damn you helbig


I’m back at home(? London. Is London home? I don’t know.) And I’m all on my own in my flat and my…best friend(???)…doesn’t arrive until tomorrow and SO HERE IS WRITING I DID WHILST LONELY AND BORED. You’re welcome.

This is a second part to 2,790 but you don’t have to read part one first, it probably makes sense standing alone. But if you’re interested, part one is HERE.


Hannah wakes. 

And is instantly aware that dawn is not yet scraping over her skin. 

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Not So Bad

Today’s theme is unexpected. This is unexpectedly bad. You’re welcome. This is barely even a ficlet. It’s barely 600 words. Also, you might not get a fic tomorrow. I’m going back to London and I wasn’t aware that this was going to happen and some things are just outside my control, so I’m not sorry. 

Not So Bad

Grace’s dress is blue.

Hannah’s palms are red.

The handprints she leaves on the small of Grace’s back are all kinds of lilac.

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we need to talk about something

some of you may recognize this snapback

lots of people have been freaking out because

but it should be noted that

other youtubers

got this hat

also, please note that the bill of Hannah’s hat still has the sticker

while Grace’s does not

in summation, just because two people have the same item, does not mean it is the same item.

this has been a psa.


added disclaimer note: this gif refers to the last few months and not to the day she got that award, I know mdc gave a starting opportunity but the truth is Grace has been having way more opportunities now than she had while on mdc and all her hard work and dedication was what led to receiving that award and to where she is now. Having that said, i acknowledge the fact that mdc did gave us Dailygrace but after that was all Grace’s work.