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Achievement Hunter AKA The Six Gayest Straight Dudes You’ll Ever Meet.

Alternate Titles For Every "Be More Chill" Song
  • Jeremy's Theme: Sp00ky
  • More Than Survive: Spoiler Alert: You Actually ARE The One Who The Story's About
  • I Love Play Rehearsal: That One Theatre Kid™ You Knew In High School
  • Two-Player Game: Gay but Not Quite As Gay As "Sincerely Me"
  • The Squip Enters: Hello Naughty Children It's Possession Time
  • Be More Chill Pt. 1: Local Teen Still Kinda On The Fence About Being Mind-Controlled
  • Do You Wanna Ride?: Girl Who Just Called Jeremy "Jerry" Five Seconds Ago Offers Him Both a Ride and Her Body
  • Be More Chill Pt. 2: Local Teen Now Fully On Board With Being Mind-Controlled
  • More Than Survive (Reprise): Please Just Let This Poor Boy Beat His Meat In Peace
  • A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into: So Say, Hypothetically, There's This Hot Guy, Who I Like, Who's Definitely Not You,,,
  • The Squip Lurks: S p 0 0 k y
  • Upgrade: Damn Jeremy Why'd You Have To Do My Mans Michael Like That
  • Halloween: Brooke, Honey, There's a Reason No One Ever Goes As a Sexy Dog
  • Do You Wanna Hang?: I'm Kinkshaming Joe Iconis
  • Michael in the Bathroom: You Think This Is A Funny Song At First And Then Suddenly You're Crying
  • The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set a Fire): Aggravated Arson Has Never Been More Catchy
  • The Pitiful Children: Beep Bop Boop Beep Bop Boop
  • The Pants Song: Recruit Your Son's Gay Best Friend To Get Him To Stop Stealing Your Car
  • The Play: Okay But Where's That Post-Apocalyptic Midsummer Night's Dream Bootleg
  • Voices In My Head: Everyone Inexplicably Forgives Jeremy For Almost Getting All Of Them Fucking Killed

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Fun reminder that voice actors aren’t authorities on ages

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So like, what if one day Jeremy and Michael are close to going to the next level, and Jeremy gets a little freaked out because of what the Squip made him do with Chloe??????

Ok so I had to write a fic about this?? This is my first fic for bmc so I’m sorry if it’s bad but,, here ya go! By the way it never gets to actual smut I promise it’s not bad at all they’re both really awkward but you can ask for this to be tagged!!

Here it is!!

It’s crazy how things can quickly turn tables. Michale and Jeremy had been hanging out and gaming as per usual, in the basement of an empty house. It was going pretty causal until Jeremy plopped down into his boyfriends lap, causing both of them to blush. Through the darkness of the room Michale looked down to Jeremy’s face, lit up by only the tv.

It was times like this that Michale didn’t get why the other was so bullied. His determined blue eyes shined against the tv shine, his many littered freckles and the way his hair looms over his eye. His cheek bones too, handsomely shaped, left him in awe as to how he even got this boy to date him. He didn’t realize he was staring until the tv flickered followed by the game over sound of Apocalypse of the Damned came on.

Jeremy huffed and turned to look at him with those eyes, “Ah man, dude we were so close, what the he-”

Next thing they knew their lips were connected. It was awkward, outside of movies and such neither of them had any experience whatsoever. Jeremy had…some, technically. But it wasn’t very good, to say least. Either way things began to heat up, Michale taking the lead of the kiss as Jeremy fixed himself so that he was sitting up and facing Michale.

For a brief moment Michale ran his hands through Jeremy’s hair, until his hands got stuck in a tangle. Jeremy pulled away with a little “ow.” Both of them sat there, the game over screen still flashing, and stared at each other. There was an awkward moment before the both of them where laughing, their faces flushed.

“That wasn’t…that wasn’t too bad” Jeremy tried.

“Yeah…not bad at all…can we uh..?”

“…yeah..yeah yeah of course”

Soon enough they were starting to get the hang of things. Going mostly off of movies, Michale started to kiss Jeremy’s neck. Jeremy breathed out, but it was more of an awkward laugh. In the heat of the moment Michale leaned against Jeremy, both hands on his waist.

Michale chuckled “dude…you watch so much of this crap, yet you suck”

“Hey I do- I do not! The only one here who sucks is you!”

Michale winked, to which Jeremy pushed his face away, “oh my god don’t even look at me Michale Mell”

To prove his point Jeremy gave a quick awkward kiss, then pulled away with a “ha take that” face.

Michale laughed lowly, his voice deep. He looked anywhere besides Jeremy, with uncertainty he said “ do you uh….wanna get..weird?”

Jeremy felt his heart flutter, but not with excitement. “Do you wanna get” reminded him of a certain night on Halloween. He looked at Michale. The boy was completely flushed, his eyes darting around the room. The longer he took to answer the more nervous Mike got. “Do you wanna get…” well..that was completely different. This is nothing like that night. The SQUIP is gone, Michale is clearly giving him the chance to back out. There’s no reason to be stupid about it. So Jeremy nodded his head.

Michale smiled, “cool! I mean uh-cool! That’s cool…very cool”

Jeremy rolled his eyes “get on with it already man”

Michaels hand found his way to Jeremy’s face, gently caressing him. He gave the boy a kiss and fumbled through his mind for what to do next. In the movies this is where things got intense, so Michale began to gently push Jeremy to the ground.

But then Jeremy flinched.

Michale instantly pulled away, wondering if he hurt Jeremy somehow. When he looked down at him Jeremy was staring forward with wide eyes, sweating a lot, and seemingly frozen. Those eyes he was admiring earlier were now struck with fear.


Jeremy took a sharp inhale, then exhale. But he didn’t stop. All he could think about was being unable to move, completely helpless to whatever was about to happen. He could only see Chloe pushing him down onto the bed aggressively after the SQUIP gave him a “you’re welcome”

“…remy? Shit Jeremy, you ok?!”

Michale was off of him and pushing him into a sitting position. When did that happen? Wasn’t Michale gonna keep going?

“Hey..hey man it’s ok…can I hug you?”

Jeremy shook his head, still frozen as he was.

“Ok…ok that’s fine buddy no worries. Do me a favor though, can you breath with me?? In 4, hold 7, out 8.”

Jeremy took another sharp inhale, trying to follow Michale’s instructions. He willed the little voice in the back of his head saying, “this is why you’re so pathetic” away.

Eventually Jeremy calmed down, his breaths even enough, his heart still pounding. He could finally move, looking to Michale through the blinking glow of the Tv.

“Are you alright..?”

“My face is kinda fuzzy…but yeah, I think so”

“Yeah that happens…can I hug you now..?”

When Jeremy nodded Michale wasted no time in wrapping the skinny boy in his arms protectively. His fingers running through his hair calmingly, this time avoiding any knots. He felt himself calm a bit when Jeremy melted into his arms, exhausted from his panic attack, still shaking.

“Damn that scared the fuck out of me…are you sure you’re alright?”

He nodded.

“What happened?”

He could hear his SQUIP telling him to lie, telling him to tell Michale he needed to step his game up. Jeremy knew better, “I’m sorry Michale that just…it just reminded me of some stuff that happened with the SQUIP.”

“Ah geez jere, you coulda told me man!”

“Yeah but you wanted to-”

“We don’t have to so fast, I promise. I want you to be comfortable too, you damn twink.”

Jeremy found himself chuckling, “thanks man…but I mean I kinda wanted to too”

“Another day ok??”

Jeremy leaned into the crook of Michale’s neck, nodding, “yeah that sounds good.”

Singer Jeremy

Guess who got her grove back and started writing!!!!

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•when Jeremy was a kid he use to sing constantly. Was there a Disney movie playing on TV? You better believe six year old Jeremy was happily singing along, was his favourite song playing on the radio while his father was driving? He was singing along while tapping his fingers

•he has a love for musical theatre and alternative rock/indie songs so those are the main ones he finds himself singing along to

•when he was in elementary school he joined the choir for a grand total of a week before his nerves got the best of him and he stoped showing up. He was scared once he was around everyone that maybe he wasn’t good at singing… that people would make fun of him

•that being said the choir teacher, a older lady Miss Walters, recognised Jeremy’s talent from the few times he did show up to practice so while he wasn’t in the school choir Jeremy still goes to the music room during lunch for lessons

•while at these lessons Jeremy also started to pick up the guitar and the ukulele and rather than using backing tracks he started to play those. He found it helps him keep in key a lot easier.

•as eventually entered high school he had gotten a lot more confident with his voice, he still won’t sing in front of anyone other that Michael but it was a promising start.

•he still went to Miss Walters once a week for lessons but this time she encouraged Jeremy to start putting covers on YouTube. At first he was strongly against the whole idea, he couldn’t even sing in front of people at school let alone the whole damn Internet but eventually he gives in

•he doesn’t show his face during his videos, their usually shot from the chest down focusing on the guitar/ukulele while he sings. He expected only a few people to actually watch it but when I checked the views the next day it BLEW UP

•Poor Jeremy almost fainted when he saw that the video was on the trending page. Almost over night he became known as a promising cover artist. Most of the comments were positive (their was a few hateful ones but nothing major)

•he started to upload more and more videos, almost a new one every week and his numbers were good. Jeremy’s confidence about his voice also grew

•He doesn’t use his real name on YouTube obviously, his channel name is 100% PlayerOne

•some time during high school he starts writing his own stuff, leaning more towards the alternative genre. Michael has also helped with lyrics and the mixing of his videos (Michael and Jeremy has done a duet together and it’s the most liked video on his account)

•he continues the channel all through high school (during the squip accident and a few weeks after his account went dead for a while) and into collage as well

•it was collage that he meet you, he meet you in his English class and got along instantly. He was crushing on you so hard and suddenly BOOM his channel had three new original songs all about you and his little crush

•Jeremy ends up confessing his feelings to you through song, he works up the courage and when you came into his dorm to study together he sung a new song to you

•instantly you started crying because holy shit Jeremy feels the same way and also HIS VOICE IS SO PURE

•the second he finished singing he started rambling “I’m sorry, I-I you don’t have to return my f-feeling I-I just thought you should know… b-but I just couldn’t keep hiding it and-” he didn’t finish the sentence as your lips pressed against his

•it was around that time that you realised it was Jeremy behind the PlayerOne account and you were so proud. You constantly supported Jeremy and helped him when he started to doubt his amazing voice

•Jeremy would sing to you whenever you were freaking out about school or anything else and you better believe he’s writing new songs for your birthday and anniversaries

•after collage he ended up doing a face reveal on his channel and shared his name (only his first name for obvious reasons). At first he was freaking out but the video was actually did super well

•low key he has a second channel with Michael for gaming and challenge videos (cough cough you and Jeremy may have done a boyfriend/girlfriend tag after great demand)

•when Jeremy proposes he does this cute thing when he rights these cute little messages on guitar picks until it lead you to him when he sung a song only for you

•you start crying as you say yes (cause who wouldn’t say yes to him) and nearly tackle him in a hug

•when/if you two have kids he sings to them (he wrote a lullaby for them) every night. Also you damn well know Jeremy is singing Disney songs with his kids! Friday night is family Disney night where it is mandatory to sing along

•low key Jeremy isn’t a huge fan of Frozen but he’s still done a cover of Let it go for his kid/s

•overall singer Jeremy is amazing. At first he’s super nervous and anxious but as his confidence grows he starts embracing his voice. While he still claims he’s bad at it he’s able to sing in front of others now

•also while Jeremy works as an English teacher at a local high school he’s also the teacher in charge of choir, he wanted to inspire kids just like Miss Walters did to him


You: “Stop, Jer! Stop being so damn annoying.”
Jeremy: “You started it!”
You: “I know, but I don’t want to get hurt by this. I love you!”
Damon: “Oh god.”
Jeremy: “What..”
You: “Jer, I love you. I’ve been fighting with you to hide it. But now I’m just stupid, because I blurted it out.”
Jeremy: “You really love me?”
Damon: “Ofcourse she does, are you blind?”
Jeremy: “I guess I am, because I never saw this coming.” (he smiles) “although it isn’t really a bad thing.”

  • requested by anon.

Summary: It’s after a successful heist, and victory and booze buzz pleasantly in their veins as they slip away together.

Tags: Praise kink, Oral sex, fluff

Notes: title sucks, i know. Gavin is transmasculine nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.


With the high of the success of their latest heist buzzing alongside liquor in their veins, it was no surprise to anyone when Jeremy and Gavin slipped away together, leaving the rest of the crew to their celebration in the jacuzzi on Geoff’s yacht.

Finding a room was not difficult, and Gavin had nicked the keys from Geoff’s discarded pants on the deck as they’d made their escape. It was just as lavish as the rest of the boat. Gavin locked the door behind them, just in case. The key had barely been removed from the lock when Jeremy was pressing Gavin up against the wall, latching their lips together and resting his warm hands on Gavin’s slim hips.

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