHEOLOGIST BITCH.

Wait for us, Usopp: Luffy, Sanji, Zoro and Chopper mad after seeing Usopp beaten and lying in the floor. Like you know shit it’s about to go down when Luffy’s black pupila turns white, when Zoro puts on his black bandanna, Sanji turns off his cigarette and well CHOPPER IS ANGRY.

Gear fourth: Thought I would forget about the bounce maaan?? Well, no. His first appearance wassssss really epic and well he kicked Doffy’s asssss. We all saw that awesomeness there’s not much to talk about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m 101% sure I’m forgetting more epic moments tho, they just don’t come to my mind atm, like I said One piece it’s epic itself so~

Can You Not: A PSA

If you invalidate/hate any ship on the show for the sole reason of it being heterosexual? you’re trash

If you try to determine the outcome of the show/ determine where the producers are going to go with so much absolution you start to hate on people who mention any other outcome? you’re trash

If you believe that the producers are going to put things in the show just because it’s in the comics as if this isn’t a dark reboot and the point is to stray from the comics to a certain extent and start to hate on people because they argue otherwise? you’re trash

If you are a hypocrite and validate/point out and mention someone’s sexuality (*cough* asexuality *cough*) when it comes to certain situations (*cough* ships *cough*) but not other situations (*cough* other ships *cough*) because it won’t work in your favor in the other situation, you’re trash

If you want to jump to the upmost conclusions and do THE MOST, F O U R episodes in, you’re trash

If you go on every post about a ship you don’t like just to say the reasons why you don’t ship it, you’re trash and are extra AF

If you decide you’re going to be done with the show just because two people you don’t want together end up together YOU, ARE, TRASH

Honestly, just if you’re an asshole in general you’re freaking trash and need to come to your damn senses dude.

This is a show.

A damn show man.

A show that doesn’t even have a complete season and already going through any of the tags is really freaking unpleasant. This is ridiculous man.
Has it even been on air long enough for a full fandom to form? I’m pretty sure it hasn’t.
This is a PSA to all of you already making enjoying this show hard.
Especially the ones who have full on decided that they’re going to be “done” with the show if two people they don’t want together end up together. Like?
If you didn’t know this is a live action tv show with humans as main characters.

Not unicorns or ducks or freaking dinosaurs or whatever. These are humans in real life situations. People end up together whether you like it or not.

In real life, things happen that you don’t want to happen. But you know what? You realize that stuff happens and you keep pushing !! And that’s what you should do. Keep. Pushing. Not completely boycott something and have a really good show with a really good plot get cancelled for low viewership and ruin it for everyone else including all the directors and actors and producers that put in their hard work and time to bring what was in the form of comic books to life on our television screens.

When we first tuned into Riverdale, we didn’t tune in for the ships. We tuned in for the plot. FOR THE P L O T and for the fact that for a lot of us, WE GREW UP WITH THE COMICS. Please do not ruin that because you want to whine and throw a fit because a romantic pairing that you wanted didn’t happen. Please get over yourself.
It doesn’t matter who YOU think have the most chemistry. It doesn’t matter who YOU think have the least.

The producers and story writers are doing exactly what they’re meant to do. They’re trying to tell a story.

A story about 4 teenagers, a murder, and a small town.

And within that story will be ups and downs, and because it’s a TEEN DRAMA probably makeups and breakups and hook ups !! And it’s the team’s job to tell that story with the necessary scenarios in order to be realistic. People will get together whether you like it or not because that’s what teenagers in real life do.

Get over it, stop being an asshole, and enjoy the story for what it is.

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Mukuro's s/o trying to propose to him?


It wasn’t as if you didn’t love him, but you couldn’t help but distance yourself a little from Mukuro as you tried to figure out how to propose to him. Honestly, you wouldn’t have had to do this if he would be the one doing it but the damn man was taking too long! It’s been five long years since he asked you to be his significant other, his “partner through the seven hells”, but you’ve been expecting him to propose since last year.

You knew that distancing yourself might have a negative impact on your relationship, but you figured that the end justified the means, you know? And if the end results in finally getting married, well then damn, all of it would have been worth it.

No, it wasn’t worth it.

Because now, here you both are, arguing over a little misunderstanding. It takes a lot to make your lover jealous, Mukuro usually kept that part of him under wraps in fear of scaring you off. However, you pulled away too much and now he thinks you’re leaving him.

Well shit.

Time to do some damage control.

“Babe, listen, please,” you pleaded as you tried to meet his mismatched eyes. He refused to look at you and looked at a fixed point beyond you instead. There was a hard look in his eyes, a look that made many men shiver in fear. It was a look that you knew only appeared when he was truly upset. “I love you, do you hear me? I. Love. You. No one else even comes close.”

Mukuro scoffed before turning away. “I’m sure you do. Next you’re going to tell me that Tsunayoshi has sworn off his women.” He was hurt, but refused to show it. He always wanted to look strong in front of you but the hurt was something a lot more personal, a lot deeper. “Save it, I have a mission to leave for in the morning.”

You internally screamed out of frustration. This stubborn man! Why can’t he see how ridiculous this was. Why, out of all the times, why is it now that he decides to question your loyalty? Running a hand down your face, you groaned out, “For god’s sake, Rokudo Mukuro, will you stop being a five year old and listen to me already? I am trying to save our relationship.”

“Save?” he snapped back, spinning around on his heel. He stormed towards you, each step causing you to back away until you hit the wall behind you. The illusionist caged you in his arms, looming over you with a sneer. He leaned in close, eyes boring into yours. “You’re the one destroying it, not me.”

Holy shit is this bastard lucky you love him enough to ignore this. You grew angry, the frustration of trying to figure out how to propose finally building up and became too much. “Alright, fine. You want to know why I’ve been pulling away?” you screamed in his face.

Shocked at your voice, Mukuro pulled back from you before a bored look ruled his face once more. “Sure, why not?” he drawled lazily. Oh, but you knew better.

You’ve talked with the other guardians about your frustrations. You’ve had Chrome calm you down from panicking over your proposal. You took Ken’s laughter and Chikusa’s neutrality in stride. You even kicked M.M.’s ass just to assert yourself in Mukuro’s life.

How dare this walking tall pineapple act like he doesn’t care?!


Mukuro blanched at your confession, genuinely surprised at your reason. But you couldn’t stop now, the water works beginning as your emotions overflowed. “NOW LOOK, YOU FLOPPY PANCAKE, YOU’VE RUINED IT ALL.”

You broke into full sobs, gripping your hair in your hands tightly as you looked down. Refusing to look at him. All that planning gone to waste. And all because you wanted it to be a surprise.

Bracing yourself for whatever backlash you were going to receive from him, you weren’t really expecting him to bring you into his arms for a fierce hug. He kissed the top of your head before burrowing his face into your hair.

“Kufufu, what a horrible fiancee I am to have made you cry like this.” Mukuro tightened his hug, almost crushing you in his arms. “I truly am sorry, my dear. Of course I’ll marry you.”


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I just read through your tags on that yin-yang ml thing you just reblogged, and have you noticed how devilish Chat's facial expressions can be (most prominent throughout the Copycat episode)? It's like, dark isn't inherently evil, but you can't ignore that it's still dark, y'know?

damn straight

(that one’s not from Copycat but I had to add it cause look at that expression, man, god damn)

Out of context, without Ladybug, it’s honestly pretty easy to mistake Chat Noir for a bad guy. Just looking at the above pictures I have to admit even I’d probably think he was a villain if I hadn’t seen the show.

That could be why practically all of Paris is quick to accept Chat as a serious thief in Copycat. Maybe they don’t hold Chat to the same regards as Ladybug. Maybe they aren’t sure he’s as much of a good guy as Ladybug is. I doubt the public would be so quick to judge Ladybug if it was Ladybug’s imposter caught stealing something.

But, where Copycat does have some great expressions, I definitely think Chat’s wicked side is even more prominent in Jackady, when his father has been threatened.

Chat Noir says, zip it!

like holy fuck is that a sadistic look. Adrien looks like he’s thinking about torturing Jackady for fun, before Jackady’s even reached Gabriel.

The most telling part of this episode is how serious Chat is the entire time though. Unlike usual, there’s no joking or playful banter coming from him. Gabriel is in danger, and suddenly Adrien is all business, becoming cold, focused, and incredibly controlled to keep the only parent he has left alive and safe.

He’s downright ruthless fighting his bodyguard, to the point where he lies about Ladybug being there so he can use Cataclysm to push the Gorilla down an elevator shaft. Granted, Chat had to get the Gorilla out of the way, but its still a pretty harsh way of going about it, especially when the Gorilla is someone Adrien knows firsthand.

Oh! Hey there, Ladybug.

(Yo Adrien, I know you’re proud of yourself and imma let ya finish, but I don’t think smiling is the proper response to sending your bodyguard down an elevator shaft you broke, mmkay my guy.)

I very much implore you to compare English Adrien’s shout of Cataclysm here to the one near the end of the episode btw. There’s a significant difference of tone. You can hear the raw


literally echoing in Adrien’s voice later when he destroys Jackady’s pack of cards.

At the mansion, Chat remains incredibly tense and serious, constructing a plan and giving orders to the others in a matter of seconds. And later, when Chat and Ladybug face Jackady together, Chat again doesn’t miss a beat. He’s right on target, deflecting attacks and holding his own when Ladybug’s yo-yo is temporarily made useless. He kicks some serious ass.

(even LB is like jfc who are you and where is my silly kitty partner)

Nobody really takes Chat all that seriously, but when it comes down to it he’s a darker character than Ladybug is. Adrien himself has the potential to be a terrifying villain.

He’s got the tragic backstory complete with his missing mother and emotionally abusive father. He’s rich and famous which means he has all kinds of connections and social control. His homeschooling and strict upbringing indicate he must be really intelligent and get excellent grades. Chat’s proven how sly and cunning he can be in and outside of battle. Adrien’s even the one that comes up with the idea to be in Nino’s ear during Animan–the exact same idea unbeknownst to both parties that Alya comes up with for Marinette. Hell, even Chat’s power, the ability to destroy anything (or anyone), is something a typical super-villain would have. (Not to mention, his daddy might be the show’s big bad, Hawk Moth.)

But I guess that’s what I think is so interesting and beautiful about Adrien/Chat’s character? That he has every reason to fight for the wrong side and use his powers for the wrong reasons, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t try to hurt the world for hurting him. Instead, he helps and protects others. He’s not happy and he’s not flawless, but he has a good heart in a life that’s trying constantly to blacken it, and that’s just so touching and inspiring. I digress.

Yes, nonnie, Chat Noir is a great embodiment of the idea that darkness isn’t inherently evil, but you can’t deny that darkness is still dark.

Your Savior - 10

Link to Chapter 9

For me the last chapter was a total drag, so I needed to get this one out to promise that there is still a good story here! Thank you all for your constant support and patience! 

Warnings: Swearing

Chapter 10

Your next several weeks at The Sanctuary slowly fell into routine. Tommy and Bill frequented your dreams every night, occasionally Karen made an appearance too. You awoke most mornings drenched in sweat, panting and shaking. Matthew had started to wake you before your screams woke the others in neighboring cots. You were grateful for it, but you wished no one had to see you that way.

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[SPOILERS] Fairy Tail Chapter 532 & 533 Reactions

Mygahd, this is going to be a long one. You better snuggle up beneath a comforter or something because this is really a lot! LIKE, SO MUCH. (tons of pics too) By the way, I switched to mangastream because apparently there are different translations and this seems really good soo… yeah.

Ehem, let’s begin.

So first I would like you all to give this picture so much attention. Like damn, that’s really some ZerVis fanservice right there hahahaha

Moving onto the actual chapter though of 532, there IS plenty of sexual tension (or maybe it’s just me?)

I wish Zeref had just taken Mavis’ offer! What IF he could be mortal again? Wouldn’t that be great? But then Mavis would be left alone in Acnologia’s hands if he ever managed to end the world. They would be the only ones left.

Huhu, it really pains me that Zeref is hurting Mavis. But it’s kind of sad too, because once upon a time, this man loved her so much that she ended up dying even though she had the same curse. I bet it’s hurting him too, but he has to hide it T.T

AHHHH LOOK AT THAT SEXUAL TENSION!!! I’m telling you guys, if they weren’t enemies and if Natsu wasn’t around, they’d be all over each other. It makes me really sad that they’re enemies huhuhu they’d be a really nice family you know, if you put aside their, uh, flaws. HUGE flaws. BIG mistakes. Like Zeref’s psychotic urges.

I thought the sexual tension would be over until…

HAHAHAHA okay okay I know this is a really serious scene and it’s bad but… you know, if he wasn’t actually absorbing all of her magic, this is a pretty naughty scene and FT is an ecchi. It has become one, anyway. 

Nevertheless, the finality of Zeref taking away all of her magic and getting rid of his affection for her really hits hard. It’s painful. And when I reached this page I was just. “Oh. my. gosh.” that was all I was thinking about tbh.

I thought all these ZerVis feels would be over. But then this came.

Like UGHHHHH must you always play with my heart, Mashima? You are a jerk, honestly. I love my sappy romance hahaha or is this not enough to be called sappy? Meh, I loved this part anyways. I guess I kind of do like the whole idea of dying-by-the-hands-of-the-man-you-love. Technically she isn’t dead though, according to Zeref. Just drained.


DAMN! Like, DAMN! WOWWWW———-but wait.

If Mavis had Fairy Heart all this time… if she had infinite magic, that surpassed space and time itself, then why didn’t she just destroy Acnologia herself?? Or am I missing something important here and I’m just making useless assumptions? 

Irdk, but that was the first thought that came to mind when Zeref transformed into this. I just think it would’ve made this whole situation easier, y’know? Mashima likes it complicated tho. Like this scene, for example.

Bruh, I thought you loved your brother! That’s why you revived him, didn’t you? Ugh, I swear, he’s such a complex character. Writing about him in my one-shot is really difficult, but I decided I’ll just do whatever I want to do hahaha.

Back to the story. If Lucy manages to rewrite the book then, will Natsu live? I’m guessing that’s the next thing that will happen, after Zeref has killed him. And that painful truth tho! Huhuh, why is he so heartless?

I have run out of reactions LOL. I would love to ramble some more but really, this is too long. So, I hope you enjoyed this little ride and let’s all wait patiently for the next update!

Cold and Cozy.

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader.

P.S: Hey guys is my first John imagine and I hope you like it. Also I will not tag anyone on this because is a John one and not Negan; So if you want to be tagged on more John imagines let me know!! ♡

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After you and John had left the boys in Sioux Falls with Bobby. You two went on a hunt on Juneau, Alasca. Something about murders where the victims were killed for having their hearts torn out. So you two are expecting to be a werewolf, but in a hunter life, never can be sure.

Sam called you while you two travel in the Impala going to your next destination. In phone Sammy at age of 6, are excited and happy because he found the little gift you left for the boys and one for Bobby. Sam received a painting book with stories about hero’s that save the world (something good since he thinks John is a hero, and honestly you do too) and he’s so young so you always felt if he had to be ready for that world it wouldn’t need to be on the worst way. Dean at age of 10 received a vinyl player and some discs of Bob Seger and Kansas, and your good friend Bobby received a new gun, a old mystical gun he has be wanting and trying to found after 3 years. You found it and because of your charming way (and after had saved the old salesman life) you bought it for a good price, and even with John trying to win it, you let clear that was specially for your good friend Robert Singer.

You felt a punch of joy hearing Sammy thanking you and Dean trying to get Bobby phone to talk to you. ‘’I’m so happy that the boys are happy, even in that world of hunter we have, the boys need to be kids, especially Dean’’ you thought.

After saying ‘love you’ and telling them to go to sleep, you turn off the phone and smile with joy in your eyes. John felt joy too; Joy because he is no longer alone in the world, and not that you want to be the boys mother, but you’re great with them and John love and appreciate it.

“Thank you for this.” John say holding your knee.

“For the boys?! Don’t worry, you know I love them” You say turning to see John smiling. Damn how look I am to have John Winchester?! You ask to the universe.

“I… I get what you told about how I was raising the boys, especially Dean. I know I get hard with him, and you’re right I was getting blind because of rage.” John say making circles on your left knee. Flashing backs of that discussion fulfilling your mind.

*Flashback on*

“Why you do this John? Why you push me away, why you raise the boys in that way? THEY ARE JUST KIDS.”

“You know what Y/N, when you get married with someone you love, making a family after had grow up so miserably without a father and with your mother having depression because he just left you two without explanation, and then she dies one day after taking pills and drinking so much, and the only way you have for not going to a bad life was going to the marine; You talk to me. You don’t have kids, you don’t know how it is.” John say screaming toward you.

Tears in your eyes, John can be really tough.

“You know what John? Fuck you! I am not trying to be their mother okay?! I never did and I never will, but you’re so blind to see when someone is in love with you? I love you Winchester, and I know I will not substituted Mary and honestly I don’t want it to. But if you don’t feel the same or think it might screw our friendship is okay. But to not kill yourself chancing that damn demon.” You say getting away from the motel.

John expression changed, somehow he realised how right you were and he get shock with you telling him how you felt. He chased you on the dark night, and he found you crying in a place near the cars.

“I love you too Y/N, I did since the moment we met in that bar, and when I saw you in Bobby’s house in the next day I… I feel that I could be happy again, and don’t think that I want someone to substitute Mary, I loved her! And she was taken away from me, from the boys in a terrible way. And somehow I tried to get away from you because I didn’t want to feel it again, I didn’t want to fall in love so hard that I wouldn’t be able to lose you, Damn not you too.”

You got breathless in that moment; Did your dreams came true? Do that beautiful, gorgeous, charming man loving you? The truth is that since the first moment you saw John how tall, charming and polite he was you fall, and fall hard. Yes you two have a quite big difference age, but honestly who cares! And now after fighting in the damn rain. You are wordless.

“Please Y/N say something” John say getting close.

“I get it… I… I get it is hard for you open yourself to let someone in. But John, if you let me, let US happen, I swear we’ll be happy” you say holding his face on your hands, his eyes with some tears. He really like you, a lot.

*Flashback over*

“It’s okay, sorry for being so rude, is just .. You are kinda stubborn when you want to be.” You smirk at him and he smile back, you put your hand above his and your fingers get intertwined.

After some more hours of travel you two get on you destination. You didn’t waste time on dressing as a FBI and going to ask some questions. End up that really was a werewolf case and you and John fix it pretty quickly. Killing the pack and getting back to the hotel. In the moment you get inside the room, you let yourself fell on the bed.

“We should stay here.” John say while sitting in the end of the bed that you was laid.

“What?! Are you serious?”

“Yes, the boys are with Bobby. The case has be solved in a damn fast way. We are pretty good in what we do” he smirks; “So let’s stay here, enjoy ourselves a little, I know you love a raining place.” He say while making a face that show ‘I know you pretty well’.

“Yes I do! Actually I heard that is one of the most raining cities in the world.”

“So, is solved. We will stay here. Actually I have a place to show you, peck your things.” John say while he get up.

“What?” You asked confuse. John Winchester wanting a free time?. You thought.

“Peck your things, all the clothes and everything.” You made a confused face while you sit on the bed.

“Do you trust me?” He ask leaning close to your face.

“You know I do Winchester.” You say pecking his lips.

“Then what you’re waiting for?” John say and kiss your forehead, you always blush when he does it. “Damn I really love him, I’m screwed.” You thought.

After packing all the things and paying a lightly price on the cheap motel and going to John surprise. You always felt save with him, in all the ways; Of course he can beat any monster ass, but in all your internally fears and insecurities.

Since it was already at night and you feel really tired after the big hunt. You end up sleeping in the car seat. After some more time you can feel arms around you, and you have basically cat reflex because of your hunter life so you wake up widely.

“Relax baby, is just me.”

You get on your feet and look around to see what the surprise was a house in the middle of some mountains. It’s far from the city so is awesome; The weather, John, the house. When you entered the house you see what you only could wish for… Has a fireplace, a huge sofa near the fireplace. It’s not a huge or luxurious home, but honestly you do not care. The house is so comfortable, have some paintings and you can see some sigils hide on them. You walk more to see the kitchen, a old refrigerator and some drawings on it.

“The boys made these, you can see that the better ones is from Dean.” John say while hugging you from behind.

“Wow, are really good, sort dark for kids but what can I say?” You say putting your head on John neck. “I love it here John, is yours?”

“Yes, was from my grandfather and when my mother died, it came for me. I bring the boys here sometimes, Dean love it. Actually he want to cut some firewood himself, he finds himself a lumberjack.” You laugh imagining small Dean cutting some logs, but imagining all of them happy make you smile.

“So, here lady Y/L/N et me fill the bathtub and let’s relax a bit because we deserve it!” John say while turned you around with his hands holding yours making you turn like a dance.

“But first we will take a shower, because we have some blood and we are dirty sir! So let’s clean up and then we can take a bath” you say sending kiss to him. “But first tell me if here have towel, I don’t know that place well… not in the moment.” you say giving your more charming smile.

While you take a shower and washed your hair, John was getting some firewood and getting it close to the fireplace for later. When you finish your shower, you let him know that was his time for the shower. He take his while you put the bathtub to fill. When he get out cleaned and ready, you two enter in the huge vintage tub and get comfortable.

You two sat there for almost 2 hours, just relaxing, feeling each other skin together, fingers intertwined, and in time in time John kiss your head.

You two get up and dry both, helping each other in the process. John lit the fireplace and you two sat on the huge sofa with a comfy blanket around hearing the water fell outside. ‘’Damn I love that weather’’. You thought.

“That’s really nice.” you say.

“I know, I’m glad I brought you here.” John say kissing your head.

“Why something tell me you had all this set up Winchester?”

“Well… I sort had, I wanted to bring here have a few months now and when the case appears I put two and two together and here we are darling.”

“You are a charming one Winchester” He kiss your head one more time.

You feel he getting up and you already miss his body pressing against yours. “Where are you going?” You ask John, trying to not sound so needy.

“Have some old picture here, I know you love those.” he went to a old closet on the mainly bedroom, he get back and sit again near you, you resting your body on his.

“Here, have me, the boys, my parents.”

You get thought the old photos, almost all of them black and white, the newest ones are of the boys. You see ones that touch your heart, one with John with 5 years old and he look a lot like Sam, he is in his father lap reading some storie and his mother was next to them. You look over John and see that the tough man is kinda sad; You instantly hold his hand and kiss it “I’m sorry John, I don’t know what he left, I don’t know why my own father left me neither. I guess not all the fathers are fathers you know? I mean you’re a father, Bobby is a father, but have some men that can’t deal with kids and just.. just leave them. They’re idiots. Or well .. “Idijts” as you know who would say.“ You say to try lit up the mood, you think it works since John laugh and kiss your forehead.

"You are the only one that can say something so meaningful and then bright up the mood.” He say smiling at you.

“I don’t know if you know but, I’m pretty awesome.” You say winking at him.

You saw pictures of John, the boys and Mary together, and something hit you as a truck, you know John love you but maybe if she was alive, they would probably be still together. And you love him and the boys so much that it sort hurts. You know it can be selfish but you didn’t care.

“You know, you don’t need to feel like that!” John say quietly with a calm voice and you played like you didn’t knew what he meant. “Y/N I know how you feel. And I love you, I loved Mary and we had some fights and I don’t know if us was going to be something forever, but still hurts the way she was taken away from me. But that was a time ago, actually you made me see life as I saw before, you opened my eyes to realize how tough was being with they boys; Hell I was raising them as soldiers, especially Dean. And… and I want you to know that I didn’t felt like I was going to be happy ever again. You made that happens. And I’m so happy right now.” John say looking into your eyes, and you felt some tears falling after his words. After he drying your face, kissing you deeply and loving.

You stay there seeing some pictures, one with Dean holding Sam as baby and was so pretty. And then John get up to get some wine for you two, a old delicious wine he had there and he never opened until a special moment. ‘’Damn that is a especial moment, me and my girl.’’ John thought.

Then you get up and end up finding a some old vinyl player and when you find a Elvis disc you put it and 'Suspicious Mind’ start playing, you smile deeply and start feeling the song, John came after you and you two dance around the place, laughs and bright eyes filling the place. You two couldn’t be happier.

After sitting down when more 2 songs came, John get up and bring to you a Polaroid 636 Closeup and he take a picture of you smiling at him. “Stooop John, I probably look like a mess.” You say putting your hands on your face. One of the hundreds things you love about him, is that you can be who you are; And after some many hunts, bloody clothes and injuries you two know each other anatomy as the palm of your own hands.

“Yes, sure. Because is possible for you don’t look extremely gorgeous.” he says joking and when you put your hands away to give him a smirk he take another, you two giggled.

John sit on your side and you two get close and take a picture together when it finally dry you see you and John Winchester happy hugging each other and never wanting to leave. You know that you find him as your soulmate, and you hope you’re his.


Request:  Imagine if being a budding archeologist as well as a trained fighter who is one the Legends and Jax has a massive crush on and his overprotective nature towards her pisses her off so they’re always fighting and everyone is so fed up that they lock them in a room in hopes of them admitting their feelings??

“This is ridiculous!” you yell, banging your fists against the metal door with vigour. “Open the damn door!” You could have coped with being locked in the room at any other given time, after all, it was filled with objects from the past and future that you would have loved  to get your hands on. But now was different. Now you weren’t alone, oh no, he  was there too.

“Give it a rest, Y/N, they ain’t letting us out any time soon” Jax drawls rolling his eyes at your antics as he moves about the room.

“I have spent the past ten years working on my Krav Maga, if you lot don’t let me out soon I swear you will be my next punching bag!” you yell at the door, ignoring the man’s comments, irritation getting the better of you as you look down the seemingly empty hallway.

“You keep making those threats, Sara will end up taking you on” Jax groans, continuing to look around the room for what, you have no idea.

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Kiss and Make up

Word count: 915

Requested?: No

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Dean x reader



“What the hell was that!?” You could hear the anger in Dean’s voice, his body towering over you as you tried to stay calm. Your eyes met his green ones. Instantly you saw a range of emotions flash through his eyes. Fear, love, pain but, there was one that sent chills though you to every last bone in your body.


“I was only trying to help Dean” you murmured as you fiddled with your fingers. You kept your eyes trained on your feet as you couldn’t deny what you did was incredibly stupid. But, you love this man; you would do anything for him no matter how much pain it brought you. “I thought you were going to get hurt”.

“And now look what’s happened, you’re bleeding from a giant werewolf slash on your arm that Sam barely managed to stitch up”. Now you were getting angry. You had done what you thought would be best for the team. Apparently Dean didn’t agree with you on this as he continued to shout down at you. “You always do this (Y/N)! You always have to ruin every god damn hunt we go on together!” That pushed you over the edge.

“You know what Dean, fuck you! I work so hard to try and be a part of this team! I work so hard to make sure that you and Sam have food to eat, have clean clothes to wear and a comfortable bed to sleep in every god damn night and the one time i put myself in any kind of danger to stop the man i love getting hurt, this is that thanks i get!” Honestly you were shocked with yourself that you finally snapped, and so badly. Dean just stood there for a moment looking at you, mouth opening to talk but quickly closing when you began to talk again. “I need some air”.

You started to walk out the door as you heard Dean’s voice behind you calling your name. Ignoring him you took the keys to the impala and slammed the door on your way out. After dating for 9 years it was as much your car as it was his but, the only time you took it by yourself was when you were really angry. Dean knew to give you the space you needed because of this. He knew he had to do something for you when you came back.

After driving around in the impala for over an hour you decided to drive back to the motel room you and Dean were sharing at the moment. Chuck only knows what Sam was thinking next door. You decided to check on him before having to face Dean. You lightly knocked on the door and immediately you heard footsteps on the other side. “Hey (Y/N), everything alright?”

Trying your hardest to be happy you replied. “Yeah, i just wanted to say thank you for the whole patching me up thing earlier. I really appreciate it.” He gave you a small smile and a look as if he knew you were going to continue. “Also, sorry for anything you may have heard between the argument between me and Dean, it just kinda got out of hand.” He pulled you into a hug. “Don’t be sorry. I know you and Dean love each other. Everyone argues (Y/N), you may not be the most ordinary couple in the world but you’re still a couple. Don’t worry about it, just go see your husband and make up.” You were thankful for Sam; he was always there for you especially after your arguments with Dean. He kissed you on the cheek and let you go waiting for you to walk away. “Go!” he pleaded. “Okay, okay i’m going. Thank you Sam.”

Nerves filled your body as you twisted the door handle. You told yourself to just apologise, kiss and make up. Surely that would be the easiest thing for everyone. As you opened the motel door the first thing you noticed was that the lights were off. “Dean?” you called out through the room. No reply. “DEAN!?” “Just come in you were even more confused when he said this but none the less followed his instructions.

As you walked into the motel room you noticed something that wasn’t in the room when you left. Dean had made a fort out of all the possible blankets he could find. Candles were lit in the room and in the middle of the fort was a take out. “What’s all this?” you asked as you walked further into the room. “My apology for being such a dick earlier.” He looked down in shame. “Dean I-“ you were cut off as his watery eyes met yours. “No (Y/N) let me say sorry” Dean wasn’t one for apologies so you let him talk.

“I love you okay? I only get angry because i love you so much and it would break me if something were to happen to you.” He came closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck. “I’m sorry, like really sorry. I wish i wasn’t such a dick.” His eyes met yours once again. “Forgive me?” You looked into his eyes seeing the love as he said it. “Of course, you dork.” He leaned down to connect your lips in a passionate kiss.

Maybe the kiss and make up was the best solution was the best choice after all.

just a little closer and they could be holding hands



Final Fantasy 15: first impressions of chracters

Noctis: aaw he’s an adorable little shit

Ignis: Damn hello British cooking daddy

Gladio: No shirt muscle man macho over here

Prompto: holy shit shh (also pls stop dying in battle)

Luna: NAMINE?! No? Oh, well she’s chill

Ardyn: *as he walks over to you in Galdin Quay* HOLY- WHO ARE YOU FINE SIR DAMN YOURE HOT LIKE SSSHITTT DADDY


afterglowingassassin  asked:

Hey there! For the writing prompt may I please have a Jacob x Reader with #60 please and thank you 💟

(Whew, sorry about the mixup the first time!)

Drinking For Two - Jacob x Reader
 60.) “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”

“Jacob, you can’t honestly do that. It was a joke. He’s not even your type.”

“Having second thoughts?” He’s already looking toward the target, forming a plan in his head.

You snicker into your drink and shake your head. “The instant you go over there, that meatheaded Blighter is going to destroy you, you know.”

“This pretty face?”

“Would you rather it be your pretty arse?”

He stands and straightens himself, running a hand through the hair under his cap. “You really think I can’t do it, then?”

“I think it’s a bad idea for you to try.” You down some more of your drink. “And I think I can’t stop you when you inevitably do.”

“Ah, you know me so well.” He says with a playful wink and glides away from the table.

It could be his air of confidence guiding him. Though, it’s more than likely one-too-many drinks in his system lending aid to his light steps. All the same, he wastes no time chatting up the strapping gang member at the corner of the bar.

The Blighter’d been drinking alone, looking rather solemn and sporting the muted red colors common to his kind. But his expression changes as he looks to see the leader of the Rooks himself pulling a barstool next to him. Not quite angry – moreso confused when Jacob starts speaking.

Only a matter of time until the bar fight starts, you tell yourself.

You’d seen it before. The mixing of greens and reds usually lends to more red being spilled before the night is over. But after several minutes – much longer than it takes a brawl to get started, really – nothing happens.

What the hell? Are the two of them honestly having a friendly chat? You peer closer in their direction. And damn it all, they are!

Jacob’s leant toward his new friend, even offers him a drink or two with charismatic flair. Damned man knows exactly how to bat his eyes and run his tongue not-so-innocently across his lip to get what he wants.

And this Blighter’s fallen right into it, looking all flustered and shy.

Then it happens. The Blighter motions to the bartender, gets a pen and paper in return, and starts writing.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. That cocky ass actually got that Blighter’s phone number!

And Jacob makes no small show of it as he strides back to you, fanning himself with his newly acquired prize. His leather-gloved hand slides the slip of paper to your side of the table. “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”

“Jacob Frye, you scoundrel.” You tease. “Talking the pants off the enemy? I can’t believe you did that.”

“Of course I did. The man has a soft spot for sweet talkers.”

“And brunettes, apparently.” You study the number. It looks legit. “You’re not going to disappoint him, are you?”

“Perish the thought. I’m not that cruel.” Jacob polishes off the rest of his drink. He turns and waves heartily toward the Blighter at the bar who’s still carefully nursing his drink. The man returns the gesture with a gentle wave. Jacob turns back to you. “Question is, are you?”

And slowly, slowly the pieces start to come together. The Blighter isn’t quite staring at Jacob. Isn’t quite waving at Jacob. You narrow your eyes at this troublesome twin. “And just what’s that supposed to mean?”

He smiles, all pearly whites and mischief. “Means your date’s on Saturday.”

Wait… What?

“Jacob!” You yell, more embarrassed than angry. Lord knows what Jacob’s said about you to set you up.

He’s bolting out of the bar long before you’re able to stand, leaving you with the tab and a tremendously awkward situation.


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Your step dad dies and people you've seen once in 18 months post about it before anyone in your family and you don't find that weird

What makes u say Robin’s only seen or heard from then once in 18 months?? Just because you only see their public social media posts? Do you honestly think that they since “havent interacted” at all since 1D went on hiatus that they dont care about a man who’s supported them since 2010 and is really close to their bandmate? Liam and Niall obviously care about Robin enough to send their condolences, and honestly its damned if they do, damned if they didn’t comment on it either.

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Noctis, Gladio, "what do you want?"

Ok, I literally couldn’t decide on this one, so… umm… I wrote two? Since you didn’t expressly say Noctio or whatever their ship name is… Bonus I guess? *shrugs nervously, flings this at you, retreats*

“What do you want?”

The prince sighed. Gladio looked kind of blurry around the edges. Noctis could drink more than Prompto, but that wasn’t saying much. He was drunk, and horny, and he knew what he wanted. Honestly, he did.

Only there was a problem.

He was the prince.

Gladio was his shield. His six-damned shield.

Gods though, he was beautiful.

Noctis bit his soft lip and turned his sapphire eyes on the older man. Don’t make me say it, he thought. Just take it.

“Noct,” Gladio rumbled, standing close but too damned far. “Tell me. What do you want?”

The shield sighed. Cross-legged, stretched languorous as a king coerl on the couch, torso bare, feet bare, hair loose and messy as ever, he was the picture of relaxation.

Noctis pushed the door open and stepped in.

The shield looked up, ever alert, even off-duty. He frowned at the sight of the prince in his slouchy black trackpants, soft cotton t-shirt covering his slim frame, hair mussed. “What do you want?”

“Can… Can I ask you a favour?”

“Sure, Noct.”

“It’s… kind of personal…”

Gladio smirked.

“It’s about Ignis…” He swallowed, blushing furiously. “I… I need your help with something…”

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Like man. I don't really ship Huma and Hillary. But damn. I don't know why people make it sound like you want Bill to die in a fire so a ship you make head canons in your head can rise. Like whut. Shipping real people isn't my thing. You know what that means I do? I don't ship real people myself, and let people do what they want. Like honestly. Why are they wasting so much damn energy on people having fun? You seem like someone that knows when a line will be crossed so what's the harm. Damn.

I’m glad you get it :)
I actually find bill adorable. He was so sweet in the im with her podcast